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Parenthood! The most cherished and valuable journey of your life. 

However, it is a never-ending journey because it is a passageway of ups and downs, peaks and valleys, and tremulous moments (probably which will make you cry).

I mean, trying to stop your baby from crying in the middle of the night right after you get back from the hospital and everyone is sleeping. While you! Even after hours of labor, you are roaming in your pajamas while you are bleeding. 

Ah! It’s frightening, isn’t it? 

Though, that’s not over yet because you gotta change the baby’s diaper, bathe the baby, wash the clothes, massage the baby, whatnot. 

That’s why a parent needs guidance – just like your mother who held your hand to walk through the road. BabyCart – a trusted source or companion who you can trust.

Our blog was commenced in July 2019 by a mother Kiran Verma with the motive to guide the parents in taking care of a baby or pregnant woman, as she has faced issues from choosing the appropriate baby product to taking care of the baby.

We aspire to provide you with thoroughly researched information and solutions to overcome every phase of parenthood. Be it pre-pregnancy, getting pregnant, during pregnancy, baby products, toddler, and child – we have a solution for all

Moreover, the major question is, why should you trust our reviews?

Our information or solution is perfectly reviewed by our expert team. Check our product selection and review process.

Additionally, we have also been featured on the below-mentioned websites which demonstrates our credibility and trustworthiness

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In simpler words, we have got everything covered. 

BabyCart is one of the consistently growing websites, which is evident because we have got ~300k unique visits in 2020.

Our expert team and a mother herself are equipped to assist you regarding every aspect of the pregnancy, new parents, breastfeeding, choosing appropriate baby products, and more. 

BabyCart Creative Team

Kiran Verma - Founder & author at BabyCart

Kiran Verma

Founder and Author – BabyCart

Kiran Verma, founder, and author of BabyCart completed her post-graduation from CSJM University, Kanpur. However, the busy housewife that she is, yet, her being a mother changed her life when she had to face so many issues post-pregnancy, during pregnancy, and taking care of the baby. 

That encouraged her to commence the BabyCart blog with the motive to make pregnancy and parenthood uncomplicated, especially for new parents. 

Moreover, being a busy mother, she decided to give her 100% attention to her growing and developing baby, thus, nearly all the work is now handled by Sagar Verma. On the contrary, she still plays a major role in product research, product and article reviewing. 

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Sagar Verma, Digital Marketing Manager at BabyCart

Sagar Verma

Digital Marketing Manager, BabyCart

Sagar Verma is the Digital Marketing Manager at BabyCart. He did his Bachelor of Technology (IT) from AKTU University. Since then only his passion for blogging started. He is even the founder of 9to5Job.

Here, Sagar Verma manages most of the aspects of BabyCart. He is involved in managing the content writers, SEO, website design, brand collaboration, promotional activities, product selection process, etc.

Basically, he is the man behind this blog. It was his idea to start a blog where most parents can find most of their needs here.

He is also a 5-Star Rated Digital Marketing Expert on Fiverr.

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Deepika - author at BabyCart

Deepika Kaushik

Author – BabyCart

Deepika Kaushik is a zealous content creator, graduated from the University of Delhi. However, a logophile that she is, she commenced writing about baby product reviews, and articles on parenthood by keeping the struggle of her aunt and uncle in mind. 

She started the research without an apparent reason, yet, it turns out to be one of her greatest interests.

Deepika is one of the best content writers that we have got so far for this platform. She is really a good person who comes up with new ideas to grow this blog.

Seriously, without her BabyCart won’t be at this position where we are right now. Most of the articles are contributed by her.

Deepika is always intrigued by research or writing, which she combined with her love towards babies and decided to be a content writer in 2020, only. Since then, she has been part of many companies or projects, and the content head of various societies.

Jyoti - author at BabyCart

Jyoti Verma

Author – BabyCart

Howdy parents! You know her cousins call her the expert in baby products. She has helped many of her cousins in choosing the best baby products.

She gives suggestions only after thorough research, sometimes hands-on experience, a proper buying guide and other factors before parents make their final purchase for their little kiddo.

She is really a good writer!

Dr. Ubaid Khan, MBBS

Dr. Ubaid Khan Afridi


Medical Expert at BabyCart

Dr. Ubaid is a personable doctor, who did his major in MBBS from a prestigious institute of Pakistan, KING EDWARD MEDICAL UNIVERSITY. During his university phase, he has published many articles in well-known international journals and has received a gold medal during his Matriculation.

Besides his academic career, he is a content writer too, with experience of four years in this field. Therefore, he has been engaged in content writing for international websites for the past four years. Till now, he has written 350+blogs/articles for different websites and companies.

Moreover, he has immense knowledge of baby care and parenting and has written numerous articles for baby care websites.

BabyCart has contented itself by making him an integral part of the team to review its articles.

How BabyCart Operate?

Without appropriate financial resources, it is tough to run a blog because it includes various activities such as buying a domain, hosting renewal, hiring writers, various plugins, etc. However, most of the blogs we saw are sponsored by large firms or businesses so running a blog here isn’t a piece of cake either, especially when various resources are required. 

BabyCart is an affiliate website, which earns a commission if someone purchases by clicking on product links mentioned across the website. Moreover, we also earn through sponsored posts and Google AdSense; which is a tool that shows advertisements on a website as per the interest of the reader. 

To be noted, showing ads as per your interest does not demonstrate that we collect or sell any personal information of our readers to a third party, even if you sign-up on our website or make the purchase.

At BabyCart, we assure to maintain transparency regarding our product reviews and articles. Thus, every product has been listed on our blog after thorough research and ensuring safety.

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