Are Baby Walkers Good or Bad for Baby’s Hip?

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

Are Baby Walkers Good or Bad for Baby’s Hip?

Walkers can be a very useful product for baby fun. As it not only allows the baby to have entertainment but also gives them other built-in toys. There are walkers which have anti-fall sensors to save the baby falling on stairs. Which is really cool! Check this:

Now coming to the question:

Are Baby Walkers Good or Bad?

Some people believe that the walker is good for baby muscle development and some say it is dangerous for babies as it stops putting the baby’s own efforts and they can also go in a dangerous area like stairs, kitchen. However, my advice is always to consult with a pediatrician before purchasing any baby product.]=[POI

It affects the baby’s natural body development, or their movement is restricted as they don’t apply their own efforts to move/crawl. But not all the walkers affect the babies. There are some walkers which are really good.

Now the other more refined common question is:

Are Baby Walkers Bad for Babies Hips?

When babies are using a walker they put more effort into their hips rather than legs. That means more strain on the hips which is not a good sign. So, it is always advisable to consult a pediatrician before using any baby product.

Before ordering any product related to baby, you have the internet in your hand. Just like you are reading this post, you are getting the verified information from this website. Similarly, you should check from other online verified sources also to clear any doubt related to baby products.

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