Baby Amore: A Brand for Your Baby’s and Environment Safety

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

Like organic food, organic baby care products are in great demand. Why? 

Because a baby’s health is the most important thing for the parents and organic food or baby care products serve the purpose. Hence, an organic baby care product ensures the safety and superior care of the baby.

A newly established brand Baby Amore is Indian’s first organic and eco-friendly baby care products website. As a matter of fact, it gains prominence in a very short period.

Maybe, some of you won’t aware of the Baby Amore website. Let’s start with its history. 

History of Baby Amore

  • Hameed Imthad and Abdul Wahab are the founders of the Baby Amore. 
  • The headquarter of the Baby Amore is in Chennai.
  • Baby Amore is established in 2019, with the need to fulfill the need for organic and eco-friendly baby care products in the Indian market. 
  • It has over 47 brands on this platform. Above all, before listing the product, Baby Amore do proper research on the products.
  • Having launched its website on UAE, this July with more than 50 brands and 1.5K Stock Keeping Units (SKU). Now it plans to set in the Singapore and Malaysian market by Q2 2021.

What Inspired Hameed Imthad and Abdul Wahab to Start Baby Amore Website?

Here it all begun.

When Imthad became a father for the second time, he worked in Dubai. Like every other infant, his son had sensitive skin as well as diaper rashes was another issue his infant had. As a true savior, Imthad’s sister told him about the eco-friendly diaper. 

Mercifully, in UAE, the eco-friendly diapers and products are effortlessly available. However, as he moved to India, in India’s case the same could not be said. In order not to sacrifice their infant’s safety, Imthad and his wife either used to bring diaper with them through flight or buy the same through Amazon at a high price.

Further in 2016, Imthad and his friend Abdul Wahab started trading the organic baby care products in India. And this is where it all started. After some years of trading, they realized the demand and growth of the organic baby care products and soon started setting up in the market. That gave birth to the Baby Amore in 2019.

Imthad once said,

“We started with diapers, then we realized the gaps in the other baby essential categories. So, we decided to streamline and have a platform selling eco-friendly, organic, and premium baby products.”

What is being Expected? 

Over the years, organic products are in demand, right from the start. However, earlier the demand was dominated by the food segment. Up to the minute, baby care products and skincare products also show a high demand for organic and eco-friendly products.

To be precise, according to Data Bridge Market Research showed that, by 2027, the Indian baby care product market expected to reach over $5K mn. Also, there will be growth at 16.9% of the Compound Annual Growth rate between 2020 to 2027.

Later, Imthad said that “Earlier people were more focused on the organic food range now the focus has shifted to all the products such as skincare, clothes, diapers, and other essentials.” According to him, in over the past year and more, the demand for organic, eco-friendly, and premium product has been increased all over India.

Why Eco-friendly Products are in Demand?

In a survey by Euromonitor, the consumers mostly influenced by the environment-consciousness and eco-friendliness of brands (67%), followed by natural ingredients (66%)  and organic ingredients (65%). Additionally, the report stated that “62% of the respondents surveyed said recyclability influenced their purchases, while 59% said supporting a charitable cause was a key factor while shopping.” Thus, this survey, depicts that customers are being more conscious and certain.

Later, Imthad sharing a bit of what he had gone through. He said, “India has been a mass-market and quality was usually neglected. Cheap smartphones and the internet have led to parents doing a lot of research before choosing a product for their baby. We have gone through the same and can relate to that.” 

Like Amazon and Flipkart, Baby Amore also manages logistics and visibility of brands through partnership. Some of these brands are Mustela, Aveeno Baby, Bambo Nature, and more, clients and sellers. 

Before COVID-19, Baby Amore had received 200 orders. These orders increased by four times, that reach 800 orders during COVID-19.

Factsheet of Baby Amore:

FoundersHameed Imthad and Abdul Wahab
Founded in2019
Team Size 7
Headquarter Chennai
Total FundingBootstrapped 
Major Cities of Revenue Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, and more

Baby Amore In India: Growth Amid The Pandemic

As I mentioned, it has 1.5K customers, in a short span of time. Baby Amore has established a good brand name in India and overseas. 

The major reason for the onboarding of the new brands and sellers is research on the entire product that includes materials and ingredients used to make a product. Also, it includes certifications. This is done before initiating the partnership or conversation with any brand, either it is a manufacturer, distributor, or supplier.

This process ensures the genuineness of the brands. To add, this also ensures that baby product falls in the category of organic and eco-friendly needs.

With that, Baby Amore also provides a perfect opportunity for the brands to reach their target audience as it provides visibility across the markets where its startup has reached, which includes India and UAE.

How Baby Amore Cope Up with Lockdown?

Wahab recalled that like every other e-commerce business, Baby Amore had gone through a major slowdown during the early pandemic. Because there were no deliveries as well as the government had not made any decision when would deliveries allowed under the lockdown.

This had a great influence on the business startup. However, fortunately, Baby Amore bounce back with a bang. As many baby care products fell in the ‘essentials’ category for deliveries.

As deliveries resume, the co-founder of the Baby Amore said that the company had to ensure safe and sanitized deliveries as well as hygiene of the delivered package. In order to build trust among the buyers and to prove the authenticity of listed products, all the baby care products on Baby Amore portfolio includes Good Manufacturing Practice certified products regarding the factories where the product has been manufactured.

Baby Amore Growth Figures

Manufacturing Operation Management (MOM)15%
Year over Year Growth (YoY)200%
Year over Year (YoY) Revenue 5x
Numbers of Users to Date+2.5K
Number of Brands in the Portfolio47
Repeat Vs New Users60%
Targetted Revenue By 2021+$1Mn

Building And Scaling Vertical Ecommerce In India

Regarding the challenges faced by the company in the scale of journey and growth, Wahab said, “Majority of the people in India want to see ads or celebrity endorsements to trust the product. We are aiming for mom influencers to try our product and give honest feedback.”

Being a new company, Baby Amore is relying on the third party courier companies for the deliveries. And on-time delivery is the major issue for the new e-commerce business.

While the goal of the company is to provide a flawless experience of the delivery right from placing an order to making payment as well as tracking the order with a click. 

At last, as I mentioned earlier, Baby Amore after launching its website in UAE in July (2020), already has more than 50 brands and 1.5K SKUs. Baby Amore is being quite buoyant to enter in the Singapore and Malaysian markets by Q2 of 2021.

The founder of the Baby Amore seems to be very confident and expecting the best. As Wahab said, “We started with one brand and at the moment we have over 47 brands and more than 450 SKUs. We are in constant pursuit of adding more brands.”


Organic baby care products are safe for the baby as it is not only better for the environment but are also prevents your baby from the exposure of chemicals, reduces irritation, and more.

Above all, with the establishment of companies like Baby Amore, you can buy organic products for your baby right at your home.

Safe baby, happy you!

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