Is it Normal for a Baby to Have Big Tummy?

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

Is it normal for a baby to have big tummy? Umm, will figure it out today in this article.

Taking care of the baby is tough, isn’t it? Especially if you are a new mumm and paa because for you it is more like entering into a completely new world. I know you just get appalled if anything happens to your little one, after all, you keep him/her in your womb for 9 months. 

I know you have a lot to deal with, from waking up all night to let your baby sleep or grooming the baby and more. But here, I’m going to discuss, Is it normal for a baby to have a big tummy? 

First, you do not have to worry about the big tummy of your baby as it remains for a while with a baby. Next, I’m going to discuss the changes in the baby’s stomach. Why I’m discussing this, simply to make you understand everything. 

Let’s give it a shot and try to understand the stomach of the baby.

Alterations in the Baby’s Stomach

Causes for Baby to Have Big Tummy

As your baby grows, the position of the stomach of the baby naturally changes. To be certain, when your baby will be an infant, also in the early toddler phase, the stomach of the baby will be in a horizontal position which is within the abdomen.

While when your baby will be 2 years old, he would have the same position of the stomach as we all have. You might wonder, what position of the stomach we all have? Don’t worry, I’m not leaving you in any doubt, your baby will have a stomach in a vertical position like all of us. 

As this process ends, the big and round tummy of your little one flattens itself.

So should I worry about the big tummy?

In short, you do not have to worry about the big tummy of the baby, that’s normal.

To add, there are many other body parts that make the belly of the baby look big and round. Let me be clear that it is all normal. I just wanted to make you aware of the facts. This could take a while but trust me it is all worthy.  

Large liver

Baby’s have a large liver in comparison to the other body parts. As a result, it requires more space that makes your baby’s tummy look big. This continues until the large liver and tummy ripen into the essential organs. 

To add, if you find that your baby’s belly is not only big but round too, then this is because of the lungs. Don’t worry, I’ll make it clear, as the baby breathes in, the air-filled lungs of the baby push the diaphragm down. As a result, your baby’s tummy looks full. Again, I’m saying that it is totally normal

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The spine allows us to stand that makes our stomach look flatter as compared to the toddler. At a phase, your baby’s muscles are not completely developed and do not have the strength like us. Therefore, my point is that the curvature of the spine of the baby is also a reason that makes the tummy of the baby look jut.

However, the best part is it will dwindle with the time. So, don’t worry and take a sigh of relief. 

You have got to know, whether it is normal to have a big tummy or not. Then you also go through the reason what makes the tummy of the baby look big and round. 

Next, for sure I don’t want you to be scared but at the same time, I do not want to provide you with half or incomplete information. Let’s face it, as I have mentioned having a big tummy is ordinary for a toddler and child. That simply because it will go away with the time but. I know, this “but” gives you goosebumps but hears me out with care. 

If you notice that the tummy of your baby is more round and big than usual you have to be careful about it. First, it might be the cause of growth spurt which is a phase of the intense period of growth of the baby. 

Don’t you worry! 

In this case, the immoderate protrusion will vanish and become flat within the next two weeks. To add, during this phase your baby can also face abdominal distension which is a cause of intestinal gas or gulped air. 

Moreover, if you find your baby in any discomfort with an excessive big tummy then it might be the cause of constipation, bloating, gas, and food intolerance. Gas is common if your baby is eating high fiber food. You can check out this video to relieve baby gas.

That will be worse for the baby with the issue of lactose intolerance. Because they will experience issues like cramps, bloating, and diarrhea. 

If you notice, that your baby’s stomach is making noise when the baby’s food is digesting. However, you heard these noises especially when your baby is hungry. Normally, these noises are not issues. Higher the pressure of the contraction which tries to push through the food or air more pitched noise you heard.

Noises and swelled tummy of the baby indicate that your baby may have colic. Colic is very common among babies which comes with windy, explosive poop. To add, your baby might be in pain and is definitely uncomfortable. Run to the doctor.

Therefore, run to the hospital if you notice anything unusual. 

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If you are still worried, you can simply pay a visit to the doctor to calm yourself down. However, your baby is wonderful, and the big tummy of your baby would flatten.

So, relax and spend quality time with your little one. 

To be noted, feed your baby with breast milk till the age of 6 months after that you can feed your baby with some solid food and breast milk. Consequently, for the baby’s development, you can use baby play mats, jumpers, baby rockers, and more. 

Furthermore, keep your baby safe and secure, do not miss regular check-ups and vaccines. It protects the baby from disease and infections.

At last, I would again say, you do not have to worry until you notice something exceptional. In that case, I would advise you to talk to the doctor.

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