Real Joy: Baby Born on Indigo’s Delhi-Bengaluru Flight

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

Baby born on Indigo Flight from Delhi-Bengaluru with Help of Co-passengers and the Crew:

Giving birth to the baby is a miracle itself. But this time, it happened in the mid-air.

On Wednesday evening, a woman gave birth to a baby boy during the Indigo flight from Delhi to Bengaluru.

The airlines confirmed that the baby was premature by giving the statement, “We confirm that a baby boy was delivered prematurely on Indigo Flight 6E 122 from Delhi to Bangalore.”

What Exactly Happen on the Board? 

The whole story of giving birth was shared by Captain Sanjay Sharma on social media. According to the post made by Captain, the pregnant lady was not comfortable onboard. After hearing this, Captain asked if there was any doctor on board who could help the pregnant lady.

For a surprise, two doctors were available, one was hopefully gynecologist and the other was a plastic surgeon. And being a doctor, they promptly helped the pregnant women however, they were informed that expected mother had a miscarriage and she was in uttermost pain.

Truly being a god of earth, the gynecologist and crew members transformed the gallery of the flight into a makeshift labor room. Right after some minutes, the flight was filled with the screech of a newborn.

Literally, being on cloud nine, the baby and mother both were perfectly fine. Later, at the Bangaluru’s Airport, the mother and Newborn were given a gratifying welcome and taken to a nearby hospital.

The efforts of the crew and passenger were praised by the whole world. 

Precaution to be Taken Flying When Pregnant

  • Avoid gassy food before the flight as due to the change in altitude can intestinal gas can extend and cause discomfort. Hence, take your gas and diarrhea remedies with you.
  • Prenatal care is also a factor to consider. Though, it depends on the duration of the flight. If you need it, figure out who will provide it at the destination.
  • Destination medical care, talk to your doctor if he has any colleague at your destination point. If not, take recommendations from your friends and family. 
  • For ideal blood flow, decompression stocking might be helpful.
  • Nausea remedies are ideal if you have moving sickness.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • When getting a chance, move or stretch your body as well as keep your feet elevated frequently.
  • Keep your seat belt under the abdomen. If you need, ask for a belt extender.

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Though the baby was premature, due to the efforts of the crew and doctors, both mother and baby are safe. Still, I would advise you to take all the precautions before traveling. Especially, talk to your doctor about whether your pregnancy condition allows you to travel or not. If you can travel, always go with the doctor’s suggestion. 

At last, doctors proved that they are not less than God.

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