9 Best Nursing/Feeding Pillows in India Reviews!

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

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Do you face a problem in feeding your baby? It is quite a common problem that numerous mothers face.

Feeding a baby is not just sitting at a place until your baby is full. But breastfeeding results in back, arm, and neck pain.

To make your breastfeeding easy and comfortable, breastfeeding enables you to sit comfortably for a long time without strain or pain in the arms, back, and neck. 

Breastfeeding pillows wrap around your body and support the head of your infant.

Similarly, baby carrier bags can also be used to carry your baby outside whenever you want to go without compromising your freedom.

While if you think that using breastfeeding pillows is limited to just feeding the baby.

Although, breastfeeding pillow can be used for various purposes such as it can be used in the last trimester to support your back, beneficial for you if you are healing from C section, prevent reflux, Colin and other gastrointestinal issues, etc.

To add, you can use manual breast pumps and milk formula to feed your infant even when you are not around.

What could be the reason not to buy the best baby breastfeeding pillow in India that helps you in multiple ways?

9 Best Baby Breastfeeding Pillows in India Reviews!

PreviewBaby Breastfeeding PillowRating
Kradyl Kroft 5-in-1 Little Engineer Baby Feeding Pillow with Detachable Cover1. Kradyl Kroft 5-in-1 Baby Feeding Pillow
– Best Budget
The TWIN Z Pillow - Lime Green -The Only 6 in 1 Twin Pillow Breastfeeding2. The Twin 6 in 1 Twin Breastfeeding Pillow
– Best for Twins
Borje New Design 45°Angle Newborn Breastfeeding Adjustable Pillow for Babies3. Borje Breastfeeding Adjustable Pillow
– Best Rated Multipurpose
Baybee New Born Velvet Portable Breast Feeding Pillow4. Baybee Portable Breast Feeding Pillow4.2/5
VERNASSA Nursing Pillow, Breastfeeding Baby Support Pillow5. VERNASSA Nursing Pillow4.4/5
HOOPA Feeding Pillow, Turquoise Blue6. HOOPA Feeding Pillow3.8/5
Montu Bunty Nursing Pillow with Slipcover7. Montu Bunty Nursing Pillow4.0/5
GETKO WITH DEVICE Soft and Comfortable Flower and Owl Design Nursing Neck Pillow for Baby8. GETKO WITH DEVICE Nursing Neck Pillow4.1/5
MomToBe Blue Feeding Pillow Nursing Pillow - HD Foam 100% Cotton Fabric9. MomToBe Feeding Pillow/Nursing Pillow3.9/5

My personal experience with the breastfeeding pillow was amazing and it was of great help.

As my aunt was suffering from sore nipples and was very uncomfortable while feeding the baby.

So I heard of a breastfeeding pillow and gift her one, after that she didn’t face an issue like pain in the back, neck, and arm. Further, her soreness also reduced.

What are the Different Types of Breastfeeding Pillow?

1. C-Shaped Nursing Pillow

And it is nothing but the letter “C”. I can bet, most of you must be aware of it like you know everything about your neighbor because it is popular like the trending hashtags on Instagram. 

Because of its design, it provides you comfort when traveling and will perfectly support your baby during feeding.

2. Crescent Breastfeeding Pillow

These nursing pillows form a crescent roll. This type of pillow has some variance of thickness in its arm. Well, if you are wondering its shape then it might look like an “L”.

3. O-Shaped Breastfeeding Pillow

Here, I got you a new partner who can hug you whenever you can because of its shape. And when feeding the baby, you can keep it secured because of its adjustable straps.

Moreover, it is also available in various designs such as, you can either find it in crescent shape or elevated C-shape or it can wrap around you ideally. 

4. L-Shaped Nursing Pillow

It is the most preferred by the mommies because it is wide, hence, safe for the baby. Though, it does not really fit snuggly, yet, it can be used for various purposes. 

5. Comma Shaped Breastfeeding Pillow

I know, when I heard of it, a large but soft comma floating in front of my eyes, it still is. So, it has a large end and on the other end, these are tapered.

Additionally, it will be helpful for the baby with acid-reflux issues because, with the help of the same, you can position your baby in an incline position.

So, if you fall in the plus-size mom or had C-section, this should be your choice.

6. Arm-Nursing Pillow

As the name suggests, instead of covering or wrapping around your waist, it slides onto your arm. According to me, it won’t be easy to use as it seems. But it is highly portable.

7. Boppy Breastfeeding Pillow

Boppy nursing pillows are firm, soft and flexible. Also, its shape is more like the C-shaped pillow. 

Hence, enjoy the comfortable feeding time.

Further, you can also use it to assist your baby in sitting. 

Also, a boppy pillow is ideal for breastfeeding because it ensures proper latch. Hence, wrap it around your waist and ta-da you are ready to feed the baby.

Apart from this, you can also use this to bottle-feed the baby. 

So, one of the major benefits of using this pillow is that it grows with your baby, thus, providing perfect support for varied stages of development, unlike other nursing pillows.

Moreover, you can also go for pillows of various shapes such as boomerang shape, pillow for feeding twins, and more.

How Do I Choose a Breastfeeding Pillow Online?

After shooting the baby out of your vagina, it sucks if you do not get the proper rest, which you certainly are not going to get because the real work starts after pregnancy. 

What does it mean? 

I’m simply referring to the sleepless night, walking in loose pajamas to make your newborn sleep, running to the bathroom to change the maternity pads, whatnot.

Then comes the most important aspect of feeding the baby. At that time, you have to sit, that too with comfort.

And what could be better than a breastfeeding pillow? 

So, yes, today, we are gonna discuss everything about a breastfeeding pillow.

1. Which Shape of Breastfeeding Pillow You Should Buy?

Technically, I can not understand the pain you will go through or are going through right now.

But yes, I had watched my aunt going through the same when she gave birth to my cute little cousin. 

I can literally see the pain, and irritation on her face during feeding the baby. And I can certainly listen to the sound of, “ahh” every time she sits or moves. 

From that, I can vote that yes, it does hurt!

That’s why, to make sitting when feeding the baby more and more comfortable, you need to choose the right shape of the breastfeeding pillow.

So, typically, you have to make the choice, some pillows could be a U-shaped pillow or a C-shaped pillow. 

Either of the pillows will cuddle up against your stomach. While if I talk about other breastfeeding pillows, they would wrap around your waist. 

So, you have to see which one is comfortable for you.

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2. Have You Checked the Size of the Breastfeeding Pillow?

Of course, you won’t like the pillow which won’t fit on your stomach or waist, would you? 

Well, if I were at your place, I would never get it if that’s the case. If not this, then what if your baby couldn’t fit on the same due to its width because you will end up handling the baby again, which is not fulfilling the part of comfortable feeding.

Now comes another aspect, what if someone loves traveling and does not want to stop? 

Then, I say, you don’t have to because thanks to the development in the designs, some of the nursing pillows are compact and effortlessly to carry.

Also, if you have twins, get one for them.

Come on! I’m not kidding, you can get it in any size which suits you whether with wide width or compact size, and more.

3. Does Your Breastfeeding Pillow Ensure Perfect Fit?

Hey! I just learned an amazing fact about the breastfeeding pillow which literally shocked me, so I’m apologizing if I will brag about it a lot.

But once you heard it, you would literally sit numb for a few minutes, no kidding!

Okay so, now these breastfeeding pillows come with adjustable straps or belts. That will help you customize the same and make sure it is an ideal fit.

I know right, it is certainly an OMG feature!

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4. Can You Effortlessly Keep Your Nursing Pillow Clean?

Now comes another factor, using hundreds of products to maintain the cleanliness of your newborn and yours, won’t help you much.

Why would it work?

I know, many of you use body wash, soap, shampoo, etc worth Rs.1,000 but it is nothing because if you are using the dirty pillow, cover, etc your body won’t be able to remain healthy, will it?

Likewise, it applies to your newborn. Yet, certainly, you understand the importance of cleanliness.

That’s why it is important, and by important I mean IMPORTANT, I mean importance like to live, you need water or need to breathe.

Else, you and your newborn will end up suffering from skin-related issues, which is definitely not good. 

So, when focussing on the cleansing of the room, bed, etc also make sure to buy the pillow which either wipes down or should be washable. 

If money is not the issue, I would suggest you go for a washable option. Yes, I’m in favor of cleaning things with water or soap because I like crystal clear things.

5. Can You Effortlessly Store the Breastfeeding Pillow?

According to me, it is an important factor, why? 

Because not all of us have plenty of space in our home, am I right? So, those who have space issues always look for products that can store in less space.

So, if you can bear seeing your nursing pillow sitting right in front of your big room looking at you, perfect!

But if you are the one who wants something effortless to store, you can get this one too.

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6. Are You Looking for a Stylish and Designer Nursing Pillow?

Here, I’m talking about fabric covers that come in various designs, and trust me, it gives your pillow a pretty much good look.

So, you have plenty of choices, like solid colors, and you can also buy the more stylish nursing pillow that is two sides featuring varied patterns. 

Well, if I have to get one, the latter one would be my choice. 

Yeah! I like stylish and designer things, don’t you?

7. Can You Use the Nursing Pillow For Various Purposes?

Of course, who does not want to utilize every penny they have spent on something? 

The same applies here, why to only buy the nursing pillow which you can use for various purposes.

For instance, you should buy the one which can grow as your baby.

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8. Which Filling Material Does Your Nursing Pillow Have?

The nursing pillow comes in varied types, some of these are, 

  • Buckwheat Husk

If you are looking for something which can adapt as you sit or fit your baby, then buckwheat husk as a filling material would be perfect.

Above all, it can also adapt the shape of the head and neck, that too, effortlessly. 

But as I flipped the coin to the other side, I saw a negative side of the same, that is, it is not washable and is noisy. So, it makes it tough to be in a hygienic environment and can wake up your baby.

  • Foam Rubber

It is a non-woven fabric that uses synthetic filler.

Moreover, I don’t see a positive aspect of the same, so I won’t recommend the same to you because it is uncomfortable because it does not provide contour to the body. 

And I guess, due to its bad features, it is cheap.

So, a big NO to this!!

  • Hollo Fiber

The Hollo fiber as its name gives you warm and cozy vibes, likewise, it provides you warmth along with being breathable and lightweight.

So, carry your own warmer in your home. Yet, as a downfall, it loses its elasticity effortlessly. 

But, you can say yes, because it is pocket-friendly. 

  • Feather or Wool Filling

Again! No! 

But why?

Because these can be the reason for allergies to the baby, which no one wants, right?

Along with this, it is not washable and does not have a long life. Well, the good news is that these are not in use.

  • Polystyrene Balls


This is the perfect filling because it molds according to your body, which ensures comfort, as well as it is soft, elastic, and lightweight.

And, and, the feature most would you be looking for is that it has orthopedic properties which further increase the comfort. 

It has everything you would need, isn’t it?

So, if I have to suggest one to you, I would say, a nursing pillow with polystyrene balls would be an ideal choice for you.

9. Have You Considered the Cover and Pillow Material?

Well, of course, you don’t want anything to harm your baby, so, the long list of things that can harm your baby also includes the cover or pillow material.

That’s why, you should buy the pillow or cover which is made of organic cotton, cotton, synthetic cotton blend, and other natural material. 

Though, all of these have negative or positive aspects.

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10. Is Your Breastfeeding Pillow Perfectly Firm?

A breastfeeding pillow that is too soft would not provide you ideal support and a pillow which is hard will not be comfortable. 

What to do then?

Simply look for the pillow with perfect firmness. 

Hence, look for the pillow which has the perfect combination of softness and firmness.

11. Is Your Nursing Pillow Durable?

Here, durability is not just about the life of the nursing pillow but it also includes how long it can retain its shape after every wash.

Technically, if we Indian’s are buying something, we need that to be ever-lasting.

Come on, we are those people who even save the container of the food for our whole life. How can we compromise when we are buying the pillow?

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12. How Many Times Do You Feed the Baby?

The whole purpose of having a nursing pillow is to ease the process. But before buying one, you have to consider the frequency of feeding.

Whatever, it is, always consider buying a firm and durable pillow.

13. Does Your Nursing Pillow Ensure Perfect Fit?

Yes, when buying a nursing pillow perfect fit is one of the important things to check because if it doesn’t and press against your back, it would be the reason for discomfort rather than provide comfort. 

14. What is the Height of the Breastfeeding Pillow?

The height of the breastfeeding pillow matters similarly to the height of the married couple, no one wants to look like a baby in front of a man of 6 feet.

But here, height is important because it would ensure a proper latch. Hence, a nursing pillow too high or low could affect the latching. 

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15. Is Your Nursing Pillow Has Warranty and Return Policy?

When buying the nursing pillow always, always look for the product under warranty and easy return policy.

16. How Much You Would Spend on the Breastfeeding Pillow?

Probably the cost of a nursing pillow would be different on the basis of type, filling material, etc.

Obviously, you are wondering now what is the best baby breastfeeding pillow in India? No problem, here we come up with the 9 best baby breastfeeding pillows in India.

With their advantages and disadvantages that give you a brief idea, what is best for your infant.

9 Best Nursing Pillows in India Reviews!

1. Kradyl Kroft 5-in-1 Little Engineer Baby Feeding Pillow with Detachable Cover

Kradyl Kroft 5-in-1 Little Engineer Baby Feeding Pillow with Detachable Cover - best baby breastfeeding pillows

If you are looking for a breastfeeding pillow for your newborn then it is the best nursing pillow for babies in India for the age of 0 to 2 years.

First of all, it is a 5 in 1 pillow with a removable zipper cover. Along with this, it has a hoop belt that keeps your infant secure while playing.

While you can also use baby care products to keep your baby healthy and fit.

Second, if you want safety with comfort then this is the best nursing pillow for babies in India.

As it prevents your infant from allergies as it has hypoallergenic and terra firms that make it soft and comfortable.

Third, to make your feeding time effortless and convenient it is developed in a way that gently clenches the waist.

To add, it easily rests on the lap and gives support to the head of your baby.

As it can be used for 5 purposes, first, use it for feeding the baby of 0 to 2 years; second, to support back when the baby starts moving; third, can be placed on the abdomen after feeding; fourth, use for playing; finally, as it enables bottle holding.

Similarly, for playing and encouraging motion, baby rockers and playing mats could be the best choice in the development of the baby.


  • 5 in 1 use, it eliminates the need to buy pillows
  • Effortless to use and gently clench waist
  • Also can be used as an armrest,  therefore can be used for various purpose
  • Prevent baby from allergies, i.e., hypoallergenic
  • Support hands of mother
  • Removable zipper cover
  • Hoop belt that keeps your infant secure while playing


  • Thick and round
  • Although due to its thickness and round shape, infants might slip so you have to be careful while using it.

Altogether, it has the best features that enable you to feed, play, support your hand, and more, which make it the best nursing pillow for babies in India.

2. The TWIN Z Pillow – Lime Green -The Only 6 in 1 Twin Pillow Breastfeeding

The TWIN Z Pillow - Lime Green -The Only 6 in 1 Twin Baby Breastfeeding pillow

Do you have twins and are facing difficulty in taking care of or feeding them? No doubt, taking care of twins requires lots of effort.

It is the 6 in 1 pillow that helps you in taking care of your lookalikes easily, along with this it helps you in feeding the baby.

I’m sure you face difficulty in going out as you have to take care of both of your infants. To make it easy, we have the best baby twin strollers.

It allows you to feed your doubles with great posterior support at the same time. Its colour is also good that goes with everything.

To add, its covers are removable and washable too.


  • Removable and washable covers
  • 6 in 1 feature
  • Support the twins with back support
  • Enable mothers to feed the baby at the same time


  • It might be more comfortable
  • Back support could be better

Maybe it requires some improvement but its other features are best for your twins. Although, it keeps your babies safe and secure.

3. Borje New Design 45°Angle Newborn Breastfeeding Adjustable Pillow for Babies Nursing Baby Lounger

Borje New Design 45°Angle Newborn Breastfeeding Adjustable Pillow for Babies

Due to its 45° angle, it makes it easy for you to feed your newborn and gives the feel to the skin due to its softness of the material.

Further, it gives comfort to your arms and back due to the ergonomic design that raises the baby.

Additionally, it has a hidden zipper that does not let your baby touch the zip. As your baby cannot touch the zipper so your baby can not get hurt, no matter which side you are using.

To add, it has removable covers, which you can even wash in the machine.


  • 45° degree angle, best for newborn
  • Hidden zipper, that does not hurt the baby
  • The ergonomic design raises up to the breast
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Machine washable


  • Could be a little thicker
  • If you do not put your baby correctly then your baby might slide from it, so be careful while using it.

4. Baybee New Born Velvet Portable Breast Feeding Pillow

Baybee New Born Velvet Portable Baby Breastfeeding Pillow

Obviously, every parent wants to keep their infant safe, isn’t it? Baybee designed the breastfeeding pillow to keep the security and comfort of your baby in mind.

This pillow is EN71 certified i.e., the remarkably stringent certificate, passed by the European standard.

Although, do not hesitate to buy it for your newborn as it is completely safe, affordable, and does not contain any chemicals.

Further, it impedes your infant from allergies due to its hypoallergenic fibres that are made up of 100% cotton.

While if you love the stylish design so it is perfect for you due to its cross black design.

Further, for your convenience, you can easily clean in a machine and it will not take too much.

It has the best features that you can ever get that make your breastfeeding comfortable, easy and pain-free.

Hence, it is one of the best baby breastfeeding pillows in India that you can buy for your infant.

  • Cross black design goes with everything and is perfect for every gender
  • Machine washable
  • Hypoallergenic fibre, prevent baby from allergies
  • Made with 100% cotton that is soft and warm
  • Does not contain chemicals
  • Certified by European standard
  • Ensure the comfort and safety of infant

So far it does not have any drawback, therefore it is one of the best baby breastfeeding pillows in India.


GoodLuck Baybee New Born Primera Portable Breast Feeding Pillow

GoodLuck Baybee New Born Primera Portable Breast Feeding Pillow

This is the best baby feeding pillow in India, you can buy for your infant.

First, due to hypoallergenic fabric, it keeps your baby safe from allergies.

Second, to protect your infant it is breathable and is soft. Along with this, it keeps your baby warm in the cold weather.

Third, you might feel pain and tired while feeding your baby so it has a long curve. The long curve enables you to sit comfortably and also enables the baby to rest in a normal position.

Fourth, it enables the baby to rest in various positions without feeling discomfort. To add, you can use it right after the delivery because of its ergonomic design.

Further, if you want something that goes with your furniture and bed than here it is as its nordic black cross.

The nordic black cross design goes with everything you have. Moreover, the baby creates a mess, isn’t it?

Well, you do not have to worry as its covers are washable.


  • Washable covers, so mothers do not have to worry about slip over
  • The nordic cross black design makes it fashionable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Keep infant warm in winter
  • For comfort, it has a long curve
  • Enable the baby to rest in various positions
  • Hypoallergenic fabric, prevent baby from allergies
  • Allow mothers to feed the baby comfortably
  • Breathable fabric


  • Could have more easy to use if the down part is stiff
  • Expensive, the price could be lower

Though its down part is not stiff and is expensive, nothing is perfect, isn’t it? While if you look at the bright side its rest of the features are best.

What could be better than GoodLuck Baybee, the best baby feeding pillow in India?

5. VERNASSA Nursing Pillow, Breastfeeding Baby Support Pillow

VERNASSA Nursing Pillow, baby breastfeeding pillows

No parent can sacrifice the safety of your infant, so this is the best-looking baby feeding pillow in India. It does not contain toxic, formaldehyde and is completely made up of cotton.

Certainly, babies while playing might hurt themselves through a zip. So to keep your baby safe it has a hidden zipper that prevents the baby from hurting.

Further, it is easy for you to clean its covers as it is machine washable for this you can use laundry detergent.

To add, it supports both breastfeeding and bottle feeding as it raises the baby due to its ergonomic design. Its ergonomic design allows you to feed your baby without stressed-out arms and neck.

Moreover, it has multiple uses, so you do not have to buy different pillows. You can use it for propping, feeding, and sitting.


  • Multi-use, i.e., can be used for propping, feeding and sitting
  • Ergonomic design helps mothers to feed the baby without stressing arms and neck
  • Supports both breastfeeding and bottle feeding
  • Machine washable
  • Hidden zip that does not let the baby hurt
  • Raises the baby while breastfeeding
  • Does not contain toxic, formaldehyde
  •  Made up of 100% cotton


  • Could be more firm
  • The gap between baby and body

You have to adjust it before feeding your baby so that it does not leave any gap between you and baby.

6. HOOPA Feeding Pillow, Turquoise Blue | Feeding Pad

HOOPA Feeding Pillow, Turquoise Blue

It is one of the best baby breastfeeding pillows in India, as it can be used as cradle hold, cross-cradle hold and football hold.

The World Health Organization approved feeding the baby in the recline position. As recline feeding make sure that milk remains in the lower abdomen that helps in easy digestion.

It supports the posture and spine of the body with its strong back support. To add, it allows kids of 7 years to hold the baby easily and as it is safe and comfortable.

Further, it is soft and comfortable and its covers are removable. Baby walkers help your baby in walking that further enhances motor development.

In many Indian events, this pillow can be a life savior. Not only this, but it also secures your baby from dust, germs, cold wind, and more. To make it safer, it is examined and certified in Intertek Laboratory.


  • Prevent baby from dust, germs, cold wind, etc
  • Examined and certified to ensure the safety of infant
  • Soft and comfortable covers
  • Allows kids of 7 years to hold the baby
  • Supports the posture and spine of the body with its strong back support
  • World Health Organization approved to feed the baby in the reclining posture


  • Baby might slide off
  • Due to its large size, the baby might slide from this so you have to be careful. Further, be careful while using or leaving your baby

7. Montu Bunty Nursing Pillow with Slipcover

Montu Bunty Nursing Pillow with Slipcover

You can use this pillow for various purposes such as for playing, propping, feeding and obviously, breastfeeding. It is not only useful for babies but even you can use it to support your posterior during pregnancy.

Moreover, it enables your baby to drink milk through a bottle due to its C shape. To add, you can easily modify the size of the waist as it has a stretchable panel.


  • Made up of virgin polyester fibre
  • Does not contain chemicals
  • Stretchable panel enable mothers to modify the waist size
  • Support the back of mother during pregnancy
  • Multiple uses, propping, playing, bottle feeding and breastfeeding
  • C shape enables the baby to drink milk through a bottle
  • Allow the infant to learn sitting
  • Latch to prevent slipping of baby


  • Height could be less
  • As the baby can slip due to its height, you can use a latch that keeps the baby safe and does not let the baby slip.

8. GETKO WITH DEVICE Soft and Comfortable Flower and Owl Design Nursing Neck Pillow for Baby

GETKO WITH DEVICE Soft and Comfortable Flower and Owl Design Nursing Neck Pillow for Baby

If you are looking for a pillow that you can use otherwise such as for playing, propping, sitting, eating and certainly for breastfeeding.

Although, if during feeding it hurts then, this is the best pillow you can buy as it improves the body posture.

To add, it enables your baby to completely connect to you that reduces the pain and rhagades. If your infant loves playing then what could be better than learning while playing.

You can use a baby playpen and baby learning toys, that help your baby create a natural movement.

Further, it reduces your arm and neck stress, along with this it also lessens the muscle tension. It also enables the baby to sit in a normal position with the help of support.

Your infant would love it due to its floral design and colour and is approved for the baby of 0 to 12 months.


  •  Attractive to children due to their design and colour
  • Enable the baby to sit in a normal position
  • Lessen the muscle tension, arm and neck stress
  • Connect to your rest that reduces the pain and rhagades
  • Enable the baby to play, propping, sitting, eating and clearly for breastfeeding
  • Improves body posture
  • Washable


  • Could be more supportive
  • As it is extra soft and fluffy that makes it soft and comfortable but due to extra softness it might lack support sometimes.

9. MomToBe Blue Feeding Pillow/Nursing Pillow – 100% Cotton Fabric

MomToBe Blue Feeding Pillow Nursing Pillow - HD Foam 100% Cotton Fabric

If you love being cool and is fashionable then, we are here for you with an amazing breastfeeding pillow that does not give you that typical mother look.

It has a C section that enhances your convenience and makes your pregnancy all easy.

As with the help of the C section, you do not have to put so much effort into feeding your baby. To add, baby feeders, are best to feed you if you shift from breastmilk to solid food.

Further, to your nicety, you can even modify its size according to the size of your stomach and comfort. You do not face any difficulty in modifying its size as its buckle works silently.

To add, it supports the back of your infant along with this it also enhances the circulation of blood.

Again, this also provides support to your baby during feeding.

Moreover, it eliminates the back pain as it completely covers your waist and is approved for the baby of 0 to 9 months.


  • Undulating fabric enhance blood circulation and comfort
  • Support the back of mother and infant
  • Silent buckles, help in modifying the size without disturbing the baby
  • C section enhances comfort and convenience
  • Its design is not typical but is modern
  • Slipcover is washable, removable due to zipper
  • To support the head of the baby it includes headrest


  • The strap could be more strong
  • You have to use it according to the instructions otherwise there might be chances that your infant can fall. So be careful while using it.

What is the Breastfeeding Pillow?

The nursing pillow is certainly not the ordinary pillow that we put against our back to support our back or which we use when sleeping. 

Let’s start with, what is the difference between a nursing pillow and a normal pillow?

And if you are planning to save money, by not investing in the nursing pillow but using the ordinary pillow because it won’t provide the necessary support to your baby.

Another aspect is that ordinary pillows are soft which will result in the sinking of the baby inside the same. Hence, improper latching.

Also, it is shape is also not appropriate. 

On the other hand, nursing pillows are ideally firm, hence, provide ideal support for your baby to prevent sinking but to ensure an apt latch. Also, you can use the same to bottle-feed the baby too.

Do You Need the Breastfeeding Pillow?

Do you really need the nursing pillow? 

Breastfeeding is like a never-ending thing for the mother, which is quite hectic too, especially for new mommies. And sitting even for a few minutes will feel like you are running on the treadmill. 

So, feeding the baby is not about breast pumps, breast pads, nursing bras, nursing dress, etc but for the comfort you need a breastfeeding pillow too.

Because your baby is not a ball to whom you can handle or catch with a hand only, but sometimes you would need both of your hands.

That’s when to help you out, you need the breastfeeding pillow. A breastfeeding pillow will provide the base to your baby which again ensures proper latch.

Above all, you can get all the comfort when sitting, which was lost a long way back.

My aunt used it, and it was a great help. I can totally feel the pleasure on her face when she gets free from the back, neck, and arm strain when feeding.

That also includes effortless access to the breast and perfect latch along with proper support.

When You Would Need the Breastfeeding Pillow?

When do you need a nursing pillow? Or, when to start using a nursing pillow?

I don’t think it is important because we all are logical enough to understand that you would need the nursing pillow every time you will feed the baby.

Yet, as time passes, your baby would learn head and neck control as well as you would be more comfortable in feeding your baby, this could happen after 4-6 months of the birth of the baby.

So, hang on to that!!

And at last, you won’t need the baby.

But the good news is that you can still make use of the tummy time, a safe place to cradle babies, to rest, etc. 

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How Long Do You Use a Breastfeeding Pillow?

You would need the breastfeeding pillow as long as your baby is breastfeeding which would last for up to 6 months because you should breastfeed the baby by the age at least. 

Yet, you can further use it as a support to your back, to cradle the baby, during tummy time, etc.

Is a Nursing Pillow Necessary For Breastfeeding?

Earlier, mothers used to feed their newborns without the help of a breastfeeding pillow. Since its invention, it has been used to feed the baby as it certainly has a number of benefits. Yet, there are many women who are breastfeeding the baby without one.

What are the Functions and Benefits of the Breastfeeding Pillow?

  • Allow you to hold the baby securely when feeding
  • Provide adequate support to the neck, back, head, and body of the baby for proper latching
  • Relieve the strain from your arms, neck, back, and shoulder which you face when feeding the baby, especially, new mommies
  • Perfect for traveling because it provides adequate support right from the beginning 
  • Allow you to breastfeed or bottle-feed the twins, if not this, then it also helps you to hold other things when breastfeeding
  • Allow you to shift the baby to a particular degree 
  • Ideally supports you after C-section and lessen the pressure from your wounds
  • Lessen the episiotomy pain
  • Provide relief from the acid reflux, and colic to the baby
  • Perfect to lessen the breastfeeding problems such as crack nipples, sore nipples, blocked milk ducts, etc
  • Helps baby in sitting by providing support to the baby’s back

Well, technically, a nursing pillow has varied functions and benefits depending on its features. 

So yes, I can certainly say that it has a lot of benefits as well as it can be used after the breastfeeding phase during tummy time, to cradle babies, bottle-feeding, and whatnot. 

How to Use the Breastfeeding Pillow?

As your baby is going to wrap around you like a Koala. And to keep your little pumpkin near you, you have to wrap the nursing pillow around your waist and sit on your lap.

This will ensure perfect support as it keeps your baby at the right height so that your little one can reach the breast and bottle.

Though, as I’m constantly repeating, you can choose the nursing pillow out of various shapes or types available.

Further, simply search for the ideal position, in which you and your tot are comfortable. 

FAQs On Baby Breastfeeding Pillows

  1. What is the best pillow for breastfeeding?

    Baybee New Born Velvet Portable Breast Feeding Pillow is the best baby breastfeeding pillow in India. As it has amazing features such as hypoallergenic fibres that are made up of 100% cotton. This pillow is EN71 certified i.e., the remarkably stringent certificate, passed by the European standard. It has the best features that you can ever get that makes your breastfeeding comfortable, easy and pain-free.

  2. Do you really need a breastfeeding pillow?

    Yes, breastfeeding pillow is of great help as it not only strengthens the back of the baby. But along with this, a breastfeeding pillow supports your back too, that reduces your muscle stress, neck and arm pain. To add, nowadays with the changes in breastfeeding pillow helps the baby in propping, playing, bottle feeding, etc.

  3. How do I choose a nursing pillow?

    This is the most prominent question, before choosing any nursing pillow you keep something in mind. First, you should choose a pillow that easily fits in your waist. Second, along with this, you should also take care that your baby is comfortable in the feeding pillow or not. Further, most important the nursing pillow should be placed at the same height as the breast nipples.

  4. Can breasts be too big to breastfeed?

    Certainly not, the supply of milk does not depend upon the size of the breast. Big breasts and milk supplies do not have any link. For instance, a woman with big breasts does not necessarily produce more milk neither a woman with a small breast doesn't generate less milk.

  5. How long do you use a nursing pillow?

    Generally, mothers feed their baby with breast milk until the age of 6 months. While you are bound to use a breastfeeding pillow at a certain time. Most mothers feed their babies for a long time.


To sum up, if you are searching for the best baby breastfeeding pillow, then here you have 9 best baby feeding pillows.

The usefulness of the breastfeeding pillow can not be denied as they support your baby’s spine.

Not only this, but it also supports your back and allows you to feed your baby without pain.

As you might face the problem such as the neck, arm, and back pain while feeding your infant. Or try different ways to use a breastfeeding pillow.

The breastfeeding pillow enables you to feed your infant with all the comfort and convenience.

Further, breastfeeding can be used for propping, playing, bottle feeding, and certainly for breastfeeding.

Although you can use a baby sleeping bed that lets your baby sleep with all the comfort and safety. Breastfeeding pillows can also be given as baby shower gifts that you can give to your friends and family.

No doubt breastfeeding pillows are designed by keeping the safety of the infant in mind. But you should not leave the baby alone as there might be a possibility that your baby can fall.

Due to more softness, fluffiness, height, and more, they can fall. Therefore, you should always keep an eye on your infant, you can even use baby monitors.

Which among the 9 best breastfeeding pillows did you like the most? Do let us know in the comments below.

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