5 Best Baby Products Online Shopping Sites/Store in India

Kiran Verma

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Best Baby Products Online Shopping Sites/Store in India | Buy Baby Products Online

For a mommy buying baby products is so much essential, but that’s going very hard to buy especially during this lockdown.

Because it is the time when you can not anytime go out and get what you want.

Am I right?

The first instinct of a mother is to protect her baby. And going out means putting your and your baby’s health in danger.

Like you have a varied choices when it comes to buying a baby product. The same applies to online shopping sites because you never know which is the best baby product online shopping site? Especially if you are a new mommy. 

And to save you a little time here, I have come up with a list of some best baby product online shopping sites that enable you to make a perfect choice.

Here we go!

5 Best Baby Products Online Shopping Sites/Store in India

  1. Amazon India
  2. FirstCry
  3. Flipkart
  4. Mee Mee
  5. Totscart

I will compare things based on these parameters. These parameters will allow you to make a clear choice regarding which online baby product shopping sites is best for newborn and kids for online shopping.

  • Types or different categories of product
  • Product availability
  • Customer Reviews/ratings
  • Trust factor
  • Return refund policy
  • Price and delivery charges
  • My Personal Ratings

Let’s begin the comparison with the first point i.e types of product

1. Types or different categories of product

Products Type factor in baby online shopping sites

Short Answer: Amazon and Flipkart have all the categories related to home, baby, fashion, and a lot more. While, FirstCry, Totscart, MeeMee are just into baby/kids, maternity products.

First, if I talk about Amazon then it is the perfect choice to buy the newborn baby products. Because Amazon not only deals with newborn baby products but also offers a range of products for toddlers, kids, home, books, fashion, and a lot more products. It’s an e-commerce store.

And to be more specific in baby products, you can buy diapers and wipes, bath and face cream, bedding and feeding products, maternity stuff, and whatnot.

In easy words, Amazon is the largest online store dealing in each and every product, like the largest river Amazon itself. To add, from Amazon’s newborn baby products you will buy each and everything your tot needs.

Likewise goes for kids’ products, such as scooter for kids, swimming pool for kids, educational toys, trolley, study table, gear cycle, and a lot more.

Then comes FirstCry Baby Products, unlike Amazon with all the categories, FirstCry only deals with baby or kids products, maternity or new parents related products. It is an online shopping store for kids and baby products.

In short, you will get every kind of baby product, even it is one of the ideal kids/baby online shopping sites.

Later, Flipkart, like Amazon deals in every kind of product that also includes baby products. Similarly, you will almost get everything on the Flipkart too. No doubt, there could be a difference between price and product availability.

Totscart Baby Products like all the other online site for baby products, Totscart only deals in every kind of baby care products from baby clothing and accessories to baby furniture and bedding. It is the true alternative of FirstCry.

At last, Mee Mee is one of the best baby products online sites. But there comes a slight difference, that it only deals in products of its own brand such as Mee Mee sanitizer, Mee Mee stroller, Mee Mee dry mats, and more. It is more like a brand’s online shopping site. 

So here is your personal choice, people prefer their own brands like MeeMee, LuvLap, R for Rabbit, Chicco, and others.

So far, among all the best baby products online shopping sites or ecommerce store, you can get baby products.

2. Product Availability

Short Answer: It depends on the city you are living in. Amazon and Flipkart are really good at delivering their products in most of the cities without any hassle

To be noted, availability depends on the area or place you live in. For instance, on Amazon, the Pampers Diaper Pants Super Value Box is available in New Delhi-110030. Though, there is a possibility that it might not available where you live in.

Likewise, if we look at the Flipkart and Firstcry, it is also available on the same Pincode. While on Totscart, it is not even listed on the website at the time of writing this article. Hence, all you need to do is to check the availability of the product in your area.

Mee Mee does not sell products of other brands. And if you are a fan of Mee Mee then yes you can get Premium breathable baby diapers at the same address. The same applies to other brands respectively.

Therefore, product availability depends on the area where you live.

3. Customer Reviews/Ratings

Customer Review factor in baby online shopping sites

Short Answer: The more the customer ratings/reviews, the more it helps you to decide whether to buy or not buy the products.

If we look at the rating of the Diaper pants super value pack, then it gets 4.1 stars on Amazon and FirstCry. However, on Flipkart, it gets 4.3 stars. Therefore, on the basis of this, we can conclude that the products in which their baby product online shopping sites deals are good.

Though, as we cannot get to a conclusion on the basis of just one product. Let’s take a look at another product. Luvlap Sunshine stroller gets a good rating on Amazon that is 4 stars, and get even more high rating on Flipkart which is 4.2 stars. 

On the other hand, it gets a 3.5-star rating on FirstCry. However, on Totscart, no information regarding customer rating is available.

I guess, so far you can rely on the customer review rating of these sites. 

To add, as I mentioned, Mee Mee is a brand which only deals in Mee Mee baby products. Hence, you can buy Mee Mee Stroller from the same baby and kids’ online shopping site.

Why customer reviews/ratings are essential?

Customer review rating is essential because it reflects how worthy a product is, from the customer’s perspective, who already used it. Though, it could be good or bad, depending on their experience. It also depends on the seller who is providing that product. On Amazon and Flipkart, you can even select the different sellers. Even they will show you the best sellers, but you should also check it once.

4. Trust and Flexibility

Trust factor in baby online shopping sites

Short Answer: Check out essential factors like replacement or refund policy. So if the product is defective, it should be easily replaceable. Similarly, the various payment methods.

No doubt, depending on an online site blindly is not a good choice. Not only because of this pandemic, but it also includes the quality of the products, isn’t it?

So, the first question comes in your mind is, whether I should trust these baby and kids online shopping sites or not? What if the baby product harms my baby? What if it is not worthy and my money would be wasted?

The fear is normal because it is not about the worthiness of the product but is also about the baby’s safety and the price you are paying. Some prefer Cash on Delivery (COD) some online mode. So more payment options mean more flexibility to the customer to pay.

Though I would say, you can check out the customer review rating to get to know everything about the product or follow our blog as we also review the baby products.

These reviews enable you to see a clear picture and you can freely take a decision depending on the same.

And, if by chance there is any defect or broken product, these websites offer a variety of choices to replace or refund the product. That brings me to the next point.

5. Return Refund policy

Short Answer: Always check this policy whether they are offering the full money refund or just the product replacement.

I’m taking the example directly. Considering the previous example, LuvLap Sunshine Stroller.

At Amazon, they are offering the 10 days return policy. Means you can return the product within 10 days and get the full refund. Similarly in Flipkart, they are just giving the 10 days replacement policy i.e you can only replace the product if any defect or something is there. But no refund.

On FirstCry, they offer 7 days free return, while Totscart has not given the proper information. But I found one from their site i.e “If the product is eligible for a return, you may write to us at [email protected] within 7 days of delivery to request return and refund”.

6. Price and delivery charges

Short Answer: Compare the prices on various websites, if you find a lower price go with that.

No doubt, the price of a single product could be different on baby products online store/sites. For instance, continuing the same example of Luvlap Sunshine Stroller, if you check out the price on Amazon then it is around Rs 3600 but FirstCry is offering the same in less price.

And surprisingly, Flipkart offering the same at the above Rs 4000. That is higher than Amazon and Firstcry. Additionally, Totscart is selling the same at a high price than all the brands.

Note: Price may vary, the price listed here is at the time of writing this article. You should check these while making the purchase.

Though, as Mee Mee has its own products, you can choose according to your budget.

Moreover, if we look at the delivery prices then Amazon provides free delivery to Prime Members and if you are a non-prime member, then to get free delivery your order value should be 499 or more. On the other hand, if I talk about Flipkart then if you are not a Plus Member, then you need to pay delivery charges depending on units, distance, and delivery date.

While the delivery charges of the Totscart is the same as of Amazon, which means you can get free delivery with the order value of min. Rs 499. Though, that too is available to some location. However, if you order a baby product from FirstCry then you have to order products worth Rs 699, which is higher than Amazon and Totscart.

At last, Mee Mee provides you free delivery if your order value is less Rs 399. Though, to some location, extra charges needed to be paid.

At last, Mee Mee is providing free delivery at least price and FirstCry is providing free delivery at the highest order value. Similarly, you have to check with your other favorite brand.


So finally, if I have to summarise the whole baby products online shopping sites/stores in my way. Considering all the above parameters. Then here is my personal rating on these websites based on baby products only.


Rating: 4.5 out of 4.5.


Rating: 4 out of 5.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


Rating: 3 out of 5.


Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

*In place of MeeMee, there could be any baby product brand of your personal choice.

Also, do not forget which website is offering you the most of the offers and discounts at the time of any festival or on normal days. You must save your money during the sale time. It varies from time to time.

From my personal experience, I really saw very good discounts on various bank cards to buy any product during the Great Indian Festival Sale on Amazon, Big Billion Days on Flipkart.

Further, you need to focus on the price factor, reviews, refund policy and delivery in order to buy a baby and kids product. This will help you to buy a product at a good price. With that, to avoid delivery charges, you can buy all the baby products you needed at a time.

Hence, which baby product online shopping site will be your choice? Please let me know in the comments below.

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