6 Best Baby Body Wash in India

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

Does your baby love being in the water? Nearly all the babies enjoy being in the water, but water comes with some severe problems.

And if you do not hold the baby properly your infant might drench.

To prevent this, you can use baby bath seats that hold your infant, so that your baby does not drench and can play in the water.

Although you should not leave your baby alone especially when it comes to water.

To add, for proper cleaning of your infant you can use baby soaps and baby shampoos.

These help you in cleaning the baby’s body more effectively and also maintain hygiene.

Additionally, baby bathtubs make the bath of your baby more enjoyable, the cherry on the cake is that the baby body wash increases the fun.

As it adds bubbles and fragrance that your infant would love.

6 Best Baby Body Wash in India Reviews

PreviewBaby Body WashRating
organic affaire baby wash6. Organic Affaire Boo Bubbles Baby Wash4.7/5
Eucerin Baby Wash and Shampoo5. Eucerin Baby Wash and Shampoo4.9/5
Mustela Gentle Cleansing Body Gel4. Mustela Gentle Cleansing Baby Body Gel
– Best Rated
Puracy Natural Baby Shampoo and Body Wash3. Puracy Natural Baby Shampoo and Body Wash
– 2018 Award Winner
Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Baby Wash2. Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Baby Wash4.5/5
Sebamed Baby Wash1. Sebamed Baby Wash Extra Soft
– Best Budget

Further, baby body wash is tear-free, i.e., it does not hurt the eyes of the baby. No tears mean happy bath time that is full of smiles and laughter.

Even you can use the baby body wash if you have dry, sensitive, and delicate skin.

However, you have to apply more body wash.

Choosing the right baby care products is a complicated task, isn’t it? To make it easy and to enhance your convenience, we come with the baby body wash buying guide.

What Are the Factors to Consider Before Buying a Baby Body Wash?

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Baby Body Wash

1. Have You Checked the Ingredients of the Baby Body Wash?

Yes, like every other product you have to check the ingredients the same. Because some ingredients could be toxic for the baby and some ingredients could trigger allergies in the baby.

Hence, I would like to emphasize the fact that you should go for the baby body wash which is made of organic or natural ingredients. 

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2. Is Your Baby Body Wash Certified?

Always buy a certified baby body wash or other baby skincare product. Because a certified product ensures that the product has cleared safety standards and is safe for the baby.

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3. Is Your Baby Body Wash Chemical-free?

Using the baby body wash or product which includes chemicals means pushing your baby into the lion’s den. 

That’s why you should always buy a chemical-free baby body wash.

Having chemicals in the baby’s body wash can harm the baby’s skin.

Moreover, some ingredients such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) should be avoided because they can result in hair loss. Also, with time, it can damage the hair follicles of the baby.

Further, you should avoid the chemicals such as phthalates, parabens, sulfates, etc. 

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4. What is the Formula of the Baby Body Wash?

Here, the formula does not mean those chemical equations that we hate the most. But it simply means whether your body wash has a soapy lather or is like a lotion. 

Further, it also includes a tear-free formula that allows your baby to sing when bathing instead of crying out loud.

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5. Does Your Baby Body Wash Has Pleasant Essence?

Of course, we love the pleasant smell when bathing, right?

But when it comes to a baby’s product, having essence reflects the presence of chemicals. 

What does it mean?

It simply means that you should prefer using the body wash with no fragrance or essence of organic ingredients. 

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6. Does Your Baby Body Wash is Made of No-Tear Formula?

The no-tear formula ensures that your baby won’t cry during the bath but can enjoy the water like the fish. So, no irritation in the eyes but a calming bath.

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7. Does Your Baby Body Wash Provide Perfect Cleansibilty?

Why does your baby need a body wash?

Of course, for proper cleaning of the baby’s body.

Apart from this, it also helps in cleaning the greasy layer off the baby’s skin, helps in eradicating cradle caps, etc. 

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8. Does Your Baby Body Wash Have an EWG Rating?

Alright, let’s start with, what is the EWG rating?

EWG stands for the Environmental Working Group, it provides you with the necessary information which you should be aware of about the product. In short, it’s an inspector, which checks what your family’s skincare products contain. 

But how would you get to know that a specific product is good or safe for you?

That’s easy, they provide the rating on a scale of 1-10 which reflects the lowest to the highest concentration of the hazards. 

This rating is given to a product based on the ingredients a product contains, which can affect your health or harm you. 

Hence, you should always look for the same. 

9. Do You Need to Spend Thousands of Money to Get the Baby Body Wash?

Hell, no! 

The baby body washes are pretty much pocket-friendly, so you don’t have to spend thousands. 

But yes! You certainly have to spend hundreds of rupees. 

Some Other Factors to Look in the Baby Body Wash,

  • Prefer buying the body wash which moisturizes and hydrates your baby’s delicate skin, not making it dry and rough
  • Buy the baby body wash with long life, as well as, check the expiry date of the product before using it. Else, an expired product could harm the baby’s skin
  • Make sure your baby’s body wash lather ideally for proper cleaning 
  • Avert using the baby body wash which includes petrochemicals as well as ultra-violet irritants
  • Always buy the baby body wash with hypoallergenic properties and with a low PH level
  • Prefer using the baby body wash which is clinically proven and is tested by the dermatologist 
  • The packaging of the baby body wash should be durable as well as it should be easy to open and close 
  • The quantity of the baby body wash should be appropriate to the price you are paying   

6 Best Baby Body Wash in India Detailed Reviews!

6. Organic Affaire Boo Bubbles Baby Wash

organic affaire baby wash

I have one latest product for you i.e Boo Bubbles (Baby Wash) by Organic Affaire.

It is free from parabens or any chemicals, made from organic & natural ingredients, and is a tear-free head-to-toe wash i.e. even gentle on hair.

Also, it has key ingredients like Jojoba, Almond Oil, Orange & Lemon extract, Shea Butter & Coconut Milk.

Trust me, parents, this mild therapy gently cleans your baby’s delicate skin & retains skin’s natural moisturization along with your loved one’s hygiene.

Your baby will gonna love this! You can give it a try.

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5. Eucerin Baby Wash and Shampoo

Eucerin Baby Wash and Shampoo

It has dual features, you can use it as a shampoo and baby body wash. Further, it is safe for the delicate skin as it contains pro-vitamin B5 and natural shea butter.

To add, it makes the bath of your infant joyous and prevents the baby from allergies, i.e., hypoallergenic.

Additionally, it does not contain artificial incense, colors, alcohol, parabens, dyes, or soap. What could be better than this? It keeps your infant safe and secure.

Along with this, it is also approved by dermatologists and pediatricians.


  • Smoothen and fresh the baby’s skin with its natural components B pro-vitamin B5
  • Do not contain artificial incense, colors, alcohol, parabens, dyes, and soap
  • Present baby from allergies with its hypoallergenic ingredients
  • Made with a tear-free formula


  • Does not lather enough
  • Although it has tear-free compounds many customers reported it is not tear-free.

Although, it might hurt the eyes of the baby. Along with this it also does not lather so you have to apply more quantity of it. But if you look at its benefits it is perfect for the baby’s skin.

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4. Mustela Gentle Cleansing Body Gel

Mustela Gentle Cleansing Body Gel

It is one of the best baby body washes as it not only cleans the baby’s body but also cleans the hair of the baby too.

Furthermore, its components and natural elements secure the baby’s scalp and skin.

Along with this, it also prevents dryness and moisturizes the baby’s skin.

Additionally, it provides vitamins and conserves the cellular richness of a baby’s skin.

To add, it is easy to use, you just have to take a drop into your hands and after lathering, simply apply it to the baby’s skin.


  • Prevent dryness and moisture in baby’s skin
  • Avocado perseose and other natural elements help in cleaning the scalp and body
  • Conserves the cellular richness of the baby’s skin
  • Soothes the baby’s skin
  • Made with tear-free technology


  • It is quite watery
  • Expensive

It is watery and expensive too although it is made up of natural ingredients and is safe to use.

Not only this but it also soothes the baby’s skin, tears free, and prevents dryness and itching. What could be a better body wash than this?

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3. Puracy Natural Baby Shampoo and Body Wash

Puracy Natural Baby Shampoo and Body Wash

It is the perfect mixture of natural oil and cleaner that works as a shampoo and a body wash too. It contains sea salt, i.e., perfect to hydrate the skin of your little one.

Along with this its other ingredients such as plant extract, mineral-based components, and food-grade elements make it safe and prevent the baby from allergies.

Further, to make your infant’s bath more satisfying it creates foam, which is chemical-free and is completely safe for every type of skin.

Therefore, no matter what kind of skin your infant has, you can use it without worrying about side effects.

To add, it is made under the supervision of doctors and is 99.95 % natural. It does not contain parabens, formaldehyde, chlorine, dyes, perfume, animal-based components, or petroleum-based ingredients.


  • 99.95% natural makes it safe and secure for infant’s skin
  • Suitable for every skin type
  • To make it completely safe for babies it is free from chemicals
  • High-quality foam formula, that makes the bath of infants enjoyable
  • Hypoallergenic, prevent baby from allergies
  • Hydrates the skin


  • Some customers reported that it is not tear-free

As it is not tear-free, that hurts the eyes of your infant. Therefore, be careful while using it but its rest of the features make it perfect for moisture the baby’s skin, hypoallergenic, and contains natural ingredients.

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2. Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Baby Wash

Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Baby Wash

You are wondering why you should buy this product? First, it is the blend of organic herbs, plant extracts & essential oils.

Most importantly, it is free from Silicon, Parabens, Dyes, SLS, and other harmful chemicals. This is the best body wash for a newborn in India due to its organic components.

Not only this but it is made with tear-free care that enables your infant to enjoy the bath without crying.

Further, it has key ingredients like Chamomile oil, Avocado, and Coconut oil.

Additionally, it cleans the baby’s body entirely as well as it also retains the moisture of the baby’s skin.

Due to this, your infant does not face the problem of dryness. In short, it is completely natural i.e., it is the best body wash for a newborn in India.


  • Free from artificial colors and fragrance
  • Contains coconut oil, avocado oil, and chamomile oil
  • Due to its natural ingredients, it prevents dryness and provides moisture
  • Does not contain parabens, sulfate, dyes, which makes it safe for babies as it does not have any harmful effect on the skin
  • Made with a tear-free formula


  • We are testing this product as of now. Once we have sufficient data, I will update it here.
  • According to some customers, it has a little bit of high fragrance.

You have to use it according to the instructions. Try to use it in small quantities, further, it is the best body wash for a newborn in India due to its natural ingredients.

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1. Sebamed Baby Wash Extra Soft

Sebamed Baby Wash

If you are looking for the best baby wash in India. Then it is perfect for you as it is extra delicate on the baby’s skin, especially it is ideal for the skin of the newborn baby. 

To add, it does not comprise soap and alkali, which is decent for the skin of your baby.

It prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria and retains the moisture of the skin.

Further, the lipids in the baby wash are the same as the vernix which helps in hydrating the skin and protecting the skin.  

To prevent the baby’s delicate skin, it eliminates the irritation and also includes botanical components that prevent allergies.

Along with this, it has a botanical essence that is delightful and it also helps the skin of the baby to maintain natural lipids.

Therefore, it is the best baby body wash.


  • Made with a tear-free formula, does not contain formaldehyde
  • Has pleasant botanical essence
  • It helps in maintaining lipids in the baby’s body naturally
  • Eliminate irritation and prevent baby from allergies due to its botanical components
  • Vernix hydrates the skin of the baby
  • Maintain the PH level of newborn
  • Does not comprise soap and alkali


  • Leakage, the nozzle of the bottle might leak so be careful while using it
  • Dries the skin
  • Does not lather
  • Expensive

It is not only expensive but it also dries the skin, might leak from the nozzle and does not lather, so you have to use it according to instructions.

While to prevent dryness you can use baby lotion, it eliminates the itching, redness, and more.

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One more premium body wash + shampoo:

Aveeno Lightly Scented Baby Wash & Shampoo

Aveeno Lightly Scented Baby Wash & Shampoo 8 oz.

Here comes one more product in our list which is recommended by pediatricians, hence your baby is gonna get super smooth skin. Thus, it fulfills its purpose. 

And you know why we are mentioning it as one of the best baby body washes?

Well because it is made of tear-free formula and natural oat formula, so, not only your baby’s body but hair are gonna get smooth, moisturized, etc without crying. 

Mommies, it’s time to pour some water and Aveeno body wash and shampoo, and let your baby enjoy the bathing time, like a spa.


  • Made of tear-free formula, hence, your baby can enjoy the bathe without crying
  • Made of natural oat formula which ensures that your baby won’t come into contact with chemicals
  • Recommended by pediatricians, hence, ensure the safety of the baby
  • Dual benefit as it cleanses the hair and body of the baby
  • Chemical-free, hence, keep your baby safe 
  • Has light essence, again, ensures that it is secure for baby


  • Price could be less
  • A customer claim that it is does not show results

Why is Baby Body Wash Important?

Do babies need body wash?

As for pimple-free skin, using the perfect face wash is important. Similarly, to moisturize, and clean your baby’s skin ideally, you need body wash. 

Because when it comes to babies, it is not about getting flawless skin, but it is more than that. 

It is about nourishing that delicate skin, or it is about preventing damage or dry skin. 

Yet, above all, it is about keeping your baby clean and hygienic. 

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Why is it Important to Choose a Gentle Baby Body Wash?

I guess, we all, have the answer to this question, don’t we?

Still, if you want to hear it from me, then, a gentle body wash won’t harm the baby’s thin and delicate skin, that’s one of the reasons why we have individual baby care products for babies. 

And that’s why we can not use our cosmetic products on the baby’s skin. 


Believe it or not, that’s true. 

If you don’t believe me, then imagine, why most people, and by people I mean, adults use baby care products?

My friend uses it, and the sole reason behind using baby care products is that it contains less or no chemicals. 

Further, some other reasons for choosing the gentle baby body wash are, 

  • The baby’s thin skin lost moisture more often. That’s why harsh baby care products or baby body wash can result in dryness
  • Your baby’s still in the developing phase, due to which the kidney and liver of the baby fail to eliminate the toxins from the body. Hence, you should use the chemical-free product
  • Due to less presence of the subcutaneous fat as compared to adults, the baby’s body absorbs the chemicals easily 

What Are the Precautions to be Taken When Bathing the Baby?

Precautions to be Taken When Bathing the Baby


Bathing the baby is not less than bathing with cold water during winter. Trust me, it is that tough!

Not that, I’m scaring you, but yeah, that’s the truth.

But why?

Well because you have to handle the baby, at the same time you have to make sure to clean every inch of the baby’s skin to maintain hygiene. 

So, let’s start with, what are the accessories you need to bathe the baby?

First, you would need soap, to rub it against the baby’s skin and to clean it properly. 

Then, you would need shampoo, body wash, diapers, clothes, and a towel. 

Yes, that’s all you would need. 

But, if your baby has issues such as diaper rashes, you will probably need diaper rash cream too. 

Finally, now let’s move to the precautions you need to follow,

Keep all the accessories near you when bathing the baby, so that you do not have to leave the baby alone in the water.

Don’t fill the bathtub, this could drown the baby. Hence, be careful!

Now, go for the small bathtub which would allow you to control the quantity of the water. Before putting your baby in the same, always check the temperature either with the thermometer or your finger or elbow. 

This will prevent your baby from burning.

Checking the temperature of the water is not enough, you should also check the room temperature because too cold a room can result in your baby catching a cold or fever.

After all this, it‘s time to bathe the baby. 

Start with washing the baby’s head and hair, as you are done with it. Use the towel to wipe and move to the lower body of the baby.

One by one, clean all the body parts of the baby. 

Note: Don’t put your baby in the bathtub when the umbilical cord of the baby is not healed perfectly. If that’s the case, use the sponge or bathe the baby as prescribed, until the doctor gives you the green signal to bathe the baby.

Make sure to use a soft towel and clothes, to clean the baby or to make the baby wear the clothes.

Moreover, when bathing the baby, don’t forget to clean the folds of the baby such as under the baby’s chin, diaper area, toes, etc.

How Many Times You Should Bathe the Newborn?

How often can you bathe a newborn?

A regular bath is not necessary for the baby. Because regular bathing can result in dry skin and another reason for not bathing the baby regularly is that, the baby’s skin does not get dirty because he’s not going out. 

So, you should bathe the newborn 3 times a week. Though, as your baby starts to crawl, and eat solid food, you can shift to regular bathing.

Yet, I would advise you to consult the same with the doctor. 

How to Bathe the Baby With Body Wash?

What are the directions to using baby body wash?

Using the baby body wash is nothing like running an airplane. 

Here are the easy steps you need to follow, 

  • Take a small amount of baby body wash on the wet sponge. Use a soft washcloth, in case a sponge, is not available 
  • Now, apply the sponge or washcloth to the baby’s body and rub it ideally in the circular motion
  • Don’t be harsh on the baby’s skin, but be gentle 
  • As mentioned, clean the baby’s body from head to toe, this will ensure ideal cleaning and hygiene 
  • As you notice perfect lather
  • Wash your baby’s skin with water

FAQs On Baby Body Wash

  1. Which body wash is best for the baby?

    Sebamed Baby Wash Extra Soft is the best baby body wash in India. First, it is extra delicate on the baby's skin, especially it is best for newborn babies. To add, it does not contain soap and alkali, which is decent for the skin of your baby. Additionally, It prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria and retains the moisture of the skin. At last, vernix helps in hydrating the skin and protecting the skin.

  2. Which is the best natural baby wash in India?

    The Moms Co. Tear-Free Natural Baby Wash is the best natural baby wash in India. It contains coconut oil, avocado oil, calendula oil, organic aloe vera gel, organic chamomile oil, and organic argan oil that takes care of the skin. To add, it not only cleans the baby's skin but also moisturizes it and eliminates dryness too. Further, it does not contain any chemicals, synthetic essence, colors, etc.

  3. What is the difference between a baby body wash and a soap?

    For a baby's delicate and soft skin, baby body wash is suggested as soaps can be harmful sometimes. It might wipe out vital proteins and vitamins. Along with this soaps also affect the PH level of the baby's skin which results in dryness and irritation. On the other hand, body wash not only moisten the baby's skin but also eliminate the bacteria. However, both can clean the baby's skin.

  4. Which is the best baby wash for a newborn?

    The Moms Co. Tear-Free Natural Baby Wash is the best body wash for a newborn in India. First, it is made of natural ingredients, such as coconut oil, avocado oil, calendula oil, organic aloe vera gel, organic chamomile oil, etc. Second, along with moisturizing the baby's skin, it also helps in cleaning the baby's skin. Further, it is chemical-free and does not comprise artificial colour and fragrance.


To sum up, dry skin leads to itching, irritation, discomfort, redness, and more. Baby body washes not only cleans the baby’s skin but also moisturize it and are antibacterial too.

Although, you have to be careful while using the baby body wash as not all body washes are tear-free.

Furthermore, no doubt it is easy to use the body wash you just have to follow the instructions accordingly.

As parents, you do not want to risk anything, right? Therefore, always check the expiry date of every product you use.

You can even use organic products, as these are naturally made and are perfect for babies. Eating or using expired products results in stomach aches, diarrhea, other stomach-related problem, and infections, so be careful.

Similarly, you can use baby bottle sterilizers to clean the baby’s bottle and other utensils. Sterilizer kills all the germs and bacteria and keeps the baby safe.

To conclude, the baby wash is best to refresh the skin of your infant and keep it healthy without any harm.

As nearly all body wash is made up of natural ingredients.

Further, after the bath, you can also use baby powders and face creams that provide an amazing fragrance and moisturize the skin of the baby.

To add, for newborn babies massage is essential. As massage helps in the development of muscles and bones of the baby.

For massage, parents can use the best massage oils that are perfect for a baby’s growth. On the contrary, only massage is not sufficient for development.

You have to encourage the baby to do some physical activities.

For the motor development of babies, what could be better than kids’ scooters and jumpers? Baby jumpers and bouncers help the baby in generating natural movement.

If you are still not sure which will be the best body wash, feel free to comment below, we will resolve your query soon.

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