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Looking for a wonderful and high-quality best baby cycle in India for your growing-up baby?

If your answer is YES, you just arrived at the right place. I know you’ve been wandering here and there to find the perfect one. That’s why we have come up with one of the best kids’ cycles around.

So by considering all the factors like comfort, safety, price, push bar, etc. I think R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Baby Tricycle is one of the best cycles for kids up to 5 years old.

But I have more top cycles for kids. Here we go!

5 Best Kids/Baby Cycles in India Reviews!

PreviewKids CycleRatingOn Amazon
R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Sportz Cycle on amazon india1. R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Baby Tricycle (1.5 to 5 Years)
– Best Overall (My Personal Favorite)
4.6/5Check Price
Baybee Mario Sportz Stylish Plug and Play Baby Tricycle on amazon india2. Baybee Mario Sportz Cycle for Kids (1.5 to 5 Years)4.2/5Check Price
Little Olive Roller Coaster - Stylish Tricycle on amazon india3. Little Olive Roller Coaster Tricycle (1 to 6 Years)4.1/5Check Price
Amardeep and Co Baby Tricycle with Parental Control on amazon india4. Amardeep & Co Pink Baby Tricycle
– Best Budget
3.9/5Check Price
R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Jazz Bicycle for Kids5. R for Rabbit Bicycle for Kids
– 4 to 7 Year
4.1/5Check Price

Now I’ll discuss the above baby cycle brands in detail.

Therefore, all you have to do is to make a hot cup of tea, sit calm, and keep reading. I’m sure you’ll find an amazing kid cycle at the end.

Interested to know?

Let’s move!

1. R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Sportz – Best Cycle for Kids (1.5 to 5 Years Kids)


R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Sportz Cycle - best tricycle for 1 year old

Check Price On Amazon

We went through a bundle of different baby tricycles and the one which rightly suited first in our list is R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Sportz. So, when it comes to finding a stylish, durable, and plug & play cycle, nothing can beat it.

Excited to know some more about this incredible product, let’s have a look at what we’ve more! Truly the best tricycle for 1-year-old to 5 years kids.

Protection and Safety:

Firstly, if we talk about safety and protection, this best baby boy cycle is ready to steal the show. It’s considered one of the most durable cycles out there. Coming with a foldable canopy, therefore, it ensures your child never comes across harsh sun rays.

So don’t worry about the ultraviolet radiation anymore!

Sturdy and Durable:

Most importantly, the next thing to adore in this super cool cycle is quality. I mean just look at, how excellent build quality it has. Spending your precious money makes sure the product never disappoints.

Further, you’ll love the rubber base wheels for sure. They’re powerful, sturdy, and durable, so just go for it and you’ll find it a kid cycle with the right price.

Plug & Play Wheels:

Secondly, it takes great pride in featuring plug and plays wheels. This is something we all wanted so that your kid will have an easy and comfortable journey wherever you go.

However, if you’re thinking to use it for your home, perfect idea! Just go get hold of it, use it, and thank us later!

Better Control:

Lastly, the thing that makes R for Rabbit unique and different is its Stylish Push Bar. For better directional control, you’ll never feel less control over this kid’s three-wheel cycle.

In addition, your kid will always remain stable and calm. One more thing, for maximum convenience, it offers an easy-to-remove and adjustable Parent Push Handle. Enjoy!

So I would say this is one of the best baby cycle brands in India.

Let’s have a look at some of its pros and cons!


  • Foldable canopy for better protection against sunrays
  • Certification of European standards
  • Plug and Play Wheels
  • Soft seat with a fortified front bar
  • Comfortable paddles for your child


  • Thin seat cover
  • Assembling manual could be better

2. Baybee Mario Sportz – Stylish Kids Cycle with Canopy

Baybee Mario Sportz Stylish Plug and Play best kids cycle on amazon india

Check Price On Amazon

I think you’re looking for a cycle with a stylish plug-and-play. This is the right choice for you, you’ll have everything you need. Ready to meet all of your expectations, your kid will have delightful adventures with its comfortable and soft seats.

Easy to install and Highly Adjustable:

Firstly, the thing that makes this low price kid cycle one of the best is that it proves itself a good option for kids between 1.5 to 5 years. Thus, giving you a wide range of ages.

The list doesn’t end here, you would be surprised to hear that it can easily bear weight up to 25 kgs, which means nothing can beat it in stability and security.

So are you worried about the installation process? I think it’s time to stave off your worries.


Very easy, if you got Baybee Mario Sportz, which means it’ll take you only 5 minutes to set it up.


Yes, I’m not kidding.

Comfortable and Plug & Play Seats:

Secondly, featuring the Swivel seat function, this cycle boasts wonderful seats for your kid. It means your kid can look around very easily without losing concentration.

Sounds great, right?

The third thing to admire is the canopy, thanks to the canopy, this one also makes sure to keep your kid safe and secure.

So be it a kid tricycle for 3 years or 4 years old kid, it works magnificently.

Locking System And Safety Belt:

Do you want to go to a shopping mall but are worried about your kid on the kid tricycle? I think you shouldn’t now. The reason is that this kid cycle comes with a front-wheel lock system. It means you can lock it so the pedal won’t rotate unless you unlock it.

Wow! Sounds really amazing.

Therefore, not only this, to take the safety to a whole new level, you’ll see a belt attached with the comfortable seat. You heard me right, a belt. I think it would be secure to have a seatbelt around the vest of your kid.

Peddle With Fun:

Lastly, the bell is something our kids greatly enjoy. They’ll keep ringing the bell for enjoyment. With a sleek and nice bell, this wonderful product makes riding fun.

Furthermore, if your kid loves taking his toys or kids’ food with him/her, there’s also a storage basket for this purpose. Enjoy and have fun!

Above all, are there any pros and cons?

Yes, let’s go!


  • Storage basket & a bell
  • Looking system for wheels
  • Easy to install, takes only 5 minutes
  • Canopy for protection against sun
  • Comfortable seats & a belt for high safety


  • The basket isn’t durable
  • Assemble it carefully and tight the screws.
  • Screws loosen fastly

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3. Little Olive Roller Coaster Tricycle – Sophisticated Tricycle with Canopy

Little Olive Roller Coaster - Stylish kids cycle on amazon india

Check Price On Amazon

I think you couldn’t find what you’re looking for. No worries, we still got some more. Wondering who is next? As the title says, it’s Little Olive Roller Coaster.

I think the name says it all, if you want your kid to enjoy his childhood like someone enjoying a Roller Coaster, you shouldn’t miss this one.

Now let’s have a look at some of its cool features!

Different Colors And Sturdy Tires

Firstly, the best thing we like about this kid cycle is that it comes in three different colors, thus allowing you to pick a color of your own.

Apart from that, you would be glad to hear that the tires aren’t made of rubber. Then what are they made up of? Further, they are made of EVA material. Cheer up, folks!

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Easy Installation And Push Bar

After receiving the product, all you need to do is give it just a few minutes. It won’t take much of your time.

Most importantly, the parts are of high quality and ensure an easy-to-install process. In addition to quality, it comes with a push bar as well. Being a parent, a push bar is something we all like to have when buying our first tricycle.

High quality And Best tricycle in low price

To all the moms out there, this one is for you. I know you’re always looking for something really excellent but less in price (my mom too!) This is the right kid cycle for your boy.

Therefore, one can truly anticipate the performance by simply looking at its picture. It’s comfortable and sturdy. Moreover, the seat belt is yet another great feature to adore.

Lightweight And High-quality Canopy Material

Above all, weighing only 12kg, it feels lightweight. I’m pretty much sure you’ll never encounter any sort of carrying the problem with it. In addition to all these features, there is still one thing to tell. Many people complain of the bad quality canopy material.

However, with the Little Olive Tricycle, you’ll feel extremely elated. It’s one of the best tricycles for a 1-year-old when it comes to the quality of canopy and material used.

Time to check the pros and cons!


  • Allows for different configurations
  • Canopy for better protection
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Safety locks on both front and back wheel
  • Front and back baskets and a pouch


  • You can’t adjust the height of the seat
  • Screws might lose over time

4. Amardeep and Co Pink Kid Tricycle – Better Parental Control

Amardeep and Co Baby Tricycle with Parental Control on amazon india

Check Price On Amazon

Here comes the sixth kid cycle on our list. If you’re always worried about your child when riding the cycle, I think it would be a good option to consider for the best kid cycle online.

The reason is, due to its pink color, nothing can be a good surprise for your little girl other than gifting her this stylish and vibrant baby cycle.

Is it only the color or is there anything else? Hold tight, it also has some great features. Let’s have a look!

Attractive Design And Stylish Look

Firstly, nothing could be more stylish than having this amazing baby girl cycle home. One can clearly see the large and smiling cartoon face on this product. However, that’s the reason why it’s so adored and admired by the kids nowadays.

Moreover, the amalgamation of pink color and cartoon theme makes this tricycle a must-buy for your 3 years old kids.

Well-built and High quality

Manufactured in India, the company makes sure the cycle meets all of your child’s needs and desires. Therefore, all of the parts are made using high-quality machines, thus leaving no chances for errors. Not only this, but the handlebars are also soft and give your child a solid grip over the cycle.

Durable And Sturdy

Secondly, thanks to its steel pipe frame, which ensures you never get tired of repairing the parts of your kid’s cycle. The material is furthered covered by durable plastic, thus adding to the strength of your cycle.

So if you’re out there for a beautiful yet well-built kid cycle, you’ll regret why you didn’t check this one.

Lighter than all of the above


Just look at its weight, it’s only 5.7kgs.

Oh! Yes.

See I was right; it’s probably the most light-weight than many of the products in the market. In short, if you need a tricycle that could be picked in a glimpse of seconds, try this one out.

Easy To Control

Similarly, with the help of the push bar (which can be removed as well), you’ll feel greater control over the tricycle. So, the fear of your child falling down is reduced. However, even if your child loses his balance, your kid can easily use the armrest to balance his body.

Fun, Music And Much More

Lastly, want to introduce some really cool hip-hop into the life of your kid? In addition to playback music options, this tricycle makes life really fun.

Moreover, some other cool features include a bottle of water, a rear basket, and a backrest for a comfortable ride.

Want to hear about some of the pros and cons?


  • Well-built and high-quality tires
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Push bar makes it easy to control
  • Backrest and music facilities
  • Canopy for protection


  • Short steering cuts
  • Plastic made up of low quality
  • Does not look the premium

5. R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Jazz – Best Baby Bicycle for 7 Year Old in India

R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Jazz Bicycle for Kids - Best Baby Bicycle for 7 Year Old in India

Check Price On Amazon

This bicycle took first place in the list of the best baby bicycle for 7-year-old in India. Why?

Obviously, wondering why it is the best baby bicycle for a 7-year-old in India, it is perfect as it is made while keeping the safety of the kid in mind. It is made up of high-quality training wheels, has a safety clutch and chain guard.

Certainly, assembling the bicycle is tough and exhausted but it is easy to assemble this one. As you just have to follow 3 steps and it is ready to go. Is it ideal for long-lasting use?

Yes, you can use it for a long time as it is made up of magnesium alloy, i.e., rustless. Magnesium alloy increases its strength and reduces its weight, that’s what makes it the best baby bicycle for a 7-year-old in India.

Other Features:

Additionally, it has a scalable frame, that allows you to change its height accordingly and you can easily modify the height of the handles and seat. To add, now you do not have to run behind your baby to teach him how to ride as it has training wheels.

Along with this, its wheels are 2.5 inches wide, which ensures a strong grip. Moreover, it is perfect for the age of 3 years to 5 years.


  • Have disc brake
  • Made up of high-quality training wheels
  • Made up of magnesium alloy structure, that makes it lightweight and more strength
  • Safety clutch
  • Chainguard
  • Easy installation with just 3 steps
  • Rustless
  • Scalable frame
  • Easy to change the height of handles and seat
  • Include training wheels with a width of 2.5 inches, that also ensures a good grip


  • Brakes are not fitted correctly and bar adjustment is not right, commented by customers
  • A side wheel is loose, claimed by buyers
  • Screws are not properly placed, commented by customers
  • Expensive
  • Quality of mudguard could get better
  • Pedals are short in length
  • Heavy

What are the Factors to Consider Before Buying a Baby/Kids Cycle?

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Baby/Kids Cycle

1. What Should Be Your Kid’s Age to Use a Baby’s Bicycle?

You have to consider your baby’s age before buying a baby cycle, either it is a balance bike, mountain bike, or bike with stabilizer, etc. 

For instance, your kid should start using a tricycle or balance bike at the age of 2. Further, if you want your kid to ride the bike like a grown-up, that is a kid of 3-5 years, then you need a kid’s bike with stabilizers of 12 and 14 inches. Later, it can be changed into a balance bike.

2. Is Your Bike Seat Comfortable?      

Bike seats ensure that your kid can roam around the neighborhood, park, and more while sitting comfortably and safely.

Along with this, some seats are designed for specific bicycles such as for mountain bicycles saddles are designed. 

To be precise, you can choose from 3 types of bike seats that are front frames that are for your infant.

Second, the type of bike seat is a rear frame-mounted cycle that is attached to the seat tube of the cycle. Also, it has a harness and footguards. 

The third type is rear rack-mounted, it is attached to the rack which is located at the back of the cycle. Though, if your bike does not have a rack then you have to get one.

3. Have You Considered the Height of Your Kid?

Consider height before buying kids cycle

To learn the bicycle properly, your kid should be comfortable with it. So, the size of the same is measured in inches that should correspond to the diameter of the wheels. 

Thus, make sure to consider the size and height when he is learning to ride a bicycle. Because this will make sure that your kid will initiate learning. 

Moreover, the size of the bicycle could be different from 10-24 inches. 

4. Have You Checked the Quality of the Brakes?

The quality of the brakes is important as it controls the speed of the cycle. Typically, you will get two types of brakes: coaster brakes and hand brakes. 

Coaster brakes are not only cheap but also effortless to maintain. It is also known as back-pedal brakes. Coaster brakes can be the reason for unexpected falls and halts.

Hand brakes are ideal for the kid who knows the gripping as well as hand-eye coordination.

Unlike coaster brakes, these are more efficient and need a little bit of maintenance. You will find varied types of hand brakes like V-pull, U-pull, Single-pivot, Disc, and more. 

5. Does Your Cycle Have a Durable Frame?

As your kid is going to cycle, hence, you need a durable frame that can bear wear and tear.

Thus, the frame of the same should be durable, robust, and rigid well as it should not mold. 

This includes a handlebar, seat post, and more. You can align the frame by simply standing in front or back of the bike then inspecting whether they are falling at the same plane or not.

6. Does the Wheels of the Cycle Have Safety Mechanism and Training Wheels?

Wheels of the Cycle Have Safety Mechanism and Training Wheels

To prevent the falling of the wheel, ensure that the front wheels of the cycle should have safety mechanisms. So, buy a cycle that has a rim, spokes, and hub. 

Additionally, to check the strength of the frame of the wheel, you just have to hold the tire and wiggle it from one side to the other.

Buy a cycle with a large wheel that would allow you to roll over the obstacle effortlessly.

7. Have You Checked the Q-factor of the Cycle?

First, let’s start with what the is Q-factor? 

Q-factor is the distance between the ends of the cycle’s pedal. Buy a cycle that should have an adequate Q-factor. Because the larger Q-factor will splay your kids’ legs outward that can make pedaling the cycling uncomfortable and inefficient. 

However, too narrow a Q-factor is also not good because it will limit the movement of your kid which will cause injury.

8.  How to Choose the Tire of the Cycle?

The rubber of the tires should be solid, have honeycomb rubber, have hard plastic, should be pneumatic, and have solid foam. Some of the cycles come with pneumatic tires that provide cushioned rides along with an ideal grip. 

Further, you need to buy a cycle according to the varied terrain. So, depending on the same, go for the tread pattern tire.

For rough terrain, you should go for deep-groove tires, on the other hand, for smooth roads, buy cycles with slick tires. 

9. Have You Thought About the DriveTrain of the Cycle?

Sprockets the drive chain, again and again, could be unpleasant because it could result in grease over the clothes and hands.

So, to avoid the mess you should buy a cycle that comes with a drivetrain that is free from grease and should be effortless to maintain.

You can go for, belt-drive cycle as that offers convenience, easy usage, as well as better cleanliness. 

10. Does Your Cycle Come With Stand?

Kids Cycle with stand

A bicycle with a stand ensures that your kid’s cycle should not be left sprawled on the floor of the parking. Hence buy a cycle with a kickstand to allow your kid to handle it with care.

11. Why is Grips Important?

The grip on the cycle is important to ensure that your kid can control the handle effortlessly. So, if you want to ensure to have a proper grip in your kid’s cycle, then ensure that it should not be thick, because this will prevent your kid from holding the handlebar effortlessly.

Additionally, the grips with large bulges towards the outer ends are ideal to protect your cycle from scrapes and falls. 

12. Does Your Tricycle Have a Push Bar?

Another thing to consider is the push bar. A push bar allows you to have better control over your child. So, it also saves your child from putting much effort into the pedaling stuff. Most of the modern kid tricycles are equipped with this feature nowadays.

13. Does  Your Baby Cycle Have Canopy? 

The canopy protects your child from harmful and harsh sun rays. This is to say, it prevents UV radiations and ensures a safer journey.

So, if your kid insists on cycling in the sun, you don’t need to worry if the kid cycle has a canopy. However, tricycles with canopies are costly.

14. Does Your Cycle Have Plug or Play Wheels?

Do check for this function. The reason is, where plug and play wheels give high convenience and performance, cycles without these features are less expensive.

So, check out this feature and then decide if you need a plug-and-play cycle or not.

15. What Accessories Your Kid Can Add to the Cycle?

Accessories Your Kid Can Add to the Cycle

Allow your kid to add baskets, tattoos, and more in the cycle to make it more fun for your kid.

16. Does Your Cycle Come Under Warranty?

The warranty allows you to replace and repair the same when needed.

17. How Much Do You Have to Spend?

The price of the bicycle would be different depending on features, quality, etc. 

How do You Teach a Child to Ride a Bike Without Training Wheels?

Teaching a Child to Ride a Bike Without Training Wheels

Here are some of the steps you can follow, 

  • First, encourage your baby to ride the bicycle, else if he is not interested he won’t do it
  • Allow your kid to understand how to create balance
  • You need to choose the right bicycle because your baby of 3 years can not drive the bicycle but a tricycle or balance cycle would be perfect
  • Choose a safe location
  • Before riding the cycle, allow your kid to learn how to stop
  • Start slowly and don’t force your kid
  • At last, you need to be patient       

If you are searching for the answer such as How do you teach a child to ride a bike in 5 or 15 minutes? How do I teach my 7-8 years to ride a bike? How do I teach my kid to ride a bike with anxiety?

All you have to do is to choose the right bike depending on your kid’s age. As for the kid of 7-8 years, you can buy a bicycle with training wheels. Because training wheels are the only way to allow your baby to learn to bike in 5-15 minutes because it eliminates the fear of falling.

Some Common Questions (FAQs) on Kids Cycle

What are the best baby cycle brands in India?

Here is a list of baby cycle brands in India: R for Rabbit Baby Cycle, Baybee Duster, Bentley Baby Cycle, Little Olive Roller Coaster, Amardeep, and Co Pink Baby Tricycle. These are the top-rated brands for making baby tricycles in India.

What’s a good age to buy the first bicycle for your child?

I think the best age for a child to learn this skill easily is between 4 and 8. Why? Because, when your child reaches 4, he has developed enough physical and mental skills. As a result, your kid learns and polishes the skill quickly. However, some kids can learn it late or early too. So, it all depends upon the physical and mental health of your child.

Which is the cheap baby cycle in India?

The Amardeep and Co Baby Tricycle is the best cheap baby cycle in India with high-quality material. It also comes with parental control. Moreover, this affordable baby cycle is 100% made in India product. Similarly, good for babies from 1.5 to 5 years.

At what age should a child start riding a cycle?

The normal age is between 3 to 8. But I think the best and average age is 5 years. However, if your child is OK with learning at age 3, it would also work.

How do you teach a kid to pedal?

Let your child sit on the seat and adjust the seat properly so that he easily stretches the legs. So the forward pedal should be in parallel to his outstretched legs. Also, hold the cycle by your hands so your child doesn’t afraid of falling off. Now tell him to gently push the pedals and you’re done!

Can You Skip the Training Wheels?

You can skip using the training wheels, it does not always have to be bruises, tears, falls, etc. Though, it would take a lot of effort and time.
However, if you can not invest time, and take care of your baby then you should use training wheels.

Is a 16-inch Bike Good for 4-5 Years Old?

Yes, a 16-inch bike is ideal for kids 4-5 years. However, considering the height of the kid, if your baby is tall then you might have to get the cycle of 20 inches for your baby.

When Can a Kid Ride a Bike With Training Wheels?

A young baby can learn to ride a bike and basic pedaling, braking, steering the tricycle.
On the other hand, around the age of 4 years, your kid can learn to ride the bicycle without training wheels.

Are Training Wheels Better Than Balance Wheels?

No! Training wheels are not better than balance wheels because it is perfect to ride over uneven surface. Further, it is perfectly fit for the kid as compared to the 12 inches training wheels cycle.
Additionally, it promotes independent riding and is lightweight

Are Tricycles Safer than Bicycles?

Yes, in terms of safety tricycles are safer because they won’t trip like a cycle. Hence, it is less risky to ride a tricycle than a bicycle.

How long does it take a child to learn to ride a bike?

The period of learning is different for different children. However, if your child’s age is between 3 to 5, he’ll learn it quickly and easily.

Before we go, final words…

To sum up, we tried our best to come up with the finest best kids cycle in the market. All the tricycles are added after thorough research and analysis.

So, now it’s up to you, the ball is in your court. So read the above user guide carefully and then choose something that pleases your child and meets your expenses as well.

Hey, it is not the end. Check out some of the amazing playpen, cribs for your little munchkin.

Or, are you planning a baby shower party? Check it, these are truly worthy of your precious time.

Lastly, we have listed all the necessary conditions like the best tricycle for kids 1 to 6 years old. If still, you have any doubts, do let us know in the comments below.

Alternatively, follow our Facebook page so that you don’t miss any updates related to baby/kids products.

Have fun!

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