5 Best Diaper Bags for Baby in India Reviews

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

Are you looking for the best diaper bags? Well, you should be! In today’s monotonous existence, a diaper bag is a must because it stores everything you need for a baby in just one place.

So you do not have to worry whether you are in or out. As we know diapers are of immense importance to kids, in the same way, Diaper bags are also relevant.

Thus, diaper bags provide you with a hassle-free travel experience. A diaper bag has enough space for cloth diapers, wipes, clothes, pacifiers, bottles, toys, etc.

The best baby diaper bags in India come in the form of backpacks. That’s because the best brands come with additional padding on the back panel. Shoulder Straps are also made very comfortable. Just like in a baby carrier.

So, in this post, I have found some of the most liked branded diaper bags such as the Mee Mee diaper bag, R for Rabbit diaper bag, Motherly Diaper bag, and other brands.

So without wasting any more time. Let’s jump directly to the best diaper bag reviews.

5 Best Diaper Bags in India for Mothers

PreviewBest Diaper BagsRatingBuy Link
Baby Jalebi - The Day Tripper Diaper Bag Review! 1. Baby Jalebi – The Day Tripper Diaper Bag Review! 
– Best Premium
4.9/5Check Price
Motherly Baby Diaper Bag - Best Diaper Bag for Travel2. Motherly Diaper Bag
– Best for Travel (My Personal Favorite in Budget)
4.9/5Check Price
R for Rabbit Caramello Delight Diaper Bags3. R for Rabbit Diaper Bags4.5/5Check Price
VISMIINTREND Maternity Nappy Bag - Best Premium Diaper Bag4. Vismiintrend Nappy Bag 4.3/5Check Price
Kiddale Premium Stylish Bag - Best Baby Leather Diaper Bag for Mumm5. Kiddale Premium Stylish Bag
– Best Leather
4.5/5Check Price

Now you must be thinking why should I buy them, well every diaper change needs to be handled cautiously. Wipes are the only solution. You do not know how much the pee irritates the lit’s skin.

So it’s time to look for the best diaper bag review in India. The best brands of diaper bags teach you why diapers are so important and why extra absorbent diapers should be carried all along the way.

Further, these super-absorbent diapers not only are disposable but also limit the amount of pee on the bay’s skin. You just need to consider a few things before buying the best diaper bags like:

  • Long and adjustable straps
  • Stroller clip to attach with prams/stroller
  • Changing pad
  • Extra clip
  • Base of bag
  • Colour of the bad
  • Size of compartments and bag itself

What are the Varied Types of Diaper Bags?

Varied Types of Diaper Bags

1. Backpack Diaper Bags

The backpack diaper bag is like a bag, hence, it allows you to make use of your hands. Also, due to moderation, some of the diaper bags are designed just like sports bags with various compartments and pockets. 

If you are buying this one, make sure it has strong handles.

2. Convertible Diaper Bags

As the name suggests, you can effortlessly convert the same into a messenger bag from a backpack as per your need.

So, if you are confused about which bag to buy, you can buy this one. Moreover, it also comes with a handle which enables you to carry it like a briefcase.

3. Tote Diaper Bag

It resembles the women’s large handbag or a pocketbook along with straps and handles, which you can either carry in hand or sling over your shoulder.

4. Messenger Diaper Bags

It looks like a standard bag, which doesn’t let people know what you have stored in the bag. It is also termed a sling bag because it has adjustable straps which need to be sung over your shoulder. 

Also, it is perfect for working parents because of its style and the best thing is that some bags can even store laptops.

5. Stroller Handlebar Diaper Bag Attachments

As the same suggests, it is designed to hang over the handle of the stroller. Though, it could be risky, especially if the bag is heavy because it could tip over the stroller.

So, before using it, check whether your stroller can withstand weight or not.

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6. Diaper Clutch

It is small but portable. Because of its size, you can only store a few items in it like wipes, a few diapers, diaper rash cream, etc.

7. Satchel Diaper Bag

Its size is small as compared to other diaper bags. If I talk about its size and shape, it is square and has various compartments. 

Unlike a backpack diaper bag, it only hangs on an elbow.

8. Hobo Diaper Bag

If you are looking for a casual bag, it is a perfect choice. Because it is a combination of a tote and messenger bag. Though, it is not stylish enough, yet will satisfy you by fulfilling its job. So, sling it over and keep your things at a place.

How Do I Choose a Diaper Bag Online?

Choose a Diaper Bag Online

1. Does Your Diaper Bag Have Solid Construction?

To make sure to use the diaper bag for a longer time, you should buy a diaper bag that has a solid construction and which can handle various wash cycles, if your bag is machine washable.

Also, make sure that the straps or handles of the same should be mended ideally and should have rivets. Also, the material of the same should be durable and of high quality.

To be noted, don’t buy the bags with magnetic closures because these will wide open if you overstuff your bag. Though, if the diaper bag has a flap cover with zipper closure is a good option as it will work as an additional protective layer.

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2. Is the Straps and Handles of the Diaper Bag Comfortable?

The level of comfort depends on which type of diaper bag you are buying. For instance, if you are buying a diaper bag with tote style, if it has long handles, it would drag on the ground, inversely, if it is short, you might not feel comfortable on your shoulder.

Further, the straps of the backpack of the diaper bags should have padded straps, for comfort. Additionally, for a messenger-style diaper bag, its single strap should be wide and comfortable.

Moreover, for more comfort, it should have adjustable straps.

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3. Is Your Diaper Bag Heavy?

As you are going to put many things in the diaper bag, its weight will increase. That’s why you should make sure that it should have less weight itself. To be precise, if you are planning to buy the bag which you place on your shoulder and back, it should be lightweight.

4. Which Material is Used to Make a Diaper Bag?

When it comes to fabric, you have plenty of choices, from natural fabric to coated as well as some are made of faux leather. 

For long-term use, a diaper bag made of Vinyl is not a good choice because it can not handle wear and tear. That’s why the exterior and interior of the diaper bag should be made of nylon or microfiber. Because these are easy to wash and clean too.

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5. Does Your Diaper Bag Have an Abundance of Storage Space?

To ensure the abundance of space, your diaper bag should have pockets or compartments inside and out. Also, it should have a different compartment for your phone, baby feeding bottle, and more. Moreover, some diaper bags come with an insulated compartment to keep your baby’s milk hot.

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6. Is Your Diaper Bag of Perfect Size?

Well, buying the diaper bag too short or too big, would only lead to discomfort. For instance, if you have a large diaper bag, you would end up storing many things in the same. Hence, to find things you have to struggle with as well as you would find it tough to take it everywhere. 

Likewise, a too-small bag might not be able to store all the things you want. 

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7. Does Your Diaper Bag Include Changing Pad?

If yes, then you can change the diaper of the baby with all the ease. Though, it is only available in a few diaper bags. Also, it might be possible that the bag would have a separate pocket to store changing solid pads.

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8. Is Your Diaper Bag Daddy-Friendly?

For that, you should not buy a diaper bag that is ultra-feminine. For instance, a bag that lunges around your husband, which looks like a makeup kit. Hence, buy one which suits you both.

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9. Does Your Diaper Bag Fits the Handlebar of Stroller?

To enable your diaper bag to fit in the handlebar perfectly, buy the diaper bag with a clip. This will be convenient.

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10. Does Your Diaper Bag Have Hard Base With Feet?

A diaper bag has a hard base with feet that allows you to change the diaper with ease when you are out with your baby alone. Because it enables your bag to stand without any assistance.

Hence, prevent spilling of things as well as keep your bag clean.

11. Is Your Diaper Bag Waterproof? 

Because you’re going to store half of your baby’s things in your diaper bag, I consider it an important option. This will keep your bag dry, either when it’s raining or snowing or if you spill something on it.

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12. Which Type of Closure Your Diaper Bag Have?

To prevent the things inside the bag, even if it is a bit overfilled, zippers are the perfect closure. On the contrary, you should not go for the diaper bag with velcro closure, as I mentioned earlier because these won’t be able to withstand overfilled bags, make noise, etc.

13. How Much Money Do You Need to Buy the Diaper Bag?

It depends on the type of bag along with other factors such as size, quality of the fabric, and more.

5 Best Diaper Bags Detailed Reviews!

1. Baby Jalebi – The Day Tripper Diaper Bag Review! 

Baby Jalebi - Diaper Changing mat

Check Price On Amazon

Of course, like everyone I believed that after being a mother everything will be boring and yes, all the style/ coolness will leave my life. But the Baby Jalebi diaper bag has made me realize that I can still hold onto this style. 

And the best thing I liked about this diaper bag is that – it allows you to imprint your name on it and if you want, why not imprint your baby’s name on it. Read a detailed review of Baby Jalebi.

Enough about its attractiveness, let’s jump to some of its features that catch my attention –


  • Spacious interior with multiple pockets.
  • To store mobile phones and other valuables, it has a secret zipper pocket.
  • I personally like the insulated bottle storage in the front pocket that will maintain the bottle temperature for a long time.
  • You will also find an extra-large padded changing mat inside the bag.
  • For easy access, it has an extra-wide opening frame.
  • Padded adjustable shoulder strap for comfort.


  • Although the price is a bit higher it is really worth it. The leather build quality, the golden zipper, etc gives you the luxury feeling when you hold it.

2. Motherly Diaper Bag – Best Diaper Bag for Travel

Motherly Baby Diaper Bag - Best Diaper Bag for Travel

Check Price On Amazon

Why should people or parents buy this?

It also falls among the list of best diaper bags for travel for mothers. Its important features are:

Weighing only 650 grams, it carries a length of 42 cm, breadth of 26 cm, and height of 14 cm. Its unique dimension for fitting bottles makes it the best brand of diaper bags. 3 bottles can be afforded but they should measure 21 cm in length and 8 cm by breadth.

I also tag it among the list of best designer baby diaper bags because its fabric and hardware both are made of anti-polyester material.

Additional features include the sturdiness of the zipper and the waterproofness of the fabric.

It’s among the best diaper backpacks for dads because its anti-theft mobile packets at the bag make it travel-friendly. The other features which make it travel-friendly are 2D rings for stroller attachment.

3. R for Rabbit Diaper Bag Caramello Delight

R for Rabbit Caramello Delight Diaper Bags

Check Price On Amazon

Firstly, R for Rabbit Diaper bag is among the best designer baby diaper bags in India. In other words, it’s quite a fashionable diaper bag and thus falls on the list of best baby diaper bags for travel for mothers.

Secondly, it can be tagged in the list of the best large diaper bags. It has a wide-open design and also a large capacity for easy organization.

Thirdly, it also falls in the list of best cheap diaper bags and leaves no features abandoned like:

  • Insulated thermal pockets
  • Mesh pockets
  • Zipper present in the bag pack for easy access to stuff
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Tissue pockets

4. VISMIINTREND Maternity Nappy Bag – Best Premium Diaper Bag

VISMIINTREND Maternity Nappy Bag - Best Premium Diaper Bag

Check Price On Amazon

Firstly it’s a new launch bag and is definitely on the list of best designer diaper bags in India. I will also put it on the list of the best cheap diaper bags. It falls in the best brand of diaper bags.

You just don’t have to worry about its durability because it is packed with premium gold-tone zippers.

This Diaper bag pack is a sure shot to last many years for this, its zipper has been tested more than 50000 times. So don’t you think this product should fall on the list of best-rated diaper bags?

There is no question about its safety and eco-friendliness. It will soon become the best-selling diaper bag because its been already certified free of toxic compounds such as Lead or Formal Dehyde.

Also besides being waterproof, it’s made up of easy-to-clean material.

Last but not least it falls among the list of best large diaper bags because of its superlarge storage space of:

  • 2 main compartments
  • 15 pockets
  • 10 piece diaper storage space
  • 5 sets of baby clothes
  • 3 insulated baby bottles
  • Milk powder, shoes, iPhone, toys, laptops, etc.

5. Kiddale Premium Stylish Bag – Best Diaper Bag in India

Kiddale Premium Stylish Bag - Best Baby Leather Diaper Bag for Mumm

Check Price On Amazon

Why people or parents should buy this?

The important features of this product which make it worth buying are PU LEATHER BACKPACK makes it the best leather diaper bag. It’s the best diaper bag for travel for mothers as it provides a perfect diaper changing station.

Presence of Insulated pockets. Stroller hooks are brown which makes them very attractive and the best-selling diaper bag.

It also falls among the list of best large diaper bags as it has a large main compartment where lies a station for diaper changing missions. This best designer diaper bag is perfect as a bag pack for dads too.

Laptops and tablets less than 17 cm are preferably carried here. The insulated pockets are fourteen in number. It’s the best-rated diaper bag.

Similarly, the best diaper bags in India are coming with thermal packs for keeping milk bottles. Are you aware of it?

Once more I will say this is the best brand in the range of diaper bags because firstly it keeps your milk warm. Secondly, it has abundant space for kid’s toys, nappies, milk powder, baby bottles, toothpaste, powder, lotion, etc.

This best leather diaper bag comes with three pockets such as:

  • A Mesh Pocket for keeping loose items.
  • The front packet can be used for keeping soiled items.
  • The best brand of diaper bags also comes with separate back pockets and wipe pockets.
  • Easy to access side tissue pocket. However, the presence of zippers makes it a bit inconvenient to pull out tissues and this bag lacks the feature.

What is the Difference Between Diaper Bags And Regular Bags?

As the name suggests, diaper bags are specially designed to hold all the diaper changing accessories, yet regular bags can also be used as diaper bags, but it lacks major features such as isolated pockets or compartments. 

Why Do You Need a Diaper Bag? 

Do you need a diaper bag? Do you need a diaper bag?

Yes, you need a diaper bag because your regular or ordinary bag can not replace the usefulness of the same. Because the diaper bags are designed to keep all the essential baby care products available as needed, they could include toys, diapers, wipes, feeding bottles, medicine, diaper rash cream, and more.

Along with this, it also has room for your keys, wallet, and more.

Yet, if you are looking for the answers, what can I use instead of a diaper bag? Or Can you use any bag as a diaper bag?

Then, you certainly can use a backpack, tote, etc. Still, most parents prefer diaper bags because they are designed for a particular purpose.

How Long You Should Use the Diaper Bags?

The diaper bag is used right from your baby’s birth to the preschooler phase. Further, if your diaper bag is stylish, you can also wear it for more years. 

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At What Age Do You Stop Using a Diaper Bag?

As I mentioned, diaper bags can be used for a long time, hence, there is no fixed time when you should stop using them.

Are Backpack Diaper Bags Better?

Yes, it is better because, with style and comfort, it is also free of your hands. Moreover, it is available in various designs, it does not put all the pressure on a shoulder but distributes the pressure. 

Above all, keep your hands free, to allow you to hold your baby and take care of your baby ideally.

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What Should Go in a Toddler Diaper Bag?

What are the items to keep in a diaper bag? What goes in a 6-month-old diaper bag?

You can put diapers, wipes, changing clothes, disposable bags, bib and washcloth, pacifiers, light jacket, and more. 

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What Are the Benefits of Having a Diaper Bag?

  • Allow you to keep your diaper essentials organized
  • The diaper bag has more comfortable straps as well as wider straps
  • Comes with outer pockets to allow you to reach the things easily like wipes, feeding bottle, etc
  • Keep the baby’s items safe and secure
  • Comes with an easy to clean lining, simply wipe it off
  • It ensures versatility for the same because it can be used for various purpose due to its style 
  • Allow you to be hand-free, especially backpack diaper bags. Hence, you can take care of the baby with all the attention 

FAQs on Baby Diaper Bags

  1. Which types of diaper bags are best?

    Speaking of my personal experience, the best diaper bags should be convenient both for the mother and the dad. The mother can't take care of the baby always so the diaper bag should also be easily carried and handled by the father.

  2. Which Diaper is best for babies in India?

    Preferably I used Huggies for my baby. She used to be quite comfortable in those cotton bags and there are fewer chances of diaper rashes. You can also go for Pampers since they are quite economical and used by most of the Indian Population. Both Huggies and Pampers come inadequate sizes to fits all types of babies and are also quite accustomed to being fit in Diaper bags.

  3. Are backpack diaper bags better?

    Of course, they are the best. Some of them come at cheap prices and have the entire lot possibility of carrying a baby’s wardrobe. They also maintain hygiene and ensure the food which your baby needs is warm. The soiled diapers or clothes can be easily kept away from the dry ones.

  4. What is the best diaper bag to buy?

    If you ask me which type of baby diaper bag I like the most, I will prefer VOROLY DIAPER BAG BACKPACK. Despite its economical price, it's very durable and flexible. It has a large storage capacity and its fiber is completely waterproof plus polyester free. It's quite well designed and in fact, my husband finds it comfortable to travel with.


To sum up, these diaper bags are really handy when you have a lot of stuff to carry in along with your baby like mobile, laptops cables, diapers, etc.

Therefore, it is the best choice to buy the best diaper bags. But before taking your baby outside, why not let him take the sleep in peace.

You can also try one of the best baby room humidifiers to keep the baby’s room temperature normal and save him from cough, cold, etc.

Summarising the best brands of diaper bags, I will now specify which type/brand of diaper bag is apt for you.

Kidde Premium Baby Diaper Bag – Consider this if you are a leather freak because it’s made of PU Leather Material.

Motherly Diaper Bag, Mother’s maternity bags for travel unicorn blue – Consider this if you want your husband also to roam around freely with the baby with this diaper backpack. R for Rabbit Caramello Delight Bag – A cheap baby diaper bag.

Do you want stylish diaper bags in India?

Vismiintrend Diaper Backpack Nappy Bag Sky Blue – If you want to try something new because it’s a new kind of bag pack. It’s cheap also, well designed and yes highly durable of course. It’s good for gifting purposes indeed because its look is not ordinary.

Motherly Stylish Babies Diaper Bags for Mothers – It’s a should buy if you are too much travel freak because it’s the best option for carrying all your valuable needs like a laptop, phones, etc.

Prettykrafts Polyester Preppy Diaper Bag – A very stylish look, a perfect handbag for mothers, and very suitable for gifting purposes.

Voroly Diaper Bag Backpack Waterproof Large Capacity If you are a travel freak but want to make the least out of money, go for this, besides its cheap price, a large storage capacity is available. It can be used by both mom and dad. Also, for big space and ergonomic design, consider Mee Mee’s diaper bag.

If you still have any doubt in choosing the best diaper bags in India, or do you think we missed out on something?

Please let us know in the comments below. Till then, you can also follow our Facebook page for regular updates on Baby Products. Happy Shopping!

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