5 Best Feeding Bottles for Babies in India Reviews!

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

It is time to use the bottle to feed your infant. Well, as we all know, feeding a baby with a bottle requires a lot of care. As the nipple of the bottle easily caught microorganisms that are harmful to the baby.

Due to the reuse of dirty bottles, there is always the fear of catching an infection, diarrhea, malnourishment, and more. Therefore, to clean your baby’s bottles and utensils you can use baby sterilizers.

Further, to feed your infant you can even use baby formula milk and baby food feeders that help you in feeding the baby without taking so much time.

5 Best Feeding Bottles For Babies in India

PreviewBaby Feeding BottleRating
Philips Avent Natural Baby Feeding 2.0 Bottle1. Philips Avent Natural Feeding Bottle
– Best Budget (My Favorite)
Comotomo Baby Bottle2. Comotomo Baby Feeding Bottle
– Best Rated
Medela Breastmilk Bottles3. Medela Breastmilk Bottles
– Best 3 pcs
Dr. Brown's Original Bottle4. Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle4.3/5
MAM Anti-Colic Bottle Boy5. MAM Anti-Colic Bottle Boy4.4/5

1. Philips Avent 2.0 Natural Baby Feeding Bottle

– Best Budget

Philips Avent Natural 2.0 Bottle

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It is the best feeding bottle for babies in India as the nipple of the bottle depicts the natural breast nipple shape of the mother. It is the mixture of natural breast and technology that comfort the infant.

Further, the nipple of the bottle is soft and comfortable that enables your infant to drink milk without collapsing the nipples.

Moreover, you and your infant can effortlessly hold it with its ergonomic design. To add, if you are worried that a bottle releases air in your baby’s stomach then do not worry.

As it is made with the anti-colic valve technology that releases air in the bottle. Isn’t it the best feeding bottle for babies in India?

Philips Avent Natural 2.0 Bottle vs ordinary bottle
Philips Avent Natural 2.0 Bottle vs Ordinary bottle

Additionally, it is completely safe to use because it is BPA free and is made up of polypropylene i.e., convenient to wash and sterilize.

Finally, it is perfect for the baby of 3 months.

Important Note: Philips Avent Bottle comes with various teats. After every 3 months usage, you have to replace the teat to maintain the proper hygiene. You might also get confused where it is written 1m+, 3m+, etc. Basically if you are choosing 1m+, that doesn’t mean that it will last for 2-3 year. You have to replace it so that you get proper milk flow and proper hygiene.

How to choose philips avent bottle nipple or teat
Choose the right Philips Teat!


  • Made up of polypropylene and is BPA free
  • Made with the anti-colic valve technology that releases air in the made
  • Ergonomic design helps parents and infant in holding the bottle
  • Natural breast nipple shaped
  • The nipple is soft and comfortable


  • Expensive
  • Flow-through nipple could be improved

It might be expensive and the flow of the milk through the nipple is slow. However, on the bright side, the slow flow does not choke the baby.

2. Comotomo Baby Bottle for Milk Feeding

– Best Rated

Comotomo Baby feeding Bottle

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If you are looking for something that feels exactly like a natural breast, in that case, it is the best milk bottle for a baby in India. It is designed in a way that exactly depicts natural breastfeeding.

Further, it is soft and your infant does not face any problem in squeezing or sucking the milk. While to make your feeding process easy you can use a breastfeeding pillow, that helps you in feeding your baby without pain.

For your convenience, it is created in a way that it enables you to clean it without facing any difficulty for this it has a wide neck. Its wide neck enables you to clean it without much effort.

Moreover, the flow of milk is perfect for the infant of 3 months to 6 months. To add, you can sterilize it, it can be washed in a dishwasher and is microwave safe too. Therefore, it is the best milk bottle for baby in India.


  • The nipple is made up of silicone
  • Easy to clean it due to its wide neck
  • Dishwasher safe, microwave safe and can be sterilized too
  • Anti-colic does not let the air enter into the stomach
  • Comfortable and easy to suck milk
  • Emulate the breastfeeding


  • Price is bit high at the time of writing this article. But the quality is amazing
  • Volume indicator could be of some different color so that there is no difficulty in measurement.
  • Take a long time to cool down due to heat resistance.

So far it does not have any shortcomings and its benefits are amazing that not only ensure your convenience but are perfect for your infant too.

3. Medela Breastmilk Baby Feeding Bottles

– Best 3 pcs

Medela Breastmilk Bottles

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If you remain outside and hardly have time to feed your infant, then this feeding bottle is perfect for you. As it allows you to store milk for a long time, along with this it is designed to conserve the benefits of breast milk.

Obviously, you want something that does not take much of your time and maintenance. Why not these bottles? These bottles can be washed in a dishwasher and even it is microwave safe.

Moreover, it is compatible with medela breast pumps and is perfect for your baby.


  • Compatible with Medela breast pumps
  • Does not require high maintenance
  • Can be wash in a dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Designed to conserve the benefits of the milk
  • Enable mothers to store milk for a long time


  • Have to buy teats separately

While it does not contain any nipple and teats but it is safe and secure for your infant.

4. Dr. Brown’s Original Feeding Bottle For Baby

Dr. Brown's Original Bottle

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It creates positive pressure that enables the flow of milk along with this it is made up of BPA free plastic.

Second, due to its perfect pressure, it prevents your infant from colic and gas. To add, it also eradicates the problems such as burping, vacuum, and more.

Therefore, it is one of the best feeding bottles for a newborn in India

Further, it is easy to clean, as you can wash it in a dishwasher, and it is microwave safe and can be sterilized and dried. Isn’t it best for your infant?

It ensures complete safety of your baby, you can make most of it due to its amazing features.

What could be better for your infant than the best feeding bottle for a newborn in India which is safe and secure?


  • Can be wash in a dishwasher along with this in a microwave, sterilize
  • Eradicates the problems such as burping, vacuum
  • BPA Free plastic, in short completely safe for the baby
  • Prevents colic and gas


  • Might leak
  • Slightly difficult to use or maintain

If not used suitably and even tight it with more pressure it might leak. So do not over tighten it and also do not put boiled milk in the bottle.

Baby care products help you in taking care of the baby with complete security and stability just like feeding bottles.

5. MAM Anti-Colic Baby Bottle Boy

MAM Anti-Colic Bottle Boy

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It is easy to assemble it and here it is ready to go. You do not have to wait for hours to use it, just pour the milk and drink it.

While for your convenience you can wash it in a dishwasher. To add, it is microwave safe and prevents the infant from taking air into the stomach. As intake of air into the stomach results in gas pain, burping, and more.

Additionally, it helps the baby in consuming the milk easily without any difficulty. Because it is easy for your baby to switch between breast and bottle feeding.

What could be better than the feeding bottle that is easy to clean with a sterilizer, dishwasher, and more? You should also check the difference between glass vs plastic bottles.


  • Flexible for babies to adapt from breast to bottle
  • Too soft
  • Easily controls the flow of milk


  • Only 1 color option available at the time of writing this article.
  • Price could be lower for these features.

What are the Different Types of Baby Bottle?

Different Types of Baby Bottle

Are tired of breastfeeding your baby because you have been doing it since your baby’s birth.

But you know what? 

Choosing the right bottle to feed your baby is not less than roaming around the unknown street because you don’t know where to go. 

Because the catch is that some bottles give breastfeeding experience, however, others are ideal to feed your baby with formula milk. Hence, which baby bottle to choose?

I know, it seems pretty hectic. 

Imagine, you are feeding your baby with the bottle for the first time and your baby is not ready to take it. You have made efforts by hook or crook, yet nothing is working and all you can hear is a crying baby who is not ready to take the bottle. 

I can bet, this would make you cry too. So, you being out of all the options, left with nothing but to breastfeed the baby, that means your plan to use the bottle to feed the baby is not on the table.

Though, it’s time to stop all the hassle and buy the right bottle for your baby. Here, I’m mentioning the types of bottles you have, 

1. Standard Bottle

These are traditionally designed bottles that are simple and straightforward. Above all, these bottles usually work for most of the babies out there. 

These are available in plastic, glass, and stainless steel. 

2. Wide-neck Bottle

Are you looking for something that will easily allow your baby to use a bottle without notice that there is the bottle, not the breast? 

At a point in time, you have to make the change and introduce your baby to the bottles to feed. However, it is going to be tough. 

To rescue you, wide-neck bottles are perfect as these provide the breastfeeding experience because of their wide nipple. 

To add, its wide neck is one of the reasons that makes it easy to clean and sterilize.

3. Angle-neck Bottle

Angle-neck Bottle

Sometimes while feeding the baby from the bottle, some air filled in the air, hence, your baby gasps the same that could result in a gassy baby or choking. 

Trust me, it is dangerous! 

Yet, you don’t have to worry now, because the angle neck bottle prevents the same and makes feeding the baby effortless as well as ensures less gassy baby or perfect colic. Plus, it keeps the nipple filled with milk.

Though, unlike the wide-neck bottle, it is difficult to clean.

Moreover, you have to keep this bottle in an upright position. Along with this, it lessens the possibility of your baby getting an ear infection.

4. Vented Bottle

Like angle-neck bottles, vented bottles also prevent the formation of the air pockets in the bottle or nipple with the help of its built-in tube. This will ensure less gassy babies. To add, it also does not allow leakage.

However, because of the presence of vent and other parts, you might find it tough to clean.

Further, you would have problems finding these in the market.

5. Disposable Bottle

As the name suggests, you have to throw the bottle after using it as well as these are already sterilized.  So, if you are planning a long journey, it is perfect for you.

To add, it is effortless to use like the teething bottles, and saves your time. Despite its benefits, it imposes a threat to the environment.

6. Disposable Liner Bottle 

These are the hard shells which are generally made of plastic that can contain the pouch of milk. As your baby drinks the milk it collapses. It is effortless to clean as well as these are convenient. Though, these are not eco-friendly.

After feeding the baby you can throw the liner and your baby bottle is ready to use for the next feeding. Moreover, it is perfect for traveling because it doesn’t need much space and above all, it does not take more time to clean.

7. Self-Sterilizing Bottle

As the name implies, these bottles sterilize themselves. All you have to do is to fill the lower portion of the bottle with water and other parts should be placed on the top. 

At last, heat the bottle as instructed or at the specified temperature and it is ready to go to sterilize itself.

It is good for traveling, and it is safe. Yet, with these good features, you have to pay handsome money.

8. Anti-Colic Bottle

Does your baby cry because of gas and pain in his abdomen? 

I’m sure you must be looking for something that can help your baby in this situation, right? 

So, why not get the feeding bottle that will save your baby from this harsh situation. 

These bottles have vents and tubes that prevent the formation of gas. However, you would face problems in cleaning or sterilizing the same, plus these are expensive.

What are the Varied Types of Nipples?

Varied Types of Nipples

Like the type of baby bottle, the nipple of the same also holds importance because these come in various types and shapes. Generally, nipples come with baby bottles, however, you can buy them separately too. 

1. Traditional Nipple

It is present in almost every nipple, it is bell-shaped and is made of latex.

2. Anti-vacuum Nipple

These nipples prevent the air from entering the bottle, which will prevent colic and gas in babies.

3. Orthodontic Nipple

The orthodontic nipple has a bulbous top as well as a flatter base. This conserves your baby from the palate. 

4. Disposable Nipple

If you are looking for a nipple that you can clean effortlessly, then this is the best nipple for you. To be noted, you have to throw it after using it.

5. Flat-topped Nipple

If you are looking for the perfect replacement for your breast then this should be your choice. This nipple is like a big bulb and has a flat base.

6. Multi-flow Nipple

As the name implies, these nipples come with a varied flow, for instance, stage 1 and stage 2. To control the same, you just have to adjust the position of the nipple.

Which Material is Used to Make the Nipple?

Yes, the baby nipple is made of different types of material, i.e., latex and silicone. 

Imagine, your baby is using the nipple that needs frequent replacement as those are not durable. This won’t even take time to get the nipple to feed the baby but you also have to spend money on the same. 

Hence, we always look for durable products, right? 

Let’s out of these two materials, which is perfect?

1. Silicone 

A silicone nipple is a food-grade nipple that is firm and durable. Hence, have a longer life.  Above all, these give a silky feel to your baby when he will put the same in his mouth.

Being durable does not mean that you can use it for years, you still have to change it every few months. Moreover, it is also helpful if your baby has allergies. 

2. Latex

Latex is soft and pliable, yet it is not durable and needs replacement every now and then. Additionally, it can be the cause of allergies to some babies.

What are the Different Stages and Sizes of the Nipple?

Sizes of the Nipple

Some baby nipples come in various stages, which simply means you can control the flow of milk with the help of the size of the hole.

To understand this flow better, you need to check the stage and level that is present in front of the rim. However, you can not choose any of the stages because the faster flow can choke the newborn, right?

So, you have to know which stage or level is ideal for your baby. 

  • Stage I Nipples

This is ideal for newborns because these have a slow flow. This nipple expresses less milk in the baby’s mouth.

  • Stage II Nipples

You can use these nipples after a few months from the baby’s birth. These nipples’ flow is usually more or quicker flow. 

  • Stage III Nipples

If your baby is pulling the stage II nipples then you can use the stage III nipples. 

What Different Materials Are Used to Make Bottles?

1. Plastic

When it comes to baby bottles, plastic bottles are standards that are inexpensive and lightweight.  If you are thinking that using plastic could be harmful to the baby, then don’t worry. Because FDA approved plastics are ideal as these are free from BPA.

However, when it comes to its life, then it is not as durable as glass and stainless steel bottles. 

Moreover, you need to be careful while cleaning the same as well as it needs replacement every few months.

2. Silicone 

Silicone is flexible for baby bottles as well as for nipples. Always go for Food Grade Silicone as these are smooth, silky, and safe.

However, it could be extravagant. 

3. Glass 

Advanced glass bottles are heat and shock-proof, unlike old glass bottles. Plus, it comes with silicone sleeves for additional protection. The best part is that you don’t have to replace it unless this is broken or chipped.

4. Stainless Steel

Like stainless steel bottles, these allow you to maintain the temperature of the milk accordingly. Stainless steel bottles have sleek, sturdy as well as are insulated.

Additionally,  it does not really need replacement.

What are the Factors to Consider While Buying the Baby Feeding Bottles? 

Factors to Consider While Buying the Baby Feeding Bottles

1. What is the Age of Your Baby?

The age of the baby plays a crucial part in choosing the best bottle because you will find bottles of various sizes, shapes, and brands. 

To be noted, for a newborn the bottle of 150 ml would be fine until he reaches the age of 3 months. So, to know which baby bottle is ideal for your baby, check the stages or level of size of the nipple. 

2. Which Material is Used to Make the Bottle?

As we have discussed further, the baby bottle is made of various materials such as stainless steel, glass, silicone, and plastic. 

If you are looking for something durable than stainless and glass bottles are ideal. Though, these would be expensive. Additionally, the stainless steel bottles maintain the temperature of the milk. 

Further, silicone is expensive but less expensive than glass and stainless steel bottles as well as have a longer life. 

Well, when it comes to plastic bottles, it is less expensive but you need to change. 

3. Which Material is Used to Make the Nipple of the Bottle? 

I would advise you to go for a silicone nipple because it is durable, safe because it does not allergies, etc, unlike latex nipples.

4. Have You Checked the Shape of the Nipple?

As I mentioned above, you will also have to consider the shape of the nipple. So, choose the nipple accordingly as some nipples imitate the breast. While others are perfect to prevent the formation of air bubbles in the bottles. 

Mostly, you will find the nipple of standard or cherry shape.

For more clear information, check the same thing under various types of nipples. 

5. What is the Right Capacity and Bottle Size You Should Get?

Though I don’t have to tell you this, still, your newborn does not need a feeding bottle of large size, likewise, your infant won’t be able to get his stomach full with a small bottle. 

Hence, the size and capacity of the bottle hold importance. 

Well, if I talk about the size of the bottle, then you need to choose the size which your baby can hold easily. You can refer to this chart for age and feeding bottle capacity.

6. How Easy is it to Clean the Baby Bottle?

Though, you can easily sterilize the baby bottle in the bottle sterilizer. However, sometimes you have to clean the baby bottle or nipple manually. 

So, now the question comes, can you clean all the bottles or nipples easily? 

The answer is no!

Then, what about cleaning? 

Don’t worry, you don’t have to use the dirty bottle or nipple to feed the baby. You simply have to choose the right bottle or nipple. Also, look whether your baby bottle is washed in the dishwasher or not.

Hence, while getting a bottle, ensure that it has a wide neck and board nipple, like a disposable nipple. 

7. Can You Effortlessly Maintain Your Baby Bottle?

After using the bottle to keep it safe for your baby, you have to check whether you can maintain it effortlessly or you have to pay thousands of rupees to do the same.

For instance, either you go for latex or silicone nipple, you have to sterilize, both after every use. Likewise, applies to the baby bottle, unless it is prescribed not to do that, in case of the self-sterilizing bottle as it sterilizes itself. 

8. Is Your Baby Bottle Leak-proof?

Imagine, you went out for a while and your baby is drinking milk. However, you saw milk all over the baby’s crib because your baby bottle is leaking. 

Now, what would be your instant reaction?

I guess it would be, ahh! What have I done? What I haven’t checked?  

But, it’s time to prevent the mess by ensuring that the bottle you are using to feed your baby is leak-proof.

Additionally, a leak-proof bottle is important, especially if you are going out or traveling.

9. What is the Flow of the Nipple? 

The flow of the nipple is important to consider because if the flow of the nipple is high and your baby is young. Then it could result in choking. 

As your younger baby would prefer slow flow.  For slow flow, you need to check the size of the nipple.

10. Why Should You Choose the Lightweight Bottle?

Choose the Lightweight Bottle

Some mothers have to sit with them every time they have to feed the baby. Because they can not hold the bottle. Hence, mothers end up leaving all their work and starting their hands to feed the baby.

However, it is not just, staring at your body and hands but it is more than that because it can affect the baby’s development. 

So, to allow your baby to hold the bottle, you need a lightweight bottle. 

11. Does Your Baby Bottle Nipple Contribute to Baby’s Development?

Generally, all the baby bottles contribute to the baby’s development as you learn to hold the bottle as well as he learns to put it out of the mouth when he is full. 

Later, some bottles with orthodontic nipples are specially made for the baby’s who are starting to develop teeth. These soothe the baby’s teeth

12. Does Your Baby Bottle Have a Bottle Cap or Cover?

A day, your baby might be drinking milk, while drinking milk, he happens to sleep. And what you notice, that his feeding bottle is lying on the floor or in the crib

No doubt, your baby’s crib or floor is clean, yet there is a slight possibility that some dust has been stuck to the nipple that could be bad for the baby’s health. 

If not this, it might be possible that there is still some milk present in the bottle and left it on the table. And there, your baby’s nipple has attracted all the dust it could. 

Let’s rescue from this, by simply buying the bottle with a cap or cover. Also, don’t forget to cover the bottle after sterilizing and drying it.

13. Does Your Baby Bottle Have a Detachable Base?

A bottle with the base allows you to mix the formula milk instantly plus, the formula does not stick to the same, like in the case of others. To be noted, some bottles have a vented bottom while others have a detachable base. 

The benefit of having the vented bottom is that it will prevent the quantity of air your baby swallows. However, a bottle with a detachable base is effortless to clean as well as dry easily.

However, to avoid leakage, make sure to attach the same ideals with a tight screw.

14. Does Your Baby Bottle Have a Bottle Collar?

It is an adapter for the bottle’s nipple and makes sure that it is compatible with the nipple of the baby. Generally, you will get one with the bottle for a better fit. Moreover, make sure its screws are ideally fit to prevent leakage.

15. Does Your Bottle Come With A Sealing Disc?

The sealing disc’s job is to restrict the flow of milk, by placing it on the bottle collar. So, if you are going out with your baby, make sure to use these.

16. Does Your Baby Bottle Have a Solid Lid?

Like a sealing disc, a solid lid also provides you a leak-proof bottle. For this, all you have to do is to remove the nipple and place the solid lid.

17. Is Your Nipple Compatible With A Bottle?

For your information, you can not use any nipple for any bottle, you have to check the compatibility of both. For instance, a bottle with a wide base is compatible with nipples that imitate the mother breasts.

17. How Much Money Do You Need to Buy the Feeding Bottle?

Though some bottles are expensive like stainless steel or glass bottles, on other hand, traditional bottles are inexpensive. But, it does not offer good features. So, consider your needs and buy the type of bottle which falls into the right category.

Do You Need a Bottle?

Yes, you need a baby bottle because these allow you to feed your baby either formula milk or breast milk in a go, even when you are not around.

Above, baby feeding bottles are handy when you are going out as you don’t have to think whether someone is looking at you or not like you feel when breastfeeding the baby

When Do You Need Bottles?

You can use the feeding bottle once you will establish a healthy milk flow. However, that would happen to take up to 4 weeks after your baby’s birth.

Is a Feeding Bottle Good for Babies?

Is a Feeding Bottle Good for Babies?

Use of a feeding bottle does not seem to be good because it increases the chances of your baby taking air, could be the cause of diarrhea, and results in a malnourished and underweight baby. 

Even the Infant Milk Substitutes, Feeding Bottles, and Infant Foods (Regulation of Production, Supply, and Distribution) Act, 1992 amended as the IMS Act, 2003 averted the promotion of feeding bottles. 

Why are Bottles Bad for Babies?

Some of the above-mentioned reasons are enough to prove that the baby bottle is bad for babies, some others are that some mothers use more water than prescribed to store the formula milk for days. This again affects the health of the baby.

In addition to that, I wouldn’t say all, but some parents fail to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene either home or outside that is important to keep the baby bottle clean.

What Age Should You Stop Bottles?

It has been recommended not to use the baby bottle as your baby reaches the age of 1 year, though it could last for 18 months, but not more than that. 

However, you should not do it all at once, start by offering a cup to your baby at a time when you used to offer the bottle, it could be morning or evening. With time, your baby will start depending on the cups, instead of the bottle.

Why are Bottles Bad After 1?

The foremost reason it is advised not to feed your baby with the bottle is that it results in dependability. Further, it allows the baby to drink more milk than needed, as a result, your baby can develop tooth decay or cavities. 

How Many Bottles Should a 10-month-old Drink?

If you are exclusively bottle feeding your baby, then you would need 6-12 bottles. Because these many bottles allow you to feed the baby whenever they demand while another bottle is sterilizing. 

Though, 2-3 bottles would be perfect too, like why spend hundreds of money when 2 bottles can do the same thing, right?

How to Introduce Your Baby With a Bottle?

Introduce Your Baby With a Bottle

Babies love their mother, and when you try to replace the mother touch with some bottle, you are gonna face hell a lot of retaliation. 

However, you should know that it is important. So, when your baby is finishing up his 1 year, you need to let your tot away from the feeding bottle. Because you might get attached to the bottle. That can be the solid reason for cavities.

1. Time to Use the Feeding Bottle

Introduce your baby to the bottle, when you achieve a healthy milk volume and breastfeeding schedule. As I mentioned earlier, it could be possible after 4 weeks of the baby’s birth.

2. Your Priority Should Breast Milk Not Formula Milk

You must be aware of the well-known fact, how breastfeeding milk is essential for a baby’s health, right? 

For this, you can use a manual breast pump or electric breast pump. Additionally, to lessen the volume production of milk, reduce the time of expressing the milk. 

3. Find out the Preferred Nipple of the Baby

You must think that feeding the baby with a bottle after breastfeeding would be next to impossible, vise versa. However, that’s not true. 

Because don’t get confused when it comes to the method of feeding. Yet, due to the typical feeding method, either through breast or bottle, they do develop the preference concerning the nipple preference.

4. Always Use Nipple With Wide-Base     

A nipple with a wide base imitates the breast. So, if you are switching to the bottle from the breast, then you need to choose one that is similar to your nipple, that is the wide base with a small nipple height.   

5. You Don’t Have to Buy Various Bottles and Nipple At a Time

If you are exclusively breastfeeding your baby, then your baby would definitely be picky when it comes to using the bottle.

So, before going for the various number of bottles, get one, this will make sure whether your baby is feeding ideally or not. This could take some time because some babies are going to use a few bottles before choosing one.

6. Choose a Bottle With Slow Flow

The bottle with a slow flow is important not only because it imitates breastfeeding but also because it prevents choking. This applies to babies who are breastfeeding exclusively. 

Because babies who use the bottle, babies are used to quick flow, and for them, it would be frustrating to get back to breastfeeding.

Thus, when using the regular bottle, let your baby suck it 5-10 times, then remove it. This will help your baby to swallow the milk and take a proper breath. Follow the same pattern again.

This will allow your baby to slow down the feeding without taking much of the time but 5 minutes, which is similar to breastfeeding.

7. Be Patience 

Babies who exclusively breastfeed, don’t accept the feeding bottle easily. Thus, you have to make efforts and wait patiently.

8. Don’t Bottle Feed Your Baby All at Once

Don’t just feed your baby with the bottle all at once, but as I said, you need to be patient. You can start by bottle-feeding your baby 2-4 times a day. 

What are the Benefits of the Bottle-Feeding the Baby?

Benefits of the Bottle-Feeding the Baby

Imagine, you are in the restaurant and your baby wakes up from deep sleep because he is hungry. So, now would be the time when you have to find a spot or restroom where you can sit and feed your baby. 

Now, while you are feeding your baby right in the corner, a man stands up, and that gives you chills because it can invade your privacy. 

But no more!

As bottle-feeding, the baby comes with a number of benefits. One such benefit is that you can feed your baby anywhere without affecting your privacy.

Some other benefits of the same are, 

  • Allow anyone in your family to feed the baby when you are not around, hence, improve the baby’s bond with others too
  • Keeps you informed about the quantity of milk your baby is having
  • A mother does not have to make changes in her diet, that she usually has to do when breastfeeding
  • Allow you to follow the feeding pattern of the baby
  • Enable you to feed the baby whenever and where he demands
  • No need to stop using the bottle feeding when a mother gets sick
  • You can change the baby’s diet by having proper knowledge of what your baby is having. For instance, you can choose the formula milk with extra healthy ingredients 
  • Allow the mother to enjoy me-time that is not possible in case of breastfeeding
  • Walk in the sunshine because you can enjoy your social life
  • You, babies, learn to grasp and hold bottle that not only make sure baby’s development but also allow baby to learn self-feeding

FAQs On Baby Feeding Bottles

  1. Which is the best baby feeding bottle in India?

    Philips Avent 330ml Natural Feeding Bottle is the best feeding bottle for babies in India as the nipple of the bottle is the same as a natural breast nipple shaped. It is the mixture of natural breast and technology that comfort the infant. To add, it is made with the anti-colic valve technology that releases air in the bottle. Additionally, it is completely safe to use because it is BPA-free and is made up of polypropylene i.e., convenient to wash and sterilize.

  2. How do I choose a feeding bottle?

    You should choose a bottle for your infant that is easy to hold and is easy to clean. No matter what you have to take care of the hygiene of your infant for this you should sterilize it and wash it regularly.

  3. Which is better Dr Brown or Avent?

    Philips Avent 330ml Natural Feeding Bottle is better than Dr Brown’s Original Bottle as the nipple of the Avent is the same as a natural breast nipple shaped. It is the mixture of natural breast and technology that comfort the infant. Along with this, it is made with the anti-colic valve technology that releases air in the bottle.

  4. How many bottles should I buy for my baby?

    It is approved by the Baby Center that you should keep 4 to 12 bottles to feed your baby. Although, it especially depends on bottle feeding and breastfeeding.


After an age, you have to shift your infant’s diet from milk to solid food. Along with this, you can use food makers/blenders that help you to make food for your baby easily and quickly.

As you have to do lots of work from taking care of every member of your family to taking care of your professional life if you work. Baby feeding bottles are best to feed your baby.

You can even store your breastmilk in some feeding bottles with the help of manual breast pumps, which enable you to store the milk.

Although, you have to be careful while using bottles and should check the temperature of the milk before giving it to your baby. As high-temperature milk can hurt your infant.

To add, nearly all baby feeding bottles are anti-colic that prevents the infant from taking air into their stomach, prevent gas pain, burping problems, choking, etc.

Most importantly, you should not forget to clean your baby’s bottle after every use. Along with this, you should also have to focus on the personal cleanliness of your baby.

For this, you can use baby shampoos, soaps and to clean the clothes you can use laundry detergents.

Which feeding bottle do you like the most and why? Do let us know in the comments below.

If you are still uncertain, feel unrestricted to comment, we will solve your query instantly.

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