5 Best High Chair for Babies in India!

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Ubaid Khan, MBBS

Parenting is a difficult job yet the most beautiful feeling in the world. Agree?

However, your baby always needs something new to pass his/her time from your long boring hug. Is that right?

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So, today in this post, I have listed the 5 best high chairs for babies for your kid/infant.

These are the most portable baby high chair, foldable baby high chair, and also the most affordable seats.

Before that, I would like to tell you that a study has proved that using the highchair improves the possibility of your baby naming non-solids, they were tested in this particular context. 

So, now, who wouldn’t want to buy a highchair, I mean who would have thought that a highchair could come handier than just sitting and making your baby eat food.

5 Best High Chairs for Babies in India

PreviewBaby High ChairSafetyAgeRating
LuvLap 3 in 1 Convertible Baby High Chair with Cushion-Green1. LuvLap 3-in-1 Convertible Baby High Chair
– Top Selling
5 point safety belt6-36 months4.3/5
R for Rabbit Cherry Berry Grand 4 in 1 Convertible Feeding Table high Chair for Baby Kids2. R for Rabbit Cherry Best High Chair for Babies
– Best Budget & 4-in-1
5 point safety belt6m to 7 years4.7/5
Joie Mimzy Snacker High Chair- Alphabet3. Joie Mimzy Snacker High Chair
– Best Rated
5 point safety harnessUpto 15 kg4.7/5
R for Rabbit Marshmallow 7 Levels Smart Feeding Table High Chair for New Born Baby Kids Toddlers4. R for Rabbit Marshmallow Smart Baby High Chair
– Best Premium & Features
5 point harness6m to 5 years4.6/5
Fisher-Price 4 in 1 high chair5. Fisher-Price 4 in 1 High Chair3 point restraint6m+4.4/5

1. LuvLap 3 in 1 Convertible Chair – Best Convertible High Chair in India with Extra Safety

– Top Selling

LuvLap 3 in 1 Convertible Baby High Chair with Cushion-Green

Check Price On Amazon

Parents should buy this because it is one of the best booster high chairs for babies. This High Chair comes with a cute Cushion- a green color that babies love more than anything else.

Important features of the product:

  • The high chair is likewise convertible. It’s gets easily converted to the baby’s study desk and chair.
  • It also a tray but it’s transparent. The transparent tray cover henceforth encourages easy cleaning.
  • There is an extra grip chair stand. That’s is good for the baby’s security.
  • The plastic used in the chair is BPA free.
  • The high chair is the best because the assembly is simple. Though it takes less time to assemble it stands straight and strong.
  • Keep the high chair clean through its a washable seat cover.

Why parents should buy this?

It’s very satisfying as a product if you want to enjoy the joys of parenthood. The product is genuinely designed with enrichment of safety features. Feels like home and the baby feels it’s on your lap. Similarly, it’s good as a personal resting place and that’s needed for every offspring. This product promises your baby’s smiling face and chuckles.

Further, the product has verified multiple numbers of checks, and then only it has been put to sale. It’s got the certification of the European Standard EN 14988. There are no chances of worry for you because the product is extremely safe for the baby.

Who wants to miss out on any offer of a 3 in 1 in any product? So parents should be well informed that this high chair is not only a Baby High Chair but also a:

  • Feeding Tray
  • Study Table cum chair
  • You can trust it as one of the best high chair for babies in India because its 5 point safety harnesses provide security to the baby especially when it’s turned into a foodie!

Is there any alternative?

LuvLap products are really great and give the care of a mother when it comes to a high chair. The R for Rabbit Cherry 4-in-1 is another alternative you should try or gift it to any of your new mommy friends! It is 4-in-1 and almost costs you the same price as LuvLap.

Your friend will like it because babies are fond of pink colors. A high chair like the LuvLap 3 In 1 Convertible Baby High Chair with Cushion Green serves four functions.

It functions as:

  • High Chair
  • Low chair
  • Booster seat on the Floor functioning
  • Booster seat on Chair Functioning

It also has enhanced safety features exactly like LuvLap 3 In 1 Convertible Baby High Chair with Cushion Green. There the sturdy metal legs are removable. The dining tray is also attachable or detachable.

Is the LuvLap 3 In 1 Convertible Baby High Chair with Cushion Green worth the money?

This question comes into every parent’s mind before buying any baby product. It’s never wrong. Sure it’s worth the money.

Firstly the table looks great when placed in your hall room. Guests won’t mind if you place this toy thing in the middle of the hall.

Secondly, it can endure a good amount of weight. Thirdly it never slips hence it’s safe for your baby.

Doctors recommend these types of products for notorious toddlers. Induces a good habit in the lit to sit and eat.

The product not only cares for your money but also moral values.

Further, the most important thing is when your lit grows old you can use this as a chair cum table or a study table.


  • A sturdy friend for your lit
  • Can be used as table chair separately
  • Nice color, very appealing to babies.
  • Easy to move from one place to another
  • Strong and durable. So physical damage cannot be caused easily


  • The locks need improvement
  • Has a small seat and the size needs to be worked upon

Mothers’ overages have suffered a lot while trying to feed their lit. Lits always have the habit of running around the house while being spoon-fed.

The pleasant color of the chair and its comfy design makes the baby attracted to it.

He can now learn the art of discipline of seating and eating. Since its size is small and short, it can handle babies until it grows 1 year 5 months old max.

It is also a great product for grandparents for they can share their love of feeding the baby with the comfort of their sofa.

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2. R for Rabbit Cherry Berry Study Table & Chair (4 in 1) – Best High Chair for Babies

– Best Budget & 4-in-1 High Chair

R for Rabbit Cherry Berry Grand 4 in 1 Convertible Feeding Table for Baby Kids

Check Price On Amazon

What are those highlights?

Cherry Brand provides the Best High Chairs for Babies. It has the European Standard certification of EN 14988. The high chair has a long life span of about 6 months to 7 years. It can handle weights up to 20 kgs. It’s 4 in 1 Convertible High Chair.

The booster high chair proves itself to be one of the best high chairs because of its non-slip quality. So the chair remains stable regardless of the situation.

The Cherry Berry Grand High Chair is packed with the most optimal backrest design. Hence the child faces no discomfort in learning good habits.

The best high chairs for babies have the arc design model which is present at an acute angle. This structure prevents any kind of scratches on the baby’s skin.

Its convertibility to a study table cum chair makes it a booster high chair.

Similarly, the 5 point safety harnesses promote good moments of dining to the baby.

Also, the dining tray is removable. All these features make it the best high chair for babies.

Why you should buy this?

Parents should definitely try this product for their baby because firstly it’s going to come in a very good packaged state. Though the point might not seem worthy to you but packaging is the first impression!

You get to self assemble the product and the task becomes really easy because of the excellent written user manual.

A good product for grandparents too if you and your husband are working.

The product will be really appealing to your child and he is going to sit comfortably there.


  • It is easy to assemble as provided by the user manual
  • It comes in a decent price range
  • The seat belts are excellent


  • The back reclination feature needs to be worked upon

Is this the best high chair for babies in India?

The product turns out to be really good when used according to the perfect instructions of the user manual.

Until and unless the safety belt is not left open any damage will be caused to the baby.

The product comes in 88 cms of height which can be assembled and disassembled easily. The plastic tray is BPA-free.

The most important factor is it can carry up to 20 kgs of weight. And extra safety features make it the best high chair for babies and worth the price.

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3. Joie Mimzy Snacker High Chair – Best Premium High Chair For Babies

– Best Rated

Joie Mimzy Snacker

Check Price On Amazon

What are the important features of this baby high chair?

It has a 5 point harness. That’s basically to avoid any kind of injury. Babies are real notorious creatures and they might be at risk of falling out or sliding down from the chair.

That’s why it’s so important to secure them with a harness.

While buying the product make an account of the space between the child’s chest and the shoulder harness.

The width in between should measure one hand. Remember never to cross the belts. This might be dangerous for the baby’s neck.

A storage basket has also been attached to the supplement. The tray is also very convenient and it’s packed with cupholders.

They are adjustable to 3 depths.

Hence children of all shapes and sizes have the advantage of getting the bliss of this product.

Why should you buy this?

Parents should buy this because the equipment has been given a harness. That avoids any kind of serious injury or falling or sliding out of the baby. The tray is also one-fold accessible. It can perform reclination up to 3 tilt options. The sizes available in the pack are H29.5, W50.2, D91cm.

Is the Joie Mimzy Snacker High Chair-Alphabet worth the cost?

The product is worth the cost because of its safe branded features. There is unique tray storage. That’s located on the back legs. It’s also very easily washable.

The design is made in the form of a streamline. It’s a kind of folding chair and hence storing it becomes easy.

Further, the baby’s high chair also has a cushioned base making it comfortable for the babies to relax. It can hold weights of 14 kgs to 18 kgs.


  • Seats are very cozy and can be adjusted to the delight of the 3 recreation processes
  • Has an additional storage basket which is in fact washable
  • The chair can be folded and hence a meritorious way of storage


  • Not to keep heavy packages over the tray or else it might fall over

4. R for Rabbit Marshmallow 7 Levels – Best Smart Baby High Chair

– Best Premium & Features

R for Rabbit Marshmallow 7 Levels Smart Feeding Table

Check Price On Amazon

Its height is adjustable up to 7 levels keeping in mind the growth stages of the baby. This baby high chair has its authentication verified in the form of EN14988. This booster baby high chair is further equipped with the 3 stages adjustable seat reclination and also the 3 stages footrest inclination.

What are the important features?

  • Most importantly its food tray is removable. Hence provides an easy way of washing away dirt.
  • The high chair has a long life span of about 5 years. It can handle weights up to 20 kgs.
  • The booster high chair proves itself to be one of the best high chairs because of its non-slip quality. Thus the chair remains stable no matter what the condition is.
  • The Marshmallow High Chair is packed with the most optimal backrest design.
    Hence the child faces no discomfort in learning good habits.

Further, the best high chairs for babies have the arc design model which is present at an acute angle. This structure prevents any kind of scratches on the baby’s skin. Its convertibility to a Study Table cum Chair makes it a booster High Chair. And, the 5 point Safety harnesses promote good moments of dining to the baby.

Why should parents buy this?

Parents should not ignore Marshmallow’s product. The baby product dealer firstly is EN14988 Safety Certified. You must know that EN14988 is one of the most stringent certifications defined by European Standards for baby high chairs.

Marshmallow has undergone repeated checks for its mechanical strength and other safety features.

This one-of-a-kind baby high chair has an easy folding application and can be stored easily in a small space. The Baby High chair, in fact, has a double meal tray. The meal tray is highly removable for up to 3 positions. A dishwasher supplement is provided which makes it generously easy to wash the tray. Hence I would say R for Rabbit makes one of the best high chairs for babies in India.

Is this baby high chair worth the cost?

The chair is worth the cost because it provides the best safety standards. All its four wheels come with a special lock feature.

Similarly, Hygiene is also well determined. Thus the seat cover can be easily removed for washing purposes.

The straps are also removable and even they can be recommended for some baths.

Furthermore, the cushion has been made machine washable. It’s a great advantage for working moms! The baby high chair has a warranty of 6 months.

The dimensions of the seat measure 30cm in length and 23 cm in breadth. The seat height which can be adjusted in 7 different positions goes to a height of 108cm.

Last but not least the fabric material is rexine and hence is easily removable. The high chair weighs 5 kg in all making it lightweight and easy to move.


  • Four wheels with their respective stoppers
  • This ensures the stability of the product
  • Washable tray, washable straps, and washable cushions encourage the hygiene and we’ll be of the baby


  • Costly product
  • Eating board spring needs to be worked upon
  • Food plate locks need to be worked upon

5. Fisher-Price 4 in 1 High Chair – Best Portable High Chair for Babies

Fisher-Price 4 in 1 - Portable Chair

Check Price On Amazon

The booster high chair for babies separates first into a feeding chair and then becomes a stool. The feeding tray then needs to be removed. After the chair legs are folded you can assume the figure is a toddler booster seat.

What are the important features?

Similarly, this booster high chair, in fact, has the most compact size. The machine is encoded in a seat and you need not worry about it because it’s washable! The tray is always safe once you wash it with a dishwasher.

Once the baby has become a toddler and has its behavior of a semi matured adult, remove the tray.

Now the figure is a toolset that can be used as a learning table and the kid’s own world of imagination embedded with discipline.

The Booster Seat also sticks itself to most chairs and now the lit can join you at a dinner date!

Why should parents buy this?

Parents should buy this e fisher product because it offers the following 4 in 1 feature:

  • A high chair for infants
  • Feeding tray which is safe to be used with dishwasher
  • Seat pad which is machine washable and inherits the no-stain formula.

Once the toddler gets old it’s better to use the chair without the tray. Redefine the parts with the help of the user manual and create a great space for the kids to learn and play.

Kids can even enjoy more with kids’ bicycles and scooters. The other safety features include foldable 3 point restraint. Hence the material is non-toxic and height can be easily adjusted.

Is the Fisher-Price 4 in 1 high chair worth the price?

The booster baby high chair is worth the price because of the following features:

  • The booster chair can be both folded and carried.
  • It can support 20 kgs of weight.
  • The height of the high chair goes up to 3.5 ft.
  • Even if your baby moves a lot this sturdy chair would not collapse.
  • The food tray is also BPA free.
  • It can be used until 2.5 years of age and supports up to 3.5 kg


  • The tray is hard to remove. Though it might cause you some problem the baby won’t slip off easily
  • The feet of the table are broad. Fewer chances of the chair collapsing


  • High price
  • The seat is small and needs improvement.
  • The back is a bit stiff, might cause discomfort.

What are the Types of High Chairs for Babies?

  1. Traditional High Chair
  2. Grow with Me High Chair
  3. Multipurpose or Modular High Chair

14 Factors to Consider Before Buying the Baby High Chair

  1. Check your budget
  2. Always buy the certified product
  3. Check the Safety Features like 5 point harness
  4. The Design andΒ Style Matters. It should have features such as an adjustable tray that too, dishwasher safe.
  5. Effortless to Clean
  6. How much your Baby is Comfortable in There? Buy a chair with a perfectly padded seat, hand rest, and footrest.
  7. Check the Construction and Stability
  8. It should have high portability (or lightweight enough) so easy to carry
  9. It should have a removable tray, so easy to wash
  10. Height and Seat Adjustment is essential for Growing Baby
  11. It should be easy to store
  12. High Chair Should Support Baby’s Leg
  13. Always check the age and weight capacity of the high chair
  14. It should be effortless to assemble

What are the Benefits of Using the High Chair for Babies?

The baby high chair does not only hold on to your baby while feeding him. But it also has an abundance of benefits, some of these are,

  • If your baby sits unassisted, he is ready to use the high chair as it will help in improving the self-eating skills, which is essential as other skills
  • Make feeding effortless, as its tray contains the cup holder, cups to serve food, etc
  • One of the major benefits of having a baby high chair is that it ensures the safety and security of the baby during mealtime
  • Enable baby to learn to grab the mouthful, swallow the food, etc
  • When the baby eats, they create a mess, hence, a baby high chair enables you to focus on a small area like a food tray to clean. Additionally, if your chair has a removable dishwasher safe tray, you can directly clean it. If not, you can simply, use some newspaper to restrict the mess  
  • Ensure the early exposure to the varied food, as eating with the family enable the baby to analyze what others are eating and it might encourage the baby to eat other food too
  • Allow the baby to enjoy family time, especially when you are having a family dinner
  • If you are buying a high chair with adjustable seat and height, you can use it for a longer time for things like reading, studying, watching TV, etc
  • Makes managing of baby and work effortlessly 

How to Use a High Chair for Babies?

  • Keep the baby high chair close when the baby is sitting on it
  • If your high chair is made of plastic ensure to buy a high chair with BPA free plastic
  • Ensure to lock the wheel of the high chair to avoid accidents 
  • Make your baby wear the straps or harness to avoid falling
  • Avoid letting babysit on the high chair all the time. But use it during meals 
  • Before using the high chair, daily check out the edges of the chair, as sharp edge could harm the baby
  • Ensure to use the high chair on an even surface, to avoid tripping

What are the Precautions to be Taken While Using the High Chair?

  • Prevent your baby from climbing or standing over the high chair
  • Never leave your baby unattended, while he/she is on a high chair, as your baby little trick could harm himself/herself
  • Always use a harness or straps to restrain the baby
  • Ensure to keep the high chair clean, to prevent the baby from catching infections, virus, etc
  • Prevent placing a high chair near the kitchen countertop, or table, as while playing they can pick things that could harm them. If not this, then you could also hurt them by pushing the high chair unintentionally

FAQs on High Chair for Babies

  1. What is the best baby high chair?

    LuvLap 3 in 1 Convertible Baby High Chair with Cushion Green is the best baby high chair. It has amazing features like an easy convertible to the baby's study desk and chair, transparent tray, extra grip chair stand, and the plastic is BPA Free.

  2. Is a high chair good for the baby?

    As a modern-age mommy, you must be searching for the best booster chair for your baby. Certainly, you have taken a very good decision. A booster baby high chair gives your lit the safest place for a food hunt in its texturized format. Not only as a mommy but as a daddy to this chair will suit your baby's requirements!

  3. When can babies go in a high chair?

    When coming to Indian Lunches and dinner, the thing becomes tiresome in chasing the lit all around the house with a spoonful of vegetable puree! However, you only have the right to use this when your baby is 6 months old. He must be able to sit comfortably and then only you have the option to add this as your kitchen supplement!


Hence high chairs for babies should be considered as an important part of the furniture.

They are in fact good disciplinary arts for feeding older babies and younger toddlers. You can also consider the booster seats as well.

You should also be aware of the risk while using a baby high chair.

The seat is especially an advantage to grandparents because it’s raised at a fair distance from the ground.

Parents who are of far taller heights can spoon-feed their child comfortably and most certainly, from a standing position.

If you still have any doubts about choosing the best high chair for babies in India, do comment below. We will resolve it at the earliest.

Kiran Verma
Kiran Verma

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