7 Best Humidifiers for Baby in India Reviews!

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

Are you looking for the best humidifiers for babies in India? Of course YES, that’s why you are here.

Indoor air has been unservable and un catering to the needs of the baby. It is therefore against the basic tenants of the baby’s skin.

These little creatures have been perpetuated to so much pain and suffering. Meanwhile, you can also jump to the best baby humidifier buying guide before making your final decision.

7 Best Humidifiers for Baby in India Reviews!

PreviewBest Baby HumidifierRating
Allin Exporters Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier1. Allin Exporters Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier
– Best Budget
SmartDevil Small Humidifiers, 500ml Desk Humidifiers, Whisper-Quiet Operation, Night Light Function, Two Spray Modes,Auto Shut-Off for Bedroom, Babies Room, Office, Home2. SmartDevil Small Humidifiers4.2/5
Levoit Cool and Warm Mist Humidifier3. Levoit Cool and Warm Mist Humidifier
– Best Rated & Premium
Honeywell Cool Mist Humidifier for baby4. Honeywell Cool Mist Humidifier for Babies4.4/5
Home Spa Luxury Cool Mist Dolphin Humidifier for Adults and Baby Bedroom5. Home Spa Luxury Cool Mist Humidifier
– Best Seller
PerfectAire Perfect Aire Tabletop Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier6. PerfectAire Perfect Aire Tabletop Cool Mist4.4/5
SHOPPOSTREET Magic Diamond Cool Mist Humidifiers Essential Oil Diffuser7. ShoppoStreet Magic Diamond Baby Humidifiers3.9/5

1. Allin Exporters Cool Mist Ultrasonic – Best Baby Humidifier in India

– Best Budget

Allin Exporters Cool Mist - Best Ultrasonic Humidifiers for Baby in India

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Parents should buy this because the baby remains unaffected with its Automatic Shut Off and Mist-Level Controller. On the contrary, you don’t need to use it with essential oils.

The ultrasonic humidifier is perfect as it operates under the whisper-quiet operation. It also imbibes a cool mist, which you can use for your betterment, as it’s been certified safe for the welfare of society.

As we all know “Knowledge is Power”. The power has been used judiciously and hence the machine has advanced technologies. It is therefore found with the classic floating mist flow adjustment knows.

It also greatly influences the life of parents. At times, so powerful is the impact, because you breathe easy and thus get a more powerful sleep.

What is it’s important features?

Despite its frail drop shape, it lends itself to wage a war in the room. The fight serves for the independence of the cool mist humidifier. It gives a unique approach to balancing humidity levels in interiors.

The Allin Exporters Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier concedes a 2.4-liter water tank. The humidifier, though being mute and dumb, keeps the air around moisturized for long hours.

The dry air of the home and offices is endearing to the people and society. People remember this 3 in 1 device, not by its looks but by its deeds.

Thus its design is not only more important but its ultrasonic technology is an essential prerequisite for our skin to lead a normal happy life. Allergies, dry skin, and cold are injurious to our health.

The humidification feature fills your space with a relaxed feel and encourages the water to become a fine mist. It aids against dry skin, cold, and allergies. Baby will enjoy a life refreshing breeze with the passive emitter.

Do we have this right to harm others, and ourselves by our irresponsible behaviour?

Not. Therefore, the air also properties this attitude. Bad air should be banned altogether in all public and private places. Hence the air purification trait in humidifiers is a gift of modern times.

Breathing in purified air is fashionable nowadays. Statistical studies have been done and it’s found that it settles down harmful dust particles plus air-born bacteria. Their findings are indeed shocking for the clean breathing air for us and our loved ones.

On the other hand, the negatively charged ions produced by this humidifier attach to the bacteria. Higher levels of unwanted particles are coated with a fine mist to prove nonfatal to the organisms.

Enough of endangering your bills for your costly electric appliances! Well, the Ultrasonic Humidifier by Allin Exporters operates on lesser energy than a standard bulb. It is this realization that you can make it work for long hours without any high electricity charges.

Is it worth the cost?

There is no ban on improving air quality. The immediate fall out of the cool mist ultrasonic humidifier can make a drastic fall. Drastic fall in the tendencies of dry or chapped skin, stuffy air, flu germs in the dry conditions. It’s reported reduced to about a nil percentage because the air is humidified.

There is, therefore, no reason for breathing difficulty or cough, or sinus congestions. Hence, this is the best humidifier for baby congestion in India.

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The consequences of colds, allergies, and flu are indeed very grave and the Allin Exporters Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier takes care of that. The public opinion should be built that it’s made of the germproof water tank. If required it is covered with an antimicrobial coating.

There is not to make a reply to the growth of mold and mildew. There’s not to reason why it will not make cool mists. Once again, we can’ wait to say this is the best baby humidifier for babies in India.

Knowingly or unknowingly, if you purchase this humidifier, its extra-large 2.4L tank capacity adheres to about 12 hours of working time even in the highest mist mode.


  • It’s very effective for sinus treatments.
  • Allergic bronchitis patients can have the finest moments with this humidifier.
  • Humidifier upholds pastel color dim lights, making it a great source of sleep for dim light survivors.
  • Most significantly, the price is budget-friendly.


  • Obstacles come when you refill the design, water spills are an obstacle to the progress.
  • Guidelines state that it’s not suitable for using essential oils. It’s never that simple as Aroma diffusers.

2. SmartDevil Small Humidifiers – Auto Shut-Off for Bedroom, Babies Room, Office, Home

SmartDevil Small Humidifiers, 500ml Desk Humidifiers, Whisper-Quiet Operation, Night Light Function, Two Spray Modes,Auto Shut-Off for Bedroom, Babies Room, Office, Home

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The next one with a very unique design is from the SmartDevil. First of all, I liked the design and the size. You can place it on your office desk, baby’s room, etc.

However, the tank is really small and you need to fill it in 3-5 hours. Earlier baby humidifier from Allin Exporters is offering a tank capacity of 2.4 L.

It also has automatic power failure and water shortage protection. It also has two spray modes, continuous spray & intermittent spray.


  • The design is compact and looks very trendy
  • Easily plugged in USB
  • It comes with whisper quiet operation


  • Less water tank capacity
  • No warranty is provided

3. Levoit Cool and Warm Mist Baby Humidifier

– Best Rated & Premium

Levoit Humidifier - Best Humidifiers for Baby in India with Cool and Warm Mist features

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Parents should buy this because your baby sleeps soundly in his cradle. It’s packed with soothing aromas that ensure a good humidity level. Get a peaceful night’s rest with a calming atmosphere.

It contains storage of 6L and lasts up to a maximum of 36 hours. That means the storage capacity is huge nearly amounting to 1.5 gals. You just need not fill the humidifier throughout the day and that’s a great advantage. Isn’t it?

The most advantageous part is it gives both cool and warm mist. Hence other than fighting dryness in summer you also fight winter dryness. It’s completely healthy for it fights bacteria also. Just like the sterilizers for cleaning bottles.

This baby humidifier adjusts the humidity level according to the desired conditions of the atmosphere. Its also equipped with a remote which helps you stay in the comfort of your bed or sofa. As it’s energy-efficient, it has long durability and you save a lot of money in the future!

What is it’s important features?

  • The product would be a tremendous use to you because it comes from the USA. Hence the product is quite noble and respectable.
  • It features both warm and cool mist and that too at different levels of high, medium and low.
  • Its 25 percent is quicker than other humidifiers for baby.
  • It also has an electronic system of reading the humidity around.
  • The remote control facility easily does for the sensitive touch control panel.
  • Its got a huge capacity of 6 liters that allows it to work 20 to 36 hours.

Is it worth the money?

It’s definitely worth the cost because you get to experience both warm and cool mist in the surroundings. Its atmosphere is so soothing that even if you get a cough or flu, this humidifier helps in curing it. It kills all the bacteria, dust, or other particles by coating them with its mist layer.

The cool mist acts as a medicine during cough because it will keep your throat and nasal passages hydrated. It’s better to switch off static electricity and use this appliance for moisturizing your skin.


  • It’s good for pets also.
  • It gives warm mist, which will be most needed in the winter dry days.
  • It has a huge storage capacity of 6L and works for a large duration of time maximum up to 36 hours, thus preventing frequent refills.


  • Demands a high budget.
  • Hygrometer in the device needs to be worked upon.

4. Honeywell HUL535B Cool Mist Humidifier – Best Cool Mist Humidifier for Baby & Family

Honeywell Cool Mist Humidifier for baby - Best Humidifier for Baby in India

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If you buy the Honeywell ultrasonic cool mist humidifier, then the choice is easy and acceptable because it provides soothing, visible cool mist. The advantages are it comes with a large tank filling where there are an easy opening and cleaning.

This has proved to be more successful than the other ones because of its auto shut-off button.

Few baby humidifiers when empty come with illuminated switches but this one breaks through. It has a lot of emotional and ornamental value for it runs up to 24 hours. Hence, if the choice is cool mist and wants the premium best humidifiers for babies in India, go for this!

What is it’s important features?

  • It is practiced proudly by most homes because of its illuminated switch feature.
  • Some of the best features passed down are it’s 24 hours fillings
  • Its maximum turn out pulls it up to crank moisture

Is it worth the cost?

Its special design makes it suitable for everyday use. You do not have to worry about how to do mundane or even very important things as there is a set of customs to do it.

It’s a scientific approach to life where the outcome is assured with just having to clean it and refilling it from the top. Buyers are emotionally and physiologically at peace because it just needs a voltage of around 110 volts.


  • Able to achieve its progress without making sound
  • Low power consumption


  • Demands a large amount.
  • The tradition can only be held in large rooms.
  • It has a bulky weight.
  • Since it’s shipped from the US, it upholds a convertor.

5. Home Spa Luxury Cool Mist Dolphin Baby Humidifier

– Best Seller

Home Spa Luxury Cool Mist Dolphin Humidifier for Adults and Baby Bedroom

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The product is loaded with a multiplicity of features. You are going to understand the utilities of the features from its quiet operation mode. Then it also controls the air moisture by rotating the on or off button.

It has a host of technologies that refreshes the quality of air. One could understand it when studying the history and geography of the product. The product comes in good dimensions of 27cm by 22 cm.

Further, I would say this is one of the best humidifiers for babies recommended by doctors. It also has pure mist and clean control options. How to use it might be a bit perplexing to you, so refer to that link.

What is it’s important features?

  • Focus learning it’s functioning which states that it works as a cool-mist operator
  • Its large capacity is something of all the best things you have seen in your life. The hypothesis is true for it holds up to 2 litres of water and functions 8 hours a day.
  • All its functions are relevant for it gives ultra-fine and smooth mist. It specializes in moisturizing dry and chapped skin in winter.
  • The humidifier is really useful because it’s really important for you to breathe better when you and your baby are sleeping with the air conditioner on.

As it is available in super quiet varieties, you must have the elementary knowledge that’s it because of its adopted ultrasonic technology. The diffuser is extremely proper for health because it’s silent when working.

It’s made quite systematically and logically because it neutralizes the dry and harmful particles in the air. This baby humidifier is engrossed in its mission of driving away from the airborne conditions arising from them.

The most interesting of the features is it purifies the air in such a way that inflammation and other allergies are considerably reduced. That’s for avoiding air dryness, especially where air conditioners are present.

The product would be of tremendous use to you because it comes from the USA. Hence the product is quite noble and respectable because it comes with a warranty of 6 months. To make it more viable to the users, the product has been extended to a thorough 1-year warranty in India.

Is it worth the cost?

The Home Spa Luxury Humidifier encompasses your office and home. You can easily pass on with the product because it requires no filters. The product has been selected to be made from ABS fiber.

The products pursue 2 liters of water and that too for 8 hours. Lakhs of humidifiers for babies come every year in the market but it’s from American Technology by Nureca Inc New York USA. Hence one of the best baby humidifiers in India.


  • Good built quality, so it never deters its job.
  • It forces it’s technology to humidity small rooms very fast. The AC falls in love with it because it battles at a similar pace with it!


  • Difficult to clean from inside. Sooner or later if you don’t use filtered water, you might face problems.
  • For refilling purpose, it should be turn upside down. It has a chance of damage because the grip is not that strong on its perfectly round shape.
  • Ban in the use of aroma oils.

6. PerfectAire Perfect Aire Tabletop – Best Air Humidifier for Baby

PerfectAire Perfect Aire Tabletop- Best Humidifiers for Baby in India with Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier feature

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Parents should go for this design because it’s available in both on-light and off-light systems. It also has an easy refill design which is prompted by its waterless indicator and auto-shutoff button. Its 1.3-gallon tank runs for 12 to 36 hours straight.

The mist quality output ranges from 10.8-ounce output per hour to 2.2-gallon output per day. Hence, it is best in terms of light design and certainly the best humidifier for babies for less space.

What are it’s important features?

  • It’s built with the Anti-microbial tank plus active built-in carbon fiber.
  • Talking about the adjustable output levels, it goes up to the 360-degree adjustable direction.
  • It’s very much suitable for medium to large rooms.
  • Never uses obscene amounts of electricity.

Furthermore, it has hard water magnesium and calcium carbonate build-up. It also results from using tap water. However, it’s not a hassle because it’s removable by the mild acid solution.

Is it worth the cost?

It’s worth the cost because it gives you the best of peaceful nights. It also does not give any damp spot nor does it even ruin a notebook that is placed next to it.


  • Its cool mist is well suited for curing a cold and cough.
  • Kills all bacteria and harmful pathogens present in the atmosphere.


  • It does not have an easy top refill design.

7. SHOPOSTREET Magic Diamond Cool Mist Humidifiers for Baby Room

SHOPPOSTREET Magic Diamond Cool Mist Humidifiers Essential Oil Diffuser - oil based Best Humidifiers for Baby in India

Check Price On Amazon

Diamond shape air fresheners are not a common sight and SHOPPOSTREET Magic Diamond Cool Mist Humidifier is one of them. It is the most compact yet the best humidifier for a baby in India. Don’t believe us? Here are the important features:

It has a periphery inner diamond light. One of its uses is it serves in home decoration and it also provides an excellent night light. It makes use of a USB Interfaces Power Supply. It partakes indoor and car usage.

Nano-spray technology is there in the market because the dry electric radiation from emitting static electricity is reduced. Hence it’s purely a safe healthcare product. The device has tremendous uses in offices, cars, hotel rooms, and AC rooms.

These devices savor the good thing in offices such as purifying air completely as well as killing bacteria. Such daily usages can be seen in Cars also. It’s very close to purifying dirty air in the car. Also on the same day, it removes dust. A perfect and the best humidifier for a baby, right?

The hotel rooms from dawn to dusk can go for these cleaning solutions. As you enter the hotel room, there is a home improvement solution. There is a range of facilities starting from prevention to makeshift of household diseases.

AC rooms crowded with air conditioning four degrees packed with this device provide the best quality sleep. Hence, this is the best air humidifier for babies in India.

Important features:

  • The material selected in the carving of the machine includes ABS+PP.
  • The electronic components haggle over the following
  • Selection of working voltage: DC5V
  • The other crowded electronic components jostle over
  • Current: 400mAh
  • Power: 2W
  • Water tank capacity: 150ML
  • Spray volume : 35ML/H
  • On the other side, the timing amounts to first gear 3.5 hours and second gear- 5 hours.
  • The Package involves a merry go round of Humidifier, Cable, and Filter. All are available in single amounts.

Is it worth the money?

Users enjoy the Anion function where Air negative ions do away with Atmospheric pollutants. The atmospheric pollutants appreciate nitrogen oxides, cigarettes, active oxygen, oxygen-free radicals. It is one of the best cheap humidifiers for babies in India. So, if your budget is tight. You can go for this.

It thoroughly reduces the oxygen species which harm the human body. There is much merrymaking in the air for it is cleared after the neutralization of the positive air. The market is given the semblance of timing functions.

Further operations include intelligent anti-dry, 4 hours automatic power. It is the safest and most reliable part as the time function is reassuring.

The favorite part of the users is it makes very low noise. Hence these Ultrasonic technologies provide a very healthy interaction between work and sleep. Experience the beauty of this humidifier with its anti-fish market technology.


  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • It can be used without water.
  • Pure Source India Aroma Diffuser Oil goes best with the product.


  • No charging function present and is fully dependent on plugging.
  • It is not recommended for nasal blockage.

What are the different types of baby humidifier?

Warm mist humidifiers special needs
  1. Warm Mist Humidifiers for Baby
  2. Central Humidifier
  3. Cold Mist Humidifier
  4. Ultrasonic Humidifiers

How to buy the best humidifiers for baby in India?

Auto-shutoff in baby humidifier
  • Does it has Auto-shutoff feature?
    This feature is valuable because you have to destiny the reservoir with every 2 to 3 days refillings. Hence as auto shut off it provides facilities if checking the water levels and keeps it from burning out.
  • Check humidistat
    It maintains the healthy moisture level in your room
  • It should have water tank indicator to know when to refill the reservoir
  • It should have a filter indicator
  • How much area it can cover?
  • Water Tank Size
  • It should be easy is it to clean with a snap of your fingers
  • Check energy consumption 
  • Which Material is Used to Make the Humidifier?
    Always go for a humidifier with ABS plastic as it is chemical and abrasion-free
  • How much can you Spend?
    Though, you need a handsome sum of money, to buy a humidifier with good features. That doesn’t mean, budget-friendly humidifiers aren’t good enough. 
  • Does the Size of Humidifier Matter? 
    So, for a small or medium-sized room, buy a humidifier that is portable, compact, works for a long time, etc. However for multiple rooms, buy a humidifier that has high humidification power, and a humidifier that can cover a large area. 
  • Does your Humidifier have Light or does it work quietly or make hell a lot of Noise? 
  • Does the Design of Humidifier Matter?
    Yes it does, because the design of your humidifier ensures whether you can use it at various places or not. For instance, SHOPPOSTREET Essential Oil Diffuser Water Cube Baby Humidifier, due to its design is perfect to use in places like bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, SPA rooms, foot halls, fitness rooms, and more. Hence, buy a humidifier with a design that you can use at various places. 
  • Check out the Directional Flow of Humidifier?
    Some humidifiers will provide you the option to point the mist of the humidifier in a particular direction. However, some won’t.
  • Check the warranty
  • Does your Humidifier work with Essential Oils?
    Though, using the oil is not recommended with most of the models, as it could clog the mister of the humidifier. Yet, if you are looking for a humidifier that can work with essential oils, then you should go for SHOPOSTREET Magic Diamond Cool Mist Humidifier. As they recommending to use a diffuser oil.

Does your baby need a humidifier? 

Does your Humidifier have Light

As for a baby, it is not possible to clear his nose, especially when they have a cough, stuffy nose, due to a cold, in that situation you need a humidifier. 

All you have to do it to place the humidifier close to the baby crib, or wherever the baby is sleeping, this will create moisture and allow the baby to breathe with ease

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), you should use cold mist humidifiers. Because the steam or hot mist humidifier could burn the baby, in case it is placed too close. 

Also, you can use the humidifier, if your baby is born in winter or cold weather.  

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How often should you clean the humidifier?

How Often Should You Clean the Humidifier?

Cleaning the humidifier holds very much important as if it is not cleaned on time, it would serve as the breeding ground for bacteria and mold. This will further affect you and your baby if you will inhale it through the air.

Also, you have to prevent the air from being too humid because this could result in the condensation of bacteria on the walls and floor of your home. And this could get worse, especially, if you have breathing problems. 

So, how often you should clean the humidifier depends on the model. Still, some humidifiers need to be cleaned every three days. While according to WebMD, you should clean the humidifier every week.

 For accurate information, you gotta check out the instructions. 

How should you clean the humidifier?

  • To clean the humidifier, you first need to unplug the humidifier for your safety
  • Further, clean the tank regularly by emptying, rinsing, and drying it
  • To clean the mineral build-up, you can clean it with vinegar and other solutions, if suggested by the manufacturers. This should be done, every week
  • Ensure to rinse the tank various times, if you are using the bleach and other chemicals
  • Change the filters and cartridges regularly and change them as per instructions 

What are the benefits of baby humidifier?

  • Protect baby from the dry air, especially in the winter 
  • In case, your baby has a cold, cough, blocked nose, and congestion, it could thin the mucus layer that expelled it easily 
  • Protect the baby from the dry and irritated skin, hence, provide natural moisture to the baby’s skin by curing skin-related issues like eczema 
  • Ensure instant healing by moistening the nasal passage and sinuses
  • Provide relief from the dry throat by lessening the severity of cough
  • Helps in lessening the noise like dogs, playing kids, television, as well as humming voice of the humidifier, could allow baby to sleep peacefully
  • The humming voice of the humidifier could be reminiscent of the whooshing sounds that your baby could hear in the womb
  • It helps if you or your baby have dry skin, eye irritation, cracked lips, etc
  • Humidity could also lessen the chances of your family catching airborne viruses like flu, cold, etc
  • Lessen the snoring

What are the precautions to be taken while using the humidifier?

  • The humidifier should be cleaned as prescribed by the manufacturer. However, at least clean it every week
  • Allow the humidifier to dry between uses to prevent it from growing mold, and bacteria
  • If you have a warm mist humidifier, keep it away from the baby’s crib or baby’s reach as it could burn the baby. However, try to use the cool mist humidifier
  • Prevent over-humidifying the room by opening the door of the room
  • Use distilled water to fill the tank of the humidifier. This will ensure the perfect performance of the same
  • Keep the filter clean or replace it, as needed and instructed 
  • If you already have years old humidifier, in that case, don’t use it in your baby’s room as it might be impossible to remove the bacteria of the same

FAQs on Baby Humidifiers

What kind of humidifier is best for a baby?

Cool and warm mist humidifiers for babies equally compete with each other. They both are great for creating a soothing atmosphere. Prefer to go for cool mist for babies because it does a more effective job in killing bacteria and curing cold ailments. Warm mist humidifiers are better for adults to give you a warm soothing atmosphere during the winters.

Which is the best humidifier to buy?

Personally speaking, Parents should buy the Levoit cool and warm mist humidifier because your baby sleeps soundly in his cradle. It’s packed with soothing aromas that ensure a good humidity level. Get a peaceful night’s rest with a calming atmosphere. It contains storage of 6L and lasts up to a maximum of 36 hours. You just need not fill the humidifier throughout the day and that’s a great advantage. Isn’t it?

Which is better for baby cool mist or warm mist humidifier?

Cool mist humidifiers for babies do certainly better. The most interesting of the features is it purifies the air in such a way that inflammation and other allergies are considerably reduced. That’s for avoiding air dryness, especially where air conditioners are present.

Where should you place the humidifier? 

The thumb rule is that you should place the humidifier at a place from where it can ensure that mist can effortlessly dissipate in the air. At the same time, you have to make sure that moisture should not be accumulated on the baby’s crib, ceiling, and more. 
Else, it might result in the growth of mold, bacteria, etc. that would harm your tot. Along with this, ensure to keep it out of baby/kid’s reach as well as don’t place it on an elevated surface. As these could hurt the baby or kid, if they try to reach it.

Which humidifier should you choose for your baby?

Typically, you have to choose between cold mist and warm mist humidifier. So, for your baby or kid, you should always choose a cold mist humidifier, as recommended by the AAP. As if the warm mist humidifier is placed too close to the baby, it could burn the baby/kid. 
As we all are well aware, the job of a humidifier is to add moisture to the air, hence, in case your baby has a cough and congestion because of cold, cool-mist humidifiers are best at curing it. 
Though, there is still space for more research. Based on some research, it has been concluded that warm mist humidifiers are not good for cold symptoms. 


To sum up, the above list of the best humidifiers for babies has a variety of choices based on your personal touch. Further, pretexting medical research, the indoor air is either really humid or pretty dry, too hot or cold. This is for us predominantly all through the winter season, people were trying to keep their house warm.

Similarly, the life of a baby is also as precious and invaluable as the life of a man. Such a wide range of problems such as maddening sinuses, cramped noses, and then chapped lips are tampering with their basic right to live!

Further, I want you to spend the amount on some good quality humidifiers like the Allin and Honeywell as these are the best-rated humidifiers for babies in India. Lastly, if the baby continues to advocate these problems, might take a really serious shape on the grounds of no preventive measures for the larger benefit of the moisture levels.

Can such an unstable moisture level justify keeping the baby’s skin stable?

I would suggest you invest in a good humidifier that is good for the baby and your family as well. Till then follow our Facebook page to get regular updates on the baby products.

If you have any doubt about choosing the best humidifiers for babies in India, do let us know in the comments section below.

Take care, momo!

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