7 Best Baby Jumpers in India Reviews!

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Are you looking for the best baby jumpers? Well, you have arrived at the right place. Our team has picked up the best 7 baby jumpers that will fit your needs in all ways.

Similarly, baby jumpers are categorized by considering comfortability, portability, durability, safety, and, most importantly, the price.

Moreover, we have also categorized the baby jumpers according to their best reviews and ratings.

7 Best Baby Jumper in India Reviews!

PreviewBaby JumperRating*
EvenFlo Exersaucer - Best Safest Baby Jumper for Baby's Skill Development1. EvenFlo Exersaucer Jumper
– Best Overall
Jolly Jumper - Best Baby Jumper With Stand2. Jolly Door Baby Jumper
– With Stand
Baby Einstein Neptune's Ocean Discovery Jumper - Best-Rated baby jumper3. Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery
– Best Premium
Evenflo Exersaucer Door Jumper - Best Budget Baby Jumper4. Evenflo Exersaucer Door Jumper
– Best Budget
Disney Baby Finding Nemo - Best Portable Baby Jumper5. Disney Baby Finding Nemo
– Best Selling
7 Best Baby Jumpers in India Reviews! 16. Bright Starts Bounce ‘N Spring Door Jumper 4.2/5
Baby Bucket Jumperoo - Best Foldable Baby Jumper with Music & Light7. Baby Bucket Jumperoo 3.9/5

*User ratings might defer based on the overall average customer feedback.

Meanwhile, you can also check the strollers/prams for your babies. These are comfortable and easy to take your baby outside, garden, or feel comfortable in the fresh air.

However, we always suggest you invest in good quality baby products for the price, and a baby’s safety should be the utmost priority.

So, here, we have come up with a list of the best brand in the baby jumper. But before that, check these types of baby jumpers followed by the buying guide.

What are Different Types of Baby Jumpers?

1. Stationary Jumper

The stationary jumper is more like a doorway jumper; however, it has a frame to work on the ground. Hence, it can move as versatile as it can use in space and outside.

While if you look at the safety factor, it is safer because its bungee cord isn’t long, and it won’t swing your baby so far.


  • If compared to the activity center, it is effortless to store
  • Easy to use in more spaces
  • Safe, if compared to doorway jumper

It might be safer and easier to store than the doorway and activity center, respectively, but it might have some stability issues and is expensive.

2. Doorways Baby Jumper

Doorway baby jumpers form a picture in your head of a seat attached to the door frame. I know it seems scary, but it has a harness and belt for your baby’s safety. Hence, your baby can jump up and down in the doorway.


  • It fits in your budget
  • For the baby’s safety, it has a harness or belt
  • It does not need much space

Even though it consists of a harness or belt, it imposes potential safety problems. Along with this, it does not contain accessories for your baby’s entertainment. That is, it is a single-use product.

3. Exersaucers (Activity Center)

Exersaucers is the name of the brand, made by Evenflo. So, this activity center does not allow the baby to bounce, but it has other accessories for your baby’s entertainment, such as rattles, pushbuttons, toys, and more. 

That makes it perfect for the baby’s development. 


  • Perfect for baby development and growth
  • Keep the baby occupied

How to Buy a Baby Jumper Online? (10 Factors!)

1. Does Your Jumper Have a Height Adjustment Feature?

The height adjustment feature enables you to adjust the height as this will allow you to position the baby’s feet perfectly on the floor. 

So that baby can use his legs to bounce up and down.

2. Bungee Cords Should Be the First Thing to Check if You Are Buying Doorway Jumper

Bungee Cords for baby safety

As I mentioned earlier, doorway jumpers consist of bungee cords. But how do we ensure that the bungee cords in doorway jumpers are stable and safe? 

You don’t have to do anything. Simply buy a doorway jumper that has double bungee cords and should have a short single strap length. These will ensure stability and prevent your baby from injury.

3. Did You Check the Weight and Age Specification Before Putting Your Baby in the Jumper?

Putting the baby of 9 months in the jumper for 6 months could harm your baby, right?

Likewise, it goes for the baby’s weight. Putting the baby more weight in a jumper that only can hold less weight could hurt your baby.

Hence, before buying a jumper, always check whether it meets your baby’s age and weight specifications or not.

4. What is the Size of Your Baby Jumper?

The size of the baby jumper is essential to consider the baby’s comfort. Also, ensure that the jumper should be of the perfect size. Else too tight, and a free jumper could hurt the baby.

Hence, buy a baby jumper depending on your baby’s weight, height, and age.

Along with this, you should also look after the size of the jumper. If you have less space in your home, you should go for a doorway jumper. However, if you have plenty of space, you can buy an activity center and stationary jumpers.

5. Would Your Baby be Comfortable in the Baby Jumper?

Well, if your baby will spend plenty of time in the baby jumper, you certainly have to focus on comfort. 

More comfortable would be your baby, and he will enjoy the baby jumper more. Else, it could be nothing but a waste of money.

Hence, buy a jumper that does not pinch your baby’s legs, has a stretchable seat, and is padded and soft. 

6. Can You Effortlessly Clean the Baby Jumper Seat?

I know some of you might be thinking, why would a baby jumper need to be clean, right? 

Trust me, and it is more than needed because while playing, there is a slight possibility that your baby’s diaper will explode because the positioning and activity of the baby’s legs can stimulate bowel movement. 

To avoid such a mess, you should buy a baby jumper with a washable seat. So that you quickly get rid of situations like this. You can also buy a machine-washable chair, though ensure that you should buy a removable core.

7. Does Your Baby Jumper Have Other Accessories?

Accessories in Baby Jumper

Accessories make jumpers more fun for the baby, especially when combined with bright colors. 

Accessories like toys, rattles, pushbuttons, music, etc., keep your baby more engaged. That, too, if it is something that can contribute to the baby’s development. For more versatility, you can buy a baby jumper with detachable toys, which will enable the baby to play with toys when not using the jumper. 

However, keep one thing in mind: ensure that these accessories have a smooth surface and are made BPA-free and chemical-free.

8. Does your Baby Jumper Have Suspension to Ensure Baby’s Stability?

The suspension is the core of the baby jumper because it contains elastic straps that ensure that your baby can bounce and maintain stability.

What is the role of suspension in this?

The suspension prevents a strap from moving in a specific direction, either right or left, that can hurt the baby. However, double strap jumpers ensure stability and ensure that jumpers only move up and down.

9. Why is a Foldable Baby Jumper Important?

A foldable baby jumper ensures the portability and storage of the baby jumper. Thus, buy a jumper, which you can fold and store with a snap of your finger without hurting yourself. 

10. How Much You Can Spend on a Baby Jumper?

As I mentioned, various jumpers could cost differently depending on your budget. However, you don’t have to spend much of the amount on the same, because the jumper is of no use after 5-6 months of usage.

7 Best Baby Jumper Detailed Reviews!

So what do you have to do now? Just relax with your little munchkin and read this blog post.

Okay, I am starting with the first in our list of one of India’s best-rated foldable baby jumpers.

1. EvenFlo Exersaucer – Baby Jumper for Baby’s Skill Development

– Best Overall

EvenFlo Exersaucer - Best Safest Baby Jumper for Baby's Skill Development

Check Price On Amazon

Do you also need the best jumper that is good for the baby’s development? Yes, this is the one. It comes with 45 fun activities that help the baby achieve various effects. It develops the baby’s neck, back, and leg muscles while having fun with the toys.

However, remember that this is not a baby walker, and it is just a jumper. If you want the best baby jumper and walker combo, keep reading this post.

Or if you want only the walkers, then check this:

Moreover, the spin and jump actions also provide a baby to develop motor skills. Additionally, it offers a safe and secure environment for babies. They will have fun and develop muscles while you will do your kitchen work.

Lovely jumper, right?

One thing we don’t like about the product is the compatibility. As parents also observed this thing. So what are the pros and cons of this fantastic jumper? Let’s check it out:


  • Best safe baby jumper
  • Suitable for developing muscles – the best baby jumper for development
  • 45 fun activities that are more than anyone among the above-listed jumpers
  • The colors and features, both are attractive


  • The size is big. Not a compact product for small spaces. Do keep in mind if you don’t have enough space!

2. Jolly Jumper – Best Baby Jumper With Stand in India

Jolly Jumper - Best Baby Jumper With Stand

Check Price On Amazon

Jolly Jumper withstand is the best-rated baby jumper and a premium jumper for babies. This ultimate jumper builds babies and also balances the baby from falling.

Additionally, this jumper also comes without a stand where you can use the door as a stand. But for safety purposes, we highly recommend you to use a frame.

Moreover, if your focus is on engaging the baby and strengthening their muscle, this is the perfect product. It is portable, luxurious, and a genuine comfort product. Agree?

Thus, you can easily buy this Jolly jumper with a stand online.

Most importantly, we like the overall design of the product. It’s free to move the jumper, and your little munchkin will not face any problem. Good for legs!

Now let’s talk about some of its positive and negative points:


  • Recommended for building strength
  • Sturdy product
  • A premium and good looking baby jumper
  • Best hanging baby jumper


  • We recommend you go with the stand. Without a perspective, the quality of the handle that goes on the door is risky. The entry/or the handle might get broken.
  • Though it’s an expensive little jumper but genuinely worth every penny.

3. Baby Einstein – Best Baby Spring Jumper in India

– Best Premium

Baby Einstein Neptune's Ocean Discovery Jumper - Best-Rated baby jumper

Check Price On Amazon

Are you looking for a luxury baby jumper? With no compromise in the quality, comfort, design, and, most importantly, durability. Then this jumper from Baby Einstein should be your first choice.

Moreover, it comes with 4-height adjustments, so the height will never be a problem. There are 15 activities that the baby can perform, and this is an ideal choice for babies from 6-12 months.

Further, this is the best lightweight baby jumper, and the seat rotates 360 degrees which help the baby develop motor skills. A good point, right? We like toy stations.

A perfect one where your baby will remain engaged for hours, and you can do other stuff at home. But remember to keep an eye on them.

Now let’s see the pros and cons of this fantastic luxury baby jumper:


  • Best lightweight baby jumper
  • Although it is costly, the build quality is really to be appreciated
  • Lights, sounds, music are some of the added features in this baby jumper


  • Sometimes it is difficult to get the baby off the jumper
  • Found nothing major

4. Evenflo Exersaucer Door Jumper – Best Budget Baby Jumper

– Best Budget

Evenflo Exersaucer Door Jumper - Best Budget Baby Jumper

Check Price On Amazon

I know you must think that the products I recommended are very costly. But trust me, our team has checked various forum reviews and ratings, and honestly worth every penny.

But hey! Do you need an affordable baby jumper? Yes, of course, I know.

Here is the best doorway jumper and a cheap baby jumper from Evenflo, which we think should be the best choice.

Moreover, there is no compromise in the quality of the product, and it is also the best-rated baby door jumper and best doorway jumper for babies.

You can also call it the affordable best hanging baby jumper. The frame in the jumper covers the baby from all sides, providing extra protection. Further, it comes with adjustable straps. It is also very portable, and you can hang it anywhere in the home.

Because it is portable, you can easily take it outside to get some fresh air and use it in the parks as a swing.


  • Best compact and portable baby jumper
  • Extra comfort and safety for baby – the best jumper for small space
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Easy to install


  • We want you to have doorways where hooks can be attached. Then only purchase this kind of jumper without a stand; otherwise, it will be difficult for you to get this jumper in your home.
  • Found nothing major

5. Disney Baby Finding Nemo – Best Portable Baby Jumper

– Best Selling

Disney Baby Finding Nemo - Best Portable Baby Jumper

Check Price On Amazon

If you don’t want the headache of attaching hooks and blah blah!! We recommend you invest either in a jumper with a stand or buy a jumper where there is no need to hang anything.

Just like Disney Baby, this is the jack of all trades. How? If you want your baby to engage with toys while doing all other home kitchen work. This is the jumper you must go with.

We like the collection of toys present in it. Moreover, there are lights, melodies, music, and sound. Your little munchkin will be going to love this for sure!

Further, it rotates 360 degrees like the Baby Einstein Jumper (#3). Suitable for developing motor skills in your baby.

Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of this excellent best baby floor jumper:


  • Premium best-looking baby jumper
  • Baby jumper with tray and music
  • Baby jumper with music
  • Easy to assemble


  • The price is higher but worth of money
  • The toys could be spacier

6. Bright Starts Deluxe Door Jumper – Best Baby Door Jumper

Bright Starts Bounce 'N Spring Deluxe Door Jumper - Best hanging baby jumper

Check Price On Amazon

Well, if you feel – a Jolly Jumper jumper is more expensive, then here is the alternative for you. This is the best baby jumper for 6-12-month-old babies and the best door frame baby jumper with extra soft pillows.

Moreover, it also has a mirror for self-discovery. Your baby will be going to love this for sure.

Further, it has a collection of 4 playtime toys that will entertain the baby when they will bounce. Hence, a very short baby jumper without any hustle to assemble or carry.

Soft pillows are beneficial for extra comfort to the baby. Therefore, don’t waste your time if you are looking for a comfortable, affordable baby jumper. This is the right choice for you!

But we find one thing which we think can come as a significant issue for some parents. What is that?

Let’s check it.


  • True comfort
  • Best inexpensive baby jumper with a bouncer
  • Easy to assemble
  • Design is very creative


  • One problem we noticed was that the spring could be more bouncing. Or at least there is some setting to adjust the bounce.

7. Baby Bucket Jumperoo – Best Foldable Baby Jumper with Music & Light

Baby Bucket Jumperoo - Best Foldable Baby Jumper with Music & Light

Check Price On Amazon

The last one on our list is from the brand Baby Bucket. Why has our team put this baby jumper in the first place? Because this baby jumper is the jack of all trades, and it comes with toys, music, and light.

Most importantly, it is foldable. Means a very compact and easy-to-carry jumper.

Moreover, the Baby Bucket Jumperoo also develops baby skills in many aspects. How?

It allows your little munchkin to jump, move around, using hands to play with toys. Our team has found that it is a good baby jumper for 4,5,6-month-old babies, and it depends on the height and weight of the baby also.

Similarly, the maximum weight it supports is 11.3 kg, and max. Height is 81cm. So, buy it according to the requirements. Are there any pros and cons of this product? Yes, it has. Let’s check now!


  • Easy to fold jumper – carry it anywhere around the world
  • 10 animal toys to play with
  • The doorway is not required


  • We don’t like the assembling instructions are not given clearly.
  • Rest everything is up to the mark

What Factors to Consider Concerning Baby Safety on a Jumper?

You must wonder why I’m mentioning this point separately as it is one of the part factors to consider before buying a baby jumper. Well, that’s because baby safety while using the jumper includes various factors, and here are some of the elements. 

1. Does Baby Jumper Have Smooth Frames, and Is it Set up Securely or not?

First, I would suggest you check how the frame of the baby jumper is because the sharp edge can cut the baby’s skin. Hence, only considering the baby’s size, height, weight, and more before putting the baby in the baby jumper is not enough. 

Along with the frame, also check whether the baby jumper is set up secure or not. This applies in case of any type of baby jumper you buy. Because if it is broken, it could hurt the baby.

Hence, before putting the baby in a jumper, regularly check both the aspects mentioned above.

2. Can You Put Your Baby to Sleep in a Baby Jumper?

A big NO!!

Because the American Academy of Pediatrics firmly cast down putting the baby to sleep due to the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

3. For How Long You Should Leave Your Baby in a Baby Jumper?

Baby jumpers are fun for the baby, however, you should not enable your baby to be in the jumper all day.

You can quickly put your baby in a jumper for small sessions of not more than 15-20 minutes each day. Because using the same for a long time could delay the crawling and walking development of the baby as it keeps the baby’s hip in an awkward position. 

Don’t miss: How to Help Baby Walk Independently in Seconds?

4. Do your Baby Need You Around While They are on a Baby Jumper?

Hell, YES!!

You should always be around when your baby is in the jumper. The same applies to swings, bouncers, etc. This holds essential when your baby is active as while playing, they could knock their head.

A hand-free does not mean that your baby does not need you.

All you have to do is keep an eye on the baby just to keep him safe.

When is the Right Time to Use the Baby Jumper?

You should not put your baby in a baby jumper unless he learns control over his neck because it could harm the baby.

Parents want to introduce them to new things for their development as a baby grows, but you need to ensure that your baby is ready to use it.

Is Your Baby Safe in a Doorway Jumper?

Using a doorway jumper brings up so many fears that your baby could slam into a wall and door. Along with this, he can even fall. It could be safe to assist your baby instead of leaving him alone.

Hence, you need to be careful and always remain near your baby. You can also ensure that the doorways jumper should be set up or fixed perfectly to avoid your baby being slammed into the door or wall.

So, all you need is to be careful.

FAQs On Baby Jumpers

  1. Are baby jumpers bad for babies?

    Overuse of jumpers could lead to a destructive impact on a baby's physical development. Your baby should put effort into doing something by himself. However, you can use it but for a limited time only.

  2. At what age can babies use jumpers?

    Indeed, there is no age for jumpers. But ideally, we suggest you use jumpers once your baby crosses 4 months. We recommend avoiding using these products for newborn babies or using them only when you can monitor them all the time.

  3. What is the best jumper for babies?

    Jolly jumper with stand is one of the best jumpers for babies, and you can also try Baby Einstein. However, my advice will be to spend on a good quality product after the product is for babies, and safety matters a lot.

  4. Should baby feet touch the ground?

    Yes, as these are the jumpers, not the swings. Your baby should put the legs on the ground so that they can also apply some effort to move and jump. Ultimately, suitable for the legs' muscular development.


We have covered the baby jumpers based on requirements like the best foldable baby jumper, best portable baby jumper, a baby jumper with music and tray, best door frame baby jumper, and many other categories.

Similarly, we have also covered luxury baby jumpers like Jolly Jumper and EvenFlo Exersaucer. Its price is a little high, but it does not lack any features. Further, it has the best safety feature that I think every parent must consider.

Another thing is the portability and comfort, which are ignorable. Some baby jumpers also have a feature that includes 45+ toy activities and a baby jumper with a bouncer facility, and I would recommend you go through them.

Further, if you have any queries or doubts about choosing the best baby jumper, let us know your doubts. Our team will help you.

Also, connect with us on our Facebook page. We have every recommendation for your baby.

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