6 Best Baby Massage Oil for Fairness in India

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

Are you looking for the best baby massage oil for fairness in India?

Congrats! You are at the right place. Here our team has found a list of the best oil for baby massage for fair complexion.

Further, the list is divided into the category of the best ayurvedic, organic baby massage oil.

Meanwhile, you can also check our list of 20+ best baby products that are essential for a baby’s daily needs. Here, we have created a list of top baby massage oil on a table for you.

6 Best Baby Massage Oil for Fairness in India

PreviewBaby Massage OilRating
Life & Pursuits Almond Baby Massage Oil 1. Life & Pursuits Organic Baby Massage Oil4.3/5
Dabur Lal Tail 500ml - Best-Rated from decades2. Dabur Lal Ayurvedic Tail
– Best budget & all-time favorite
Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil -With Organic Ghee3. Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil
– Best Overall
Himalaya Baby Massage Oil - Good for Fairness4. Himalaya Baby Massage Oil4.3/5
Mom & World Baby Nourishing Oil with Almond5. Mom & World Baby Nourishing Oil4.6/5
Sebamed Baby Massage Oil - Combo Pack6. Sebamed Baby Massage Oil 4.5/5

Before sharing the reviews, I would like to answer this question that many people have or might have after reading this post.

Does Baby Massage Oil Bring Fairness? Really? 

Massaging the baby can not affect the complexion as the complexion of the baby depends on genetics. However, massaging the baby certainly can provide glowing, improved, hydrated, and moist skin.

Now moving to the top baby massage oil.

6 Best Baby Massage Oil in India

1. Life & Pursuits – Best Organic Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil

Life & Pursuits Almond Baby Massage Oil

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Are you looking for an organic baby massage oil? This is the one with 99%+ certified organic ingredients, certified by USDA. How does it help?

A perfect pack to strengthen the baby’s muscles and bones also nourish the baby’s gentle skin.

Further, this organic baby oil is completely FREE from Synthetic Fragrance, Mineral Oil, Parabens, BHT/BHA, colors, and other harmful chemicals. So use it without any worries.

Oil is very light so when you apply it to your baby, the skin will absorb it in a few minutes. Just like the facial cream for the baby. Thanks to the integration of ancient wisdom of Indian Ayurveda.

Similarly, it is enriched in Haldi, Neem, and Ashwagandha which are the traditional Indian ayurvedic remedies. Right? A perfect best ayurvedic massage oil!

2. Dabur Lal Tail – Best-Rated from decades

Dabur Lal Tail 500ml - Best-Rated from decades

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We all know the popularity of the Dabur brand. People are using it for decades. When I was a baby, my parents applied to me and now I’m using it for my baby 🙂

You know what? It is also the best-rated baby massage oil on Amazon India with almost 2000 Reviews. Wow! that’s too much. Further, the best part is: it is clinically proven 2x faster physical growth. And, with jumpers, your baby’s muscles will develop faster.

Moreover, it is made from a combination of natural herbs like Ratanjyot, Camphor, Urad, and other ingredients. It also improves the sleep pattern and blood circulation of the baby. It is also been the best baby massage oil brand in India for many decades.

1-Negative point: It is quite thick unlike the previous one from Life & Pursuits organic massage oil which is very light and absorbs quickly.

3. Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil -With Organic Ghee

 Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil -With Organic Ghee

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Do you need an ayurvedic baby massage oil with organic ghee? This one from the brand Blue Nectar is the best choice for parents who want ghee-based massage oil.

Should I buy Blue Nectar or Life & Pursuits organic massage oil?

Blue Nectar comes with organic ghee that is one added ingredient. And, also the cost is on the higher side.

Some of the ingredients are almond oil, rose flower, mulethi, sesame oil, etc. NO ADDED COLOR! Moreover, the natural aroma of the oil has a very pleasant smell. Your baby and you are going to just love it!

Similarly, it also has fast absorbent property, with a non-greasy effect. I know you should be aware of one important fact: Massage could also help in baby digestion by helping trapped wind and poo to move through his/her system.

Hence, I would say this is the best baby massage oil for fairness. Although the price is a little high but truly worth the money!

4. Himalaya Baby Massage Oil – Good for Fairness

Himalaya Baby Massage Oil - Good for Fairness

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Himalaya products are really great and it is existing since 1930. People are using their products for decades.

Well, the Himalaya massage oil helps to relax and soothe the baby. It also maintains the screen moisture. Further, the oil is infused with herbs and hence, gives the proper baby’s growth and development.

Moreover, it is best used in the prevention of dry skin and for daily massage. It is also free from minerals or any kind of animal fat, which ultimately results in allergies/infections. Hence, the best oil for baby massage for fair skin.

1 – Negative point: Customers have reported the bad packaging of the oil bottle. Most of the time it leaks! So check the products once you get them.

5. Mom & World Baby Nourishing Oil – Best Oil for Baby Massage for Fair Complexion

Mom & World Baby Nourishing Oil - Best Oil for Baby Massage for Fair Complexion

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If you are still wondering which baby massage oil to choose? Consider Mom & World Baby nourishing oil. Why?

It contains sunflower oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and other essential oils. These all minerals are a good source of antioxidants and minerals.

If you ask me which is the safest baby massage oil? I would say this only. It is natural oil. Further, it has no fragrance and artificial colors which simply means no added chemicals.

Similarly, it will also not irritate the baby’s skin. She/he will definitely enjoy the massage moment. Right?

6. Sebamed Baby Massage Oil

Sebamed Baby Massage Oil

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Last but not least from Sebamed. We thought of sharing an old trusted pack with you. We have previously reviewed many Sebamed products, and they are great. It is a highly recommended brand by many Pediatrician.

Further, it contains 95% soy oil, 5% wheat germ oil. It is also not thick like the Dabur tail and absorbs quickly within a few minutes.

Similarly, with the mild fragrance, it will soothe your mind and baby’s body too. This is also the best oil for diaper rashes.

Be sure to check how to apply and where to apply. As oils can not be used everywhere. There are some sensitive areas. So check the product thoroughly.

Is there any alternative?

Yes, you can also try Mamaearth Soothing Massage Oil 100% natural oils for babies and kids. Yeah, we thought of sharing this one also. As Mamaearth baby products are really good in quality.

Plus, there is no added fragrance, just the natural smell from the blender of ingredients.

Further, it also works as a mosquito repellant. Ya, I know I have a lot of choices for you. But don’t worry, each massage oil is checked and reviewed thoroughly.

Benefits of Baby Massage Oil

  • Good for giving proper nourishment for the baby’s delicate and soft skin.
  • Helps the baby to gain weight naturally fast.
  • Most importantly, it makes the bones and muscles stronger.
  • Some of the oils have clinically proven the fast growth of muscle up to 2 times.
  • Improves the sleep pattern and stimulates blood circulation.
  • It is also helpful in keeping the infections, diaper rashes, allergies or any kind of skin infection away from the baby.
  • For any kind of body pain, give the massage with any of the above-mentioned oil and your li’l munchkin will feel relaxed and better.
  • It also boosts the mind naturally and in a healthy way.
  • Good for stabilizing the anxious mind and relaxing the heart rate of babies/infants.

How to choose the right massage oil for my baby’s fair skin?

You should keep some of the following points before spending your bucks on massage oil for your baby. What are the points? Here we have.

  • Always, always consult the pediatrician before using any baby massage oil.
  • We suggest you go for organic/ayurvedic oil.
  • Check the ingredients and make sure there are no mineral oils added.
  • Avoid using hard fragrance massage oil as they contain more chemicals. It is better to use natural fragrance present in the oil only.
  • Use oil that is made for babies only. Don’t use adult oil on your baby.

Some Common Questions (FAQs)

  1. <strong>When can I start using the massage oil on my baby?</strong>

    You should consult the pediatrician first about when you can use start using the oil on your baby. But still, the recommended age is 4-6 weeks after birth. It is advisable to set a routine and follow the same. Also, avoid giving a massage when the baby is not well. Get into a peaceful atmosphere then start giving the massage with a gentle hand. Your baby will gonna love this!

  2. Which oil is best for newborn baby massage?

    Blue Nectar is the best oil for a newborn baby’s massage. It comes with organic ghee, almond oil, and vitamin E for healthy babies. This is also a 100% ayurvedic oil. I like the fast-absorbing capacity of this massage oil.

  3. Which is the best baby massage oil for a fair complexion in India?

    Life & Pursuits organic massage oil is the best massage oil for a fair complexion. This also nourishes and moisturizes the baby’s skin. Further, it prevents dryness also.

  4. Which oil is best for baby massage for strong bones?

    Dabur Lal Tail is one of the best baby massage oil for strong bones for decades. It is the first choice for all the grandmas. Right? It is clinically tested to give 2x faster growth and also improves the better sleeping cycle of the baby. It keeps the baby’s skin soft. A good choice for delicate skin.

Final Words

To sum up, I’m 95% sure, you might be confused in choosing the best massage oil for fairness in India. Ok, let me make it easier for you!

If you need the best organic ayurvedic baby massage oil, go for Life & Pursuits (#1) and Blue Nectar (#3). As some parents don’t want to buy any chemical ingredients. So organic massage oil is the best choice just like the other organic baby products.

If you ask me to choose the best brand in massage oil, I would say go for; Dabur Lal Tail, Sebamed, and Himalaya. While Dabur Lal Tail is the most trusted oil for decades. So it is worth spending on that oil. I think now it is easier for you to choose the best massage oil for your baby. Also know more about how healthy is olive oil for massage.

Note: Buy any baby massage oil, just check whether it suits your baby’s skin or not. If it suits, go with it otherwise consult the pediatrician first.

Now, the choice is yours! If you still have any doubts, please ping us. We will respond to you for sure 🙂

Which baby massage oil do you believe is the most effective and useful oil? Do let us know in the comments below.

Take care!

5 thoughts on “6 Best Baby Massage Oil for Fairness in India”

  1. Which baby massage oil is best for fairness, I have to use on 11 month baby ? Which oil gives me best & fastest results…

    • Hi Naincy,
      You can choose any of the above oil. However, for faster results, we haven seen Dabur claims that it is clinically proven 2X faster physical growth. And mothers are using this oil from many decades. You can also try Blue Nectar because of its ingredients. Or it’s better to consult with experts for baby’s skin suitability. Next, the choice is yours 🙂

  2. I ask one question .I have 3years baby girl .my baby skin Dark colour .I want best skin colour improvement massage oil.and pls tell skin colour improvement soap and cream , lotion.

    • Hi, I think you should better consult the doctor first instead of trusting the products which claim to be beneficial for skin colour. It is not just about skin products but also about eating habits and other factors. Moreover, your baby is having natural skin color why bothering so much about skin color?


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