7 Best Baby Playmats/Play Gyms in India Reviews!

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

The top 7 best baby play gym for babies in India

Does your little one love play?

Playing in bed might be risky as there are probabilities that he might fall while playing when you are not around. Mats are adequate for playing as they develop a prudent atmosphere for your infant to learn while playing.

Baby playing mats are best as they enable your baby to play in a safe environment without fear of falling and most importantly playing on mats enhances the motor development skills of your baby too.

7 Best Play Gym/Playmats for Babies in India!

PreviewBaby Playmat/Play gymRating
Fisher-Price Baby Boy's and Girl's Deluxe Rainforest Gym Play Mat1. Fisher-Price Baby Rainforest Gym Playmat
– Best Overall
Dwinguler Kid's Dino-Land Baby Playmat2. Dwinguler Kid’s Dino-Land Playmat
– Best Budget
Hape Baby FOLDING Play Mat for Floor3. Hape Baby FOLDING Play Mat4.6/5
Skip Hop Playspot Waterproof Foam Baby Play Mat4. Skip Hop Waterproof Foam Baby Play Mat
– Best Foam Playmat
Ole Baby Cute Tortoise Twist and Fold Musical Activity Play Gym Mat with Mosquito Net5. Ole Baby Tortoise Musical Play Gym Mat4.0/5
Littlelooms Handmade Pink Balloon Kids Rugs for Crawling Rattle Play Baby Carpet Multifunctional Play Mat6. Littlelooms Handmade Balloon4.5/5
Galaxy Hi-Tech Baby Play Mat 3-in-1 Kick and Play Gym with Music Projection Lights and Wireless Remote7. Galaxy Hi-Tech Baby Play Mat/Gym4.1/5

Nowadays there are various best baby mats in India as mats help the baby to understand the cause and effect relationship along with this it accelerates primary circulation reaction i.e., it helps the baby to reiterate the actions which they do unknowingly as a toy hit by a mistake.

Although baby mats can be used right after the birth of the baby but as your baby’s visual skills are not completely developed he might not enjoy it, but your infant enjoys it from the age of 3 months to 6 months. But it might be confusing for you to choose the best baby playmat.

Types of Baby Playing Mats/Gyms

1. Activity Gyms

Activity gyms provide the perfect environment for your baby to grow and develop. The best part is that some of the activity gyms are rare and have advanced features like arches, overreacting hanging toys, that include the mirror, prop pillow, and repositionable. 


  • Helps in improving hand and eye coordination 
  • Develop visual awareness
  • Improve the ability to search

2. Puzzle Mats

Puzzle mats are ordinary mats that enable the baby to explore their surroundings and take their first step, unlike an activity gym. 

All you have to do is to place the puzzle mats in a safe place and allow the baby to lie on them with toys and let him play. As these are comfortable due to the extra thick layer, this ensures that the baby won’t get hurt even if he falls. 


  • Prevent the baby from being hurt when falling
  • Enable the baby to know the surrounding 
  • Soft and comfortable 
  • Improve the early sensory interaction 

3. Tummy Time Mats

Tummy time is crucial for baby development, and if you are looking for a perfect mat for this time, then buy a tummy time mat. Because the peddled bolster pillow in this mat provides proper support to your baby along with helping in the development and healthy growth of the baby.


  • Helps in strengthening the arms, tummy muscles, and neck
  • Inspire the baby to reach, grab, and lift the toys
  • Provide proper support while ensuring the growth and development of the baby

4. Teepee Baby Playmats

Best Baby Playmats or Play Gym

Are you looking for a mat that you can use for various purposes? 

If your answer is yes, then you should choose teepee playmats as it is a combination of a playmat and a play gym. That means it consists of hanging toys, mirrors, etc to keep the baby engaging. However, you can use it as a normal mat too. 

To be noted, it may also include musical toys. 


  • Multi-functional, could be used as baby playmats and play gyms
  • May include musical toys that help in improving the hearing ability of the baby
  • Perfect for tummy time
  • Helps in the baby’s development 
  • Improve the grasping, reaching, etc skills of the baby

5. Organic Baby Playmats

Organic baby playmats are considered the best option if you are looking for a natural and best mat for your baby. 

Why are these mats preferable? 

These mats are preferable because like organic baby care products, these mats are chemical-free. That is the safest option for the baby. Though, the material that is used to make organic baby playmats could be different. 


  • Made of natural and organic material 
  • Safe for the baby as it is toxic-free

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6. Ball Pits Playmats

If you are looking for a playmat for your young toddler, then ball pits playmats are a perfect choice. Because it contains sensory stimulation and fun activity for a young toddler. 

So, the 40 colorful balls in this playmat are effortless to store in the head of the turtle.  Further to keep your tod occupied, it has textured tethered, rattles, and a gasping ring. 


  • Perfect to keep your toddler occupied 
  • Improve the sensory stimulation of the kids
  • Helps in improving grasping, reaching, skills of the baby

7. Foam Baby Playmats

Again, there are the ordinary mats that are additionally soft and have ample play area (supplemented with toys and rattle).


  • Soft and comfortable 
  • Enable the baby to roll around, head lifting, etc
  • Also encourage the kid to walk, crawl, and play

8. Baby Playmat Gyms

As the name suggests, it is the combination of the playmat and gym, that it has a base of play mat, however, its overhead area serves as a baby play gym. It is similar to Teepee baby playmats.


  • Multi-purpose baby playmats
  • Helps the baby in improving the sensory stimulation 
  • Improve the ability of the baby to reach, grasp, etc overhead toys
  • Enable the kid to practice mobility 
  • Encourage healthy growth

9. Foldable Baby Playmats

As the name implies, after using the mat, you can fold or twist it. So, these are baby gyms, the only difference is that you can fold them and store them. 


  • Ensure portability as it is effortless to fold
  • Helps in the growth and development of the baby

10. Quilted Baby Playmats (Baby Floor Mats)

It exactly resembles the activity blanket, however, it does not have sensory accessories. Yet! You can use toys, rattles, etc to entertain your baby.


  • Soft and cozy 
  • Enable the baby occupied, though, does not include sensory accessories, yet, you can stuff some in the same

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Baby Playmat or Play Gym

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Baby Playmat or Play Gym

1. How Much is Your Baby Comfortable in the Playmat or Gym?

Comfort is the first thing that comes to my mind when I have to lay on something. Well, I guess, your baby would also want to feel comfortable instead of feeling that he is lying on the floor hurting his back. 

Hence, always buy a playmat or gym that is soft and padded, this will allow your baby to play, crawl, even try to take his first step. Also, ensure that it is also comfortable enough that your baby can sleep, yet, put your baby in the crib later.

2. How Important it is to Consider the Type of Material Used to Make the Playmat or Gym? 

If I have to say in a few words, then I would say, it is vitally important. 

As your baby’s skin is delicate and can react even if it comes in contact with a minor chemical. Hence, buy a playmat or gym that is made of chemical-free or toxic-free material.

Well, if you are interested in taking my advice, I would advise you to go for organic play mats because this is made of natural material.  Along with this, check whether the baby playing mat or gym can withstand rolling, jumping, etc else there is no point in buying a baby care product that does not last a long time. 

If you are going for a foam mat, ensure that it should either be PVC or BPA-free mat or gym.

3. Is Your Play Mat Thick Enough to Protect the Headbutt of Your Baby?

While learning to walk, play, jump, and more, we all know, your baby is going to fall millions of times. So, to avoid your baby thinking that every time he tries he would hurt himself, you gotta buy a playmat that is thick enough to protect the little butt of your baby from being hurt.

The thick playmat also enables the baby to doze off when he gets exhausted. 

4. Would Your Baby Slip While Moving on the Play Mat or Gym? 

Your baby is going to move on the playing mat, and if it has rattles, a mirror, and other overhead toys, he is going to kick, try to reach these, and more. This could certainly make the playmat or gym move. 

Likewise, this could hurt the baby, right? 

What you can do about it? 

The best thing you can do is to buy a play mat or gym that is made of anti-skid material. That will prevent the baby from falling and hurting himself.

5. Can You Carry the Baby Play Mat or Gym Anywhere? 

The portability feature holds importance while buying a mat or gym. Why? 

Because it allows the baby and you to spend the time wherever you love, it could be your bedroom, hall, park, etc, especially if you love to travel. Hence, buy a play mat or gym that you can fold effortlessly and is easy to store like foldable play mats. 

6. Is Your Baby Playmat Engaging? (Accessories)

Check if Your Baby Playmat is Engaging or not

Accessories or overhead toys is also an important factor to consider because it would keep your baby engaged while helping in the development of the baby. These accessories could be arches, music, rattles, textured tethered, and more. 

These all help in improving the sensory skills, cognitive skills, visual skills, physical skills, etc of the baby.

However, ensure that the toys are detachable, washable, and chemical-free. Above all, ensure that the overhead toys and other accessories should be smooth, to avoid harming the baby.

7. Does it Help in the Baby’s Development? (Variety of Activity)

The best baby playmats or play gym is the one that keeps him occupied for a long while encouraging the baby’s development. Though, it is only possible if the playmat or gym has a variety of activities, that includes rattles, arches, crinkly surfaces, and so on.

Because these not only keep the baby occupied but will also help in improving the cognitive skills, visual skills, physical skills, and more of the baby. 

Thus, buy a play mat or gym that offers a variety of activities to the baby.

8. Is Your Baby Playmat Big Enough to Allow You to Sit With Your Baby?

Certainly, it is not just your baby who is going to use the playmat. But you can also be a part of their game, right? 

If that’s the case with you, you can buy a play big enough. 

However, typically, there is no need to have a big mat because your baby is not going to move his little butt so far. So buy the play considering the portability, or whether you would sit with your baby or not. 

9. How Easy it is to Maintain the Playmat or Gym? (Clean)

Certainly, you can not let your baby play in a dirty and messed-up environment. Hence, how easy it is to clean the baby playmat or gym is also the thing you should consider.

While playmats or gyms are easy to clean with wipes or soap. However, some are waterproof and could be washable, either hand wash or machine. 

10. Does Your Baby Gym Have a Net?

Though some of you might not consider it an important factor, I think it is worth discussing. Because having a net in a baby gym would conserve your baby from bugs, mosquitoes, and other insects.

Also, check 9 Best Mosquito Repellent for Babies!

11. Check Whether Your Playmat or Gym is Waterproof or not?

Falling off the water, and other liquid is very common when you have a baby or kid at home. But does your playmat or gym withstand water? 

If yes, better than great, yet, if not. Then I would advise you to shift to a play mat or gym that is waterproof because it will not only allow you to use your play gym or mat for a long time. But it will also ensure that you can wash it whenever needed. 

12. Does the Color of the Play Mat or Gym Matter?

Yes, definitely!

The vivid and bright colors attract the baby’s attention more often than dull colors. Hence, if you are buying something for the baby, whether it is a baby play mat or gym, always buy it in bright and vivid color. 

Bright and vivid colors also help in improving the visual skills of the baby, along with this, it will also encourage the creative and emotional development of the baby.

Above all, research shows that colors play an essential role in the cognitive and motor skill development of the kid.

13. Would You be Able to Use the Play Mat Further? 

Well, most people do not consider buying a play mat because it wouldn’t be of any use as the baby grows. However, so far, you must have understood that playmat plays a crucial part in a baby’s growth and development. 

Though, that’s not entirely true. You can make use of the baby play mat afterward by using it as a carpet in your baby’s room, if not this, you can use it during your family picnics, even your kid can use it to play, it could also be used as a yoga mat, and more. 

However, if you are buying it for long-term use, you have to look after the size of the same. 

14. What Should be Your Budget to Buy a Play Mat or Gym?

Playmat or gym does not cost you more money. These are something you can easily buy in your budget. However, if you are looking for something that can effectively help in your baby’s development, then you might have to spend some more money. 

15. Is Your Play Mat or Gym Gender Neutral?

Unfortunately, to define masculinity and femininity, even the colors are being defined as perfect for male or female, such as pink is the ideal color for girl/female, however, blue is perfect for boy/male. 

Though, I would advise you to go for the playmat or gym that is gender-neutral. And the best thing you can do is to go to the playmat or gym that is colorful.

Always choose the right carpet for your little one.

Therefore, we come up with the 7 best baby playmats reviews.

7 Best Baby Playmats/Play Gym in India Detailed Review!

1. Fisher-Price Baby Playmat/Play Gym for Boy’s and Girl’s – Deluxe Rainforest Gym

– Best Overall

Fisher-Price Baby Boy's and Girl's Deluxe Rainforest Gym Play Mat

Check Price On Amazon

It is the best baby playmats in India as it allows your infant to listen to pleasing melodies and play with various overhead removable toys that result in the development of motor skills, visual skills, and hearing ability.

Second, it is easy to turn on choruses just by shaking the overhead toys along with this. It also enables your infant to eat for feeding your baby, you can use manual breast pumps, which can be used to play and lie on this mat for a long time.

Isn’t it the best baby playmats that are not only used for playing but for feeding and lying too?

Third, as you can play melodies for 20 minutes and more, the overhead sound of letting your baby understand the cause and effect relationship.

Finally, it is the best baby play gym that enables your infant to push up and crawl and eat in their place.


  • Enable baby to listen sounds that results in understanding of the cause and effect relationship
  • Encourage crawling and push up as it has overhead toys
  • 20 minutes of music with long play mode
  • Encourage baby movement with the help of light and music
  • Detachable overhead toys
  • Easy to switch on lights and melodies, just with the help of a soft shake


  • Cannot be wash in a dishwasher
  • Is not portable

Although, you have to wash it with your hands and it is not portable but it is the perfect mat if you want to enhance the motor skills of your infant. It ensures safety and comfort as it enables the baby to listen to numerous melodies that enhance understanding of cause and effect relationships.

2. Dwinguler Kid’s Dino-Land Baby Playmat

– Best Budget

Dwinguler Kid's Dino-Land Baby Playmat

Check Price On Amazon

You want your infant to play in a soft and clean space where your infant can roll, crawl, play, and more, these mats are eco-friendly and are completely safe to use by the baby.

Although it enables your child to play in an imaginary world while it also has dinosaurs imprinted on it that makes it more lovable and attractive to your child which can be modified into alphabets and geometric colourful square, just by turning it to another side, this benefits your baby to learn alphabets, words, and name of animals.

Further, to make sure that your baby is safe it is frictionless, soft, and elastic, again for your convenience as you can easily clean it, water-resistant, and more, that makes it the best crawling mat for babies to use for your baby.


  • Easy to clean, you just require a paper towel, fluffy cloth and even can be clean with soapy hands.
  • Can be sanitized to kill germs
  • Prevent baby from wounds as it has it’s cushion are made of high quality
  • It is soft and slips resistant
  • Child safe as it is made up of high-quality materials which are chemical-free


  • Not portable
  • Cannot be wash in a dishwasher

While you cannot wash it in a dishwasher and is not portable, its other features are nice as it secures your baby from wounds and injuries, can be washed with hands, is chemical-free,   has soft cushions, easy to clean and sanitize.

Finally, it is frictionless that makes it slip-proof, so it is the best crawling mat for babies as it prevents babies from falling.

3. Hape Baby FOLDING Play Mat for Floor | Reversible Thick

Hape Baby FOLDING Play Mat for Floor

Check Price On Amazon

It can be used from the side as it’s one side reflects the scene of a train and the other has forest, which too is completely safe for your infant as it is made with chemical-free materials and foam is PE-free that making it the best non-toxic baby play mat.

It enables your baby to crawl, walk and learn various skills with all the comfort and security, i.e., without hurting the baby even if he falls on the mattress.

  • Comfortable and soft that not let your baby hurt
  • Withstand with wear and tear of infant’s hands
  • Make with BPA free plastics that make it completely safe for use
  • Allow mothers to feed the baby

So far it does not have any flaws and this is the best non-toxic baby play mat you can buy for your infant, as it is made up of PE foam that is certified to use.

4. Skip Hop Playspot Waterproof Foam Baby Playmat

– Best Foam Playmat

Skip Hop Playspot Waterproof Foam Baby Play Mat

Check Price On Amazon

It is safe, comfortable, and goes with your furniture, although its triangle shape and tiles of foam make it easy to create numerous shapes and patterns.

While if your baby creates a mess then it is completely easy and safe to use as it is waterproof and can be clean with the help of wipes, so it does not require high maintenance.


  • Enable crawling and playing as it is made of midst foam that is comfortable
  • Considerable puzzle design that helps the infant in the development of colour and shape recognition
  • It is spacious and is best to teach walking and crawling
  • Does not require high maintenance as it is water-resistant and can be easily clean with wipes


  • Cannot be wash in a dishwasher
  • Not portable

Although it does not need to be taken care of, you cannot wash it in a dishwasher and not even carry it, but it completely fits in your home due to its attractive colour.

5. Ole Baby Cute Tortoise Twist and Fold Musical Activity Play Gym Mat

Ole Baby Cute Tortoise Twist and Fold Musical Activity Play Gym Mat with Mosquito Net

Check Price On Amazon

It is a play gym that enables your child to lie down on his back that includes removable toys that help your baby in the development of skills while playing. It is the best portable baby mat for your baby to relax and play which you can carry everywhere.

The toys overhead are rattle, teeth ring, and soft toys that encourage your baby to play while the mat is made up of fluffy, secure, and comfortable material that is completely safe for your baby.

For your convenience, it is easy to wash and is lightweight that making it easy to transport along with this it is safe and secure as it is made up of chemical-free materials.

Moreover, this play gym extends with the age of a child so you can use it in 3 different ways such as to feed your infant, for playing and laying, while lying or sleeping you can baby convertible cribs that enable your infant to sleep peacefully.


  • When folds, it flattens
  • Portable and is of lightweight that makes it easy to carry
  • Multiple uses, can be used for playing, lying and feeding
  • Overhead toys enhance the motor skills
  • Removable overhead toys
  • Chemical-free
  • Comfortable and secure
  • Has rattles that make a sound when shaking
  • Has mosquito net


  • Cannot be wash in a dishwasher

It has only one flow i.e., you cannot wash it in a dishwasher. Otherwise, it is perfect to enhance the motor skills and visual skills of your baby as it has overhead removable toys.

Further, it is the best portable baby play mat as due to its lightweight you can carry it with you everywhere, whether a park, lawn, terrace, and more.

6. Littlelooms Handmade Pink Balloon Kids Rugs for Crawling Rattle

Littlelooms Handmade Pink Balloon Kids Rugs for Crawling Rattle Play Baby Carpet Multifunctional Play Mat

Check Price On Amazon

Do you love colorful and vibrant things, if yes then this is the adequate mattress for you as it has various balloons of vibrant imprinted on this amazing handmade mat which can be useful for a long period as the period is tinted with yarn fibers?

Further, it is soft and rubbery under the feet which makes it more lovable for your infant. What could be better than a mattress that lights up your room with numerous colors?


  • Vibrant and colourful, that make baby like it
  • Soft and spring that ensures most of the comfort of the infant
  • Tinted with yarn fibres that last longer


  • Does not have anti-skid backing

However, it does not have anti-skid backing but it is the best mattress you can buy for your baby as it is colorful which helps you in understanding the difference between various colors with all the comfort.

7. Galaxy Hi-Tech Baby Play Mat 3-in-1 Kick and Play Gym

Galaxy Hi-Tech Baby Play Mat 3-in-1 Kick and Play Gym with Music Projection Lights and Wireless Remote

Check Price On Amazon

First, it is soft and keeps your infant busy in playing with toys that are attached aloft that have 4 animals which enhances the visual and motor skills of the baby, as he tries to grab those.

Second, it allows you to control everything with the help of a remote through which you can control the sound of animals, turn on lights, the sound of nature, sleeping hymns as well as you can switch it on or off.

Third, it facilitates the baby to bend, glide and grip animals and pianos that have 3 modes, and all these work with a battery, fourth, it lets your infant kick and play with all the comfort.

Further, it is completely safe as it is made up of toxic or chemical-free substances, which make it favorable for the newborn and baby of 24 months.

  • Includes piano that encourages baby to kick and play
  • Overhead toys enhance the motor development of infant
  • Chemical-free, i.e., completely safe for baby
  • Can be controlled with remote, that allows you to control all the melodies and songs
  • Comfortable and secure for baby
  • Enhance sensory smear of baby
  • Lightweight

So far it does not have any shortcomings but you have to be careful while using it as due to its lightweight it might turn to a specific site where the baby is kicking.

When Your Baby Should Use the Play Mats or Gym?

When Your Baby Should Use the Play Mats or Gym?

Your baby can enjoy the baby play mats or gyms right from birth. However, as of this age, your baby’s visual ability is not completely developed. Hence, he won’t be able to make the most of it.

Yet, using the playmat or gym at the age of around 3-6 months would be best. 

As these will help in improving grasping, eye and hand coordination, motor development, and more.  

Benefits of Using Play Mats or Gyms

  • Helps in the development of cognitive skills
  • Helps in the improvement of visual skills
  • Promote hand and eye coordination 
  • Encourage physical development 
  • Help in gross motor development 
  • Enable the baby to be independent, for that, you should allow the baby to move freely
  • Encourage self-awareness to the baby as the baby will learn to recognize everything from the sound of rattles to mirrors, etc
  • Improve the critical thinking of the baby or kid, as they heard the sound, they would respond to it
  • Perfect to keep your baby occupied while doing something productive 

Precautions to be Taken While Using Play Mat or Gyms

  • Don’t leave any hot thing, nearby baby
  • Don’t leave baby unattended while playing in playing mat or gym
  • Ensure to buy an anti-skid play mat or gym, to prevent baby from harm
  • Ensure to keep the playmat or gym in a clean place
  • Buy a comfortable and padded play mat or gym
  • Wash or clean the playmat or gym, to maintain the hygiene 
  • Ensure that the overhead toys, arches, etc are smooth
  • Check the overhead toys regularly before putting the baby into the play gym

FAQs on Baby Play Mat

  1. Is mat good for a baby?

    Yes, mats are good for babies as it encourages movement like crawling, playing and enhance motor development in the baby too. Although it is safer to use than playing in a bed as it might result in the fall of the baby. Further, you can even leave your baby while playing on a mattress as you do not fear that your baby may get hurt.

  2. At what age do babies use an activity mat?

    Playmats or play gyms can be used from birth however, the baby of three to six months enjoys it the most as, during this age, the eye and other coordinating skills of the baby develop.

  3. What is the best baby playmat?

    Fisher-Price Baby Boy’s and Girl’s Deluxe Rainforest Gym Play Mat is the best baby play mat in India as it encourages movement, enhances hearing ability, and understanding of cause and effect relations through its melodies and overhead toys that create songs when softly shake. Further, it can be used for feeding, playing, and lying.

  4. Which are the best baby playmats for hardwood floors?

    LittleBlooms Handmade Pink Balloon Kids Rugs for Crawling Rattle is the best baby play mats for hardwood floors as it is soft and springy, enables the baby to learn and understand various shapes, and is perfect for any room due to its bright, colorful, and quality of material which is made with hands. It ensures most of the comfort of the baby and enhances movement.

  5. When to start using baby play mats?

    Baby play mats can be used right from the birth of the baby as they are soft and comfortable to use and most importantly encourage movement but it is more effective when your baby reaches the age of 3 months and 6 months as in this age the hand and eye start developing.

Before you go

To conclude, baby mats are best to enhance the motion of your baby which results in the early development of the baby. Although, baby mats keep your infant busy in playing and allow you to do other work, such as making food or working on a laptop, making calls, and more.

Most importantly, playing in bed with your baby might result in the fall of an infant when you are not around, therefore, mats are a better option for playing than a bed.

Every mommy loves to spend time with their baby but it is not possible to be around all the time, while keeping your infant busy in playing you can also use a baby playpen.

Further, when you finally learn to sit independently, baby walkers and jumpers, and potty training seats are best to make your infant reliable and stable. While you feel tired after doing so much work than taking care of a baby makes your day more hectic.

On top of that if you have to go out and carry your baby might become more difficult, for this, you can use modern carrier bags.

Finally, baby mats require less maintenance, are easy to clean and most of the mats are portable which enhances the convenience of carrying and using the mats.

If you are indecisive, feel free to comment, we will resolve your query promptly. Please let us know which among the 7 best baby playmats are you going to buy.

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