6 Best Potty Seat for Babies in India

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

The 6 Best Potty Seat for Babies | Indian Style Potty Seat for Baby | Potty Seat for 2, 3, 4, 5-year-Old Baby | Buy Baby Potty Seat with Handle Online

Use of diapers in storing potty that too in public or at home (serving as a guest performance) should be condemned by one and all.

This is not only barbaric to the baby but also goes against the laws of nature.

Just like we live our lives, babies have also the right to be free. It is indeed very painful to see baby diaper rashes and diaper-related infections.

You can avoid that by using diaper rash cream. But the yeast, Giardia, and rotavirus exploit the baby’s genitalia and fulfill its greed of bad odor.

6 Best Potty Seats for Babies in India

PreviewBaby Potty SeatRating
best baby potty training seat in india1. Luvlap Baby Potty Seat (1+ Year)
– Best Budget
La Corasa - best potty training seat with ladder2. La Corsa Baby Potty Seat with Ladder4.2/5
WISHKEY Plastic Comfortable Western Style Toilet Training Potty Seat with Upper Closing Lid, Removable Bowl & Soft Cushion Seat for Toddler Kids3. WISHKEY Plastic Comfortable Western Style Toilet Training Potty Seat
– Best Premium & Comfort
Panda Baby Duck Potty Sheet with Handel4. Panda Baby Duck Potty Seat with Handle4.2/5
LuvLap Elegant Potty seat - best premium potty seat in india5. LuvLap Elegant Potty seat (1 + Year)
– Best Style
Baybee Baby Potty Training Seats -Potty Toilet with Removable Tray & Potty Chair6. Baybee Baby Potty Training Seats (0-5 Years)
– Best Under Rs. 1000

In my opinion, we should immediately avoid the evil practice of using diapers as immediately as possible.

Potty-trained children save their parents from being captured in the inhuman torture of spending so much money.

Potty training should be done so that parents can perform their searching needs completely in the encashment of a preschool which is also one of the major caring factors for a baby’s health.

6 Best Potty Seat for Babies Detailed Reviews!

1. Luvlap Baby Potty Training Seat – Best Potty Seat for Babies in India

Luvlap Baby Potty Training Seat - Best Potty Seat for Babies in India

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Parents should go for this product because it’s smooth-edged. Lits especially toddlers can comfortably sit on this product because of its backrest. It also has an inner bowl with lid. They can be easily plucked for washing and cleaning purposes.

Most importantly, it’s lightweight and easy to carry. For storage purposes, it adopts an easily detachable formula. The adult toilet seat is where it can be easily attached to!

What is it’s important features?

  • It’s got the European EN certification.
  • It’s the best-rated baby potty seat.
  • The Smooth edged comfortable product with its backrest makes it a perfect product for your 1-year-old.
  • The inner bowl is detachable and hence convenient for washing and cleaning purposes.
  • The adult toilet seat is where it can be easily attached to.
  • Because of its convenient storage, it can be easily detached.
  • Despite all these features, it’s lightweight and easy to carry.

Is it worth the cost?

It’s one of the best potty seats for a 2-year-old. It’s really worth the cost because it is Luvlap’s product.

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to let your little one enjoy its life to the fullest. You don’t have to worry about safety because Luvlap’s products pay attention to child safety and enrichment of features.

The maximum weight which it can withstand is 15 kg. Your lit can use it even when he turns a 3-year-old.


  • Entirely high-quality plastic.
  • No sharp edges are seen.
  • Easy to assemble and use.


  • The size needs to be worked upon.

Alternative in different color:

R for Rabbit Tiny Tots Adaptable Baby Potty Training Seat

R for Rabbit Tiny Tots Adaptable Baby Potty Training Seat

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Why should parents buy this?

The product is absolutely lightweight. The lid is also portable via which you can easily the plastic making it odour-free.

It’s easily usable as you have to just attach it to the toilet seat. Further, it does come in an Ergonomic shape with its good backrest. The backrest is quite high in terms of length.

What is it’s important features?

  • The seat is very comfortable and hence plays an important role in the baby’s first time sanitary habits.
  • Due to the high back structure, the baby pays attention to the potty training and there are no chances of him falling back.
  • It can be easily clamped to the toilet seat.
  • Since it has easy curves and designs, cleaning the product is a way much easy process.
  • The lid cover in the products blocks foul smell after usage.
  • It’s the best potty seat for babies and for till 2-year-old kid.

Is it worth the price?

It’s only worth the price but it’s attractive design and colour attract tiny tots. Tiny tots learn good sanitary habits in a healthy and loving way.

As it is light in weight, it is very convenient for travel purposes. It’s the Ergonomic structure of the seat with its high back structure which keeps the baby in a single position and prevents him from falling down. There are no worries about spills as we have the splashguard.


  • Urine guard technology
  • It has good ergonomics and thus easy to dispose of the poop.
  • Sturdy plastic


  • It cannot be put on square-shaped toilets.
  • Baby’s skin might turn red. The cushion needs betterment.

2. La Corsa KE-4 Plastic – Best Potty Seat with Ladder in India

La Corsa KE-4 Plastic - Best Potty Seat with Ladder in India

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Why should parents buy this?

It’s very foldable and easy to use. As it has good foldability, it can be stored in a valuable way. It is equipped with a wide pad, promoting a good footrest for babies. Its handles are also non-slip.

Hence your baby yearly faces discomfort in holding them. It also got slim storage which fits snugly next to the toilet.

Due to it’s easily assembled formula, there is no other tool required for the process. The most advantageous part is it’s equipped with a non-slip ladder foot.

The ladder stays in its position without moving an inch. You can even accommodate the ladder to different heights.

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What is it’s important features?

  • The material used in the plastic is PP + ABS fiber.
  • It’s also very suitable for children for 7 years.
  • The ladder is easy to climb.
  • The handrest is easy to have a grip on.
  • Soft PU cushion is an added advantage for easy cleaning!

Is it worth the money?

It’s probably the best potty seat with a ladder! It’s definitely worth the cost because of its non-slip technology. Babies can easily and safely climb the ladder. Its seat is not only properly contoured but also offers a splash guard.

The potty seat is loaded with pads and they are resistant to sliding off for safety. The material used in plastic is PP material.


The pros of the product as been calculated as judged by the verified purchasers of Amazon.

  • The comfort of the product has received 4.2 stars.
  • It’s easy to clean formula has also received 4.2 stars.
  • Potty training and sturdiness rank 4.0.
  • So it’s one of the best-rated potty seats.


  • No such cons noted as well.

3. WISHKEY Plastic Comfortable Western Style Toilet Training Potty Seat with Upper Closing Lid, Removable Bowl & Soft Cushion Seat for Toddler Kids

WISHKEY Plastic Comfortable Western Style Toilet Training Potty Seat with Upper Closing Lid, Removable Bowl & Soft Cushion Seat for Toddler Kids

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Has an easy Urine holder take-out formula! The plastic material is environmentally friendly and hence it’s easy to clean it up. This is a typical western seat for kids.

It’s recommended to cover the potty seat when not in use. A bad odor is unhealthy. The best part is the lid is foldable. The back support is too high! It also got the perfect handles to make the baby feel secure.

Important features?

  • It’s a multifunction product and hence serves both its the purpose of a toy car as well as the chair.
  • Its compact design makes it light in weight and hence it’s a travel-friendly product. This makes it the best travel potty seat for babies in India!
  • The lid cover is essential for maintaining hygiene.
  • As the product is a good fiber material it can be easily washable, thus washing the poo away properly!
  • The seat is equipped with two handles and thus the baby can grip them easily. Its to ensure him that he is secured.

Is it worth the cost?

It’s definitely worth the cost because it’s designed is not only smooth and simple but also lightweight. Your toddler feels comfortable here especially because it has no pinch edges. It serves as an easy clean solution. Therefore it has 3 in 1 purpose like:

  • Potty trainer
  • Training tool
  • Step stool

The urine holder is highly advantageous and it has the following features:

  • Easy to take out
  • Easy to clean
  • It’s suitable for 12 months of baby and above.
  • Easy to install it back in the potholder


  • Strong and good quality material
  • Cute flush tank stores tissues.
  • The soft cushion which can be lifted up and cleaned.


  • Nothing major

4. Panda Duck – Best Baby Potty Seat with Handle

Panda Duck - Best Baby Potty Seat with Handle

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Why should parents buy this?

Parents should purchase this because it’s not only good-looking but will keep your child satisfied even up to 5 years of age.

Also, the potty tray is easily washable because the upper part gets removed easily. The handles are attached to the upper part which makes it possible to remove the whole tray for cleaning and washing purposes.

You can start using it once the baby is 12 months. It also bears 15 kg of weight. It’s also one of the best portable potty seats in India.

What is it’s important features?

  • Both baby boys and girls can use it.
  • It’s not only sturdy in length but is safe to use too.
  • Its removable bowl system makes it convenient to use!

Is it worth it?

It’s worth the cost as you can continue using it until the baby completes its 5th year! Due to its upper part removable solution, it’s easy to clean.

When your baby learns to sit properly, it can be used as a potty trainer to teach him where and where not to poo! Its removable seat is good for washing purposes.


  • Bears up to 15 kg of weight.
  • It can be used up to 4 to 5 years.
  • The attractive design which babies love also makes it the best-rated potty seat for babies.


  • It does not fit in adult western toilets.
  • There is no seat belt present.

5. LuvLap Elegant Baby Potty Seat

LuvLap Elegant Potty seat - best premium potty seat in india

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The potty seat is too hygienic. That’s because of the flap cover. The inner bowl is easily removable and thus easy to wash. It also has a separate tissue holder socket equipped with it. It is one of the best potty seats.

What are the important features?

  • It has got the European Standard EN certification.
  • The plastic material is high in quality which makes it durable and nontoxic.
  • The seat is highly ergonomic in nature. Thus the baby faces no discomfort.
  • The potty seat does have soft curves and that’s a part of its ergonomic nature.
  • The parts can be easily detached. Cleaning is never a problem.
  • The potty bowl gets removed by merely pushing the slide-out feature.
  • Compact in nature, thus portable for travel and tours.
  • It has got a high backrest position and there are no chances of the lit falling back.

Should I buy this?

Although the price is a bit high, but it’s worth the cost because it fits properly on the toilet seat. Similarly, the baby also can sit calmly.

There are no chances of him falling down. Besides the bright color, it’s sturdy and strong. Thus it is purely fit for the Bathroom decor! It the premium best potty seat for babies.


  • Easy to use and clean because of the slide-out feature.
  • Portable because of its compact nature!


  • Price is a bit high but remember it is elegant!

6. Baybee Baby Potty Training Seats

Baybee Baby Potty Training Seats -Potty Toilet with Removable Tray & Potty Chair

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Why should parents buy this?

Parents should buy this because it’s got a multifunctional role. It has a:

High back cover- The high back cover promotes the baby to sit comfortably and full security without the fear of falling down.

Ergonomic design- Its ergonomic design lets the babysit without any red marks on his skin.

Splash-proof in nature promoted no spilling out of the pee or poo! Overall a good and the best potty seat for babies in India at this price.


  • In terms of safety, it’s got the certification of EN 15883. For your knowledge, the EN 15883 certification is the proof of the most stringent operation a company offers.
  • Remember it’s a Bay Bee product! The company is well known all over India to feature luxurious ComfySeat material. Hence your child feels utterly comfortable.
  • The material used in the product is Virgin PVC plastic. Because of its BPA free formula. The potty training set is rendered odourless. That’s because Bay Bee ensures strong and hygienic self after every use.
  • It’s also equipped with a special armrest design. The armrest is provided such that the baby has a grip on it. Its nonslip technology can let mothers allow their lits to hold it.
  • Its design is thin which makes it lightweight. Thus it’s an ideal portable seat for use both for home and travels.

Is it worth the cost?

The three things which make it absolutely worth the cost are:

  • The Non-slippery bottom
  • The Easy to carry formula
  • The Round Cornered Solid Base


  • Children love it because of its design.
  • Very comfortable product as stated by verified purchasers


  • Limited colour options at the time of writing this post.

Types of Baby Potty Seats in India

Enthusiastic about the types of baby potty seats? Here we go!

Potty seats are the best when they serve as the:

  • Baby Potty Training Seat for Travel
  • Portable Baby Potty Seat

This blog has got a vivid description of the best travel potty training seats and portable potty training seats.

Keep scrolling!

Generally, you will see, two types of potty training seats, 

  • Stand-alone Potty Training Seat
  • Seat Reducer

So, in times of emergency, the standalone baby potty seats for babies can rely upon as they enable the carrying out of the function through a bowl that can be emptied easily into the toilet.

Well if the baby is not happy with it, a toddler-size seat can be expected. Seat reducer training seats are the ones that work beyond capacity. Because they are placed on top of a toilet seat.

Your child does not face any kind of psychological disturbance or frustration and he feels more secure and not afraid to fall in.


I can bet, you are fed up cleaning your baby’s bottom, either it’s morning or evening.

Especially sleeping at night with your baby, you smell yucky. Now, you have to wake up to change the diaper of the baby, because your baby can not do it yourself. 

So, I guess, sometimes you realize that maybe it is the right time to potty train your baby. Yet, before that, you need to go through some of the factors. Let’s see what these factors are, 

Parents are to make sure that their baby does the potty from the comfort of his seat. The seat should not provide any kind of unnatural tricks and so the following things should be judged.

Here are the 7 points of potty seats buying guide that you have to remember before making your final decision:

1. Is Your Potty Chair or Seat Environment Friendly?

Your baby’s potty chair or seat should be eco-friendly. This will prevent filling of landfills. 

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2. Does Your Potty Training Chair or Seat Perform Various Functions?

Some potty training chairs or seats perform various tasks, for instance, it can be used as a seat reducer or potty seat by removing the seat. Further, few chairs also have lids which you can use as a stool.

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3. Does Your Potty Training Seat or Chair Have Additional Fun Features?

Yes, to make the potty training seat or chair attractive for your baby, you can look for some features such as sound effect, theme, music, lights, and more.

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4. Have You Considered the Height and Size of the Rim of Potty Training Chair or Seat?

The size and height of the rim is important to consider when buying a potty training chair or seat. And as you know, the same should be ideal according to your toddler or baby.

Because, if the rim does not perfectly fit the bottom of your tot, then he would be uncomfortable using it.

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5. What is the Design of the Potty Training Seat or Chair?

The potty training chairs or seats are designed for specific groups of babies depending on the baby’s age. So, before choosing any training seat or chair, always check the age it is appropriate for.

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6. Is Your Potty Training Chair or Seat Comfortable?

The thumb rule is that, if your baby is not comfortable on the potty training seat or chair, he won’t use it next time. Thus, the potty training seat or chair should have soft material and smooth plastic. 

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7. Is Your Potty Training Seat or Chair Flexible?

Having a flexible potty training seat or chair would allow you to use it for a longer time. As your baby reaches the age of 18-20 months, you have to allow him to use the adult toilet. Though, it would be tough but not impossible. 

To make things easier, you can buy the seat or chair which can be clamped on the adult toilet seat, hence, you can use it as your baby reaches the age of 18 months.

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8. What is the Price of the Potty Training Seat or Chair?

Well, the potty training seat or chair comes quite handy. The difference could differ depending on the brand, features, and more.

The realization of the cost of potty seats has also dawned in the minds of the users. Actually cheaper potty seats should be banned because it never shows the same performance in terms of value to the life of the child.

9. Is Your Potty Training Seat or Chair Portable?

The training schedules are often stringent so the baby potty seat should be portable in nature. This is an essential ordeal for the normal self of the potty chair.

Chairs should not lose their natural instinct and thus they should be easy to carry while traveling or going out. Your child must be under captivity in its tender 2 years.

easy to clean & portable

Hence please note the chair does not lose its natural instinct. The effect of the artificial weights might have had an adverse effect on the health of the baby. Still, potty chairs for babies in India also come in different versions and styles and they have their own lifespan of durability.

10. Have You Considered the Baby’s Age Before Buying a Potty Training Seat?

The age range matters a lot in the babies of Homosepians! Its the baby’s age which has an important role to play in the universe of potty seats! It would be difficult for a baby under 18 months to imagine its world over a potty seat.

11. Can You Effortlessly Fold the Potty Seat or Chair?

easy to fold

Buyers should authenticate the fact that the foldability of a baby potty seat is never complete unless taken notice of.

Consequently, if you are going out with the baby or often traveling with them, the experience will be endangered. The Almighty God has bestowed women with intellect so that they can utilize the resources of nature.

This could be effectively done by mothers only when they notice their chair has the most foldable seats or not. Harnessing separate bags is the most comfortable means of holding the poop and pee.

12. Is Your Potty Training Seat or Chair Durable?

baby potty seat space

What is therefore required is the durability of the material used in producing the potty seat. Public education and awareness programs should be launched for this! This can be done only when the mother has a keen interest in checking the weight of the child.

Never rise to the occasion when your child might sit on the potty seat for the first time and break it.

13. Can You Easily Clean the Potty Training Seat?

If required, buy that potty chair that suits your ease of cleaning. That’s because different potty chairs are enacted to different styles of cleaning. One cruelty perpetuated to mothers is cleaning the potty after use by the lit.

Though it’s a noble cause, the moral duty would be to go for the one where the seat is removable and can be cleaned more comfortably.

14. Is Your Potty Training Seat or Chair Stable?

The stability of the potty chairs has undergone a phenomenal change. That’s why they are so much being advertised as they come in different forms effective for the child’s bottom fit.

Go for the finest ones that allow your lit to fit comfortably on the seat of the body. It’s the stability of a chair that makes it the best-rated potty training seat.

15. Does the Potty Seat or Chair Have Handles?

The effect of seat handle is mostly seen in stand-alone potties. There is an effective part of seat reducers for the baby’s life matters on the handle. The onslaught of the handle makes the product the finest security measure.

Not only has it contributed in an easy way to pick up the seat but also in the field of putting it away to hang. Thus these baby seats serve as the most portable training baby seats.

The best-rated potty training seats have changed the very style and concept of doing their tasks. The best baby potty training seats that are the stand-alone potty seats perform the job of hope enhancing with its multitasking facilities.

Consumers can be induced to buy this product because it comes with a removable seat which is a seat reducer. It has opened up new horizons with its closed lid which can be used as a stool.

Henceforth the best baby potty training seats in India or the best baby potty training seats have been given a walkthrough in this blog!

16. Does Your Potty Seat or Chair Include a Splash Guard?

The splash guards have not only affected the way of business for the baby potty training seats for boys.

However, its selection reduces the time for cleanup. Selecting a toddler potty training seat or baby potty training seat with a high splash guard will have a profound effect on the ability to pee.

That’s specially made so that lits can stay in the potty training seat for the desired time. The toddler potty training seats are subjected to less of their heights because it will be difficult for them to sit down by themselves. The same applies to the baby potty training seats!

How To Use Baby Potty Training Seats?

This year has launched the best baby potty seat for babies! Just as a baby potty seat is as good as the intention of the user, it can be a very good learning experience for the young lit. In recent times, we are seeing mothers resorting to the best teaching methods about the process.

Mothers are leading their way by the promotion of words that describe the Alien Act of using the toilet-pee,” “poop,” and “potty.

It can also aid in the sensitivity of the child by aspiring him to know when his diaper is wet or soiled.

Few things to remember:

Identify profound behaviours in their pooping hours though it’s inconceivable some times. However, the child gets to imagine his urge and cannot dwell without peeing or pooping.

Not only should it arouse the sensitivity of the child, but it should also help the child sitting on it. Firstly, your child should prove it to you by wearing clothes or a diaper. In fact with the spread of knowledge, your baby can contribute to sitting bare bottom also.

Once your child has to learn to potty with his best companion, innocence, and health he is ready for the tips that follow.

Do not ignore the time and devote it happily to the potty training process.

Look at how happy your child is on the site, never make your child sit on it against his or her will.

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This is but vividly sums up that the learning is all about you. It is indeed that you have to sit on the toilet at least once succeeding which you explain what you were doing. Spend some time with this play and what follows is your child’s learning process!

Adding further:

The potty training age is not an age of ease. Your child must be accustomed mentally and physically in the pink of health to adopt a routine. Attempt with a fresh mind by having your child walk with a dry diaper and then receiving him to sit on the potty.

You can also physically mature the child by letting him drink lots of liquids and then expose him to the faculty of the potty after 45 minutes.

There is the body’s natural tendency to have a bowel movement after eating. It is, therefore, right called gastro-colic reflex, and you can choose 15 to 30 minutes after meals to take advantage of this.

If your child crosses legs or grunts or squats, target him towards the bathroom. Then adapt him to the potty seat. The physical attributes and adaptability of the new environment make them ideal for the process!

Though the ignorance and innocence of the babies are a blessing, let you not suffer from the hassle of cleaning the poop every time.

Approach to the baby should be positive and optimistic and you can simply clear the poop from the diaper into the toilet and let him know that the poop goes there.

What is the Difference Between Potty Chair and Potty Seat?

Well, before buying a potty training seat or chair, I would like to introduce to you the aspects of both. 

Let’s start with, what is a potty chair?

So, a potty chair is more like a normal chair, and has to be placed on the floor. So, if your kid is under 3 years, it should be your choice. 

These have a detachable basin, which you have to clean. Due to its comfort and the fact that it is more close to the floor, it is the first choice of parents. 

Though, it could also make your kid fall when using the same. 

Now comes, what is a potty seat?

On the contrary to the potty chair, a potty seat helps in lessening the size of the adult toilet, which makes it ideal for your kid. Also, due to its size, it will prevent falling of the kid.

Above all, you don’t have to clean it and no hustle to throw the potty. Though, it won’t be fun for the baby. Also, you must understand, whether you need a potty chair or seat? Or Is a potty chair or seat better?

Moreover, if you are wondering, what are the different types of potty training products?

Then, potty training seats or chairs are the different potty training products. 

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When to Buy the Potty Training Chairs?

When do you need the potty training chair or seat? 

To allow your baby to poop in a training chair or seat would be tough because your baby is used to use the diaper. So, instead of forcing your baby, wait and see the cues.

So, allow your baby to transmit to use the bathroom, you need to encourage your baby to do things by himself. So, if you are looking for, how do you know if your child is not ready for potty training? Or What are the signs of readiness for potty training?

Some of the cues you can follow are, 

  • When your baby/kid develop the ability to remain dry for hours, in simple words, control over bladder control
  • When your baby or kids learns to indicate that they want to poop or pee by using words
  • When your baby or kid learn to pull their pants up

Are 2 years old Too Early to Potty Train?

Well, there is no specific age to start potty training because it is different depending on the baby to baby. Though, usually, baby’s show the cues by the age of 18 months or 2.5 years.

Is 3 Too Late to the Potty Train?

No, 3 is not late to potty train your kid because he will now only take 3-4 weeks to learn to use the bathroom if compared to the kid of 2 years who will take 6-9 months.

Though, 25% of the kids complete their potty training after crossing the 3 years.

Is 4 Too Old to Not Being Potty Trained?

Though, most of the babies learn to potty train by the age of four. Because it is a time taking process. So, if your baby is 18 months old, he might learn potty training by the age of 4. Though, the kid of 2 years could learn potty training by 3 years. 

So, yes, it is a little late, yet, you still got time on your hands to allow your kid to learn potty training. 

What Happens if You Don’t Potty Train?

If you don’t potty train your baby, your baby would never under, how to use the bathroom. Because he would never feel the sensitivity to go. Thus, you have to deal with wet beds and pee accidents. 

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Can You Really Potty Train in 3 days?

Does the 3-day potty training method work?

Yes, you can teach your kid potty train in 3 days simply by following the routine. That is allow your kid or baby to use the bathroom more often. You can also enable your kid to drink more juice, water, etc to do the same.

Though, I would suggest you not force the baby to do the same, if he is not ready for the same.

At What Age Should a Child be Fully Potty Trained?

What age should a child be potty trained by? At what age should a child be fully potty trained at night? When should a child be night potty trained?

Average babies full potty trained by the age of 4-5. Moreover, mostly kids potty training completely by the age of 5-6 years. 

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What Developmental Skills Does a Toddler Need to Successfully Potty Train?

Some of the development skills your toddler would need to learn potty training successfully are, 

  • Self-mastery 
  • Desire for approval
  • Emotional growth 
  • Will to control physical functions and environment 
  • Social awareness 

Should I Put Pants on When Potty Training?

During potty training sessions, your baby should not wear pants. However, when you teach your baby potty training, it is better to wear pants with an elastic waistband because this will allow your kid to pull down and pull-up the pant as required. This is also part of potty training.

Should I Use Training Pants When Potty Training?

Do pull-Ups prolong potty training?

Yes, using potty training pants is a good idea because this will prevent the mess and won’t irritate you and your baby when potty training. 

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When Should You Give Up on Potty Training?

At what age should a toddler boy be potty trained? 

There is no specific age to stop potty training because it depends on when it starts. Though, usually, most kids learn potty training by the age of 5-6 years.

How Long Does it Take to Potty Train a 2.5-year-old?

To potty train, a toddler usually takes 3-6 months. 

When Should I Stop Potty Training and Try Later?

What do you do when your child refuses to sit on the potty? Can you stop and start potty training? When should you give up potty training?

Well, if your kid isn’t ready to potty train, don’t force him. Because it could make potty training a nightmare for the baby. Simply, give it a pause and restart the session after some time.

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How Do You Potty Train a Toddler Overnight?

Typically, you can not potty train your kid overnight, yet, if you allow your kid to go to the washroom before sleeping regularly, this would certainly help you set up a routine. 

How Long Do You Let a Toddler Sit on the Potty?

You should only allow your toddler to sit on the potty for 3-5 minutes. Sitting more than that, makes your baby feel like it is a punishment, hence, your kid could also lose his interest in the same. 

How Often Should I Put My Toddler on the Potty?

You can allow the kid to use the potty training seat or chair before or after a nap and as a kid needs. It could be after 45 minutes to 1 hour of drinking water or liquid.

How Long After Drinking Should I Put My Toddler on the Potty?

Your kid should use the bathroom after 45 minutes to 1 hour of drinking liquid.

How to Potty Train the Toddler?    

If you are searching for answers to questions like, how do I get my 2 years old to poop on the potty? How do you potty train a stubborn toddler? How do I teach my toddler not to potty train? How do you potty train a toddler that girl refuses? How do you potty train your toddler girl?

  • First, notice the signs, that your kid is ready, some cues could be wriggling around, moving quietly, passing wind, etc
  • Place the potty training seat or chair at the right place, so that it won’t tip or fall
  • To encourage the baby to use a potty training seat or chair, buy kids underwear
  • Follow a schedule, for instance, allow your kid to use the potty before or after naptime or sleeping
  • Allow your kid to choose his own potty training chair or seat
  • Don’t force your kid to use the bathroom more than 3-5 minutes else, it could feel like punishment
  • Don’t show anger or frustration if your kid miss the toilet
  • Make your kid understand the importance of toilet

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How Can I Encourage My Toddler to Poop in the Potty?

How can I make potty training fun? How do you encourage potty training?

  • To track everything, you can allow your kid to place the cute sticker on the chart as a reward
  • Encourage your kid by giving them hug, high-fives, playing their favorite game with them, etc
  • You can also make a potty training song, which you can sing while training 
  • Additionally, to make your baby or kid enjoy when training you can read a book to the baby or kid concerning potty training or it could include pictures that can calm your kid

What is the 3 Day Potty Training Method?

On day one, allow your baby to remain bare bottom, this will allow your baby to use the bathroom. Allow your kid to drink fluid in a sippy cup or bottle and watch out for the cue of using the washroom. And as you notice cue, take your baby to the bathroom, as well as you should also ask your baby to use the bathroom every 20 minutes. 

Also, don’t forget to teach your kid to wash hands and more after doing the same. For this, you can check, What are 7 Personal Hygiene?

If your baby is not ready, you can try out some fun activities like reading, counting, and other methods to encourage your baby to use the bathroom.

Now, on the second day and three, these days, you have to follow the same pattern. Though, on 2 and 3 days, some parents prefer to go out to see if their baby made any improvement or not. 

For this, you can simply visit a park, playground, etc, with a portable training chair or seat.

What are the Precautions to be Taken When Using Potty Training Seats and Chairs?

What should you not do when potty training?

  • Prevent leaving baby unattended when using training seats or chairs
  • Don’t let your baby squeeze himself when using the potty training seat because your baby might result in stucking
  • When using potty chairs, there are chances that your kid can put his hands in the bowels, which again is not good
  • As you are done with using potty training seats and chairs clean them and let them dry, else it can be the reason for disease transmission 
  • Allow your kid to be comfortable or adjust himself, not play because it can be the reason for tipping or falling
  • Don’t use the potty training chair or seat for purposes other than it is designed for
  • Check regularly whether the potty training seat or chair is in good condition or not

FAQs on Baby Potty Seats

  1. What is the best toilet seat for toddlers?

    Well, talking about the best toilet seat, I would say nothing beats the Baybee Baby Potty Training Seats. I personally bought this product for my little baby girl. She is just in love with the Beige color of the product and pees nowhere but here. Also, the features that make me consider it as a number one product are Non-slippery bottom, Easy to carry formula, Round Cornered Solid Base.

  2. When should a baby use a potty seat?

    Once your baby is able to balance his head and can sit properly, then focus its mind on the potty training schedule. My baby started using it when she was 12 months old. Initially, she found things a little troublesome but the backrest in the potty seat enhanced her courage and comfort!

  3. Is potty chair or seat is better?

    Preferably potty chairs are better as they are stabilised quite well on the ground. On the other hand, potty seats have to be cramped to the western toilet itself! So the baby might find it a bit awkward and uncomfortable to use the western toilet at such a tender age.

  4. How do I choose a potty chair?

    To choose a potty chair you need to keep 3 factors at the top of the line. 1. Whether the Urine collector easily slides out or not. 2. Whether it’s easily cleanable or not. 3. Whether it has a good backrest and the non-slip handle gears.


So after having summarised all the products, I will advise you not to invest your precious time in not thinking about which baby potty training seat to buy. Because I am going to make it easy for you!

So are you a clean robe person? You must be definitely looking for a baby seat that will be kept in its proper place without the vision of any of your guests.

I recommend you to purchase the Luvlap Baby Potty Training Seat (Blue/Rose) combination. Its parts are entirely detachable and hence serve the purpose of storage. You may also go for the La Corsa KE-4 Plastic Baby Potty Training Toilet Seat with Ladder for Kids because it’s perfectly foldable.

Further, for attaching your potty seat to the western toilet, go for the R for Rabbit Tiny Tots adaptable Potty Training Seat (Orange Red).

Moreover, the WISHKEY Car Shaped Toilet Training Potty Seat plays its own role in a toy car and if you have a baby boy who is a sports freak, this one is for him!

Well, the others are also magnificent in their own way, the above three are made for users with special needs. Hence, I would say, these are the best potty seat for babies in India.

Go for it! All the best for the purchase. Till then. TAKE CARE!

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