5 Best Baby Powder for Fairness in India Reviews

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5 Best Baby Powder for Fairness in India | Best Baby Powder for Skin Whitening Reviews

Are you looking for the best baby powder for newborns or babies in India? You are in the right place!

Choosing baby powder in today’s world should be taken very seriously. Ask me why. Well, you should check this allegation first: Johnson and Johnson’s baby powder causes cancer.

Further, this is not the case with other brands. Meanwhile, you can also check our recent list of best baby soaps for fairness and a complete guide on baby care products.

So, we have figured out a list of top baby powder in India and their review.

But before moving on that, please check the note below.

5 Best Baby Powder for Fairness in India

PreviewBaby PowderRating
Sebamed Baby Powder, 200g1. Sebamed Baby Powder
– Best Rated
Himalaya Baby Powder2. Himalaya Baby Powder
– Best Budget
Mee Mee Baby Powder - Perfect Replacement of J&J3. Mee Mee Baby Powder
– Best Combo
Mother Sparsh Talc-Free Natural Dusting Powder for Babies4. Mother Sparsh Talc-Free Powder 4.3/5
Nature's Baby Organics Hypoallergenic Powder - natural baby powder5. Nature’s Baby Organics Powder4.2/5

What are the Varied Types of Baby Powder?

1. Natural or Non-Talc Baby Powder

Talc is not good for a baby’s skin. And that’s why you should buy natural or non-talc powder. As natural baby powder won’t harm the baby’s skin.

2. Generic or Talc Baby Powder

These powders contain talc which can be effortlessly inhaled by the baby and can result in breathing issues, vomiting, diarrhea, and more. Though, it is considered safe for the baby, yet is recommended to use the powder that does not include talc. 

3. Organic Baby Powder

Nowadays, organic baby care products are in great demand, likewise, you can buy organic baby powder because these are made of 100% organic ingredients. These are sometimes even better than natural products because, with the processing, natural products lose their advantages. 

What are the Various Factors to Consider When Buying Baby Powder?

Factors to Consider When Buying Baby Powder

One day you applied baby powder on your baby’s skin, and what you notice next is that your baby’s skin is red, itchy as well as your baby is irritated.

Now, you are wondering, what did you do wrong?

You did nothing wrong on your part, but your baby powder is not made of the right ingredient, has a strong fragrance, and more. 

That’s the reason for your baby’s red and itchy skin. And that’s the cue that you should know, how do I choose baby powder?

1. Is Your Baby Powder Organic or Natural?

Organic and natural baby powder is gaining importance nowadays. But how will you know that your baby powder is organic or natural? 

Well, simply having the words “organic or natural” imprint on the container is not enough. But you should also check out the ingredients as well as they should be non-toxic. 

2. Are You Buying Certified Baby Powder?

Buying any baby powder is not good for baby skin, the same applies to every baby care product. So, you should look for a certified baby care product or powder. 

3. Does Your Baby Powder Have a Fragrance Strong Essence?

If yes, then you should stop using it right away? 

Do you know why? 

Well, because strong essence simply signifies that your baby powder is full of chemicals. Thus, a powder with strong essence can cause breathing issues. Yet, you can buy the powder with mild or sweet fragrance or no fragrance. 

Though, the baby powder should lessen the irritation as well as encourage the freshness of the baby’s skin.

To be precise, you can go for the baby powder which contains olive or almond oil, argan oil, khus-khus, grass, and more. 

4. Does Your Baby Powder Pass the Hypoallergenic Test?

The baby powder that has cleared the hypoallergenic test ensures your baby wouldn’t have to go through irritation. Baby powder that has cleared this test is ideal for your baby’s skin which has 5 times more sensitive skin than yours. 

5. Does Your Baby Powder Include Chemicals?

To check whether your baby powder is free from chemicals or not, you should check the label of the baby powder. This will make sure that it is free from chemicals such as parabens, dyes, phthalate, and more. 

Because it can be the reason for skin irritation, breathing problems, etc.

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6. What Type of Skin does Your Baby Have?

Some of the baby powder comes with an imprint for which type of skin it is best suited. Though, before buying the baby powder for your baby, consult with the doctor about what type of skin your baby has.

For this, you need to consider the allergic reactions your baby has. 

For instance, if your baby has sensitive skin, you should buy baby powder that moisturizes the dry skin of your baby. While others include antimicrobial ingredients like basil that are helpful in healing and lessening the itching. 

7. How Much Money Do You Need to Spend on Baby Powder?

The price of baby powder is quite affordable.

5 Best Baby Powder Detailed Reviews!

1. Sebamed Baby Powder – Our Top Pick

Sebamed Baby Powder, 200g

Check Price On Amazon

The very first in our top list of baby powder is from Sebamed. The reason it is on the top is because of the recommendation from many pediatricians.

Besides the recent controversy of Johnson and Johnson company over allegations that the company’s baby powder causes cancer, many parents have already ignored their products.

However, we have recommended only a few of their genuine products based on the reviews, ratings, and consultants in our previous posts.

However, this is not the case with Sebamed. This is a top recommendation by many pediatricians.

Further, it has features like light fragrance, no additional chemicals, and absorbs extra moisture from the baby’s skin to help the skin feel comfortable. It protects the baby’s delicate skin from irritation through its extra formula.

Further, it contains olive oil also, which ensures, the baby’s skin should not be left with dryness and is helpful in diaper rashes as well.

Therefore, we suggest you go for a combo pack. You will definitely save some penny 🙂 Don’t worry! We will categorize it for you.

2. Himalaya Baby Powder – Herbal Lotion & Gentle Bath Combo

Himalaya Baby Powder

Check Price On Amazon

Infuse your baby with the power of herbs and zinc oxide. It is the best-rated baby powder on Amazon India.

Due to the presence of Yashad Bhasma, it protects the baby’s delicate skin from infections and rashes. An ideal choice in baby diaper rashes also.

Further, Khus Grass keeps the soft skin fresh and naturally cool. Similarly, it is free from parabens, phthalates, and other added colors which are the results of infections.

Hence, a perfect herbal baby powder. And, the smell is also pleasant.

Cons: One thing we have noticed is that customers are getting less quantity of powder in the powder box/container. We highly suggest you check the product quantity, duplicity and it’s brand authenticity.

3. Mee Mee Newborn Baby Powder – Perfect Replacement of J&J

Mee Mee Baby Powder - Perfect Replacement of J&J

Check Price On Amazon

The next one is from the brand Mee Mee. In our previous posts, we have recommended a lot of products from the Mee Mee brand. They are really good!

This is also the best powder for newborns. Yes, you can use this powder from birth as it is microbiologically tested. The fragrance is really light and pleasant and it will never keep your baby away from you.

Most importantly, the price is acceptable. One minor thing we have found is the big holes in the bottle.

So if you use it, more powder pops out. And, there is no way to rotate the bottle head also. So, use it gently. I would say, it is the perfect replacement for J&J powder :p

To be frank, I have used this product on my baby also. I really like the pleasant smell of the powder. It will soothe your mind. I truly felt satisfaction when I used this on my baby.

Let me help you with the combo pack so that you can save some bucks.

4. Mother Sparsh – Best Talc-Free Baby Powder in India

Mother Sparsh Talc-Free Natural Dusting Powder for Babies

Check Price On Amazon

Last but not least is Mother Sparsh which is made from organic arrowroot, corn starch, and lavender oil.

An ideal recommendation for newborn babies from 0-5 years. Further, it has the anti-microbial property that prevents fungal & yeast infection by absorbing excess moisture and sweat.

Therefore, a good choice for preventing skin infection naturally. It is one of the best chemical-free talcum powders in India.

Should I buy this?

Absolutely Yes! The price defines its value. This has also a good rating and most importantly, it is natural.

So for parents who are looking for natural baby powder in India, this could best fit you. A good freshness for your baby. An alternative to this is The Moms Co. Talc-Free Natural Baby Powder.

5. Nature’s Baby Organics Hypoallergenic – Best Natural Cruelty-Free Baby Powder

Nature's Baby Organics Hypoallergenic Powder - natural baby powder

Check Price On Amazon

Are you looking for the best talc-free baby powder in India? Here is the deal! Nature’s baby organic hypoallergic dusting powder is the best natural organic powder.

It absorbs moisture and soothes irritated skin. Further, it is cornstarch and talc-free. Hence, it is a perfect choice for damaged, dry, or cracked skin.

Moreover, it can also be used on diaper rashes, baby shoes, and other closed areas.

There are no added chemicals as well hence you will not get any fragrance, non-toxic, 100% natural. It is also a USDA-certified organic baby powder, paraben, gluten, and cruelty-free powder.

Bonus Tip: Although it is a bit expensive powder, we have noticed a price drop of up to 10% during the sale timing. Next, you understand 🙂

What is the Best Baby Powder to Use?

Sebamed is the best baby powder to use because of the following reasons,

  • Recommended by the various pediatricians
  • Chemical-free
  • Has light essence
  • Absorb additional moisture

How to Do a Patch Test Before Using the Baby Powder?

As your baby’s skin is sensitive, so applying anything on the baby’s skin directly could harm the baby skin.

That’s why I would advise you to do the patch test before applying any baby care product directly on the baby’s skin.

It is easy to do, all you have to do is apply the baby powder to the elbow of the baby. Wait for a while and if you notice itching, redness, and more on the baby’s skin you should not use it further. 

To be noted, never puff the powder on your baby’s face, as your baby would inhale the same and it can be the cause of breathing problems. 

What is the Good Replacement for Baby Powder?

Cornstarch is the best alternative to the talc baby powder. And if you are worried that it is tough to find, then let me tell you, it is not. You can buy it online, from the general store, and more.

If I have to mention some brands, then Burt’s Bee Baby Dusting Powder, Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Pure, and more.

Some other things, you can try are, 

  • Baking soda
  • Arrowroot starch
  • Tapioca starch
  • Kaolin Clay

Is Johnson and Johnson Cornstarch Baby Powder Safe?

Is Johnson and Johnson cornstarch powder talc free?

Johnson and Johnson cornstarch baby powder is safe because it is free from talc. Hence, no inflammation, itching, etc.

Is Cornstarch Better Than Baby Powder?

Yes, cornstarch is considered better than baby powder with talc. Though, it could also be the cause of breathing problems if it is inhaled in large quantities. 

Can I Put Baby Powder on Baby’s Neck?

Yes, you can put baby powder on the baby’s skin folds such as neck, groin, and armpits because it helps in eradicating the friction as well as keep the baby dry in the soft folds of the baby’s skin.

Is Baby Powder and Cornstarch the Same Thing?

No, baby powder and cornstarch are different things, because the baby powder is usually made of talcum powder. On the other hand, cornstarch is a common food ingredient. Cornstarch is usually used as a substitute for talc powder.

Is Talc Powder the Same as Baby Powder?

Some, not all because not all the baby powder is made of talc powder. 

Is Baby Powder Safe on Skin?

The talc powder has been classified to cause cancer to humans if used on genitals and buttocks, recommended by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), part of the World Health Organization (WHO). 

Not only this, but it also includes asbestos, which is again known to cause cancer. 

Further, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration also inform that if your baby inhales the talc repeatedly could also harm the baby’s lungs. Also, talc is banned in health and beauty products by the European Union.

What is the Side Effect of Johnson Baby Powder?

Johnson baby powder is known to cause respiratory issues, inflammation, etc. Though, now it has changed the ingredients that make it safe for the baby. Still, you should check the ingredients before using them.

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Is it Good to Put Baby Powder Down There?

Yes, it could be dangerous especially, if you put baby talc powder in the female genitals as it can cause ovarian cancer.

FAQs On Baby Powder

  1. Which baby powder is best in India?

    Sebamed baby powder, Mother Sparsh, and Mee Mee are some of the good brands that you should consider while purchasing a powder for newborns or infants. But there are more, check this list where we have classified a different segment.

  2. Which baby powder is safe?

    Sebamed baby powder is a safe powder. Because this is a top recommendation by many pediatricians. Further, it has features like light fragrance, no additional chemicals, and absorbs extra moisture from the baby’s skin to help the skin feel comfortable. It protects the baby’s delicate skin from irritation through its extra formula.

  3. What can I use instead of Johnson's baby powder?

    You can use Mee Mee baby powder. Yes, you can use this powder from birth as it is microbiologically tested. The fragrance is really light and pleasant and it will never keep your baby away from you.

  4. Which is the best organic baby powder?

    Nature’s Baby Organics Hypoallergenic Powder is the best organic and natural baby powder. It absorbs moisture and soothes irritated skin. Further, it is cornstarch and talc-free. Hence, it is a perfect choice for damaged, dry or cracked skin.

Final Words on Best Baby Powder

To sum up, always choose the baby powder which suits your baby’s skin. As the baby’s skin is delicate and soft, either you can choose an ayurvedic or more natural powder.

We suggest you go with Nature Baby’s organic powder if you need a more natural product. Also, check whether the baby powders are really safe?

However, if you want a more herbal powder, then Himalaya is the only one that will always satisfy you.

Further, if you still have any queries in choosing the best baby powder for rashes, dry skin, then ping us below or follow our Facebook page to get updates related to your baby 🙂

Meanwhile, you can also check out more amazing baby care products, check this:

For now, order one and enjoy it with your little munchkin!

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