7 Best Baby Rocker in India Reviews!

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The 7 Best Baby Rocker in India | Top Automatic Baby Rocker Brands | Buy Baby Rocker Online

Are you looking for the best baby rocker in India? Well, you just have arrived at the right place. For this year, my team has picked up the best baby rocker in India.

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What is this list of baby rocker consist of?

We have categorized each rocker in their categories like the best baby rockers and swing chair, top-rated baby rocker chair, best travel baby rocker, and other categories.

So based on all the factors like budget, features, durability, safety, etc. I think Fisher-Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker is a budget player in the baby rocker. But we have more for you.

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7 Best Baby Rocker in India Reviews!

PreviewBaby RockersRating
Fisher Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker Redesign1. Fisher-Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker
– Best Budget
Graco Duetsoothe Swing + Rocker, Winslet - Best Baby Rocker Swing Chair2. Graco Duetsoothe Swing+Rocker
– Best Overall & Secure
R for Rabbit Ringa Ringa Baby Walker - Best Safest Baby Rocker3. R for Rabbit Rock N Walk Baby Rocker with Walker4.3/5
2. LuvLap 3 in 1 Rocker Napper - Best Rated Baby Rocker with Musical Vibrations4. LuvLap 3-in-1 Baby Rocker Napper
– With Mosquito Net
Baby Bucket Newborn to Toddler - Best Travel Baby Rocker Chair 20205. Baby Bucket Newborn to Toddler Rocker4.1/5
The Flyers Bay NewBorn to Toddler Portable Rocker- Most Comfortable Baby rocker6. The Flyers Bay Newborn to Toddler4.2/5
Mee Mee Anti-Fall - Best Baby Rocker and Walker in India7. Mee Mee Anti-Fall Baby Rocker3.5/5

Moreover, we have also covered some of the luxury baby rockers as well which have both the features like baby rocker and swing. Hmm, I think you should also check baby bouncers.

Similarly, some of the walkers our team found has both rocker cum walker.


Some rockers are convertible into baby walkers, feeding chairs and can also be used as a baby sleeping bed as well. So, a good bonus choice for you, right?

Here we go. List of the best baby rocker in India:

Meanwhile, also check the strollers/prams for your babies. These are comfortable and easy to take your baby outside, garden, or feel him/her comfortable in the fresh air.

So what you have to do now? Just relax with your little munchkin and read this blog post. For more detailed information, my team has made the detailed review also.

Ok, so starting with the very first in our list of best-rated baby rockers in India.

1. Fisher-Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker – Top Rated

– Best Budget

Fisher Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker Redesign

The very first one on the list is from the Fisher-Price. And, as you all know the quality of each product from the Fisher-Price is to be appraised all the time. I recommended this product to my Aunty. She was like, it is the best baby rocker chair in India that I have ever seen. Not because I suggested her, but because of the features that it offers.

This rocker is convertible to baby seat and feeding chair. Moreover, it also offers the calming vibrations so your baby will feel comfortable. Further, it also comes with a toy bar which is a plus point. This seat not only works as a rocker and booster chair. But you can use it for napping also.

However, this seat does not have wheels which I think is not required in baby rockers.

What do you think, wheels are required are not?

Another thing is, this is also the best newborn baby rocker as it includes the reclining canopy as well just like in kids cycle.

Now, let’s talk about the pros and cons of this baby rocker.


  • Best portable baby rocker
  • Light vibrations to soothe your baby
  • 2-in-1 rocker: baby seat and rocker
  • Lightweight baby rocker


  • Sadly, no music feature
  • Mosquito net is also missing

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2. Graco Duetsoothe Swing+Rocker – Rocker with Swing Chair

– Best Overall & Secure

Graco Duetsoothe Swing + Rocker, Winslet - Best Baby Rocker Swing Chair

Do you need a luxury baby rocker with all comfort, safety and that has swing also? This one from Graco should be your choice. First of all, it is the most premium baby rocker we have found. This is baby rocker with the swing.

Another one is from the same brand i.e: Graco Duetsoothe Swing + Rocker, Sapphire. Only the color difference.

Both are premium baby rocker and swing. Graco Duetsoothe the flexibility to move the rocker anywhere in the home while keeping your li’l munchkin closer and comfy.

Most importantly, it has 3 swinging positions and 6 swing speed. Meaning, adjust it to the baby’s mood.

Further, slower swing speed is for calming the baby or while he is sleeping. Similarly, a faster speed is for playful times. Nevertheless to say the best automatic


  • Cool vibes and portable baby rocker+swing
  • Adjust swinging speed with your baby’s mood
  • Best baby rocker in India
  • 5-point harness safety feature– which we have not to find in any of the above rockers.
  • Extra seat space
  • Value for money product: 100%


  • Price is a little high but every penny is worth spending because this is the most secure baby rocker we have found so far. And, baby’s safety should be the utmost priority as we always said.

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3. R for Rabbit Rock N Walk Baby Rocker With Walker – Best Safest

R for Rabbit Rock N Walk Baby Walker Cum Rocker - The Anti Fall and Safe Walker for Baby

Here comes one more from R for Rabbit. One of the best baby rockers with baby walkers and anti-fall features is R for Rabbit Rock N Walk (Previously Ringa Ringa). It has brake pads that ensure the safety of your baby.

With these brake pads, your baby doesn’t fall even on the rough places like stairs and uneven floors.

You can turn this walker into the rocker that introduces your baby from a new adventure. Toys and music add more fun in it for the babies, and they love to enjoy this adventure.

To ensure the security of your baby, these baby walkers are designed according to the International standards: EN 71 certified Baby walker. They took all the measures and designed the walker’s structure in the most protective way to make sure your baby is safe in it.

Similarly, it also comes with an anti-fall feature, which means it senses the danger and stops. Suppose your li’l one is going to the stairs, so this walker will stop automatically there. Nice feature, right?

Another one is also there from the brand Mee Mee with the same features. Therefore, I would recommend you to read the blog until last.


  • Easily Foldable Baby Rocker
  • Best automatic baby rocker
  • Baby rocker with music and toy tray
  • EN71 Certified: More Baby’s safety


  • Lower edges look sharp
  • Found nothing major

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4. LuvLap 3-in-1 Baby Rocker Napper with Musical Vibrations

– With Mosquito Net

LuvLap 3 in 1 Rocker Napper - Best Rated Baby Rocker with Musical Vibrations

Oh, so the mosquito net is missing in the previous rocker, right? But not anymore. This rocker from LuvLap is the best all-rounder. First of all, it comes with a 3 switch option. Sleeping bed, napping, and feeding chair like a high chair.

Most importantly, it comes with the mosquito net, music and vibration feature. So nothing is missing! Therefore, I would say this is the best baby vibrating rocker with a mosquito net.

One thing I don’t like – the assembling process is a bit difficult. This point will definitely come in our cons list.

Let’s check some of the positive and negative points so this amazing baby rocker:


  • Mosquito net is the best one we like
  • Have music and vibrations
  • Totally worth the money
  • 3 point safety harness: Extra baby’s safety feature


  • Assembling manuals should be easy
  • The sleeping cushion could be more comfortable

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5. Baby Bucket Newborn to Toddler Travel Rocker

Baby Bucket Newborn to Toddler - Best Travel Baby Rocker Chair 2020

Another one from the brand Baby Bucket is also a reclining chair with a feeding tray and napping. I would say this is the best cheap baby rocker in India that offers almost everything.

Moreover, this rocker is helpful in promoting hand activities and motor reflexes, that is a good thing. I personally like the product because of its amazing look. It looks like a simple luxury baby rocker, right?

Also, it has 3 point safety harness which you should check in every product.

Similarly, if you are looking for the best newborn baby rocker in India then this can also be a good choice. Why? Because it is made for the newborn to toddlers from 0 to 36 months. Therefore, use it without any worries.


  • Good for promoting hand movements
  • Portable and multifunctioning rocker
  • Design is really amazing
  • Best electric baby rocker (use battery)
  • Best foldable baby rocker


  • There is no handle so it might be difficult to move the rocker in-home around

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6. The Flyers Bay Newborn to Toddler Rocker

The Flyers Bay NewBorn to Toddler Portable Rocker- Most Comfortable Baby rocker

If you want a rocker with more comfort, then this one from The Flyers Bay must be your ideal choice. And, I would say this is the best portable baby rocker. It can also be used as an outdoor baby rocker as well.

Furthermore, this is the ideal choice for gifting. You can also check the best newborn baby gifts. We like the design and comfort of this rocker. Just adjust it to the required height. Your little munchkin will never want to go off from it. Don’t trust us? Try it once!

Moreover, the hanging toys are the plus points. As they develop motor skills which are good for your baby’s muscular hand movement.


  • Best comfortable baby rocker
  • Secure design
  • Compact baby rocker
  • Vibrations are the added feature
  • Foldable baby rocker: Easy to carry


  • The mosquito net is not present

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7. Mee Mee Anti-Fall Baby Rocker & Walker

Mee Mee Anti-Fall - Best Baby Rocker and Walker in India

Are you looking for the best baby rocker that has a walker also? This rocker from the brand Mee Mee can be the best choice. The very first thing that I like is the anti-fall feature that will keep your baby safe when he/she will move around. Especially on the stairs that will prevent the baby from falling on the stairs.

Another thing is the baby walker feature. Yes, you can easily convert it into a walker also. It has 360Β° rotational wheels that will help to ease the movement.

One handle attached at the backside to easily control the walker/rocker with adjustable height. Unlike the cheap walkers below 500 Rs or 1000 Rs. Overall a good choice for all the parents.


  • Most important – anti-fall feature
  • 2-in-1: baby walker with rocker
  • Height adjustable
  • Best safest baby rocker


  • Avoid the baby from biting the rocker plastic because we are not sure whether the plastic is BPA free or not. I strongly recommend you to look in these small things also as the babies usually bite plastic a lot.

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FAQ on Baby Rocker

  1. Which baby rocker is the best one?

    R for Rabbit Rock N Walk Rocker is our best choice. As it is a combo pack which offers the walker also. So a 2 in 1 product. Further, it has an anti-fall feature which is an impactful feature for baby's safety.

  2. Is rocker good for a newborn?

    No, for newborn we always recommend you not to use any baby activity/gear product. It is better to keep them with you only. But there are products which you can surely use for your newborn.

  3. How do I choose a baby rocker?

    Always look for a rocker which can be adjusted as your baby grows. Look for the safety features like safety belt, anti-fall feature, 2 in 1 rocker+walker, product quality. Also, check the age recommendation given for a particular rocker.

  4. Which is better baby rocker or bouncer?

    Both are good. In rocker, you must rock it to perform the movement. While in the bouncers, the baby can himself jump, get the movement, and enjoys his time. Bouncers are not effective for sleeping and will cost you a bit more. But remember, the baby will force himself to get the movement which helps in developing the physical strength of the baby.

Before you go: Final Words

To sum up, there are many baby rockers in the market and choosing the best one is really a tough task. But my team, and I did our best to help each of the parents or anyone who is looking for gifting the rocker.

Similarly, we have also covered the luxury baby rocker like from Graco Duetsoothe. Its price is a little high but it does not lack any of the features. Further, it has the best safety feature that I think every parent must consider.

Another thing is the portability and comfort, which are ignorable. Some of the rockers also have the feature that includes walker with anti-fall feature like R for Rabbit. I would definitely recommend you to go through them also.

So now, it gonna be a hassle-free moment in your home. That could be better if you give your baby more comfort in the potty training by using potty training seats.

Further, if you have any query or doubt regarding the baby rockers. Or, you are still confused in choosing the best baby rocker for your baby.

Let us know your doubts. Our team will help you. Also, connect with us on our Facebook page, we have every recommendation for your baby.

Kiran Verma
Kiran Verma

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