5 Best Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Mom & Dad to be in India

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

Best Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Mom & Dad in India | Traditional Indian Baby Shower Gifts for Mom | Godh Bharai Gifts for Mother

Are you trying to contact your new mommy friends over the phone? But not have been able to get across? Probably your friend is upset.

There is an immediate problem, and she needs your help. You must remember she is now a new mommy, and her baby will experience its first baby shower!

So when is your baby shower coming? The parents are going to have a good time with their babies. But you have to get to the gift shop to receive a gift, and then only everything lines up.

5 Best Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Mom & Dad in India

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BabyCart store - Baby Memory Book,baby journal, baby scrapbook for 0 to 5 year baby, gift pack and new parents Medium1. Baby Memory Book – A Premium Milestone Photo Scrapbook Album for 0-5-Year Baby Girl or Baby Boy – 98 Pages
– Best Gift Idea (My favorite)
4.6/5Check Price
The Moms Co. Baby Suitcase Gift Box - unique baby shower gift idea for mom2. The Mom’s Co Baby Suitcase Gift Box4.2/5Check Price
Mini Berry Baby Gift Set3. Mini Berry Baby Gift Set4.2/5Check Price
Luvlap Baby Carrier Galaxy4. Luvlap Galaxy Baby Carrier
– Very Useful for travellers
4.0/5Check Price
Baby Diaper Backpack Maternity Nappy Bag - best shower gift for newborn5. VISMIINTREND Baby Diaper Backpack
– Best for Mom who travels a lot
4.7/5Check Price

Fortunately, the baby shower gifts are adorable, and you have to receive them at the baby gift store or online.

Therefore, rush to the online store by today and get some unique pieces of this list of Baby Shower gifts like a baby photo frame, suitcase gift box, Johnson’s baby creams collection, bathtubs, cushions, head shapers, diaper bag packs, or a headband kit set.

This unexpected list of gifts landing before the mother’s womb will not only spread positivity around her but the baby too!

1. Baby Memory Book – A Premium Milestone Photo Scrapbook Album for 0-5-Year Baby Girl or Baby Boy – 98 Pages

– Best Gift Idea for Shower Party

BabyCart store - Baby Memory Book,baby journal, baby scrapbook for 0 to 5 year baby, gift pack and new parents Medium

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This premium book is my personal favorite of all time. I personally like the premium design that it offers. Once you hold it, you will definitely will the luxury of this book. BabyCart Store definitely did a good job in creating this baby memory book for new parents.

Premium baby record book

Let’s check the features of this book now.

  • Capture your baby’s milestones and memories with this beautiful baby memory book (baby record book)
  • It is suitable for babies aged 0 to 5 years and new parents
  • It features cute and colorful illustrations that will appeal to both parents and babies.
  • Record important details such as the baby’s birth story, first words, first steps, and more.
  • The book includes sections for photos, handprints, footprints, etc

Here are the pros and cons of this book:


  • This is definitely a premium book with gold edge finishing, a perfect unique gift for a shower party that will surely get the attention of the party
  • Include 98 pages which cover almost every journey and memory
  • It also has a keepsake pocket in the end
  • Inside it, you will find the notes section on most of the pages which is really good as you can write even your personal notes
  • The box which is provided with this box is really good


  • The cost could be lower but if you are looking for a premium segment then this is a good-to-go book.

2. The Mom’s Co Baby Suitcase Gift Box

The Moms Co. Baby Suitcase Gift Box

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The products which are a part of this unique baby shower gifts for mom-to-be:

Our Tear-Free Wash with Coconut-based mild cleansers is the central product. It branches out into several gentle cleansers like Avocado, Organic Chamomile, and Organic Aloe Vera gel, and they organize the body into a softer and soother formula.

Natural Massage Oil: Its an attempt to blend the 10 powerful oils and Natural vitamins that get way simpler in nourishing, relaxing, and strengthening the baby’s bones. These muscles require regular massaging.

The Natural baby lotion– It can be much simpler! It shows the combination of Organic Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter with oils that deeply nourish.

Natural Hair Oil– This is one of the most valuable products. It works, and its come a long way since the combination of 10 powerful oils like Argan, Organic Amla, Bhringraj, Avocado, and Marula. Its nearly impossible to overpower this brand because it nourishes, protects, and strengthens the baby’s hair.

Natural Baby Shampoo– It uses a tear-free formula, and they are packed with the goodness of organic moringa. Natural diaper rash cream- Contains 15 percent of Zinc Oxide, Hydrolized Oat Protein, and Organic Chamochile Oil. It treats skin inflammation the quickest.

Natural Baby Powder– This is a Talc-Free powder. It is made of corn starch, and it not only absorbs moisture but keeps those delicate cheeks moisturized with Organic chamomile, calendula, and jojoba.

Is it worth the cost?

Guess what? When you buy this product, your friend will hug you badly. The engagement metrics in the baby’s development hit the roof of the baby’s need! Organic natural baby care products!

  • Baby’s first suitcase!
  • High-class packing of products!
  • This storage is going to definitely work for your baby’s first memories.
  • It’s so amazing. So you should definitely dig in and discover how to improve your baby’s skin through this Hypoallergenic and mild product.

Besides this baby care gift set, you may also scroll about our other products. It not only moisturizes the baby’s skin but also keeps it protected from germs!

3. Mini Berry Baby Gift Set

Mini Berry Baby Gift Set

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Why you should buy this?

It consists of 13 pieces of cloth which are pink in color, and they are machine washable and 100 percent soft comfort cotton.

As said by the verified purchasers, the design is stunning, and the colors are colors. If your friend is a working mommy, gift her this for dressing up the baby becomes easy with this home-fit accessories.

4. Luvlap Galaxy Baby Carrier Bag

Luvlap Baby Carrier Galaxy

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The Luvlap Baby Carrier Galaxy is certified by the European Standard EN 13209. This is the certification that makes products safe for little ones. It also has 3 carrying positions. The 3 Carrying Positions consist of removable head support with a cushion. The cushions are an excellent means to provide comfort and support to the baby’s head.

Further, the product is a package of the cushioned inner seat, armholes, plus leg openings. The Side Opening Buckle provides both safety and comfort. Also, a soft bib keeps both baby and parent dry and clean. The sturdier padded shoulders and waist belts support excellence to parents. For various carrier brands, we have already covered a list.

We have another product like this, which has a similar application. So don’t hesitate to click the link, if you really want to gift something great this baby shower.

5. VISMIINTREND Baby Diaper Backpack

 Baby Diaper Backpack Maternity Nappy Bag - best shower gift for newborn

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The Vismiintrend baby diaper bag pack is durable and lasting. The zippers are of the best premium leather, and the zipper has been tested about 50000 times. In other words, this diaper bag lasts for many years. The bag is also packed with D ring hooks, and thus parents can attach it to a stroller or pushchair.

Most importantly, its made up of waterproof SGS material, making it safe and eco-friendly. The bag is also effortless to clean, and the storage space goes up to 2 main compartments and 15 spacious pockets.

Since its highly portable, you can roam with it anywhere, be it shopping, traveling, or family stroll.

FAQs On Baby Shower Gifts For Mom & Dad

  1. What do you buy for a baby shower gift?

    In her baby shower ceremony, I gifted a potty training seat to my new mommy friend. She is my best friend, and she thanked me for the gift. The gift is quite economical and is a cheap baby shower gift. I explained to her why parents should go for potty training seats. Not only that, I gifted her the bunzuu baby head shaper because I genuinely care for the baby. Most mothers do not care about the cushions they use for their newborns, and that’s dangerous. The air circulating mechanism of the pillow plus its foam and cotton will comfort the lit and help in the head shaping process.

  2. What are the best baby shower gifts?

    The best baby shower gifts are baby head shaper cushions, potty training seats, strollers, high chairs, cream packs. If you are waiting for a baby girl, you can gift cotton baby organic dresses. Also, hairband kits look great on a minor daughter’s crown.

  3. How much do you spend on a baby shower gift?

    It’s your decision ultimately. However, to make it look decent, try spending at least rupees Rs. 1500. That’s because it’s the rejoicing day of the mother and the father, and they will be soon heading towards a new life with their lit. So to boost their confidence, give something lump some so that they can use it for their lit for a long time.

  4. What is the best and cheap baby shower gift for a boy?

    As boys are adventurous and preferably more notorious than girls, they need something that will make them disciplined and make them sit in one place. Go for high chairs so that they do not cause a mess during their lunch and dinner times in the future. You can also go for a car-shaped potty training seat. Strollers are also great options for boys to let them explore the world under your guidance.

Final Words on Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Mom

Summarising the products, I have detailed the most possible and best baby shower gifts you can buy to impress your friend and the upcoming list. Now the question comes what kind of gift you want to buy.

Further, if you plan to make it up to the decorative and fun-loving products, you should choose the Party Kit – AMFIN® (Pack of 27) Boy or Girl BABY SHOWER Kit.

If you are a makeup freak and care about the skin of the lit, The Mom’s Co Baby Suitcase Gift Box is waiting for you.

Being TheMomsCo product, it has been tested clinically step on its hypoallergenic, mild, and gentle nature. Learn why this cream has so much traffic by combining the non-comprising factor of including any hidden chemicals. The other tactics used in the strategy are as follows:

  • In case you need a close review of its certification, here it is Australia certified. The Australia certification emphasizes nontoxicity which also connects with safety standard allergens.
  • It’s a simple solution of no harmful or synthetic ingredients. This is what is expected in baby products. The baby products here are in a caring way and not like the common model of mineral oil, sulfates (SLS, sales), parabens, DEA/tea, phenoxyethanol, synthetic fragrances, pegs, and many other potentially harmful chemicals.

Lastly, the rest of the products on the list are just ordinary courtesy gifts. If you choose to gift any one of the above two options along with or without the courtesy gift ones, you earn a lot of gratitude and love!

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