5 Best Baby Soap for Color Improvement in India Reviews!

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

Are you wondering which is the best baby soap for fairness? It would help if you took this decision wisely and after all the research.

Because there are many products available, choosing the best one is a challenging task.

Anything terrible can seriously lead to some negative impact on the baby’s health.

But not anymore. Why?

Our team is always ready for you to pick the best baby products. Some of the products are from my experiences and some from the user reviews, communities, customer feedback, and more.

5 Best Baby Soap in India for Fairness Reviews!

PreviewBaby SoapRating
Dermadew Baby Soap1. Dermadew Baby Soap4.3/5
Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar2. Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar
– My Personal Favorite
Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Baby Soap3. Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Baby Soap4.4/5
Mamaearth Moisturizing Baby Soap Bar4. Mamaearth Moisturizing Baby Soap Bar4.1/5
Omved MRUDU Almond Milk & Saffron-Best Ayurvedic Baby Soap5. Omved MRUDU Almond Milk & Saffron4.0/5

I also thought of sharing a list of essential organic baby care products that you should buy for your baby care. We have reviewed famous brands like Sebamed baby soap for fairness, ayurvedic baby soap like Omved, Dermadew baby soap, Mamearth baby soap, and others.

Furthermore, the idea behind this post is to show the top 5 best baby soaps in India for a fair review. The task is challenging, but we have figured it out.

How to Buy a Baby Soap? (15 Points!)

Baby Soap

1. Have You Spoke to Your Pediatrics?

The foremost thing I would advise you is to talk to your pediatrician concerning which type of soap you should buy for your baby. 

As your pediatrician is well aware of your baby’s health, they can give you the best plus safest advice.

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2. What Ingredients Does Your Baby Soap Contain?

Consistently, I mean check the ingredients of any product before buying. This enables you to keep your baby from any harmful component that could harm your baby’s skin.

As a baby’s skin is sensitive, it should contain ingredients that are safe for the baby’s delicate skin.

3. Does Your Baby Have Any Kind of Allergies?

Some of you must be thinking, why would a baby have allergies, right?

However, that’s possible because your baby can inherit your allergies. Hence, if you are aware that your baby is or could have been allergic to a specific ingredient, don’t use soap if it contains that.

4. Does Your Baby Soap Has Intense Smell?

If yes, don’t use it because a strong fragrance could signify that the soap includes chemicals, and those are undoubtedly harmful to babies.

Thus, don’t use soap with fragrance. However, you can use a soap made of organic or natural ingredients.

5. Does Your Baby Soap Lather Too Much?

Baby Soap Lathering

We love the smooth lather.

However, it is not suitable for the baby because it reflects that soap includes chemicals. Thus, don’t buy soap that lathers too much to protect your baby’s skin.

6. Is Your Baby Soap Hypoallergenic?

To protect your baby from rashes, you should choose hypoallergenic baby soap.

So, if your baby has dry skin or eczema, ensure a soap with hypoallergenic properties. 

7. Are You Sure That Your Baby Soap is Chemical-free?

Chemical Free Baby Soap

Chemical-free soap is essential because it could harm the baby’s skin real bad.

Some of the chemicals you can check are, 

  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Triclocarban and triclosan
  • SLS

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8. Are You Buying a Tear-free Soap?

Bathing the crying baby is challenging because it can make things out of control.

So, buy soap with tear-free formula, and this will allow your baby to enjoy the bath instead of crying.

9. What is the PH Level of Baby’s Soap?

The PH level of soap also holds importance because more acidic soap can harm a baby’s skin.

Therefore, buy a baby soap with a neutral PH level, i.e., neither basic nor acidic. This will protect the protective mantle of the skin. 

10. What Kind of Skin Your Baby Has?

Your baby’s skin type also matters as this helps us buy the perfect soap for the baby. For instance, if your baby has dry and rough skin, you would buy a soap that provides moisture to the baby’s skin.

11. Is Your Baby Soap Clinically Tested?

A clinically tested baby soap ensures that the product has cleared the safety standard and is safe to use.

Additionally, clinically tested baby soap ensures that your baby is safe from allergies.

12. Is Your Baby Soap Nourishing the Baby Skin?

Buy a vitamin-based baby soap, which will nourish and moisturize your baby’s skin. Hence your baby would have soft and smooth skin.

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13. Does Your Baby Soap Have Smooth Texture?

Baby Soap Have Smooth Texture

A baby soap with a smooth texture will make your baby’s skin soft and smooth. However, the soap of granular texture would hurt the baby’s delicate skin.

14. Can You Hold the Baby Soap Easily?

Yes, it is worth discussing. Because the shape of your baby soap will allow you to hold the wet soap easily, for instance, oval-shaped baby soap that contains space in between will enable you to make an easy grip.

15. How Much a Baby Soap Cost?

I guess the soap for the baby would certainly fit in your budget. Though natural or ayurvedic soap could have a high price, it is pocket-friendly.

Should I start with the list of best baby soaps for color improvement?

5 Best Baby Soap in India for Fairness Detailed Reviews!

1. Dermadew Baby Soap – Best Rated

Dermadew Baby Soap - Best Rated

Check Price On Amazon

Dermadew baby soap is the top-rated baby product in baby soap. Why?

It gives your baby’s skin a fair look after a month of usage. Trust me, it’s good! But from our reviews, we have found that most customers got the expired product.

Hence we highly recommend you check the manufacturing date of each baby care product.

Simply a good product if you want fairness in the baby’s skin tone, as many customers claim, but No Guarantee!

Skin becomes soft with no dryness in skin. This product is recommended for delicate skin by the dermatologist, just like the baby lotion.

And, people have been recommending this product for many years. You know what, like “Daadi Ke Nushkhe” is not easy to find in the local store. Yet a good recommendation for many years by many parents.

2. Sebamed Baby Soap Cleansing Bar – Best Baby Soap for Fairness

 Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar

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Sebamed baby cleansing bar is a mild and gentle soap-free bar for your baby’s delicate skin. The presence of sodium cocoyl glutamate and amino acids keeps the baby’s skin healthy.

Also, it has Vitamin E, which soothes the skin and is also a 100% alkali-free bar.

Furthermore, it can be used in any climate. One thing we didn’t like about this bar is that it dissolves very quickly. It keeps the skin moisturized and helps maintain the fairness of your baby’s skin. Even the smell is really good.

Meanwhile, you should also check these must-have baby products for your baby. We have included the Sebamed product a lot.

Their products are excellent in every aspect. You can also choose a combination of the cleansing bar and baby facial cream. We thought of saving some bucks for you.

3. Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Baby Soap

Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Baby Soap

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As for the baby’s safety, nothing would be better than a natural product, and when it comes to natural products, Mother Sparsh is very good at providing a natural product like its baby soap.

I’m myself a massive fan of the same, you know why?

Because it is not just about the blend of herbs, essential oils, and plant extracts, it is safe, moisturizes the skin, and above all, it is chemical-free. You can see its magic right after the first bathe of the baby, and your baby’s skin will be dry-free.

Wondering what the other benefits it has are? Here, have a look at its pros.

  • Made of the natural blend of herbs, plant extract, and essential oil
  • Chemical-free, hence no harm to baby’s skin
  • Perfect for regular use
  • No worries about allergies
  • Plant-based powdered soap, maintain the natural PH level of the baby’s skin
  • Hydrate and moisture the baby’s skin
  • Conserve the skin rashes, irritation, etc
  • Consist of antibacterial properties 
  • Improve the condition of the skin

However, I find that it dries up the skin after a bath. But it depends on the skin type also. I recommend you do a patch test before using it on your baby. And same with any other baby soap. Do a patch test first by using it in a small area!

4. Mamaearth Baby Soap Moisturizing – Best Baby Soap in India

Mamaearth Moisturizing Baby Soap Bar

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First of all, this is not a bar of soap! It is a tear-free natural ingredient bar loaded with goat milk, shea butter, coconut-based cleansers, and oatmeal—a perfect choice for a baby’s soft and delicate skin.

It is also safe for eczema-prone skin with pH 5.5.

You can also buy this bar with baby shampoo from the same brand. A perfect bath combo! This is perfect, unlike other soap that alters the pH balance of a baby’s soft skin.

However, if you still doubt the ingredients or want a more natural product. Then choose the next Ayurvedic baby soap. You can also select this best baby soap for fairness in India.

5. Omved MRUDU Almond Milk & Saffron – Best Ayurvedic Baby Soap

Omved MRUDU Almond Milk & Saffron-Best Ayurvedic Baby Soap

Check Price On Amazon

Are you looking for a more natural product? Or a best ayurvedic baby soap in India? Here is the deal from Omved MRUDU. This 100% non-toxic soap with no parabens or sulfates is the best choice for Indian parents.

Due to its cold-process saponification, it achieves a creamy lather. So it’s almost like bathing your baby in a creamy lotion.

Further, this soap hydrates the baby’s skin and prevents loss of internal moisture, which is good. Most importantly, it has almond milk, olive oil, and saffron, which nourishes the skin.

Moreover, there are no added colors and artificial fragrances. Hence the best ayurvedic soap in India.

Therefore, we suggest you try Ayurved soap if you have any second thoughts in your mind related to other babies’ soap.

Does Your Baby Need a Soap?

Baby Need a Soap


Your baby does not need the soap. 

Because after the birth, the baby is already covered in the vernix that conserves the baby’s skin. However, it seems disgusting, but it is perfect for the baby’s skin. Surprisingly, instead of washing this layer, you can softly massage it on your baby’s skin.

Also, the baby does not get dirty, so they don’t need soap to clean themselves. Using it once in a while would be perfect too. Additionally, you should not bathe your baby regularly. Bathing the baby for 2-3 days a week is enough to keep your baby clean. You can clean the baby with the help of a damp cloth when your baby is not taking a bath.

What is the Best Soap for a Newborn Baby?

According to us, Omved MRUDU Almond Milk & Saffron is the best product because it is made of ayurvedic ingredients that make it safe for the baby. As it is made from the cold-process saponification, it conserves the goodness of all the ingredients.

So, in our eyes, nothing is better for your baby than an ayurvedic product.

Which is the Best Baby Soap for Color Improvement?

Which soap is best for baby skin whitening? 

Most of the parents want to improve the complexion of the baby.

Though, color is something that babies inherit from their parents. Hence, no soap can improve the complexion of the baby.

Yet, if you ask me which soap is best for baby skin whitening, then Dermadew Baby Soap claims that it provides fair skin to the baby after a month of usage, at least claimed by most customers. Similarly, in other soaps.

How to Bathe the Baby?

  • Ensure to hold the baby properly
  • Hold the baby’s head with the utmost care and clean the baby’s head by applying gentle strokes
  • As the baby is usually wrapped up, that results in the collection of dirt and sweat. Hence, clean the baby’s body gently and carefully to prevent the growth of infection
  • While cleaning the baby’s face, you have to be really careful because you could hurt the baby’s eyes, nose, and mouth. Also, clean the mouth, chin, and neck of the baby because due to breastfeeding and vomiting these parts gets dirty
  • Because of wearing a diaper the whole day, you have to clean the baby’s bottom too, to eradicate the odor and dirt

FAQs On Best Baby Soap in India

  1. Which is the best baby soap for fairness in India?

    Mamaearth Moisturizing, Omved Ayurvedic, Sebamed, and others are some of the best baby soaps for skin fairness or tone. There are Ayurvedic soaps that have natural ingredients, 100% no chemicals, no color, paraben, and SLS-free soap.

  2. Which baby soap is best in India?

    Sebamed cleansing bar is the best baby soap in India. The presence of sodium cocoyl glutamate and amino acids keeps the baby’s skin healthy. If your choice is Ayurvedic, go for Omved MRUDU almond milk and saffron.

  3. What is the safest soap for a baby?

    An ayurvedic soap is the safest soap for a baby. Parents always doubt what the chemicals present in a baby's soap are. But that is genuine. But remember, ayurvedic things are not always natural products. So remember it!

  4. Which baby soap is best for baby skin whitening?

    Chicco baby soap pack could be your best choice in skin whitening. This has an ultimate formula with glycerine. Similarly, it is a vegetable-based soap rich in olive fruit oil and aloe vera. Give it a try!


To sum up, always choose the soap bar which suits your baby’s skin. It is delicate and soft skin, so choose an ayurvedic or more natural milk product.

We suggest you go with the Sebamed cleansing bar if you need a more natural product. However, if you prefer Ayurvedic products, Omved MRUDU could be your choice.

Further, if you still have any queries in choosing the best baby soap for color improvement, then you ping below or join our forum to get updates related to your baby.

Which baby soap in India are you using for your little munchkin? And why?

Do let us know in the comments below. Take care!

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