5 Best Walker for Baby Learning to Walk

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5 Best Walker for Baby Learning to Walk | Best Baby Walker for Small Spaces | Best baby walker for 6 month+ old

Are you looking for the best baby walkers in India? Ok, I will come to it later. Let’s talk about the walkers first.  

To make your baby’s childhood more fun-filled and memorable, baby walkers play a significant role. A baby starts to learn how to walk through these baby walkers. Various best baby walkers are available in the market.

You can get a baby walker for girls and boys at a low price with excellent and exceptional quality. However, I have found 5 amazing baby walkers for you. Don’t worry about quality, comfort, and affordability.

5 Best Walker for Baby Learning to Walk (Best Baby Walker for Small Spaces)

PreviewBaby WalkersRatingOn Amazon
Mee Mee Baby Walker1. Mee Mee Baby Walker
– Best Budget
4.4/5Check Price
StarAndDaisy Baby Walker/Multifunction/Anti-o Shaped Leg/Anti-Fall/Music Box (6-15months)2. StarAndDaisy Baby Walker/Anti-Fall/Music Box (6-15months)
– Best Selling
(My personal favorite)
4.5/5Check Price
LuvLap Baby Walker Sunshine3. LuvLap Baby Walker Sunshine 4.2/5Check Price
R for Rabbit Rock N Walk Baby Walker Cum Rocker - The Anti Fall and Safe Walker for Baby4. R for Rabbit Baby Walker4.5/5Check Price
Wood Craft Budhni Wooden Activity Walker for Baby5. Wood Craft Budhni Activity
– Traditional Wooden Walker
4.4/5Check Price

Let me tell you very frankly. 

Never Spend Your Money on a Cheap Quality Baby Product

Until and unless it has all the safety features, comfort, quality, and hundreds of other important factors.

Just like in other activity products like activity tables, bouncers, and jumpers.

1. Mee Mee Baby Walker – Best Portable Baby Walker with Handle Bar

– Best Budget

Mee Mee Baby Walker - Best Portable Baby Walker with Handle Bar

Check Price On Amazon

Mee Mee Baby Walker with Adjustable Height and Push Handle Bar is one of the best baby walkers. Taking the first step and learning how to walk, is one of the best things you can give to your baby.

High in quality with toys and other prominent features make this walker a source of joy for your kid.

Comfortable and secure baby walker for your baby

Best baby walker trolley that is designed according to the International Standards of Safety and Hygiene of your li’l one you can confidently buy it. A comfortable and baby-friendly seat makes it easy for your little champ to sit in it for a long time. Easily adjust the height.

Baby walker with 360-degree wheels

Walker with wheels is one of the best walkers for your little munchkin. One of the best baby walkers with 360-degree wheels rotational, it helps you to make the baby move quickly.

Toys and feeding section

Toys appeal to a baby, and this baby walker with toys is an excellent source of happiness for your kid. Your baby can move around in the walker while playing with the music and sound toys.

A fantastic part of this walker is that it helps your kid to learn how to walk in a fun-filled way. You can also put something to eat for the baby in its feeding section.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable and durable


  • No switch-off button to stop the music

2. StarAndDaisy Baby Walker/Multifunction/Anti-o Shaped Leg/Anti-Fall/Music Box (6-15months)

– Best Selling

StarAndDaisy Baby Walker/Multifunction/Anti-o Shaped Leg/Anti-Fall/Music Box (6-15months)

Check Price On Amazon

The second one in our list of the best baby walker is from the brand StarAndDaisy. I’m 100% sure that you have heard about this brand, right? I recommended the product of StarAndDaisy to my Aunty and she was like she made the best choice. Trust me, StarAndDaisy’s products are truly just amazing.

Furthermore, the StarAndDaisy baby walker is multifunctional. You can easily convert it into a first-step push toy and ride-on toy. Unlike other baby walkers, the StarAndDaisy baby walker offers longevity. Meaning?

This product will stay with you for a longer time without any problems or quality issues. You can even use this for your next baby too if you are planning. Ahem!

Moreover, I would recommend this walker for the baby aged from 8 months to 15 months of age.

Similarly, this has adjustable 3 height positions with a toy panel and lights sound activities. Now let’s move toward the pros and cons of this gorgeous-looking walker for your little kiddo. This is one of the Best Baby Walker for Small Spaces.


  • Ergonomic seats and safety brakes are great and responsive
  • Offers longevity that means it will stay with you without any problem or issue
  • Convertible to first step push toy
  • The comfort is super amazing
  • Easy to carry – lightweight


  • No doubt, it is costly. But remember that baby’s safety and comfort should be the utmost priority. That is what StarAndDaisy offers.
  • Not available in multiple colors as of now

3. LuvLap Baby Walker Sunshine – Cheap Baby Walker

LuvLap Baby Walker Sunshine - Cheap Baby Walker

Check Price On Amazon

One of the best walkers available in the market that is secure and protective for your li’l one is the LuvLap Baby Walker Sunshine. Made of a comfortable and relaxing material adds value to this walker. Its toy tray attracts the babies.

Secure for the baby

The Baby’s security is the most crucial concern of the parents. You can buy this walker as it is appropriately safe for your kid. The stoppers of the walker that allows the parent to stop the walker from moving.

Baby walker with push bar/music/light

Parents can easily control the walker with a push bar and stopper. The design also looks so great which also has music with light. Your baby will love this product for sure. It also has a washable padded seat, which means you can take care of proper hygiene as well. Just like in baby bottles hygiene.


  • Best portable baby walker
  • Attractive and comfortable for the babies


  • Not enough height adjustment is available

4. R for Rabbit Rock N Walk Baby Walker Cum Rocker (Ringa Ringa) – Best Baby Walker with Anti Fall & Rocker

R for Rabbit Rock N Walk Baby Walker Cum Rocker - The Anti Fall and Safe Walker for Baby

Check Price On Amazon

One of the best baby walkers with rocker and anti-fall features is R for Rabbit Rock N Walk (formerly Ringa Ringa). It has brake pads that ensure the safety of your baby.

With these brake pads, your baby doesn’t fall even on rough places like stairs and uneven floors.

Rocking feature

You can turn this walker into the rocker that introduces your baby to a new adventure. Toys and music add more fun to it for the babies, and they love to enjoy this adventure.

The baby products are good from R for Rabbit and we have included some of its products in baby strollers also.

Best safest baby walker – Safety is the priority

To ensure the security of your baby, these baby walkers are designed according to international standards.

They took all the measures and designed the walker’s structure in the most protective way to make sure your baby is safe in it.

Similarly, it also comes with an anti-fall feature, which means it senses the danger and stops.

Suppose your li’l one is going to the stairs, so this walker will stop automatically there. Nice feature, right?


  • Easy to fold
  • Toy tray with music
  • Anti-fall feature to save your baby falling from stairs, etc


  • Lower edges are sharp

5. Wood Craft Budhni Activity Traditional Wooden Walker for Baby

Wood Craft Budhni Wooden Activity Walker for Baby

Check Price On Amazon

Every parent wants to see their child taking the first step, isn’t it? Woodcraft is the first product in the list of the best traditional wooden walker for babies in India. It is the best wooden walker for babies as it is handmade and has an attractive look with its all-natural colors. 

For the protection of the baby, this wooden walker for baby is colored with organic products, i.e., chemical-free. To make it durable it is made up of handpicked wood, while it might have some cracks, but those are natural, not defective. 

Again, to make it more suitable for your baby, it is a certified International Toy Safety Standard, that ensures that it is secure. 


  • Made with hand-picked wood
  • Painted with natural color
  • Chemical-free
  • Certified International Toy Safety Standard
  • Durable
  • Does not have sharp edges
  • Elegant look with hanging water drop
  • Glorious frame


  • Baby tumble while walking, commented by buyers
  • The finishing could be better
  • No weight in the front, i.e., unstable
  • Quality of paint could be improved


Shumee 8-in-1 Wooden Musical Activity Push Walker

Shumee 8-in-1 Wooden Musical Activity Push Walker

Check Price On Amazon

Have you heard of a wooden walker for a baby that has 8 distinct features? Namely, abacus, shape sorter, clock, xylophone, wire bead made, and gear with various colors. This is the best baby push walker, with storage at the back. For smooth walking, its wheels are made up of cushioned rubber.

To add, its use is not bound to walking only, but it also helps your kid in boosting curiosity, self-expression, fine motor development along with this, it also provides the knowledge of music, colors, and shape.

Additionally, it is ideal for a baby of 1 year and above. 

Moreover, this musical walker is made of superior quality wood as well as colored with water-based colors, so it is completely safe for the baby. It is the best baby push walker as it does not contain any plastic material but pure wood.


  • Have 8 features in one product, such as abacus, shape sorter, clock, xylophone, wire bead made and gear with various colours
  • Has a storage basket at the back 
  • Wheels are made up of cushioned rubber, that ensures a smooth walk
  • Ergonomic design 
  • Helps your kid in boosting curiosity, self-expression, fine motor development,
  • Provides the knowledge of music, colours, and shape
  • Made of superior quality of wood
  • Coloured with water-based colours
  • Does not contain plastic material


  • Flimsy
  • Its wheels are tight
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Gear could be better
  • Fixing parts could be better
  • Kid’s tilt due to its lightweight

What are the Different Types of Baby Walker?

1. Push Walker

Push Walker

If you have a healthy and fit baby, then this walker should be your choice because your healthy babies can balance their bodies effortlessly. Along with this, this walker also ensures stronger walking skills. 

This walker comes with a handle that needs to be pushed.

It is a highly recommended walker for development. You can check the same from Goyal’s Activity Push Walker.

2. Sit to Stand Baby Walker

Best Baby Walkers in India

In simple words, these are convertible walkers. And as the name implies, when it is folded, your baby can sit on it, however, when you unfold it, your baby can stand and walk on the same. 

How to Buy Baby Walkers Online in India? (15 Factors)

Choosing the right walker for your little one is an easy task if and only if you are purchasing it the first time.

Well, there are a lot of things that you should keep in mind before purchasing a good-quality baby walker.

Let me summarise the points for you to quickly understand. Here are the points:

1. What Kind of Floor Do You Have?

The firstmost thing, you should notice what kind of floor you have in your home. But do you know why the floor matters?

Because the material and weight of the walker you will buy depending on whether you have tiles, hardwood floors, carpets, and more. 

A walker with rubber wheels would be perfect for the floor with tiles, however, it won’t be perfect for the hardwood or carpet floor, etc.

Also Check: How to help baby walk independently?

2. How Active is Your Baby?

Yes, this is also important because if you have an active baby then push walkers are a perfect choice. However, for inactive or less active babysit to stand walkers are a better choice.

3. Is Your Baby Comfortable in the Walker?

Go for a comfortable padded seat as it will let your li’l one sit for a longer time. Always check the padding of the seat. Most importantly, they will not cry because they will be comfortable.

It should be soft and padded as well as it should be of perfect fit not too tight, not loose. Also, make sure that it won’t pinch your baby.

4. Is Your Baby Walker Durable?

Of course, you don’t use something that can hurt your baby because it is of low quality, right?

So, for durability ensure that the baby walker is made of high-quality material. 

5. Which Material is Used to Make the Baby Walker?

The material of the baby walker does not only ensure its durability and sturdiness. But it also ensures whether the baby walker is safe for the baby or not.

For that, you just have to check that the baby walker should be made of BPA-free or chemical-free material. 

Also Check: Are Baby Walkers Safe for Babies?

6. What Makes Your Baby Walker Extra Ordinary?

Well, believe it or not, there is always a competition going on between parents to see whose baby or kid has the best toy, am I right?

So, to buy something extraordinary, you can buy a baby walker with features such as lights, toys, teether, push button, and music. Trust me, this won’t only allow you to stand out between parents but it will also help in baby’s development as well as keep your baby more engaged. 

7. What Types of Wheels Your Baby Walker Have?

Like types of floor, the types of wheels also matter. Because a particular type of wheel could be slippery for a specific floor. For instance, the plastic wheels should not be perfect for tiles, as they could be slippery on the floor.

Hence, buy accordingly.

8. Does Your Baby Walker Ensure Baby Safety?

Always choose a baby walker keeping in mind the safety feature that it has. Check the anti-fall feature, look for a wide base, and wheel lock. These features prevent your baby is going to dangerous areas like stairs, kitchen, and others.

Wheel locks ensure that your baby won’t go in the direction he should not go, as it refers to keeping the baby moving in a particular direction.

9. Does your Baby Walker has Adjustable Height?

Babies grow with time, so is the height. They can use the walker for several months while they grow. You can adjust the height accordingly. So, you utilize your money fully.

10. Is Your Baby Walker Easy to Maneuver?

Great finish in baby walker

Easy to maneuver ensures that it won’t hurt your baby due to its finish. Along with this, a walker with a bad finish could also make the baby uncomfortable, hence, he would cry right at the movement he would be put into the walker.

11. Go for a Lightweight Baby Walker

Choose a lightweight baby walker as it will be easy for babies to walk with them. If it is heavy, the baby will be irritated as they cannot move it.

12. Buy a Foldable Baby Walker

Always go for a collapsible and portable baby walker. It will save a lot of space in your rooms. However, you can carry it also to your cousin’s home.

13. Why Push Handle Bar in baby walker is essential?

It helps a lot in giving a push and controlling your li’l one. Hence, you have easy control of your baby. I would recommend you to go for a push handlebar also.

14. Does Your Baby Walker Have a Broad Base?

If yes, perfect!

Because the broad base of the baby walker ensures that your baby would not enter the doorways or fall. As it could hurt the baby badly. So, like wheel locks, seat belts, etc, it is also the ideal feature for the baby’s safety.

15. How Much You Have to Spend on the Walker?

A walker of quality, as well as the feature, would cost you good money. However, in order not to spend less or no money, don’t go for second-hand options.

These are some factors that you should consider before purchasing a walker for your li’l one. Similarly, other factors like toy tray attachment, rocker, music sound, and most importantly check the warranty of a walker.

Final Words On Baby Walkers

To sum up, you can find an unlimited variety of walkers for your baby online. To find out which one is the best you can take help from the above-mentioned baby walkers. You can buy baby walkers online from different reliable online shopping sites.

These baby walkers are high in quality and provide aid to your baby in the best way to walk joyfully and happily. Are you still wondering which walker to purchase for your li’l one? Do comment below.

Try any of the above walkers and let us know your experience. For any doubt or if you have any other amazing baby walker, please let us know.

Read more:

More Common FAQs on Baby Walkers

When Should Your Baby Use a Walker?

You should introduce your baby to the walker between 4-5 months. However, you should use it until the age of 10 months.
Also, it is not important that every baby is going to use the baby walker at a certain age. There could be differences depending on various factors. Hence, you don’t have to force your baby to do the same. 
To be precise, you can use the push walker when your baby can balance himself.

Are Sit-in Walkers Safe?

The sit-in walker is not safe. However, you can buy push walkers, yet, you need to follow the precautions. Along with this, a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics, thousands of babies are getting injured because of the sit-in walkers.
Because in a sit-in walker, your baby has to sit inside it that could result in falling. Along with this, these walkers can also affect the posture and gait pattern of the baby that can affect the walking of the baby.
Though, no doubt, there is an improvement in the same, yet, AAP banned the sit-in walker.
Thus, use a push walker.

What are the Benefits of Using Baby Walker?

– Baby walkers allow babies to indulge in something productive along with giving them time to do more things. Though, don’t leave your baby unattended, keep him close to you
– Toys in the baby walker help in the development of the baby such as cognitive development, physical development, gross development, etc
– Allow the baby to stand up and eliminate the fear of falling
– Enable the baby to explore the surrounding
– Improve the independence of the baby

What are the Precautions to be Taken When Using Baby Walker?

Keep the doors of the staircase or other room closed when the baby is in the walker
Don’t leave the baby unattended, always be near the baby
Ensure that the walker, toys, and other accessories are smooth
Baby proof the home to protect the baby from the sharp edges, to prevent the baby from going in the balcony, etc
Ensure that your home has plenty of space for the baby to walk
Make sure that nothing is spilled on the floor and that floor is smooth
Don’t force the baby to use the walker, under the signs whether your baby is ready to use one or not
Buy a walker that is chemical-free
Allow the baby to sit and take a rest, instead to use the walker all day long
Ensure that the walker is comfortable and durable

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