7 Best Baby Wipes in India Reviews

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

Do you use clothes to clean your baby’s bottom? While clothes might be harsh on the soft skin of your infant so you should use baby wipes.

Baby wipes are best at cleaning everything with their raw and amazing fragrance that eliminates the awful smell of poop and sweating too.

As baby wipes do not have harmful chemicals and are bactericidal and germicide.

It is often believed that baby wipes are just used for cleaning a baby’s bottom but with the improvement, the use of baby wipes has increased.

Now the use of baby wipes increases as they can be used to clean the minor spill on the car, sweating, and more.

7 Best-Selling Baby Wipes in India

PreviewBaby WipesRatingBuy Link
Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water (Unscented) baby wipes1. Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes 99% Pure Water
– Best Rated
4.6/5Check Price
Mee Mee Baby Gentle Wet Wipes2. Mee Mee Baby Gentle Wet Wipes4.3/5Check Price
Supples Baby Wet Wipes with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E3. Supples Baby Wet Wipes4.4/5Check Price
Little's Soft Cleansing Baby Wipes with Aloe Vera4. Little’s Baby Wipes with Aloe Vera4.4/5Check Price
Johnson's Baby Wipes5. Johnson’s Baby Wipes4.4/5Check Price
Bey Bee Baby Water Wipes with Lid6. Bey Bee Baby Water Wipes4.3/5Check Price
Huggies Baby Wipes - Cucumber & Aloe7. Huggies Baby Wipes4.1/5Check Price

The use and importance of baby wipes can not be ignored. It is even said that “Baby Wipes are pretty much the Swiss Army Knife of parenting”. While keeping your infant clean you can also use baby diapers, as it prevents the leakage of water/poop.

What are the Factors to Consider Before Buying Baby Wipes?

1. What Ingredients are Used to Make the Baby Wipes?

As baby wipes are directly in contact with your baby’s skin. Hence, ensure that your baby wipes are made of natural as well as non-toxic ingredients. Also, you can buy baby wipes with hypoallergenic properties and fragrance-free wipes that keep your baby’s sensitive skin safe and secure. 

Some of the natural ingredients you should look for are, 

  • Aloe vera
  • Lemon oil
  • Glycerol 
  • Water
  • Tea tree oil
  • Chamomile extracts
  • Lavender oil

2. Does Your Wipes Have Scent?

A baby wipes with scent is a sign that your baby wipes contain some chemicals. Hence, you should never buy baby wipes that are scented.

As scented wipes could be the reason for rashes and other skin-related problems.

Though, the wipes with a mild scent or natural scent would be perfect. 

3. Is Your Baby Wipe Completing Its Job? (Thickness)

Factors to Consider Before Buying Baby Wipes

The thick wipes work better than thin wipes because they are durable. Thus, for better results and durability you gotta buy a thick baby wipe. 

But, how would you get to know that the baby wipes are thick?

That’s easy, for the thick wipes you should go for big-sized wipes.

4. Does Your Baby Wipes Safe for the Environment? 

To be a member of the environmentally friendly train, you gotta buy environmentally safe wipes, that is biodegradable wipes. Biodegradable wipes effortlessly decompose.

However, the best thing you can do is to use reusable wipes.

5. Which Type of Baby Wipe Container You Should Get?

If you are using wet wipes, then you have to choose the type of container too. A container would allow you to take wipes anywhere. To carry the wipes everywhere, you can choose the plastic bags which are effortless to carry.

These also come with a sticker top, that enables you to use the wipes easily. So, the wipes with high moisture ensure that it is of high quality. And to prevent the wastage of money, a container of good quality is also important.

Moreover, for traveling, you can also go for travel package wipes, which are of two types of pop-up wipes and plastic boxes. Additionally, you can also buy flushable wipes that come with flip-top wipes, these are like usual wipes, however, they also can be refilled.

6. Does Your Baby Have Tender Skin? (Special Wipes)

For the tender skin of your baby, you can buy special wipes. But what are the special wipes? 

Well, special wipes are wipes that are made of organic ingredients. Though you have to be careful when making a choice, consider whether your baby is easily prone to rashes and other health-related problems. 

7. Have You Checked the Packaging of the Baby Wipes?

The packaging of the baby wipes is also important, you know why? 

Because varied wipes come with different packages, such as some wipes come with zipper bags, reusable travel packs, and tubs. To add, if your preferred package is not available, you can use a reusable package.

Further, you can also go wipe packages with various colors and designs. Hence, you have all the freedom to choose the one according to your choice. 

8. Are You Buying Baby Wipes in Bulk?

Buying baby wipes in bulk will certainly save hell a lot of money. However, it could go all to waste if you don’t use the wipes right on time because these can dry.

9. Is Your Baby Wipe Tough to Use?

You should buy a baby wipe that can handle tears and withstand yank from the package. Because a thin baby wipe then it would tear easily. 

Additionally, it should also be able to stretch and clean your baby clean in a swipe.

10. How Efficient Your Baby Wipes Are? (Wipes texture)

Baby Wipes

The texture of your baby wipe makes sure that it will clean your baby’s skin efficiently. So, baby wipes with perfect texture cleaner are better than smooth wipes, because they won’t ideally clean the mess but remove it from residue only.

11. Have You Checked the Fabric of the Baby Wipes?

You can simply buy wipes that are made of natural fabric, instead of going for synthetic fabric. If not this, you can also go for the non-woven fabric that is a combination of natural and synthetic material.

12. Is Your Baby Wipe Contains Moisture?

The right amount of moisture in the wipes is important because if the baby wipe includes too much moisture then it would dribble, on the other hand, a too dry wipe would not work effectively.  

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13. How Much You Need to Spend on the Wipes?

Buying the baby wipes won’t cost you more. Though, the price of the baby wipes can be varied depending on the quality. 

First, let’s start with a review of the 7 best baby wipes. As we all know how vastly baby wipes are helping you in making everything easy. Its use is not limited to your baby as you can use baby wipes for various purposes.

7 Best Baby Wipes in India Detailed Reviews!

1. Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water (Unscented) Wipes – Plant Derived Fabric

Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water (Unscented) baby wipes

Check Price On Amazon

The reason I listed this in the first place is because of the current situation. People are so much aware of hygiene and proper cleanliness. It is better to choose something which actually cleans your baby with proper care.

You can clean the baby’s bottom, mouth, hand, use it in traveling, use it to clean even your makeup, and so many other wipes use.

So this wipe from Mother Sparsh is made with 99% pure water without any fragrance. So no need to worry about toxic chemicals.

Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water (Unscented) Baby Wipes I Natural Plant Made Cloth

I highly recommend this product to all the moms and dads for their little ones or themselves during this tough time!


  • Prevent baby from allergies and infections as it contains hypoallergenic components
  • Contains 98% of pure water that hydrates the skin
  • Due to its natural herbs, it can be used right from the birth
  • Eliminates irritation, discomfort, allergies and infection
  • Approved by Ayurvedic and is clinically tested


  • Too much essence
  • Wiped are thin

2. Mee Mee Baby Gentle Wet Wipes – Lemon Gentle Multipurpose

Mee Mee Baby Gentle Wet Wipes

Check Price On Amazon

Does your infant still learn how to use baby potty training seats? If yes then using diapers all day results in various problems such as rashes, infections, and more.

While using wipes enable you to clean the baby’s bottom or skin easily without much effort.

Second, unlike diapers, you can use baby wipes all day without affecting the safety of your infant. Baby wipes are completely safe and are also hypoallergenic.

Third, what makes it easy to clean everything? Well here is the answer, these wipes are thick that enables you to clean everything efficiently and their aloe vera and lemon extract moisturize the baby’s skin.

To add, it does not have woolen cloth i.e., safe, and has natural aloe vera and lemon. Finally, if you are worried that it is not safe for your infant, then no need to worry. It does not contain alcohol and is free from bacteria.


  • Contact natural extract of aloe vera and lemon
  • Does not contain alcohol that prevents the baby from bacteria
  • It is thick that helps in easy cleaning
  • Prevent any from allergies as it is hypoallergenic
  • Moisturise skin


  • Contains less water
  • Small size

3. Supples Baby Wet Wipes with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E

Supples Baby Wet Wipes with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E

Check Price On Amazon

Supples baby wipes are thick, soft, and enable you to clean your baby conveniently.  These wipes encompass aloe vera and provide vitamin E that helps in curing irritation, redness, itching, and more that are the result of dryness.

Further, these wipes are safe and maintain the PH level of your baby’s skin. Therefore, it is a standard product for your baby as it does not comprise parabens and alcohol that are harmful to the baby’s skin.


  • Maintain PH level of skin
  • Secure baby’s skin and cure irritation and dryness
  • Does not comprise parabens and alcohol that are harmful to the baby’s skin
  • Enrich with aloe vera and vitamin E
  • Skin-friendly
  • Contains hypoallergenic ingredients that prevent the baby from allergies


  • It has a strong fragrance

4. Little’s Soft Cleansing Baby Wipes with Aloe Vera, Jojoba oil

Little's Soft Cleansing Baby Wipes with Aloe Vera

Check Price On Amazon

What could be better than the wipes that contain natural extract? It is a mixture of 98% of water with polyester and viscose that retain moisture.

Further, it is soft and gentle on your baby’s skin that prevents tears due to uneasiness.

While aloe vera and jojoba oil moisturize and clean the baby’s skin. Along with this it also provides Vitamin E to the skin and hydrates the skin too.

Obviously, you wonder why you should buy this product? So the main reason to buy this product is that it is the best natural baby wipe due to its natural extracts.

To add, it is made by keeping the safety of your infant in mind as it does not contain parabens and alcohol.

Additionally, it is approved by a dermatologist, is tested as well as comprises hypoallergenic components. Isn’t it the best natural baby wipes? As it keeps your baby’s skin hydrated, provides vitamins, and is safe to use.

Further, only the cleaning of the baby is not enough, you have to keep cleaning your baby’s utensils. To clean your baby’s skin you can use baby sterilizers that help you in cleaning the baby bottles and utensils.

If you do not have so much time then, baby sterilizers save in time as it works in a few minutes.


  • Contains hypoallergenic ingredients that prevent the baby from allergies
  • Made with natural extract of aloe vera and jojoba oil
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Does not contain parabens and alcohol
  • Prevents tears due to uneasiness


  • Too much wet. The liquid could be lesser.

5. Johnson’s Baby Wipes

Johnson's Baby Wipes

Check Price On Amazon

Does your little one have rashes because of over-wearing diapers? This is quite a common situation that various parents are going through, so you are not alone in this. 

For helping you out of this situation, we have the best baby wipes. First, it conserves your newborn’s skin from rashes and infection as it has passed 5 safe levels.

Second, its ingredients make it perfect for the delicate skin of your baby. To add, it provides 3 times moisture to the skin of your baby.

Third, to provide delicate and gentleness to your infant its fibers are permeable that cure the redness and rashes. Along with this it also eradicates the irritation due to the efficiency of the work.

What could be the reason to not buy the best baby wipes in India despite their features?

Well, it is the best you can buy for your infant due to its ability to eliminate the rashes, redness, irritation. Along with this, it is dermatologists recommended and also tested.


  • Passed 5 safe levels
  • Recommended by dermatologist
  • Eliminate rashes, redness and irritation as fibres are permeable
  • Soft and gentle on skin
  • Provides 3 times of moisture to the baby’s skin


  • Contains a lot of water
  • Might not like its smell

6. Bey Bee Baby Water Wipes with Lid

Bey Bee Baby Water Wipes with Lid

Check Price On Amazon

If your baby creates mess frequently, then I’m sure you are searching for a baby wipe that is handy to use, isn’t it? These baby wipes are thick up to 35% and are soft and fresh to use i.e., the best baby wipes for sensitive skin in India.

For your baby’s safety, it does not contain alcohol, parabens, dyes, and is chemical-free. Although, it contains purified water as well as it is hypoallergenic and is comedogenic.

Further, you can also use it to clean your baby’s face, even to clean the eye area and even you can use it. What could be better for your baby’s skin than the best baby wipes for sensitive skin?

These wipes can be used for various purposes such as cleaning the desk instantly, can be used before a meal and after a meal, used to clean the screen of a computer, laptop and also to clean face.

Additionally, it is also safe to use and due to its portability, you can use it anywhere. And helps you to look all refreshed all over again in a few seconds.

Furthermore, it is the best baby wipe for sensitive skin, which is not limited to babies but even you can use it to clean your skin.


  • Portable i.e, can use it anywhere
  • Multiple purposes can be used for both adults and babies
  • Hypoallergenic and is comedogenic.
  • Perfect for sensitive skin, either for an infant or for a grown-up
  • Does not contain alcohol, parabens, dyes and is chemical-free
  • Thick up to 35%
  • Contains purified water
  • Synthetic


  • The fragrance could be better
  • Most of the times remains out of stock

7. Huggies Baby Wipes – Cucumber & Aloe

Huggies Baby Wipes - Cucumber & Aloe

Check Price On Amazon

Are you looking for something natural for your baby? If yes, then it is the best natural baby wipe as it is made of cucumber and aloe vera.

Both the ingredients are nourished and clean the baby’s skin. Further, it is clinically tested so you do not have to worry about the safety of your infant.

It is the perfect assortment of thickness, softness, and cleaner with absorbency that ensures clean and hygienic skin for your infant. To add, it does not contain parabens, soap, and MIT, so it is completely safe to use.

Additionally, to clean your baby’s clothes you can use baby laundry detergents. As detergents of an adult are too strong and might affect the baby’s skin. While the baby detergents not only clean the baby’s clothes but also keep your baby safe from harmful chemicals.

Most importantly, these wipes contain 68% of the natural pulp that your baby’s skin absorbs easily. Therefore, it is the best natural baby wipe.


  • Contains natural pulp of aloe vera and cucumber
  • Does not contains parabens, soap, and MIT which make it completely safe to use
  • Triple cleaning with its assortment of thickness, softness and cleaner with absorbency
  • Perfect for cleaning and maintaining hygiene


  • Might be rough on extra delicate skin
  • Highly scented
  • Wipes are thin

Why Do You Need Baby Wipes?

Need of Baby Wipes
  • Clean the baby’s skin gently
  • Helpful in maintaining the PH level of the baby’s skin
  • Save water because you don’t always have to use water every time when baby poops, vomits, etc
  • Can be used for various purpose such as to clean hands, face knees, and more. To add, it also hydrates your and your baby’s skin
  • Ensure effective cleaning
  • Ideal to use in winters, as you can also use a wipe warmer to keep it warm

Which Wipe You Have to Buy, Scented or Unscented?

Scented wipes won’t do any good to your baby’s skin because they can result in rashes and other skin-related issues. As babies can’t bear the scent in the diaper area, and against their skin. 

Thus, to protect your baby’s sensitive skin, you should always go for unscented wipes. 

Are Disposable Baby Wipes Better Than Reusable Wipes?

Disposable baby wipes are a better option than reusable one because it serves various purposes such as it is a better choice for sanitary use, as well as unlike reusable wipes, you don’t have to reuse it.

Thus, disposable wipes offer convenience and use.

On the other hand, reusable wipes are a good option if your baby has sensitive skin because disposable wipes could be the reason for rashes.

Above all, reusable wipes are being recommended to use in the first month of the baby’s birth to take care of the baby’s skin.

Additionally, reusable wipes are safe for the environment as you don’t have to dispose of them like disposable wipes. 

At last, comparing the various factors, we can conclude that reusable wipes are better.

Which Are the Best Baby Wipes in India?

Johnson is the best baby wipe in India because it provides moisture to your baby’s skin and also protects your newborn skin from rashes, irritation, and more.

This product has cleared 5 level safety and is recommended by the dermatologist.

Are Pampers and Huggies Wipes Better?

Yes, pampers and Huggies wipes are better because these are thicker, made of natural ingredients, perfect for your baby’s skin, fragrance-free, and more.

These factors make the pampers and Huggies better wipes for your baby.

Why are Baby Wipes Dangerous?

Baby Wipes Dangerous

Yes, baby wipes could be a danger for your baby because, 

  • It can cause irritation
  • Could be the reason for rashes
  • Could trigger burning sensation
  • Turn your baby’s skin into red and dry
  • Could result in soreness and itching

Hence, you gotta be careful while choosing the baby wipe.

Are Baby Wipes Safe?

Baby wipes are safe to use as long as it is chemical-free. Here, are some of the things you should look for,

  • Don’t rub the baby wipes on the diaper area of the baby, keep it gentle and slow
  • After using baby wipes use baby cream or petroleum jelly on the baby’s diaper area as these create the protective layer which will conserve your baby’s skin from chemicals
  • Buy alcohol-free and unscented baby wipes
  • To lessen the possibility of allergy, only use wipes to clean the baby’s bottom not face
  • Use organic as well as chemical-free baby wipes
  • You can also buy wipes that include 99% of water and 0.1% of grapefruit seed extract, that is known as water wipes

Can Baby Wipes Cause Cancer?

Do baby wipes cause cancer?

Yes, ingredients such as paraben are known to be related to allergic reactions, rashes as well as enhance the possibility of cancer. Further, it can also affect fertility.

What Ingredients Should You Avoid in Baby Wipes?

Some of the ingredients that you should avoid in baby wipes are, 

  • Preservatives 
  • Alcohol 
  • Foaming agents such as SLS
  • Propylene glycol
  • Parabens
  • Isopropyl myristate

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Are Baby Wipes Toxic if Ingested?

Yes, ingested baby wipes could impose a choking issue above all, it contains mild detergents that can be toxic for the baby. But if you saw your baby taking the wipe in his mouth, don’t worry because they will cough and gag as a reaction because of its taste.

The first thing you have to do is to clean your baby’s mouth with a clean cloth and allow your baby to drink some water to eliminate the taste of the wipes from your baby’s mouth. However, don’t try to induce vomiting.

To be noted, if your baby puts the whole wipe in their mouth then you need to call the doctor.

What are the Precautions to be Taken When Using Baby Wipes?

Precautions to be Taken When Using Baby Wipes
  • Baby wipes should be durable
  • Ensure that baby wipes are made of a non-toxic ingredient
  • Buy unscented wipes
  • Make sure to not to throw the wipes on road, even if it is biodegradable
  • Don’t use wipes for internal use but for external use such as to clean hands, knees, etc
  • Check the expiry date of the wipes before using 
  • Don’t flush used wipes
  • Never place your baby wipes under the direct sun as can dry the same
  • Don’t rub wipes on your baby’s skin keep it slow and gentle
  • Don’t leave your baby unattended as he can choke if he put wipes in his mouth 

FAQs On Baby Wipes

  1. Which baby wipes are best for a newborn in India?

    Certainly, you cannot deny that any product can replace the goodness of Ayurveda. Mother Sparsh 98% Water Base Wipes I Plant-derived Fabric is the best organic baby wipes as it is made up of natural herbs and aloe vera extract. These wipes are tested and approved to be used on the baby to eliminate diaper rashes. The goodness of Ayurveda eliminates irritation, discomfort, allergies, and infection that might be the result of inflammations.

  2. Which brand of baby wipes is best in India?

    Johnson’s Baby Wipes is the best as it conserves your newborn’s skin from rashes and infection as it has passed 5 safe levels. Its ingredients make it perfect for the delicate skin of your baby and also provides 3 times more moisture to the skin of your baby. Finally, it is a dermatologist recommended and also clinically tested.

  3. Are wet wipes safe for babies?

    Yes, baby wipes are completely safe for babies as they hydrate the baby skin and help you in cleaning baby’s skin conveniently. Further, it is safe to use as baby wipes do not contain parabens and alcohol that are harmful to the baby’s skin.

  4. Is it safe to use Johnson baby wipes?

    Certainly, Johnson baby wipes are safe to use. But it has been found that Johnson baby wipes are safe to use as pure water, despite the advice of the National Institute of Clinical Excellence.

  5. What are the safest baby wipes?

    What could be safer for a baby than a wipe that contains herbs? Therefore, Mother Sparsh 98% Water Base Wipes I Plant-derived Fabric is the best organic baby wipes as it is made up of natural herbs and aloe vera extract. These wipes are tested and approved to be used on the baby to eliminate diaper rashes. The goodness of Ayurveda eliminates irritation, discomfort, allergies, and infection that might be the result of dryness.


To conclude, you require baby wipes to clean your infant’s skin, although it is misunderstood that wipes are only used for cleaning the bottom of the baby.

While with development, the use of wipes has expanded as wipes can be used to clean the skin of grown-ups, to clean the table, to clean the screen of laptops and mobile phones, what not?

Particularly taking the use of wipes for babies into account, so baby wipes are the best way to clean the baby’s delicate skin.

Presently, you can find wipes in the market according to your needs. So if you love natural or organic products. You have plenty of choices to choose from which you can choose.

To add, there are Ayurvedic wipes, wipes for sensitive skin, and more also available.

Similarly, you also have a responsibility towards the environment so you can use baby cloth diapers. Cloth diapers are biodegradable and are easy to dispose of. You should also check that baby wipes could also harm the skin.

Moreover, before buying any baby care products, you should check the expiry of every product. An expired product harms the baby’s health such as rashes and infections.

Specifically, baby food as expired baby food might cause serious problems such as diarrhea, stomach cramps, illness, and more. So be careful while buying any of the baby products.

Hereby, to keep your baby’s skin hydrated and clean, baby wipes are best as you can even take them everywhere due to their lightweight and small size. Therefore, I do not find any shortcomings that persuade you not to buy wipes.

If you are still indecisive, feel free to comment, we will resolve your query shortly.

Which baby wipes do you use for your baby or yourself? Do let us know in the comments below.

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