8 Best Cartoons for Kids in India (Childhood Treasures)

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

Mom! Muje Action Kamen ka toys set chahiye – Shinchan.

Mai raccoon nahi hu, Mai cat hu – Doraemon.

Hi! I’m Bob the Builder – Bob the Builder

I can give 100+ world-famous dialogues of the cartoons that I have seen, or should I say, cartoons I still watch.

Out of all the funny characters, my favorite is Shinchan. I mean, who won’t love him for all his naughtiness and funny dialogues, with a touch of emotions, moral values, friendship, parent’s love, and good behavior. 

So yeah! With all those qualities, I vote Shinchan as the best kids’ cartoons. However, Doraemon, Mr. Bean, Tom and Jerry, Pokemon, Winnie the Pooh, Scooby Do, and more are some of the popular cartoons, I have watched.

Though, unfortunately, now the cartoons channels are restricted to showing a few cartoons only. If I have to say, then Pogo is all about Chhota Bheem or Tom and Jerry, and Disney plus is all about Doraemon. 

So, yeah! The cartoons like Micky Mouse, Noody, Scooby Do, etc, are lost somewhere. 


Fortunately, because of digital platforms such as Netflix or Youtube, your kid can see any cartoon you would love. Be it 90s popular cartoons or 21st centuries new modified cartoons.

Your kid can get it all!

However, before mentioning the kids cartoons list, I would like to talk about why cartoons are good for you? 

Cartoon Shows: Impact of Cartoons on Society

Impact of cartoons on society? 

Is it really a thing? 

Yes! Cartoons do impact our society because it’s not just kids who watch the cartoons but we adults watch it too.

Most of you probably won’t even believe it, but my best friend is so crazy about Shinchan that she switches off her phone to prevent any distractions while watching it.

Well, all the limits have been crossed when her boyfriend asks her to choose between him and Shinchan and her move was break up. 

So yeah! It is not about cartoons but it is sentimental value or attachment it gives us.

Let’s get back to the track, below mention are the impact of cartoons on society or kid,

  • Helps child in early learning
  • Allow kids to learn a language
  • Improves creativity
  • Encourage laughter 
  • Relief stress
  • Allow kids to learn moral values
  • Helps in cognitive development 

I believe, it is clear now that cartoons play an important role in your kids’ life.

So, now is the finest time to check out the best cartoon of all time.

8 Best Cartoons in India– Let’s Unleash the Treasure

1. Shinchan

Shinchan is certainly one of the popular cartoons where a boy does every possible weird thing you can think of to annoy his parents, teachers, and even friends.

Weird? Would Shinchan have a negative impact on your kids’ development? 

I would say no because Shinchan is not just weird or do funny things, but it also shows love for parents and kids or love between students and teacher and how fun school could be.

For some parents, it could be offensive, but all of it made Shinchan the funniest cartoon, and which is why it is on top of our kids’ cartoons list.

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2. Mr. Bean

And this guy, makes you laugh, however, by not saying a word but his gestures say it all.

Be it changing clothes or brushing teeth while driving the car, or go on vacation with his teddy, he has won everyone’s heart. 

A most important lesson he taught us is that you don’t need anyone to be happy but yourself. 

To be noted, your kid can either watch an animated or TV series of Mr. Bean – A guy with a mole on his cheek.

3. Doraemon, Muje Bachao….

Doremon, Muje Bachao - Best Cartoons for Kids

Yeah! It is a blue cat robot – Doraemon that came back to the past from the future to help Nobita who always manages to get into trouble at school or home. 

And Doraemon always manages to save Nobita from trouble by giving him various gadgets from his super cool pocket (I wish I had that pocket).

I mean, Doraemon is way more ahead of this time, hats off to the writer!!

4. Tom & Jerry

To view Tom&Jerry visit

And here comes our little guy (Jerry) who always manages to beat Tom in everything. Unlike the typical, real-life fight of a cat or mouse, this one of the best kids cartoons also focuses on their strong bond, that even after fighting SO MUCH, they always find their way back to each other. 

5. Oggy and Cockroaches 

To view Oggy and Cockroaches-

Aee mammu! Mene tereko bola tha na, Oggy.

Bole to 3 cockroaches makes fun of a blue cat Oggy!!

The concept of Oggy and Cockroaches is more like Tom and Jerry, but with a little twist of tapori language which is fun to see.

Well well well, if you love SRK, then your own Oggy got it. Not only that, his brother’s voice is dubbed as Sunny Deol, yeah! So it is basically, Ka..Ka…Kiran and Tarik pr tarik!!!

In short, a masala story in the form of a cartoon.

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6. Explorer the World With Little Dora

To watch Dora The Explorer-

Yes, I’m talking about one of the best cartoons in India, “Dora the Explorer.”

A cute little girl in a purple top and orange pants, with a cute blue backpack, is going to allow your kid to find things.

Not only that, Dora has a talking map or a monkey friend who always helps her to find her way out. Trust me, this cartoon is so influential that I still follow Dora’s instructions while watching it.

Moreover, I think the best part of watching Dora is that your kid will learn new words regularly as Dora loves to find new things.

So, let your kid help Dora find what she has lost.

7. Strong Boy of Dholakpur – Chhota Bheem

Bheem is a small boy who lives in a village called Dholakpur, who happens to save everyone from all the issues the village face. 

It is one of the popular cartoons on Pogo and according to me, Bheem’s love for ladu and friends makes it more interesting. 

8. Motu Yeh Tumne Kya Kiya…, says Patlu

Motu Patlu, one of the best kids cartoons in India revolves around two friends, one is skinny and the other is fat, who happen to be the best friends living in a village called Furfuri Nagar.

Like in general, there is a friend who creates trouble, which is Motu here, on the contrary, as a good friend, Patlu is the problem solver.


I hope you got your best cartoon of all the time for your kid because this kids cartoons list includes all the latest cartoons which your kid can easily watch on the channels like Hungama, Disney, Pogo, and Cartoon Network.

To be noted, indeed a little bit of fun way to understand things by watching cartoons, is alright. However, your kid certainly must not spend much time watching TV or using mobiles. 

Well well well, I’m open to suggestions, so, if you wanna tell me some best kids cartoons, I would love to know.

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