5 Best Educational Apps for 4 Years Old Kid

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

Best educational apps for 4-year-olds | Best learning apps for toddlers/kids | Best educational apps for preschoolers | Best educational apps for kindergarten

Hey! Mamma, looking for the best educational apps for 4-year-olds?

Um…well, you are at the right place because I have come up with some most appropriate educational apps for your kid, which will help your kid in understanding everything. 

However, I would advise you not to depend on these best educational apps for 3,5-year-olds because they can affect your kid’s beautiful eyes. But I must say, these educational apps definitely can make your kid Einstein, not in a subject but all. Because with technological advancement, your kid can learn everything just by downloading one application. 

While the major question is, what are the best educational apps for 4-year-olds? Or what are the best educational apps for preschoolers?

To be honest, if I could have used these applications when I was in school, I would have got 99 CPG. Well, I’m satisfied with 9 CGP but more, the merrier. 


I don’t know about anything, but I can bet you certainly want your kid to perform better than Sharma Ji ka ladka. Am I wrong?

If I’m being honest here, to score high marks, your kid does not need to study 24*7, but he needs smart work. And what could be smarter than your smartphone?

Hold on! 

Even during this lockdown, parents do not want to sacrifice the marks of the kid. Why am I so sure of it?

Well, because my neighbors’ son still visits tuitions, I mean, the whole world is on edge, but we have to study.

Never mind, to allow your kid to score well, keep on reading because along with informing you about the best educational apps for 4-year-olds or best educational apps for preschoolers, I would also mention a unique feature about the specific apps.

So, there you go!

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5 Best Educational Apps For 4 Years Old

1. UMANG App

Umang app/best educational apps for 4-year-olds

As its name signifies rejoicing, however, it is the acronym of Unified Mobile Application for New-Age Governance surprisingly, as I did the research and used the app by myself. My world got upside down when I read that the UMANG app is helpful for the students too. 

I had never heard that before, did you?

Never mind, it’s better to be late than never. 

UMANG app is one of the best educational apps for 4-year-olds because it provides above one crore E-books, audio files, and videos for primary and secondary students. 

Moreover, it allows effortless access to NCERT’s E-pathshala, catches up with your syllabus, and there you go with your kid’s complete syllabus. 

Well! Well!

The best part is that it is the best educational apps for 3,5-year-olds as it offers material from classes 1 to 12. 

Unique Feature- Your kid can avail of a scholarship by using the UMANG app. 

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2. BYJU’s

BYJU's/best educational apps for 4-year-olds

I mean, who’s not aware of the existence of the BYJU’s?

Be it, its ad and its study material, everything is a whispering campaign. Though I’m not a big fan of online study, especially these apps, however, it took my heart when I used BYJU’s for the first. 

Do you know why?

Because it is perfectly organized, I myself a very organized person who wants things where they should be, so it is perfect. However, it wasn’t free at that time, so I had partial access to its services. 

While BYJU’s head spinning move to make it free during lockdown opened its door to many students who can’t afford its service. And I can profoundly say that it is the best educational apps for 4-year-olds. 

Like, UMANG app, it provides study material for the student of class 1 to class 12. 

Unique Feature- Provide online learning facilities to students across the world. 

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3.  Khan Academy 

Khan Academy understands that everyone needs education

Personally, Khan Academy understands that everyone needs education, and probably that’s why it has been successfully providing free and world-class education without focusing on its profit.

Just ensuring classroom for everyone.

Moreover, Khan Academy successfully teaches maths and basic reading skills to students above 617 million who were once missing the basics. Not only that, Khan Academy is the best educational apps for 3,5-year-olds because it focuses on an in-depth understanding of subjects like maths, science, grammar, history, etc., which are mostly the weak point of kids. 

I mean, I wish I could use this type of help when I was in school.

Just go for it already if your kid is in classes 1 to 12. I know, I would, if I were in any of these classes. 

Be it chemistry, history, physics, maths, even Hindi, Khan Academy got it all!

Unique Feature- It is a non-profit application with the motive to provide the most appropriate education for the kids.

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4. iChamp

iChamp/best educational apps for kindergarten?

Looking for the best educational apps for kindergarten? 

If not, then are you looking for the best learning apps for toddlers/kids to teach your kid something during a lockdown. 


You got a perfect application, one could ever suggest you, do you know why?

Because it is gonna teach your kid in the finest possible way, probably using the cute characters to make it fun and engaging. 

I mean, if someone will teach me like this, I would probably sit with the kids to learn something. 

Moreover, it has some excellent features, such as allowing students to compete to be crowned as India’s Smartest Kids, and has a practice zone for the kids that will enable your kid to answer various questions. 

Well, the best learning apps for toddlers/kids also give exciting rewards to the kid. I mean, who won’t like prizes. 

Thus, iChamp gives a sense of excitement and engagement to your kid.

Though, it is only restricted to class 8, which could be a negative point. However, it got all the points to engage your kid in learning, making it the best educational apps for kindergarten. 

Unique Feature- It offers short-duration live challenges for the students across India, which will provide you with a sense of competitiveness and increase speed and accuracy.

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5. ABCmouse.com

ABCmouse.com/best educational app for preschoolers

There you go with one more best educational app for preschoolers, which will teach your kid to read and learn subjects such as maths, science, arts, and colors. 

As you will reach its page, you can see how colorful it is, though, you are required to pay some amount to use it. However, you can try it for FREE for a month.

Thus, these best learning apps for toddlers/kids are most appropriate for 2-9 years. Not only that, it is awarded Mom’s Choice GOLD Award, Partners’ Choice Award, and Teachers’ Choice Award. 

Therefore, it is the finest choice by the teachers and mommies. 

So, let your kid enjoy 10 various levels with 850+ lessons and over 10,000 individual learning activities. 

Unique Feature- Provide engaging games, activities, and videos to allow your kid to learn various subjects.

Alternatively, this is also a great website/app i.e ABCya! – it’s learning games and apps for kids.

Hey! check this amazing Instagram reel review of ABCya.com.

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FAQs For Educational Apps For 4 Years Old

What are the best free apps for 3-year-olds?

iChamp, UMANG, Khan Academy, Peek-a-Book, etc are some of the best free apps for 3-year-olds.

What are the best free educational apps for preschoolers?

iChamp, Khan Academy, etc are some of the best free educational apps for preschoolers.

What are the best toddler learning apps?

UMANG, BYJU’s, and Khan Academy are some of the finest toddler learning apps.

How do I keep my 3 years old busy?

To keep your 3 years old busy, you can download some of the learning apps. Moreover, you can also play with your kid which will help in your kid’s development.


To recapitulate, these best educational apps for preschoolers are most appropriate for your kid because they help your kid understand every concept with the snap of fingers. Moreover, these apps can not take the place of the actual classroom, yet these are the perfect replacements for teachers for a while.

Likewise, you can also find some best learning apps for toddlers/kids to focus on some skills/subjects. For instance, to allow your kid to learn to code, you can use Hopscotch, to allow your kid to learn maths use Prodigy, etc.

Am I missing something?

Well, if you have some best educational apps for preschoolers in mind, do let us know. Your one comment can help a kid to get a hold of their future.

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