5 Best Hand Sanitizer for Kids/Babies During School Days in India Reviews!

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

…and it’s the time to explore the whole new world again!

India along with other countries has successfully developed the vaccine, so far, 16 lakh people have been immunized nationwide which was commenced on January 16, 2021 (number of people immunized by 24 January 2021). 

With that, many states in India like Odisha, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Bihar has opened schools and which gives rise to insecurity among parent concerning their kid’s safety.

So, here your kid has to attend classes, meet teachers and other friends. How you are going to keep your kid safe

Have you thought of it? 


Going to school, your kid would be like the puppy who got a chance to roam around, touching any object, high-five with friends, playing with friends, and more would be the normal schedule for your kid now, isn’t it? 

And one day, you would notice signs of cough, fever, and more. That’s the result of not following the precautions, touching every surface or person. 

Though, for your child’s safety, make them understand, why it is important to follow all the precautions, as well as school faculty, are doing their best to keep students under control. 

Yet, masks or hand sanitizers are like swords and shields which your child can use to keep him safe.

Depending on my research, features, and safety, BabyChakra Hand Sanitizer is the best kids hand sanitizer because it is made of natural ingredients, effective, and FDA approved.

So, I have come up with some best hand sanitizers for your kids, to keep them safe and protected.

5 Best Hand Sanitizer for Kids During School Days

PreviewHand SanitizerRating
Steri 360 kit hand sanitizer for kids and family1. Steri 360 kit Sanitizer for Kids 4.5/5
Mirah Belle FDA Approved (72.9% Alcohol) - Best for Men, Women and Children - Sulfate and Paraben-Free Hand Rub Sanitizer Spray2. Mirah Belle FDA Approved (72.9% Alcohol)4.4/5
BabyChakra Hand Sanitizer And Foaming Hand Wash Combo - FDA Approved - Safe For Babies and Kids3. BabyChakra Hand Sanitizer – FDA Approved
– Safe for Babies & Kids
Algard NAHS (Tea Tree Oil) - 100% Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer, Non Toxic & Child Safe4. Algard NAHS (Tea Tree Oil) – 100% Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer4.5/5
Himalaya Pure Hands - Hand Sanitizer5. Himalaya Pure Hand Sanitizer4.1/5

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What are the Various Types of Kids Hand Sanitizer Available?

1. Spray Hand Sanitizer

 Spray Hand Sanitizer

It is the easiest hand sanitizer that you can apply to your kid’s hand. Though, probably you won’t be able to figure out where you have spread it. Further, it is tough to understand the right quantity of hand sanitizer for effective cleaning.

2. Foaming Hand Sanitizer

Foaming hand sanitizer probably won’t slide off your hands, as compared to gel sanitizer. It’s short, it won’t squirt onto the hands. Additionally, alcohol is one of the major ingredients in this hand sanitizer, which makes it extravagant.

3. Gel Hand Sanitizer

Gel Hand Sanitizer

It is easy to apply and you can effortlessly measure the quantity of the same, unlike spray hand sanitizer. Above all, it is pocket-friendly and most commonly used.

4. Hand Sanitizer Wipes

Like spray hand sanitizer, you can use hand sanitizer wipes to sanitize your kid’s hand. Though, these are not as effective as other sanitizers.

What are the Varied Factors to Consider When Buying Kids Hand Sanitizer?

1. How Much Alcohol Content Kids Hand Sanitizer Should Have?

As we all are aware, the hand sanitizer should at least have 60% of alcohol content, suggested by the FDA and CDC.

But why is alcohol-based sanitizer good? 

Because the hand sanitizer which does not contain alcohol is not as effective as it should be or like hand sanitizer with alcohol. Hence, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer would kill the germs not reduce them, like non-alcohol-based sanitizers. 

2. What is the Right Age to Use the Hand Sanitizer?

Considering the age of the kid before using the hand sanitizer is important to make sure that it is safe for your kid. Also, kids under 5 should not use hand sanitizer unassisted.

3. Which Type of Kid Hand Sanitizer Should You Choose?

Type of Kid Hand Sanitizer Should You Choose

For your kid, you should choose the hand sanitizer which would be effective, easy to use, and easy to open. 

4. Is Your Kids Hand Sanitizer Certified?

The hand sanitizer should be made with the formula which is recommended by the WHO. Apart from this, it should be FDA certified. It ensures that it is safe and harmless to the kid.

Moreover, for more information, you can check the official FDA website as they have mentioned the list of sanitizers that you should not use.

5. Does Your Kid’s Hand Sanitizer Has Appealing Fragrance?

No doubt, you can make your kid understand everything but you can not ignore the fact that your kid is still young and all he would prefer is something which looks good and has good essence. 

So, if your hand sanitizer has an appealing smell, your kid would be more than happy to make use of it. Though, I would advise you to go for the hand sanitizer which is fragrance-free. Because your kid can even ingest the same.

Lastly, buy the hand sanitizer which has mild essence and no essence.

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6. Does Your Kids Hand Sanitizer Has Appealing Packaging?

Though appealing packaging is important, it should be packed in a novelty package. Because your kid probably would try to taste it. That is not good for the kid.

7. Is Your Kids Hand Sanitizer Travel-Friendly?

To allow your kid to take the sanitizer everywhere, you should buy hand sanitizer which is easy to carry. Thus, its size should be easy to fit in a bag of the kid. Along with these, the small size of the kids’ hand sanitizer would be pocket-friendly too.

Though, it should not be much smaller because your kid probably would lose it. Also, if you are buying large bottles, you can dispense the same in small travel-friendly bottles.

For your kid, you can also buy a sanitizer with a carabiner clip, this will prevent losing the hand sanitizer.

8. Does Your Kids’ Hand Sanitizer Have Moisturizing Properties?

Yes, you should buy hand sanitizer which has moisturizing properties like baby lotion, baby cream, etc. These are typically made of a combination of essential oils and alcohol.

9. Is Your Kids Hand Sanitizer Safe for the Kid?

Kids Hand Sanitizer

This typically depends on the ingredients and type of alcohol-based hand sanitizer contains. Because not all types of alcohol are safe, that’s why it is important to consider the same. 

For this, you can simply check the label of the same. To be precise, your hand sanitizer should be free from methanol or 1-propanol.

10. How Much Money You Probably Would Spend on the Kids Hand Sanitizer?

Usually, all the types of hand sanitizer would be pocket-friendly. Yet, you might notice the slight difference depending on varied brands and types.

5 Best Hand Sanitizer for Kids During School Days in India Detailed Reviews!

1. Steri 360 kit Sanitizer for Kids

Steri 360 kit hand sanitizer for kids and family

Are you looking for hand sanitizer for a baby?

If yes, then Steri hand sanitizer tops my list because it is the kit that contains hand sanitizer, body and hand wash, and surface disinfectant. 

You are amazed, aren’t you? 

Don’t be because at an affordable price you can keep your kid safe when outside, either school, playground, and more. 

Now, the lilliputian germs, infections, and more can not harm your kid. Steri 360 kit is made of scientifically and clinically proven products over 80 years. That too by the pioneer of Germany in infection control.

It is also one of the best hand sanitizers before holding a newborn baby.

Moreover, it is best to keep your kid safe from more than 600 germs and microbes which could be the cause of infections. Not only this, but it also has met the International safety standards because it is made from the WHO recommended formula (alcohol-based).

So, all its properties make it the best hand sanitizer for kids. Because it is specially designed for mothers and babies which can be used after touching the knobs, toys, mirrors, toilet seat, car frame, windows, and more.


  • Eliminate all the germs in just 30 seconds and keep your baby safe for an hour, if your kid doesn’t come in contact with water
  • Made with the formulation recommended by the WHO, hence, safe and secured
  • To ensure kid’s safety, it has cleared International safety standards 
  • Perfect for patients, caretakers can be used before and after touching babies, etc
  • Body and hand wash helps your kid in maintaining the PH level of the skin as well as hydrate the skin
  • Disinfect the surface in just 25 seconds with the help of a surface disinfectant
  • Safe to use before eating food
  • Doesn’t have a strong essence, hence, safe for your baby
  • Available in a portable


  • The quantity is less as compared to the price

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2. Mirah Belle FDA Approved (72.9% Alcohol) – Best for Men, Women, and Children

Mirah Belle FDA Approved (72.9% Alcohol) - Best for Men, Women and Children - Sulfate and Paraben-Free Hand Rub Sanitizer Spray

Mirah Belle is the FDA approved hand sanitizer for the baby. And that’s not the only thing that makes it the best hand sanitizer but it is also best because it improves the quality of the skin.

After using it ideally, the germs around would certainly say, “I don’t want to spread around.”

Well, as your tot is going outside, to school, he needs protection from these cruel germs not the protection from the cruel sanitizer which should protect the kid instead of giving a sticky feeling. 

To be honest, this is not the problem with this sanitizer, do you know why? 

Because it is going to kick the germs, viruses, and more from your kid’s life so hard and they would be afraid of coming back. 

Jokes apart, it is made of 72.9% of propyl alcohol plus it is highly portable because it sealed and avert leakage. Thus, it is ready to go to school, before your kid. 

Above all, you know, the best part is that you don’t need a wipe or tissue to clean the surface before sitting on it because it is a spray. Hence, open it, spray it and keep it under your bag, purse, pocket, etc.

Also, the children’s hand sanitizer dispenser is perfect as it again keeps your kid safe from the germs on the surface as he can get rid of these with a spray.


  • FDA approved, that makes it safe and secure
  • Has skin moisturizing and improving properties
  • It is sealed, that prevents leakage
  • No sticky residue, which means not feeling uncomfortable after applying this
  • It is vegan, which make it ideal for parents who are vegetarian 
  • Has water-holding properties 
  • Dries quickly, hence, no need to wait before touching or doing something
  • Chemical-free, hence, won’t harm your baby, and you
  • Provide protection from 99.9% of germs


  • Not alcohol free, it would be better to avoid for kids or babies

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3. BabyChakra Hand Sanitizer And Foaming Hand Wash Combo – FDA Approved – Safe for Babies and Kids

BabyChakra Hand Sanitizer And Foaming Hand Wash Combo - FDA Approved - Safe For Babies and Kids

Hey mama! Here I’m introducing India’s first-ever baby hand sanitizer which is made of nothing but organic ingredients like mango, aloe vera, tulsi extract, coconut, and organic salt.

I know, you might be, thinking, wait, what? A sanitizer for baby, does anything like this exist?

Thanks to all the improvement, yes it does.

Above all, it is FDA approved too, which makes it safer and safer for those little hands. Thus, this anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and non-toxic kid sanitizer.

Further, it is gentle on the sensitive skin would now smell like yummy mango.

So, for your baby, it would be certainly the best baby hand sanitizer.


  • Chemical-free, hence, safe for your kid
  • Has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that will keep your baby double safe
  • Made of natural ingredients such as mango, aloe vera, organic salt, coconut, and basil
  • Protect your baby or kid from the germs which could be the cause of diarrhea, cough, eye infection, cold, etc
  • Has the mild and yummy smell of mango
  • Helps in nourishing the skin as well as keep the hands soft
  • Create a protective barrier, will protect your kid from germs
  • It is vegan, hence, no animal product has been used as ingredients
  • Non-allergenic and dermatologically tested, hence, safe for babies or kids
  • Has been certified by Accuprec Research Lab, that is FDCA, ISO 9001:2015, GLP, CPCSEA, etc, approved


  • Found nothing major

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4. Algard NAHS (Tea Tree Oil) – 100% Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer, Non-Toxic & Child Safe

Algard NAHS (Tea Tree Oil) - 100% Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer, Non Toxic & Child Safe

Would you believe it if I say, this sanitizer is as safe for your kid as water?

Most of you, won’t, would you?

I know, it is hard to believe but hey, this sanitizer claims that it has the potential to remove 99.9% of the germs, that make me say, WOW!!

This “wow” is not only because it is effective but another reason is that it is alcohol-free, yet effective. It cleans the germs in just 40 seconds, though, it is less than the Steri 360 kit.

Moreover,  your kid would be safe from yeast, fungi, germs, infections, and more with non-drying formula sanitizer which keep your kid’s smooth and soft. 


  • Kills the germs in 40 seconds, hence, work quickly
  • Effective on 99.9% of germs
  • Eliminates the germs, yeast, fungi, and more, your kid is safe
  • Leak-proof, hence, easy to store in a bag
  • It is non-inflammable and non-alcoholic, hence safe for the kid and no tension even if your kid put his hand in mouth, though, he should not
  • Prevent acne and eczema, because it is made of tea tree oil
  • Keep your kid’s hand soft and smooth
  • Chemical-free, hence, no reaction


  • No major cons

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5. Himalaya Pure Hand Sanitizer

Himalaya Pure Hands - Hand Sanitizer

Sitting at home for a year almost a year sucks!

Especially if you are a person who loves evening walks. Sitting by the window and looking at people moving around is kind of sad, isn’t it? 

Yet, you can not get out because you care about your kid so much and don’t want to put him in any kind of danger. What is I say, you and your kid can now enjoy outside. 

Yes, yes, you heard me right and I can feel that small smile on your face. 

So, let’s allow you to smile a little bigger by telling you that Himalaya pure hand sanitizer is safe for you and your kid or baby when you are going out. As it is made of ingredients such as neem, vetiver, spiked ginger lily, and nutgrass. All these make it antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antiseptic. 

With the power of herbs and lemon, it is 99.9% kills the germs and is the best hand sanitizer for kids. 

Let’s check out its pros, 


  • Made of herbs like neem, vetiver, spiked ginger lily, and nutgrass along with lime and coriander. That makes it antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, etc
  • Provide maximum protection as it also contains alcohol along with herbs
  • Conserve the skin the oxidative damage and keep your hands soft and smooth
  • Has refreshing essence, that makes it safe for kid
  • Doesn’t have allergic reactions, hence, hypoallergenic
  • Prevent your baby from allergies and infections
  • Available in various fruity essence 


  • Could be thick
  • Should be more absorbent 
  • Could be non-sticky

Check Price On Amazon

Are Hand Sanitizers Safe For Your Kid?

Are Hand Sanitizers Safe For Your Kid?

If used with all the precautions, hand sanitizers are safe and secure for your kid, though, before using one, consider whether your kid has allergies, illness, and other medical conditions.

Though, sanitizer won’t be as effective as washing hands with soap and water. That’s why you should only use hand sanitizer with a minimum of 60% alcohol when soap and water are not present.

Yet, there are chances that your kid can ingest the same and even the American Association Of Poison Control Centers has reported a 46% increase in accidental hand sanitizer ingestion. Hence, your kid should not use it if he is not old enough and if elders are not present when using the same.

For safety, you can also buy the sanitizer which tastes bitter, this will prevent your baby from ingesting the same. For this, simply check the term denatured on the label.

At What Age Your Kid Can Use the Hand Sanitizer?

Well, using hand sanitizer to sanitize the hands of babies/kids is the topic of debate because some doctors encourage it while others don’t. Yet, you should consider the same with the doctor before using the sanitizer because the doctor is aware of your baby’s/kid’s history. 

And the best you can do is to stick to hand washing. Also to know, how to maintain hygiene, you can check out What are 7 Personal Hygiene? Types, Benefits, & Importance!

Your kid can use the hand sanitizer, but always under the supervision of the elder.

Don’t let your kid use the hand sanitizer, if

  • Lick the hand sanitizer before letting it dry
  • Share their hand sanitizer with others
  • Try to drink, and eat the hand sanitizer
  • If your kid uses hand sanitizer on other parts of the body, including hands

Is Hand Sanitizer Effective on Kids?

Yes, hand sanitizers are effective on kids, yet, I would advise you to stick to hand washing because it is more effective than hand sanitizer.

Is Hand Sanitizer Allowed to Use in School?

Though, all the schools have their own sanitizer, yet, your kid is allowed to have his own sanitizer. So, if you think your kid would lose it, buy the sanitizer with handy chains that will be attached to the bag or chain of the bag of the kid. 

These sanitizer bottles are reusable, so you can refill these, once they get empty.

Which Sanitizer is Better Liquid or Gel?

Best Hand Sanitizer for Kids/Babies During School Days

Liquid sanitizers are considered to be better because they disinfect the hands or surface in 15 seconds, unlike gel sanitizer which takes 30 seconds. 

Apart from this, liquid hand sanitizer might leave less residue as compared to the gel sanitizer, yet, it could be different depending on the formulation, ingredients, textures, and more of the product.

What to Do if a Kid Licks the Hand Sanitizer?  

If your kid licks the hand sanitizer, you should consult the same with the doctor. Because the alcohol content is not good for the kid.

Is it Bad to Put a Sanitized Hand on Eyes?

Yes, because it can cause the burning sensation due to presence of alcohol in the same.

What are the Precautions to be Taken When Using the Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer?

Precautions to be Taken When Using the Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer

If your kid is using the alcohol-based sanitizer, then you need to be cautious because it can harm the kid. Here are some of the precautions you have to follow, 

  • Don’t allow your kid to use the hand-sanitizer unsupervised
  • Don’t let your kid leave your site until the hand sanitizer dries entirely
  • Prevent your kid from putting his hand on his mouth and on his eyes
  • If your kid is taking the hand sanitizer, make sure to make him understand everything because swallowing a small quantity of hand sanitizer can result in alcohol poisoning 
  • Some of the symptoms of alcohol poisoning are sleepiness, seizures, low blood sugar level, as well as it could be fatal like coma
  • Prevent using hand sanitizer which includes methanol as an ingredient it is also known as called wood alcohol, methyl alcohol, or methylated spirits, as it can be harmful to you and kids
  • According to AAP, the hand sanitizer should be kept out of kid’s reach
  • If your kid is under 5 years of age, you, the caregiver, teachers (if the kid is going to school) should supervise the kid
  • Buy the FDA certified hand sanitizer
  • Read the label and know what indigents, warning, and precautions to be taken when using a specific hand sanitizer
  • To prevent your kid from drinking or licking their hands after using the hand sanitizer, buy the hand sanitizer with a bitter taste, simply look for the word denatured on the label
  • Don’t use the sanitizer which includes isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol) because it could be toxic to the kid as compared to the ethanol or ethyl alcohol
  • Avert using the flushed or poured hand sanitizer
  • If you notice your kid licking the hand sanitizer, contact the  doctor
  • If you notice heavy breathing, seizure, collapsed kid, etc contact the doctor immediately 

FAQs for Hand Sanitizer for Kids

Is hand sanitizer safe for kids?

Yes, hand sanitizer is safe for your kid, though, you have to make them understand that they should not put their hand in their mouth if your sanitizer contains alcohol because it can be the reason for alcohol poisoning. Make sure to be there when your baby is using the same.

How do you make hand sanitizer safe for children?

To make sanitizer safe for the child, you have to make your kid understand not to put his hands in his mouth. Further, before eating food, he should wash his hand with water after applying sanitizer. Above all, even a small amount of alcohol could harm the kid, you can buy alcohol-free sanitizer, yet, for effective cleaning it is necessary. So, contact the same with the doctor for proper instruction.

Is 8-year-old hand sanitizer still good?

This old hand sanitizer should not be used because it won’t be effective as it should be. Though, prefer using new plus sanitizer which is safe and doesn’t expire.

What kind of hand sanitizer is toxic?

Hand sanitizer that contains methanol and 1-propanol isn’t good or toxic to humans. That’s why you should buy the hand sanitizer that is FDA approved.

Which hand sanitizer is best for the baby?

BabyChakra is the best baby sanitizer because it is FDA approved and made of mango, aloe vera, tulsi extract, coconut, and organic salt. Above all, it has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.


At last, depending on my research, BabyChakra is the best kid’s hand sanitizer because it is made of natural ingredients, safe, kills germs, and more. Plus smooth and soften the baby skin like baby lotion, baby face cream, baby massage oil, and more.

So, your kid is all set to put his first foot in the world after so many months without being scared of the germs.

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