19 Best Inspirational Movies for Kids in India

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

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Kids nowadays have a hell of technical knowledge. That comes with watching the abundance of movies, playing games, watching cartoons, studying, and whatnot. 

No doubt, this has a positive impact on our lives, though its negative impact is hard to avoid. What could be these adverse effects?

One such example is indulging in pornographic things or cyber attack.

However, if you look at the positive side of the same, some good movies can change your kid’s world by inspiring them. 

Here are significant questions, what are the best inspirational movies for kids? What is an educational film for kids? And how come I forget the famous platform nowadays that is Netflix.

Yes, the kid’s zone of Netflix is filled with incredible inspirational movies for kids in Hindi and English. 

So, I guess it’s time to open up new doors of development for your kid like kids bicycle, kids laptop, study table for kids, gear cycle for kids, etc.

To be noted, always watch movies with U, U/A, PG, and PG-13 ratings. This ensures that the movie is ideal for the kid and does not include things that could harm the kid’s mentality. However, don’t leave kids to watch movies alone.

Some parental guidance is must require!

Now is the time to move to the inspirational movies for kids. 

19 Best Inspirational Movie for Kids in India

1. Taare Zameen Par

Taare Zameen Par

IMDB Ratings: 8.4/10, Not Specified

I like the concept of the movie because it focuses on skills. And in my opinion, it is one of the best motivational movies for students in India. It revolves around the kid of 8 years old named Ishan, who happens to face issues in learning things as he suffers from diseases called dyslexic. 

Being not intelligent seems to be a crime in the movie, which makes his classmates laugh at him, and he is also hated by his teachers and neglected by his father. Due to this, he is also sent to a boarding school.  

But at last, with the help of his teacher, Ram Shankar Nikumbh, he unleashes his creativity and imagination. And that makes it the best educational movie for kids. 

What is the Moral of the Movie?

Your academic and educational qualification does not make you superior or inferior. And being a slow learner does not make you unworthy.

What’s essential is to unleash the real you, as Ishan did in Taare Zameen Par.

I would certainly recommend you to watch this finest inspirational movies for kids.

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2. Stanley ka Dabba

IMDB Ratings: 7.8/10, Not Specified

If you are looking for a funny plus inspirational movie for kids, this is perfect. Here the boy Stanley can study, but he does not bring his Dabba or lunch box to school.

Later on, the Verma, a Hindi teacher who was termed “Khadoos” for stealing the food from everyone, asked Stanley to bring his own Dabba or not to come to school. 

Stanley was not in a position to bring Dabba so, he stops visiting the school. Though, following the well said words, “there is will there is a way,” he participate in the inter-school concert, his talent was recognized, and he finally brings Dabba to school. 

At last, Stanley also offers food to Khadoos, and filled with guilt, Khadoos gives a written application saying sorry and quits his job.

Why you should Watch it? 

Stanley’s story teaches us that you should not fear anyone.

And that, with efforts and dedication, you can bring the world to your feet. 

Moreover, it also shows the importance of friends who hide from Khadoos, the Hindi teacher, to feed his friend.

As well as it reflects the dark side, how a bad teacher can influence a kid’s experience at school. For instance, Khadoos asking Stanley not to come to school if he is not bringing lunch. 

On the brighter side, other teachers were supportive. 

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3. Klaus 


IMDB Ratings: 8.2/10, PG

Watching an inspirational movie on occasion like Christmas would be memorable, isn’t it? So, here, I have come up with a funny animated movie for your kid.  

The movie Klaus is about the lazy and spoiled son of Royal Postmaster General Jesper Johansson. He got a task to post 6,000 letters within a year, and if he fails to do so, he would be cut off from the family’s fortune. 

Further, he visits the reclusive woodsman Klaus, who happens to have a house filled with attractive toys. After being forced by Klaus, Jesper has to take Klaus to young Krum’s house and secretly deliver toys. Then, Jesper convinces Klaus to enable him to deliver more toys because words are being spread that one can receive the gift by writing letters to Klaus.

Though, Klaus and Jesper are sabotaged by the elder Tammy Krum and Aksel Ellingboe. Hence, they lost the postal cartwheels and sailed over the town. That results in making kids believe that Klaus has “a flying sleigh pulled by magic reindeer”.

Later, as Jesper finds out the secret of Klaus, Klaus pushes Jesper away. After figuring out things, Klaus agrees to help Jesper succeed in accomplishing the target.

What does it Teach you? 

The biggest lesson that this inspirational movies for kids teach you is that not every family elder is as supportive as you think. Yet, there are some excellent people here like Klaus who agree to help Jesper. 

Also, all you have to do is show generosity like Klaus and have the determination to achieve something. 

4. Coco


IMDB Ratings: 8.4/G

It is a story of a girl named Coco who happens to be a fantastic singer but lost her memory. Miguel and Coco were abandoned by their great-great-grandmother, Imelda. When Coco was non-verbal, Miguel practices guitar skills with the help of Ernesto’s old films.

One day, the picture of Coco with her father and mother was accidentally being destroyed by Miguel. Yet, Miguel ignoring the family objection and participate in the local talent show. So, as soon as he strung the guitar, he gets invisible because he was cursed for stealing from the dead.

And if he does not return to the Land of Living Before Sunrise, he would be dead.  To save his life, he struggles, but he manages to save himself, and Coco regains her memory and sings along with Miguel.

What you should learn?

This movie inspires us not to leave hope and try our best to achieve what we want, like Miguel practising the guitar by Ernesto’s old films. He never lost the will. That’s what makes it the most appropriate inspirational movies for kids.

5. Wall-E


IMDB Ratings: 8.4/G

Wall-E is the story of how the robot Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator (EVE) restore humanity on the earth again. According to this movie, unchecked consumerism and environmental neglect turn the world into the garbage strewn-wasteland.

Though trying to restore the human on the earth, EVE has to bring the plant back to the McCrea as is believed that the plant can trigger humanity back on the planet.

At last, EVE and other robots, along with humans, save the plant. And grow the plant in the Holo-detector that generate hyperjump and restore humanity. 

What does this movie teach us?

Though this is an animated movie, it inspires the kids to work together as humans and robots. Also, it shows that even something like a robot could have emotions, like EVE who saved the earth.

Hence, unity matters a lot is the biggest inspiration.

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6. Back to Future

IMDB Ratings: 8.5/PG

As the name suggests, a boy named Marty McFly travels back and forth in time. Marty happens to have a father who was being bullied at his job, has a depressed alcoholic mother, and a professional and social failure sibling. 

He wasn’t doing good in his school, and his eccentric scientist friend Emmett, also known as “Doc”, reveals the time machine. That Marty uses to travel in time to solve all his issues and save the Doc, who the terrorist killed. 

As he gets back, he saw that everything has changed. His father is now confident and booming, his mother is fit, and his siblings have a good fate. If you look at the bright side, it is one of the best educational movies for kids as it teaches that with knowledge and making wise decisions, we can change our future.

Why is the ideal movie toinspire kids to study?

I believe it is the movie that would be one of the best inspirational movies for students because, like the character Doc, one can achieve things by focusing on their strong points or subjects academically.

Though it seems like Marty was the hero, if you ask me, the real hero is Doc, who fixed the time machine even at a young age. 

7. Up  

IMDB Ratings: 8.2/PG

If you want to teach your kids how important it is to keep your promises, Up is one of the ideal inspirational movies for kids. After retiring, the character Carl Fredricksen moves to live in Paradise Falls, South America, as he promised his dead wife, Ellie.

To do so, he converts his house into a makeshift airship with the help of balloons as he worked his entire life as a balloon seller. 

However, they had an encounter with a storm before dropping the Russell. As a result, they land on the tepui, and there they met Kevin, a tall, colourful bird collecting food for her chicks.

Further, they met a Golden Retriever and a pack of aggressive dogs led by their Alpha,  Doberman Pinscher, and they also met the master of the dogs’ name Charles F. Muntz who was searching for Kevin. Somehow, Carl and Russell manage to flee with Kevin, who was bitten by Alphas.

Later on, Carl has to choose between his house and Kevin and choose his house. Yet, at last, he manages to save Kevin and unite Kevin with her chicks. Though his house gets lost in the clouds as it falls on the ground, he finds it later on.

What could you possibly learn? 

Carl shows us how essential it is to keep your promises to your loved ones.

Along with this, he also unites the bird Kevin with her chicks that shows his generosity and care that is essential.

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8. Inside Out

The Incredibles

IMDB Ratings: 8.1/PG

Inside out is the story of a girl named Riley who has ordinary emotions that control her actions, which is represented as her five core essential memories power that is the power aspect of her personality in the floating island. 

However, as she shifted to San Fransico, she lost all aspects of her personality and became sad, angry, fearful, etc. Though, her imaginary friend reunites the joy with sadness to create good core memories. 

What does Inside out teaches you?

This movie teaches us how our good traits make us happy and strengthen our personality.

On the other hand, destructive features push us on the edge of being worse and worse.

Along with this, the inside-out movie is one of the highly inspirational movies for kids as accepting things and getting along with them will make you happy from inside and outside.

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9. The Incredibles

IMDB Ratings: 8/PG

The Incredibles is the story of a family who manages to protect the world with the help of their powers. Hiding their identity for so long, Bob one day losses his temper and harm his supervisor that cost him his job.

He received a text from Mirage, who was ready to pay him more by dismissing the robot. Surprisingly, Bob did it.

Later on, it is found out that Mirage was working for Buddy Pine, who wants to be Bob’s sidekick. And now, he is the ruthless inventor and wealthy arms dealer. At last, they succeeded in preventing harm to their baby Jack-Jack and the public. 

Though, three months later, a supervillain arrives, and guess what?

They are ready to face it as a family.

What you should learn?

We all know how much our mother loves us, but this story depicts the father’s love for his family, that Bob, after being fired from, is ready to take the mission to earn a living.

Additionally, you can also see that you can cross any barriers with the support of the family.

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10.  The Sound of the Music

The Sound of the Music

IMDB Ratings: 8/G

The sound of the music is the story of Maria, an Austrian free-spirited woman. She was attracted to the naval officer Captian, who has seven kids, and she happens to take care of his children.

After getting along with Maria, she teaches them how to sing. Later on, even the strict Captian sings with them, but he does not participate in the Salzburg Festival. Though, the captain breaks her engagement with Baroness and marries Maria. 

Later on, against the captain’s will, she makes the children participate in the Salzburg Festival. But as Caption was being asked to report to the German Navy as he strongly opposed them. His family has to leave Australia. 

However, in the last, they manage to live safely and with freedom in Switzerland.

What you should learn? 

The story of Maria teaches you that family is power and that you should always be kind and generous to everyone. For instance, earlier children misbehave with Maria in this movie, but they get along with her kind behaviour. 

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11. A Little Princess

A Little Princess

IMDB Ratings: 7.7/G

It is the story of Sara Crewe, who happens to lose all her wealth because of a piece of false news that his father, Captain Richard Crewe, died. Hence, she was being ill-treated by Miss Minchin, who was earlier taking care of her.

However, at last, she manages to reunite with her father and Becky was adopted by him. Along with this, his wealth was restored. 

What is the moral of the story?

This is one of the inspirational movies for kids as, despite all the misbehaviours, Sara does not forget to be kind towards others. Not only this, but it also tells us that friendship and family is power.

Above all, this movie has a sweet message that is, every girl is a princess. 

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12. I am Kalam

IMDB Ratings: 8/Not Specified

It is the story of a poor boy named Harsh Mayar, who is inspired from President APJ Abdul Kalam. Further, he also changes his name to Kalam and harbours a dream to meet the missionary.

What does it teach you?

I am Kalam teaches you that despite obstacles, you can achieve what you want.

Also, the person you are looking up to matters. It is one of the best motivational movies for students in Hindi.

13. Udaan


IMDB Ratings: 8.2/Not Specified

Udaan is the story of a drunken father and two sons, namely Rohan and Arjun. Rohan is expelled from the school, but he has excellent writing skills. As he returns home, he has to go through the verbal and physical abuse of his father. Also, failing each engineering exam, his father lost hope and does not enable him to study.

Along with this, he sends Arjun to boarding school. However, one day, Rohan realised that his father bit his younger brother after losing a contract. He decides to leave his father along with his brother.

Why you should watch it?

One of the reasons I would advise you to watch this movie is that it is one of the perfect movies that inspire you to study hard, as if Rohan would have studied hard, he could do something on his own instead of asking for the help of his uncle or depending on his father.

Moreover, his uncle seems to support Rohan’s dreams as a writer also asks his father to take Rohan along with him. Though, Rohan’s father denies it.

Above all, this movie enlightens us that we can reach out to the police if we suffer from abuse.

14. How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon

IMDB Ratings: 8.1/PG

It is the story of a village Viking that is attacked by the dragons now and then. Hiccup, being considered weak, is assigned a duty to make devices to fight dragons. Some research finds the rare species of the dragon, Night Fury, but no one believes him, so he goes to search out for it.

However, even after catching the dragon, he sets him free. Later, after attending the fighting class, he again visits the forest and finds that Night Fury is still there as the Hiccup’s bolas hurt him.

Being filled with guilt, Hiccups designs the harness rig and a prosthetic fin that will enable the dragon to flee. Meanwhile, he also became the friend of the dragon and named him toothless.

But Hiccup was asked to kill the dragon during the final exam of training. Instead of doing so, Hiccup runs with Toothless. Though, Hiccup saves Toothless and other teens who the Vikings’ attackers chain.

On the other hand, Vikings’ attackers awake the Red Death dragon in the process of breaking the nest. On the positive side, Hiccup and Toothless manage to save everyone from the Red Death by destroying him.

What does it teach you?

The story of Hiccup and Toothless teaches you that sympathy and kindness do not make you weak. Like Hiccup showed his compassion and empathy to Toothless, he and the dragon end up being friends and saving the whole village from Red Death.

Also, you can learn the power of unity and friendship. If Hiccup and Toothless didn’t work together, the Viking village would be destroyed by Red Death.

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15. The Lego Movie

IMDB Ratings: 7.7/PG

The Lego Movie is about a girl who realizes that self-belief makes them unique while saving the world from the Kragle.

She realizes if we believe in ourselves, we can achieve everything.

Along with this, Emmet also sacrifices herself to save his friends and the Master Builder.

What does it teach you?

This movie inspires you to trust yourself as well as it focuses on the importance of true friends.

16. Toy Story

Toy Story

IMDB Ratings: 8.3/G

It is a story where toys are natural, and as their owner, Andy Davis was shifting somewhere else. The toys have the fear that new toys would replace them. However, to avoid this, they struggle with that too in the most fun ways possible. 

And in the end, they got to know that a puppy is the gift of Andy, not other toys. 

What does it teach you?

The toy story teaches you that your friends are scared of losing you, though here, these friends were toys. So, let’s teach your kid something amazing through inspirational movies for kids.

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17. The Wizard of Oz

IMDB Ratings: 8/PG

It is Dorothy’s story that faces issues to return home after her house spun. She saw varied figures fly, including Miss Gulch, who is a witch with a broomstick now. To return, she has to take the help of the Wizard of Oz by giving her broomstick of the witch.

However, the wizard made them realize that they already possess the skills that they want. In the end, with the help of the wizard, Dorothy manages to come back home.

What you should learn?

The movie inspires us to unleash the hidden talent underneath us for which we crave.

The wizard said it helps the scarecrow who wants a brain, a cowardly lion who wants courage and more. By providing a diploma to the scarecrow, a medal to a lion, etc., she said they already have those qualities. She helps them unleash those qualities.

All you have to do is to know what you really have.

18. Kubo and Two Strings

IMDB Ratings: 7.8/PG

Kubo is a story of a 12-year-old eye-patched boy who earns a living by manipulating origami with the help of his music, sharing the story of his missing father, Hanzo, who is a samurai warrior.

Though, he would never be able to complete his story due to his deteriorating mental state.

Sariatu warns him not to go out after dark; else, Sisters Karasu, Washi, and his grandfather, the Moon King, would take his other eye. However, one day, he failed to come back home before dark and encounters Karasu and Washi, who come to attack him but saved by Sariatu, who later ask Kubo to find his father. 

In doing so, Washi told him that Beetle is Hunzo, his father and that Moneky is the reincarnated spirit of his mother.

So, when Raiden asks Kubo to give his other eye to make him immortal, he refuses and saves the village and himself. Kubo has to restring his hair, his mother’s and father’s hair on the instrument. This summons the spirits of the villager’s loved ones and shows that memories are the most potent magic as they can not be destroyed. 

What you should focus on?

The movie is about our loved ones always keeping an eye on us and that maybe people are temporary in our lives, but the time and memories that we have make things memorable because they can not be destroyed.

19. What’s on Your Plate?

What’s on Your Plate?

IMDB Ratings: 8.1/Not Specified

This movie is about kids and food politics. The story revolves around two kids of 12-years-old who happen to explore their place in the food chain and also analyze the food system of New York City and the area surrounding it.

Their search results in developing sophisticated and compassionate opinions concerning urban sustainability and inspires others to engage in the same activity.

What does it focus on?

This movie teaches you that you can achieve what you want if you are determined and ready to work hard for it despite age. These two children of 12 years manage to inspire everyone around for sustainable activity.


Every movie has its own moral, from looking up to a good person like Kalam (I am Kalam), your parents, to follow what you want like Rohan (Udaan). Your kid can opt for movies for any genre and focus on various things like skills, self-belief, educations, etc.

Though, it might be possible that your kid can learn some ill-manner from the movie. Hence, all you can do is watch the movie with your kid and try to explain things to your kid, tell them why something is correct or something is wrong.

Also, only watch movies once or twice a week.

You can also watch inspirational movies on Netflix for students. This will enable you to choose your favourite movie or movie you want to watch.

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