5 Best Scooters for Kids in India Reviews!

Deepika Kaushik

Written by Deepika Kaushik

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Ubaid Khan, MBBS

Before buying anything for your baby, the first thing you wonder is, whether it is safe for your baby or not. As with the growth, your baby’s physical ability enhances.

The scooter for kids helps them in strengthening their leg muscles just like in baby jumpers.

Along with this it also enhances motor development.

But before introducing your kid to a scooter you have to make sure that your infant is able to walk and sit. In short, your kid should walk steadily.

Let’s quickly check the 5 top kids scooter in India to buy this year.

5 Best Scooters for Kids in India Reviews!

PreviewKids ScooterRating
Baybee Flash 3 Wheel Folding Kick Kids Scooty Scooter Tricycle for Indoor & Outdoor1. Baybee Flash 3 Wheel Folding Kids Scooter (2-14 Years Old)
– Best Budget
R for Rabbit Road Runner Scooter for Kids of 3 to 14 Years2. R for Rabbit Scooter for Kids (3+ Years Old)
– Best Selling
Little Olive Munchkin Scooter for Kids of 3 to 14 Years Age 3 Adjustable Height3. Little Olive Scooter for Kids (3+ Years Old)
– Best Budget
Smart Saver Heavy Duty Kick Music Scooter for Kids & Toddlers with 4 Adjustable Height4. Smart Saver Scooter for Kids
– With Music
Baybee SPEEDFORCE 3 Wheel Folding Kick Kids Scooty Scooter Tricycle5. Baybee SPEEDFORCE 3 Kids Scooter4.0/5

As riding on the scooter involves various body muscles such as buttock muscles, calves, belly, and more.

To add, it also helps in the development of coordinating skills and the directional sense of your kid.

Scooter is a healthy start to teach your kid physical activity instead of watching TV, mobile phones, etc.

Physical activity helps the kids in learning various things, enhances memory, and fuels the growth of nerves.

Scooters and kids cycle are the best examples of learning while playing.

Obviously, choosing a scooter for your kid is a difficult task, isn’t it?

What are the Various Types of Kids Scooter?

Types of Kids Scooter

1. Regular Kick Kids Scooter

Its name says it all, to create the movement, your kid has to kick on the floor and there he goes enjoying the ride. And for your information, these types of scooters usually dominate the market.

2. Trick Kids Scooter

Don’t worry, it does not show you tricks like a magician and won’t make your kid disappear. But these are best if you have curbs at home and to cross those your kid has to jump, so yeah! Jumping is the trick which this scooter plays.

For jumping, it uses the concave deck and no folding mechanism. So, now you can literally see your kid flying in the sky. It is perfect for sliding, jumping, tail whips, and inevitable crashes.

3. Kickboard Kids Scooter

If you are looking for something stable and unique, Ta-da, you got one.

Unlike traditional or regular kick scooters, these have 3-wheels which allow your kid to maintain the balance easily.

So, the equation is, 

3-wheelers + Perfect Balance= Less worry

Further, these also have a rare unique lean to steer feature, just like a skateboard. 

Additionally, these are so much popular because of safety, and these are slow.

4. Electric Kids Scooter

And it is something which is not only famous among kids but adults love it too. That reminds me of Shinchan, which is not only loved and seen by babies or toddlers but adults too, one of which is certainly me.

Well, if you are worried about the speed limit, don’t be because kids’ electric scooters are designed with limited maximum speed to ensure safety.

How Do I Choose a Scooter For My Child?

Kids Scooter buying guide

1. Is Your Kids Scooter Ensure Safety?

Well, when your kid would learn how to write it he is definitely going to bump into people, cars, you, and everything in his sight because he does not know how to balance it.

But hey, that’s fine, let your kid understand how to do it.

So, I can’t promise that when trying you would not see any wounds on the knees or elbow of the kid, yet, you can certainly check whether the scooter has crossed safety standards.

Thus, either your baby would ride a 2-wheeler scooter or 3-wheeler scooter, he is destined to fall because he is learning to balance himself.  

Still, some safety things you can focus on are,

  • The kid’s scooter should be slip-resistant to avert the chances of falling on the glassy roads
  • Kids scooter should ensure easy gripping along with preventing blisters, which could be really hurtful, trust me when I’m saying this
  • Brakes should be ideal enough to stop the scooter just with a snap of fingers

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2. Which Type of Scooter You Should Buy For the Kid?

Ya! After safety features come, which type of scooter you should pick, and trust me, it is nothing like roaming in the market to find the perfect dress for an occasion because it is bizarre. 

Especially for me, because I’m the worst at finding things and that’s the quality my mother hates the most, no worries, I don’t mind because I got her.

Back to the topic, mothers always want the best for their kids and the good news is that you have plenty of options to choose from, so, for your wobbly baby, go for a 3-4 wheeler scooter.

But if your kid is quite good at riding the scooter, you can buy the stunt scooter and let him try the new tricks, like he is using the magical wand. 

Simply, focus on buying the right scooter depending on the kid’s skill, size, and more. Else, it could result in accidents. 

3. Does Your Kids Scooter Have Anti-Lock Brakes?

Perfect size, safety, what comes next?

Now comes the most important thing, brakes, which are not only important in your bike, scooter, and scooty but your kid’s little scooter also needs it. 

Trust me, don’t underestimate this, do you know why? 

Because this will prevent your kid from accidents, unlike me, who hit scooty in a car and got hurt, though, I wasn’t young at that time.

The anti-lock brakes as mentioned avert the chance of accidents, especially if your kid has just started riding the same.

So, being a little cautious won’t harm anyone, will it?

One more thing I would like to enlighten you with is that, before letting your kid ride the bike check whether these brakes are working or not.

Couldn’t trust anyone, especially when you are buying online.

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4. Does Your Kids Scooter Have Adjustable Handlebars?

Handlebar is the means which allow your kid to talk to the air in any direction he wants. 

Hold on a second and come closure, shhh…I’m going to tell you a secret to save money.

Are you ready to listen?

Well, the secret is that you should buy a scooter with an adjustable handlebar which will allow you to adjust its height as your kid grows.

But the catch is that you can tell this secret to anyone you want.

Am I being too dramatic? 

Probably, I’m but hey, anything to entertain you.

So, this feature would prevent outgrowing the kids and you can use the scooter for a long time because you can change the height of the scooter up to level 3.

That by the way, makes a lot of difference. 

To be noted, some electric scooters lack these features, but due to technology, new models have this feature.

5. Does Your Kids Scooter Have Racks or Saddle Bags?

Is your kid eating something quite a few times?

I used to do it, to be honest, I still do it. 

So, if your kid falls in the same category then having the racks or saddlebags is important as this will allow your kid to pack his favorite snack when going out.

Why limit this feature to food only, your kid can store a helmet, raincoat, water bottle, sanitizer, etc in the compartment.

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6. Does Your Kids Scooter Have a Security System?

Hey! It’s time to call the security!

The only difference here is that when using this feature bouncers with guns are not going to appear.

But this feature will keep your scooter safe from being taken by thieves with its anti-theft alarm. 

And even if someone successfully stole it, they can not go far because the security system is gonna direct you to where your kid’s scooter is.

7. Is Your Kids Scooter Age Appropriate? 

Yeah, now imagine, I riding the kid’s scooter, probably, it would be fun for me, for a while though, yet I would certainly be labeled as mad.

I riding the kid's scooter

So, no! Not a good choice because maybe I would break it.

That’s why, buying the kids scooter is not just about how secure it is, but it should also be ideal for your kid’s age.

Only buy the scooter after checking whether it is suitable for your kid’s age or not.

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8. What is the Weight of the Kids Scooter?

When I first tried to ride the scooty, I almost lost control because it was too heavy, trust me. 

So, for your kid, who is still developing, you should buy the lightweight, effortless to maneuver, etc scooter.

Because your kid should ride the scooter, not the opposite.

Plus, a heavy scooter would make you exhausted and you end up dragging the scooter or your kid at home.

9. How Much Weight Your Kids Scooter Withstand?

Of course, a kid scooter can not hold my weight, can it? 

Not at all, because it is made to withhold your kid’s weight not mine and yours, because we probably would break it. 

So, always know the range of weight your kid’s scooter can hold.

If your kid’s scooter is not appropriate according to your kid’s weight then the wheels of the same would wear easily as well as would dismantle in less period.

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10. Is Your Kid’s Scooter Attractive?

Well, we all love things which please our eyes, right? 

If I have to get a scooter for me, then it should be the most attractive and should make everyone turn and forget their ways. 

I can bet, your kid wants the most attractive scooter too to win the on-going competition between him and his friends. 

Though, when it comes to some parents, looks does not really have that aspect they look for in a product. 

11. Does Your Kids Scooter Ensure Mobility? 

Technically, the whole purpose of having a kids scooter is to make your kid move anywhere.

But here, this factor is concerned whether you can transport it anywhere or not.

Of course, if I love something I would love to pack it in my suitcase and carry it everywhere with me just like you carry your face mask or cream, etc, and your baby’s diaper rash cream, body wash, whatnot.

And if your kid loves his scooter, he would want the same, certainly you can understand how kids are attached to their favorite toys.

Surprisingly, you can literally fold some scooter and ta-da, you are ready to go!

Like everything else, your kid has his scooter too on holidays, vacations,etc.

12. Is Your Kids Scooter Durable?

 Your Kids Scooter should be Durable

Certainly everyone wants as many durable products as possible for long term use.

Because buying the product which is fragile as glass would not be worthy, will it?

Durability is not just about the material of the product, but it also includes warranty or guarantee.

Because a longer warranty makes sure it has a long life because you can replace and repair it if needed.

So, while looking for a studier product, always check the above mentioned factors too. 

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13. Is Your Kids Scooter Has a Wide Foot Platform?

As mentioned earlier, your kid is growing, he needs something which can accommodate his needs as he grows.

So, when looking for an adjustable handlebar, also check out for wide foot platform so that your kid’s foot does not outgrow the same.

14. What are Factors to Look in the Wheels of the Kids Scooter?

Wheels of the kids scooter is important like the wheels of your car or other 2-wheelers. 

So, the first thing you should look at is its size, because large wheels would be faster, but would be heavy. On the contrary, small wheels would be a bit slow. 

Second, you should check how much weight the wheels can withstand. Generally, when commencing to use the same, the weight holding capacity would be less only.

Lastly, you should look for the type of wheel.

Typically, the types of wheels you would find are metalcore polyurethane which is used in trick kids scooters, and on the other hand, you would find nylon core polyurethane. 

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15. Which Type of Surface Would Your Kid Ride on?

Of course, if you live in the area where roads are not well maintained, not all types of scooter would probably work ideally plus can lead to fatal accidents. 

So, if you live in an area with rugged and rough roads, your kids scooter should have suspension, most importantly in the front.

With that, it should have ergonomic handles which will help in reducing the vibrations in the hands and arms. 

16. What is the Core Material of the Kids Scooter?

The core material holds important things like our heart is important to use. Without taking much of your time, let’s start with what material you should consider buying.

Well for your young kid, you can buy the kid scooter with plastic as core material because of its lightweight. 

Yet, as your kid grows then you can buy the scooter with metal as core material because, with the growth, your kid would become strong, and can handle more weight.

But that does not mean your kid can bear any weight.

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17. How Many Wheels Kids Scooters Should Have?

If I have to choose one for me, then I would probably start with a scooter with 4-wheels, yeah, I’m serious, I’m still struggling with balancing. 

Well, right now, we are talking about your kid, so, if you want something stable then a scooter with 3 and 4 wheels would be a good choice, once your kid learns to balance, you can shift one. 

18. Have You Considered the Height of Deck?

Consider the Height of Deck

Deck height is also one of the important factors to consider because it prevents falling.

Typically for that, you should buy the kids scooter with a lower deck, as this will helps in keeping the center of gravitation low, hence, few chances of falling. 

This also includes the distance between the deck and ground, because it determine how far your kid will fall.

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19. What Type of Grip Material Kids Scooter Should Have?

Typically, the kid’s scooter has two types of grip material that is rubber or foam. When it comes to choosing either of these, both are perfect. 

Yet, let’s have a look at these both,

Rubber grips are more durable than foam grips because they do not easily get soiled.

Additionally, it also eradicates the need for end plugs because it covers the handlebars entirely. 

When talking about the foam grip then, it does not wrap around the handlebar entirely and they are generally plugged with metal or plastic.

That makes it easily hurt the kid’s hand. Still, these are durable. 

In my opinion, rubber grips are far more better than foam grips. 

20. What Steering Material Does Your Kids Scooter Has?

The steering mechanism differs depending on the type of scooter you are buying. For instance, 2-wheeler scooters are steered like the bicycle, simply turn the handle bar and wheels will follow the same. 

On the contrary, 3-wheeler scooters either steer when steer or lean-to-steer.

Well, when choosing one for your kid, you should go for a turn-to-steer option because it is easy to operate.

Yet, it could be dangerous because it can turn the wheel too far as well if your kid takes a sharp turn.

But it is considered safest because your kid can turn the scooter in any direction they want.

So, this not only allows your kid to develop balance but they learn coordination too.

21. Is Your Kid Ready to Ride the Kids Scooter?

Well, of course, if your kid is not ready to ride one, there is no point in buying it because it would probably sit in a corner of your room or some place waiting to be used. 

Not only that, but if your kid is not ready he will probably fall, just like I did when I was learning how to ride the scooty.

So, here you should look whether your kid is ready by age, physical size, etc. 

For instance, if your kid can walk steadily, then it might be cue that your kid can ride the same. This will probably happen in 2-3 years.

And a friendly advice to the overprotective parents, who think they have to literally push their kids to do everything, they need to understand that it’s not too late to try something new. 

So yes, if your kid of 7 years old does not know how to ride a kids scooter that’s fine, there is no need to freak out. 

Every kid is different when it comes to development of skills, motor development, gross development, etc.

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22. What Should be the Size of the Scooter?

Size of the Scooter

As mentioned, the size of the scooter depends on your kid’s size and body, for that, either you can go for a large kick scooter or a small kick scooter.

Generally, the size of the kid’s scooter is directly propagated to the size of the wheels. You can check here exactly what is the size of the small or large kick scooter, 

23. What is the Price of the Kids Scooter?

I would say, this might not be pocket-friendly but you should give priority to the kid’s safety, not money.

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So here we come up with the 5 best scooters for kids, that makes the ride of your infant safe and enjoyable.

5 Best Scooters for Kids in India Detailed Reviews!

1. Baybee Flash 3 Wheel Folding – Best Scooter for Kids (3-14 Years)

Baybee Flash 3 Wheel Folding Kick Kids Scooty Scooter Tricycle for Indoor & Outdoor

If you are looking for a 3 wheeler that perfectly fits in your home too. What could be better than this?

Due to the quality of its tiers your kid can even use it at home. As it does not leave any marks on the tiles and marbles.

You do not have to worry when your child is enjoying an amazing ride on this scooter.

Because your kid can easily use rear brakes and control the speed of the scooter.

Additionally, its brake pedal is aluminum reinforced that enables your kid to use the scooter conveniently and without much effort.

While you can effortlessly compose it by following the instructions. It is perfect for the infant of the age of 3 to 14 years and can bear weight up to 75 kgs.

Due to its weight-bearing capacity, even parents can take a ride on this and re-enjoy their childhood.

You do not have to run behind your child whenever he goes for a ride as your kid can handily control it and balance it.

To add, you can easily modify its height and it is comfortable to hold handlebar as these are made up of aluminium alloy.

Due to the aluminum alloy, your infant can hold the handle for a long time, its handle is non-slippery.

If you are fashionable, so what could be better than this for you?

It has attractive fluorescent colour, as well as its wheels, have a light that makes the ride of your kid more enjoyable and fun.


  • Its wheels have a light, that makes it more attractive
  • Handlebars are made up of aluminium alloy
  • Height is extendable
  • Handle it none slippery
  • Brakes pedal are aluminium reinforced
  • The weight-bearing capacity of up to 75 kgs
  • Easy use rear brakes and control the speed of the scooter
  • Foldable


  • Assembling could be easy

You might face difficulty in assembling the scooter, so you have to follow proper instructions.

Altogether, it is safe and easy to use, that makes it worth buying.

Check Price On Amazon

2. R for Rabbit Road Runner Scooter for Kids (3-14 years)

R for Rabbit Road Runner Scooter for Kids of 3 to 14 Years

If you are looking for a completely safe baby scooter then here it is. This scooter has cleared En 71 certified test, which makes it safe for the babies to use.

It is perfect for the infant of the age of 3 to 14 years and can hold weight up to 75 kgs.

Due to its ability to hold this much weight that makes it easy for you to take a ride. Even teaching your infant to how to ride it.

Further, it is stable and sturdy that helps your kid to easily learn how to make a balance and learn to control this.

To add, its wheels are made up of PU material that ensures a smooth ride and makes it perfect for indoor use too.

Obviously, you do not want the marks of wheels all over your floor, right?

Do not worry as this scooter does not leave any mark on your floor due to the high quality of wheels that are made up of PU material.

Does your infant love bright lights?

If yes, then this shooter is best for your kid as its wheels lighten up when while driving.


  • Wheels have a light that makes it more likeable
  • High PU wheels
  • Does not leave any marks ok floor i.e., can be used indoor too
  • Easy to balance and control
  • A wide deck that holds up to the weight of 75 kgs
  • En 71 certified, that makes it safer for kids
  • Foldable


  • Might face problem in using a red pin
  • Heavy

To use it, you have to go through all the instructions as without instructions you might face problem in assembling this.

While it is completely safe to use and is best for your kid.

Check Price On Amazon

NIYAMAT Road Runner – Best Scooter for Kids (3-8 years)

NIYAMAT Road Runner Scooter for Kids

No doubt, a scooter enhances the development of your kid, especially the kick scooter as it involves movement of legs and muscles.

With the growth, you do not have to worry about buying a new scooter. As you can handily adjust its height.

You can increase the height of this scooter up to 3 levels through the handlebar.

It is the best scooter for kids as it is not only easy to store and fold but is lightweight.

As your kid grows, the speed of scooter also enhances according to kid’s wants. So, here it is as its handgrip is soft and comfortable.

Along with this, its deck is strong and is made up of aluminum which is aircraft-made. As a result, it makes the ride of your kid smooth and safe.

Before using it, the first thing that comes to mind is brakes, isn’t it?

Don’t worry, it is easy to apply brakes even at high speed with the help of its rear fender brakes. It has fender brakes and LED wheels.

In short, it is safe, secure, comfortable, smoother rides, stable and more. Isn’t it, it is one of the best scooters for kids in India?


  • Easy-grip and is comfortable
  • Rear render brakes enable kids to stop even in high speed
  • Made with aircraft aluminium material
  • Foldable and lightweight, makes it best for travelling
  • 3 level height adjustment


  • Size of wheels could get bigger
  • The base plate could get more durable

The size of the wheels is small and its base plate is not stable but it is completely safe and secure to use. That makes it the best scooter for kids in India.

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3. Little Olive Munchkin Scooter for Kids (3-14 years)

Little Olive Munchkin Scooter for Kids of 3 to 14 Years Age 3 Adjustable Height

First, it is EN 71 and BIS certified that makes it completely safe to use by your kid.

Second, to assemble it you have to go through all the instructions else you face problems in assembling this

Further, its wheels are made up of superior quality of PU materials and have LED light in the wheels that work when wheels move.

This gives the amazing look the scooter.


  • The LED on wheels give it an attractive look
  • EN 71 and BIS certified that make it safe for your infant
  • Wheels made with high quality of PU material


  • Quality of base could get better

There always been a possibility that your kid can fall as it is not about the base of the scooter but it is about how you drive it.

Check Price On Amazon

4. Smart Saver Heavy Duty Music Scooters for Kids & Toddlers (2-10 years)

Smart Saver Heavy Duty Kick Music Scooter for Kids & Toddlers with 4 Adjustable Height

Are you looking for a scooter, that is up to date and is perfect for you kid?

Certainly, who do not want the best 3 wheel scooter for kids in India as it enhances motor development. It is easy to balance, control and is has reinforced aluminum rear brakes.

Further, its wheels have LED lights that glow and make the ride of your little one enjoyable.

To add, no one likes the noises that wheels create and also the scratch marks on the floor.

For your convenience, this is the best 3 wheels scooter for kids in India as it does not leave any marks on the floor neither create any cranky noise.

In short, it does not annoy you.

Additionally, you do not have to assemble it and is also portable, what is better than this? You just have to unpack it and it is ready to use.

  • No need to assemble it, unpack it and use it
  • Does not create any noise and leave marks of the wheel on the floor due to PU wheels
  • Reinforced aluminium rear brakes
  • Stable and easy to control
  • Ensure a safe and smooth ride

So far it does not have any shortcomings, that makes it one of the best scooters for kids in India.

Not only this, but it is also stable, sturdy, made with high-quality materials and more.

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5. Baybee SPEEDFORCE 3 Wheel Folding Kids Scooter Scooter (3-12 years)

Baybee SPEEDFORCE 3 Wheel Folding Kick Kids Scooty Scooter Tricycle

No parents would compromise when it comes to the safety of the baby, right?

Baybee scooter has cleared EN 71 safety tested that ensures that it is safe for baby.

It is perfect for the age of 3 to 14 years and can bear the weight of up to 40 kgs. Its weight carrying capacity makes it even better for parents who want to relive their childhood.

If you are worried that your infant face difficulty in riding than you do not have to think about it.

As your kid can drive it easily even if your kid is learning to balance. Moreover, you can effortlessly modify its height with the help of its aluminum alloy pole.

Along with this, its handlebar is non-slippery and soft, which enables your kid to hold handlebars for a long time.

Furthermore, the large wheels of the scooter make your kid stable and ensure a smooth ride and comfort.

Finally, it is easy to apply the brake due to its large aluminum brakes.

Hence, I would say this is one of the best scooters for kids in India.


  • Large aluminum brakes that enable smooth stopping
  • Smooth and comfortable ride as it has large wheels
  • Non-slippery handlebar, the kid can hold it for a long time without discomfort
  • Effortless to modify its height
  • Can bear weight up to 40 kgs
  • EN 71 safety tested, which makes it safe for kids


  • The platform is close to the ground
  • Expensive

In spite of some shortcomings, it is safe and secure for your infant to buy. As it is not only safe but is also comfortable and can be used for a long time without any discomfort.

Check Price On Amazon

At What Age Your Kid Can Ride the Kids Scooter?

At What Age Your Kid Can Ride the Kids Scooter?

The right age to ride the scooter by your kid is different. So, there is no specific age when your kid can ride the scooter, simply look for the cues like once your kid learns to sit and walk steadily with perfect balance.

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Are Scooters Safe for 3 year olds?

Young kids are at risk of getting badly hurt when riding the scooter. Further, according to child safety experts, a kid’s scooter is not ideal for a kid of under 8 years.

Should Toddlers Wear Helmets on Scooters?

Yes, toddlers should wear the helmet when riding the scooter to prevent head injury. Further, encouraging the kids to wear the helmet right from the will allow your kid to develop the habit to wear it further. 

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Are Scooters Good For Toddlers?

Can an 18 month old use a scooter?

Yes scooters are good for toddlers, yet, according to child safety experts, kids under 8 years should not ride the scooter. 

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Which Child’s Scooter is the Best? 

Babybee is the best scooter for baby because of these reasons, 

  • Allow you to modify its height for upto 3-level
  • Has a soft and comfortable hand grip
  • Has a strong deck that is made of aluminum 
  • Effortless to apply brakes 

What Are the Best Scooters for 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 years old?

Smart Saver is the best scooter for the kid of 2-10 years. Because of these reasons, 

  • Has reinforced aluminum brakes
  • Made of high-quality material 
  • It is stable and effortless to control
  • Enable you to adjust its height 

What is the Purpose of Kids Scooter?

Purpose of Kids Scooter

What is the benefit of a kids scooter?

Using the kids scooter has plenty of benefits, some of these are, 

  • Encourage family outdoor fun and activity 
  • Improve the physical confidence of the kids
  • Helps in the development of motor skills
  • Allow your kid to learn, how to ride the bicycle
  • Ideal for exercising 
  • Helps your kid learn a directional sense

What are the Tips to Focus on When Buying the Kids Scooter?

  • The number of the wheels of the kid’s scooter should depend on your kid’s age and ability
  • Make sure your scooter can roll smoothly and efficiently 
  • For starters, your kid should ride 3 and 4 wheeler
  • The deck of the young kid should not be too much high
  • The rubber grip is better than foam grip because these cover the handlebar completely 
  • The kid’s scooter should be free from the sharp edges to prevent hurting
  • Make sure that your kid can effortlessly reach the floor to kick 
  • The size of the wheel of the scooter of a young kid is 100mm
  • Once your kid master the skills to learn 3 and 4 wheeler, then only shift to 2-wheeler

FAQs On Scooters for Kids

  1. What is the best scooter for 7 years old?

    Baybee Flash 3 Wheel Folding Kick Kids Scooty Scooter, is the best baby scooter for kids in India. Even it is best for the 7 years old kid. First, the height of the scooter can be modified up to 3 levels through the handlebar. Second, the speed of the scooter also enhances so here it is as its handgrip is soft and comfortable. To add, its deck is strong and is made up of aluminum which is aircraft-made. Further, it is easy to apply brakes even at high speed with the help of its rear fender brakes.

  2. Can a two-year-old ride on a scooter?

    Yes, a two-year-old kid can ride on a scooter. However, you have to teach your kid and also should take extra care of your kid.

  3. Which scooter is best for beginners?

    In the beginning, you should not leave your infant alone. Along with this you even have to teach your infant, how to take a ride on the scooter. While Smart Saver Heavy Duty Kick Music Scooter for Kids & Toddlers is the best scooter for beginners. You can use it for the kid of age of 2 years to 10 years. Further, It is easy to balance, control and is has reinforced aluminium rear brakes. Moreover, this is the best 3 wheels scooter for kids in India as it does not leave any marks on the floor neither create any cranky noise.

  4. Which is the best scooter for 10-year-old boy?

    R for Rabbit Road Runner Scooter for Kids is the best baby scooter for kids in India. It is best for you to a kind of 10-year-old. The height of the scooter can be modified up to 3 levels through the handlebar. Further, the speed of scooter also enhances so here it is as its handgrip is soft and comfortable. To add, its deck is strong and is made up of aluminum which is aircraft-made. Moreover, it is easy to apply brakes even in high speed with the help of its rear fender brakes.


To conclude, nothing is important than the motor development of your kids. From an early age, you can introduce your infant with baby jumpers and baby bouncers.

As these help the baby in creating natural movement, likewise, scooters are best for the motor development of the baby.

Scooters help in enhancing the coordinative skills helps in understanding the directions, helps the baby in memorizing things, and more.

To add, nearly all the scooters can bear the weight, that even parents can drive it. Scooter not only perfect for babies but it also enables you to re-live your childhood.

Additionally, you can introduce your infant with some other toys that not only help your infant in motor development.

But it also helps in enhancing the visualization, imagination and more.

Don’t forget to check these swimming pool for kids and laptop toys for kids.

If you are still indecisive, feel free to comment, we will solve your query soon. Which kids scooter do you like the most and why?

Do let us know in the comments below.

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