5 Best Maternity Belt after Delivery in India Reviews!

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As you are well aware, during pregnancy the weight of women increases. And many women try to reduce their weight to get back to their earlier size.

Therefore, we have come up with the method that is, the best maternity belt after delivery in India that prevents the stretching of the abdomen. 

Not only this but this post-maternity belt tightens the muscles of the abdomen, decreases the swelling, and most essential it supports your back.

As after giving birth to a baby, the muscles are overstretched, which does not come into their normal form instantly after pregnancy. However, also leave fat and flabby skin. 

To prevent this, you can use these best maternity belts after delivery in India as these are known to enhance and tighten the muscles.

5 Best Maternity Belt after Delivery in India

PreviewMaternity BeltRating
Luvlap Post Natal Maternity Corset Belt, postpartum tummy shaper1. Luvlap Post Natal Maternity Corset Belt, Postpartum Tummy Shaper
– Best Budget
Longlife abdominal belt after delivery for tummy reduction2. Longlife Abdominal Belt after Delivery for Tummy Reduction
– Best Seller
elebae 3 in 1 Postpartum Support Recovery Belly Wrap Waist Pelvis Postnatal Body Shaper Slimming Belt3. elebae Postpartum Support Recovery Belly Belt
– Best Overall Support
Tynor Abdominal Support 9 for Post Operative Post Pregnancy4. Tynor Abdominal Support for Post Pregnancy3.7/5
Semme Postpartum Recovery Waist Tummy Belt Body Shaper Hip Cincher Abdominal Binder5. Semme Postpartum Recovery Waist Tummy Belt4.6/5

On the other hand, you can also use a cloth to wrap up your abdomen area. 

Well, pregnancy means stretch marks, to prevent this, you can use the best stretch mark cream and you would also require the maternity pads.

Now the question is, how to use these best maternity belts after delivery?

No worries, you simply have to wrap the belt around your abdomen and it is done. After that, the post-pregnancy belt supports your abdomen organs and muscles.

Still, I would advise you to consult with your doctor too.

What is the right time to use the post-maternity belt? That depends on the type of delivery. If you have normal delivery you can use a post-maternity belt right after delivery.

In contrast, in the case of the C- section, then you have to wait until your scars heal. Although, we advise you to consult a doctor before getting to any conclusion

At last, for your comfort during pregnancy, you can also use the best pregnancy pillows. These pillows make you feel comfortable and enable you to sleep peacefully. 

What are the Varied Types of Maternity Belt?

1. Pull-Type Maternity Belt

These maternity belts are like underwear but with high waists. These belts are handy, still, because these can affect the abdominal portion. 

Also, don’t wear it before taking the doctor’s advice as well as, if you have C-section then it would not be an ideal choice.

2. Zipper Type Ab Belt

These maternity belts have a zip which is located on the sides or front section. Though make sure, it should not put a strain on your abdomen when taking it off. Additionally, it is ideal for C-section, because you don’t have to pull it up.

3. Corset Type Maternity Belt

It is perfect as it provides maximum support and ensures recovery of the belly. Above all, it is made of medical-grade material that has snap or boning enclosures for ideal support.

4. Wrap Type Maternity Belt

Wrap type maternity belt is the commonly used belt that has a frontal flap. Also, you have to wrap it around the midsection as well as it fastens at the back. It is ideal to provide support to your abdomen.

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What Are The Various Factors to Consider Before Buying Maternity Belt?

1. Does Your Maternity Belt Support Your Womb?

You should buy a maternity belt that should support the internal organs, which also includes the womb. 

2. Can Your Maternity Belt Maintain the Perfect Body Posture?

After hours of labor, all you need is rest. Though, that doesn’t mean that you can sit, sleep, etc the way you want because it can result in pain, encourage bad posture, and more. 

That’s why you need to ensure that the maternity belt should ensure ideal body posture. 

3. Is Your Abdomen Muscle Tone-up By Maternity Posture?

The maternity belt of your baby should tone up your abdomen muscle. 

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4. Do You Still Feel the Back Pain?

Back pain is very common, after pregnancy. That’s why you should go for the maternity belt which lessens your back pain.

5. Does Maternity Belt Lessen the Belly Fat?

As the question said, you should buy a maternity belt that lessens the fat around your belly region.

6. Can it Help in the Recovery of Tummy?

And here comes the most important benefit of the maternity belt is that it should help you in enhancing the recovery of the tummy.

7. How Does the Maternity Belt Look From Under Clothes?

To prevent anyone from noticing that you are wearing the maternity belt, you need to choose the right one. That’s why you should not buy a thick maternity belt that bulges you out.

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8. Are You Comfortable in the Maternity Belt?

The maternity belt should be comfortable and should be made of anti-itch fabric, this will prevent itching, burning sensation due to its tight edges and keep your skin healthy. 

Likewise, your maternity belt should prevent sweating and should be easy to wear. Thus, you have to buy the maternity belt of the right size, fabric, as well as that, provides mobility.

9. Does Your Maternity Belt Slide Down?

Maternity belts that slide, shift, and need to be pulled up again, would be the reason for the inconvenience. 

10. Is Your Maternity Belt Breathable?

The breathable fabric of the maternity belt also matters because it would prevent sweating as it ensures proper blood circulation. 

For breathability, consider buying the maternity belt which is made of latex, cotton, and nylon as these won’t irritate your skin as well as are non-allergenic.

11. Which Material is Used to Make a Maternity Belt?

Because the maternity belt will come in direct contact with your skin, the material of the belt holds major importance. So, for your healthy skin, buy a maternity belt with medical-grade fabric. 

Lastly, don’t forget to check the quality of the fabric as if it is of poor quality, it can result in irritation, allergies, etc.

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12. Is Your Maternity Belt Durable?

Here, durability refers to how long you can wear the maternity belt. Though, to wear it for a longer time, it needs to be comfortable, breathable, and more.

13. What is the Design of the Maternity belt?

The design or type of maternity belt depends on your needs. I would advise you to seek a doctor’s advice. 

Moreover, if you have C-section delivery or normal delivery, you can buy a maternity belt with a zipper. Though, it might not be as stretchable. 

14. Is Your Maternity Belt Effective?

The maternity belt should be able to effectively lessen the mid-section and should support your tummy.

15. Is Your Maternity Belt Stretchable?

The stretchable maternity belt does not only allows you to move freely but also prevents you from compromising the length when considering waist size.

16. What is the Budget Needed to Buy Maternity Belt?

The budget you need for a maternity belt would depend on the type of maternity belt as well as it would depend on features, comfort, etc.

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Now, let’s dig a move to the 5 best maternity belts after delivery in India. Here we go, new mom!

5 Best Maternity Belt after Delivery in India Detailed Reviews!

1. Luvlap Post Natal Maternity Corset Belt, Postpartum Tummy Shaper

– Best Budget

Luvlap Post Natal Maternity Corset Belt, postpartum tummy shaper

Are you looking for a maternity belt, which fits your busy working schedule? 

If, yes! Then Luvlap maternity belt is the best choice, do you know why?

Because it is made of superior quality chinlon fabric which adequately prevents the bobbling and lint formation of the same.

Yes, you heard me right, now you are all comfortable while working, either at home or at work. With that, it will give you all time to breathe, because it is stretchable as well as you can easily adjust its belt tension accordingly. Hence, you don’t have to feel like you are boxed up. 

Not enough to buy this best maternity belt? 

I can bet, you should go through its pros. 


  • Prevent bobbling or and lint formation because of its chinlon fabric, it also makes it comfortable
  • Allow you to adjust its belt tension accordingly
  • Stretchable, you don’t have to feel locked up
  • Can be worn discreetly under your cloth because of its thin material
  • Breathable and lightweight, no need to carry its weight everywhere and you will not be sweaty
  • Helps in improving posture, support your core muscles, lessen back pain, etc


  • Could be available in various colors

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2. Longlife abdominal belt after delivery for tummy reduction (Abdominal Belt Large)(34-38) Inch

– Best Seller

Longlife abdominal belt after delivery for tummy reduction

After delivering the baby, you gotta need a lot of support, right? 

Of course, I’m right, but do you know a Longlife abdominal belt is perfect for your tummy reduction. So, if you want something, to do the same, hey! What are you waiting for?

One thing, for sure, hit your mind, and what is it? Well, what would you do once you would be done with your after-pregnancy phase? 


Well, if you are a mother, who is futuristic and doesn’t buy anything without any long-term use, then mommies, Longlife maternity belt, defining its name provide you the belt which you can use for post-operative care, as well as can be used as tummy trimmer. 

Do its multi-uses bring a smile to your face? 

I know, it does!!

But do you know what are the best benefits of this belt are? 

Let’s find out these in its pros,


  • Support your abdomen and abdominal muscles
  • Has multiple uses, can be used for post-operative care, as well as can be used as a tummy trimmer
  • Made of rubber, cotton, polyester, plastic, and polyamide elastic tape, which ensure perfect adaptability of size and holding
  • For ideal holding, it also has hooks and loop tape
  • Has strong elastic for better compression
  • Breathable, hence, you won’t be feeling hot
  • Keep your waist upright and in perfect posture
  • Comfortable, hence, you don’t have to bother about getting away from it


  • The quality of the belt could be improved
  • Stitching could be improved

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3. elebae 3 in 1 Postpartum Support Recovery Belly Wrap Belt – Best Maternity Belt after Delivery

– Best Overall Support

elebae 3 in 1 Postpartum Belt - Best Maternity Belt After Delivery

A belt that covers your entire body, would be the best maternity belt after delivery in India, isn’t it? Elebae is the 3 in 1 belt that is used as a waist belt, belly belt, and pelvic belt.

It helps you to instantly restore into the earlier shape, provides relief, along with this, it helps you in regaining confidence too. 

Additionally, it is much more effective, as it lessens the swelling, supports the muscles of the core abdomen, and the uterus gets back to its regular size soon.

Certainly, it is the best maternity belt after delivery in India as you can modify its size and provide you with support for long periods. 

Also, it can be used by any person with surgery. To add, it is comfortable, soft, and breathable. 


  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Restore into the earlier shape, provides relief along with this, and helps you in regaining confidence 
  • Lessens the swelling, supports the muscles of the core abdomen, and the uterus gets back to its regular size soon
  • Easy to modify its size
  • Support you for a long time
  • Multiple uses


  • Losses, claimed by buyers
  • Could be more comfortable
  • Quality could be improved
  • Rough, commented by buyers
  • Price could be less

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4. Tynor Abdominal Support 9 for Post Operative/ Post Pregnancy

Tynor Abdominal Support 9 for Post Operative Post Pregnancy

After pregnancy, you have to deal with numerous things, one of the most important things is bleeding, to make this phase a bit easy for you. You can use the best maternity pads. Now get back to one of the best maternity belts after delivery in India.

Tynor maternity belts support your abdomen and tone up the muscles of the abdomen. 

 If a product is not durable, you will think thousands of times before buying it isn’t. No worries, you can use it for other purposes too, such as surgical incision of chest and abdomen, ventral hernia, and umbilical hernia.

In addition, for your comfort, it has durable elastic webbing to make it relaxed and to boost ventilation. 

To keep one of the best maternity belts after delivery in India in the correct position, it rolled around the waist and has a hook.

After that, it is modifiable and ensures to overlap the lower edge of the belt with the base of the spine. 


  • Support your abdomen and tone up the muscles of the abdomen
  • Multi-purpose, such as surgical incision of chest and abdomen, to ventral hernia and umbilical hernia
  • For comfort, has durable elastic webbing to make it relaxed and to boost ventilation
  • Has a hook to keep the belt in the correct position
  • Support back
  • Modifiable
  • Has broad hook
  • To hold the belt, it has tape


  • Could be more comfortable
  • Stitching could be improved
  • Quality of elastic could be better
  • Has sharp edges, commented by buyers
  • Losses, claimed by buyers

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5. Semme Postpartum Recovery Waist Tummy Belt Body Shaper

Semme Postpartum Recovery Waist Tummy Belt Body Shaper - Best Maternity Belt After Delivery

Semme post-maternity belt includes 3 belts, i.e., waist belt, hip belt, and stomach belt. With this, the question comes, what is the proper way to use this one of the best post maternity belts in India.

To prevent contraction and inner bleeding, during the 3 days after delivery, you can use the abdomen belt.

After that, to provide support to your back and also to deter uterine prolapse, the waist belt can be used after a week of delivery.

Lastly, after 6 weeks you can use the hip belt that gives your body a natural curve and boosts the healing process of the pelvic and strengthens the muscles.

Finally, you can wear it all together. One thing to be noted, consult doctors on how to use it. Don’t you think it is one of the best post maternity belts in India? 

To provide you with maximum comfort it is made of superior quality polyamide and elastin fibers, which makes it breathable and is soft.

After pregnancy, to keep you together, you have to fit in your schedule again. As a result, you might not always get time to feed your baby. Now, you can handily feed your baby in your absence too, how?

Simply use the best manual breast pumps these allow you to store milk.


  • Includes 3 belts, i.e., waist belt, hip belt and stomach belt
  • Boosts the healing process of the pelvic and strengthens the muscles
  • Provide you with maximum comfort it is made of superior quality of polyamide and elastane fibre 
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Stretchable and flatten the belly
  • Has velcro paste


  • Overall a good postpartum belt but price is on the higher side

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When You Should Start Wearing the Maternity Belt?

Some women wear the maternity belt a couple of hours after delivery. Though, if you have C-section, I would advise you to consider taking a doctor’s advice before actually wearing a maternity belt.

To be noted, many mothers prefer wearing it right after delivery, because it helps in relieving the pain and pulls the incision. 

Is it good to use a belt after delivery?

Yes, it is good to wear a maternity belt after delivery unless the doctor advised you not to.

What is the Use of a Maternity Belt? 

Wrapping your tummy is not a newly emerged concept, but it has been followed for centuries. Yet, with the moderation and changes, these wraps have been changed a lot and become more effective and better at their work. 

During pregnancy, your body undergoes many changes from hormonal changes to physical changes. This increases the accumulation of cells around your tummy. And this fat does not go away with a snap after delivery. 

That’s why you would need a maternity belt to get back to your normal size. 

Does the Postpartum Belt Reduce Tummy?

Does the maternity belt reduce the tummy? Is wearing a maternity belt help flatten your stomach after pregnancy?

Yes, it has been said that a postpartum or maternity belt helps in reducing the tummy. Yet, if you have C-section, it can also affect your wounds and stitches, that’s why you should consider the doctor before using it.

Are Maternity Belts Safe?

Maternity belts are safe as long as you are using these as the doctor prescribed. 

When Can I Start Wearing a Maternity Belt?

You can start wearing the maternity belt as the doctor prescribed you to. To be noted, a mother with normal delivery can wear the maternity belt after a few days of delivery, but a mother with C-section can not wear it instantly as it can affect their wounds and stitches. 

How Do I Choose a Maternity Belt?

To choose the maternity belt, the first talk to your doctor about the same, then consider the above-mentioned factors. 

What Size Maternity Belt Should I Buy?

The size of the postpartum belt depends on the weight you have gained during pregnancy.  

Can You Wear a Maternity Belt All Day?

No! You should not wear the maternity belt all day because it can cause problems such as reducing blood flow. 

What are the Benefits of Maternity Belt?

Feeling every bone of your body aching after delivery is worse pain. Because now the major part of your life doesn’t exist. 

With that, you can not take care of your messy home, because you are advised not to lift anything heavy, especially, if you have C-section. So, you have to live with the piles of clothes that your husband has left as he has to visit the office in a hurry.

Above all, your maid is late. So you don’t have any option but to live with this pain and OCD. 

Though maternity belt could be of great use as it has varied benefits, some of these are, 

  • Helps in lessening the back pain, though, it is a temporary solution, yet, safe one
  • Either you have natural delivery or C-section, your stomach has to bear everything. That’s why your stomach would need support and a maternity belt is a perfect option to provide that support to your stomach
  • Ease discomfort when coughing after delivery
  • Avert sagging of your abdomen muscles
  • Prevent squeezing and cramping of your muscles
  • Helps you in tummy assisting as well as in body shaping
  • After C-section, maternity belt can help you in relieving the pressure and pain which is the cause of surgical wounds, though, take the doctor’s advice before using one
  • Your body and its posture has been evolving over the 9 months and to get back to your normal self, you need to struggle. But maternity could help you in the same
  • Helps in toning the muscles of belly and thigh
  • Improve the blood flow
  • Helps in stabilizing your pelvic floor
  • Lessen the swelling and fluid retention
  • Helps in boosting self-esteem because it helps your body to get back its shape
  • Prevent the movement of the belly and keep the mid-section at a place

Is There Any Downside of the Maternity Belt?

Well, due to the positive impact of the maternity belt, you can not ignore its negative sides, right?

So, let’s see, what are the downsides of the maternity belt.

  • Could affect the digestive system
  • Could be the reason for blood clotting and low blood pressure
  • Might weaken your back muscles and bladder

To ignore all these negative effects of maternity belts, always consider the same before buying one.

What are the Precautions to be Taken When Using or Buying Maternity Belt?

  • The first thing, I would advise you to do is to consult the same before buying the maternity belt
  • If you have C-section, you should not use the maternity belt right after delivery but should at least wait for 3 weeks. Because the fresh wound can be hurt and it could also affect your stitches
  • In case of normal delivery, you can wear a maternity belt after few days of having a baby
  • Ensure to buy the maternity belt of ideal size because too tight a belt can result in a hernia
  • The edges of the maternity belt should be smooth, else, it can dig into your skin, result in irritation and infection
  • Your maternity belt should be comfortable and soft
  • Buy a maternity belt depending on your condition and type of delivery
  • Clean the belt as unhygienic belt can also be the reason for itching an infection
  • If you live in a hot or humid climate, it can make wearing a maternity belt uncomfortable

FAQs On Maternity Belt

  1. What is the best post-pregnancy belt in India?

    PLUMBURY® Postpartum Post Pregnancy Recovery Waist Trimmer Tummy Control Shapewear Belt and Semme Postpartum Recovery Waist Tummy Belt Body Shaper are the two best post-pregnancy belts in India. Both are comfortable, soft, and durable. Also, support your back and abdomen.

  2. When can I start wearing a postpartum belt after a c-section?

    After the C- section you can use the postpartum belt as soon as you are healed, however, before that, you can tie your stomach with a cloth. To be more clear, always consult with your doctor before using a postpartum belt.

  3. Is a maternity belt useful after delivery?

    Certainly, you can use maternity belts after delivery as maternity belts are known for losing weight promptly. You can wear these belts during exercise, to burn more fat.

  4. Does maternity belt reduce tummy?

    Yes, maternity belts reduce tummy as it burns the extra fat, that mothers gain during pregnancy. Although, do not use maternity belts without the consultation of the doctor as it might increase the problem if it hurt the injured area.


To conclude, we have mentioned the best maternity belts but before using them always go for the professional advice of a doctor. Why?

After pregnancy, there might be chances of inner bleeding, and if you anyhow hurt yourself, it might lead to serious issues. You should also check whether a post-pregnancy belt helps?

Now you have a little one in your life, then why not check these essential products for your little kiddo.

Also, take a light walk in the garden with the prams. After some days, carry your baby with you with these stylish carriers.

In the end, to feed your baby you can use the best formula milk,  the best food for one-year-old, and baby feeders, all these provide the essential nutrients for your baby to grow.

Although, breast milk is best until your baby is 6 months old. 

Which among the 5 best maternity belts after delivery in India do you like the most? Please let us know in the comments below.

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