7 Best Nursing/Maternity/Feeding Bras in India

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Medically Reviewed by Dr. Ubaid Khan, MBBS

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Every woman knows the importance of comfortable bras, right? When it comes to nursing bras, you do not hurry in buying them, as you have to wait until your 8-month pregnancy before buying one. Why?

Because until then your body undergoes various modifications.

Why do you need a nursing bra, that is the foremost question that pops up in your head isn’t it?

A nursing bra is needed to prevent plugged ducts and mastitis that is the result of compression. And I’m sure, neither of you wants to go through this.

What if you get a saggy breast?

Most women get saggy breasts after pregnancy due to not wearing bras. Bras support the layout of the breast particularly maintaining copper ligament.

Therefore, you can wear bras all the time. Additionally, as women’s milk leaks after giving birth, to avoid washing all the clothes due to leakage, you can use padded bras or breast pads.

Meanwhile, you can also check our best manual breast pumps and best formula milk that enable everyone else in your family to feed your little one.

Let’s move forward, and have to look at our 7 best nursing bras in India. These are of great benefit for you as they are comfortable and secure.

7 Best Nursing/Maternity Bras in India

PreviewNursing BrasRating
CEE 18 Women's Full Cup Cotton Hosiery Feeding Bra Combo1. CEE 18 Women’s Full Cup Cotton Feeding Bra
– Best Selling
Mee Mee Women's Full Cup Nursing Bra2. Mee Mee Women’s Full Cup Nursing Bra
– Best Budget
Desirelove Nursing Bra Maternity 3 Pack Seamless Removable Pads & Maternity Panties Set3. Desirelove Nursing Bra Maternity & Panties Set4.2/5
Triumph International Women's Nursing Bra4. Triumph International Women’s Nursing Bra
– Best Quality
Motherly Pack Padded Women Breastfeeding Bra Maternity Feeding Nursing Bras5. Motherly Padded Women Breastfeeding Bra4.2/5
Inner Sense Organic Cotton Antimicrobial Sleeping Feeding Bra6. Inner Sense Organic Cotton Sleeping Feeding Bra4.0/5
Bold N Elegant Breathable Polka Dot Print Adjustable Maternity Nursing Bra and Highwaist Underwear Set for Pregnant Women7. Bold N Elegant Maternity Nursing Bra & Underwear Set3.8/5

What are the Various Types of Nursing Bras?

Types of Nursing Bras

1. Pull-down Styles

These bras have a bralette and it is a wrap style bra, which you have to pull over your head as well as these have no clips closures. To feed the baby comfortably, it is made of stretchy fabric which is made to be pulled out. 

Moreover, these are ideal to feed your baby at night with ease and comfort.

2. Clip-down Style

Clip-down styles bras come with cups and to feed the baby, you have to unclip them. Also, these ensure skin-to-skin contact plus easy to access. Additionally, as you have to hold your baby with a hand, that’s why you should choose the bra which you can clip and unclip effortlessly. 

3. Nursing Bras With Zipper

These come with the zipper on the end of each cup of your bar. Zipper nursing bras are easy to fasten and unfasten, thus, you would end up feeding the baby with ease. However, if you are using these bras, then you won’t be able to wear tight clothes because zippers can stand out. 

4. Nursing Bras With Clasps Between Cups

If you are looking for an option that allows you to open the bra with a hand, hence, it is easy and convenient to open. Along with this, it will also enable you to adjust the size of the bra ideally. 

Yet, these could be immodest and uncomfortable because they expose your breast completely. 

5. Nursing Bra For Sleeping

As the name suggests, these are made of light material, which makes them weightless and is not palpable. Yet, these are not good for women with large breasts.

6. Nursing Top

It provides perfect support to breastfeeding mothers because they don’t have any fasters or seams but have tailored back. Along with this, the base of this nursing bra is made of elastic materials that allow you to change it effortlessly. 

To support your breast, it has wide straps. Yet, you can also buy one with clasps.

7. Sports Nursing Bra

Sports Nursing Bra

Usually, these are wireless and are made of nylon and spandex. Also, these are available in various styles.

8. Breast-Pumping Bra

These can be used as a replacement for nursing bras or could be worn over the same.

As the name suggests, it allows you to pump the milk from either a double or single electric breastfeeding pump as well as you can try using the pumping bustier.

How Do I Choose Nursing Bras?

1. Are You Comfortable in Your Nursing Bras?

For your comfort, you need to buy a nursing bra which you can wear for long hours, even a complete day. Being comfortable does not only means that you are feeling soft, but it also includes allowing you to change the breast when needed without any issue.

So, for comfort, you should buy a nursing bra with soft fabric, thick back closures, wide cushioned straps, etc.

2. Why You Should Buy a Nursing Bra With Padding and Lining?

A padded nursing bra is important especially if you are going out, why? 

Because these will prevent you from the embarrassment of milk leaking on your clothes.

As the nursing bra with padding and lining would absorb the milk leakage. Likewise, you can also go for the nursing bras with removable pads. 

For everyday use, padded nursing bras are ideal because they resemble ordinary bras and prevent leakage.

To be precise, in the beginning, you can use the bra with less padding or lining for comfort because during this stage your nipple will be sore.

Later, you can shift to structured and supportive nursing bras. 

3. Does Your Nursing Bra Have Additional Hooks?

Extra hooks in the bra, allowing you to adjust it according to your size. 

4. Does Your Nursing Bra Provide You Complete Support?

Nursing Bra Provide Complete Support

The proper support is important to ensure your comfort. So, if you have a large breast, you should buy a nursing bra with wide cushioned straps as well as a back band should at least have 3 rows. 

Plus, you can also go for a bra with a copper ligament as it will not only prevent sagging but also provide extra support as well as hold the extra weight. 

Also, for your armpit, these should have side seams. 

Above all, buy the bra with large cups, so that it can cover your breast completely and provide adequate support.  

Additionally, to ensure whether your bra provides support or, you need to pay attention to the straps, i.e., underwire and wireless (wrap around your ribcage to provide proper support and prevent moving of bra). 

5. Is Your Nursing Bra Fits You Perfectly?

The perfect fit of a bra is important because if it is not ideally fitted, it can not cut through your breasts, and instead of preventing leakage, it could become the cause of the same.

Though, a perfect fit doesn’t mean, you have to buy the bra whose straps would dig in your shoulder. It simply means something comfortable. 

The perfect fit bra also includes choosing the nursing bra of perfect size because after pregnancy the size of your breast would increase. Thus, choose a variety of sizes, for comfort.

6. Is Your Nursing Bra Breathable Enough?

Why is breathability important to consider?

Well, because it would ensure to keep you cool during hot weather. That’s why you should buy the bra which is made of 100% cotton, not synthetic fabric because it can be the cause of bacterial infection and yeast infection as it can result in a collection of moisture around your nipple.

7. Can You Easily Use or Access a Nursing Bra?

It is not like you have to make a rocket, it simply means your nursing bra should be easy to open whenever you need to feed the baby, especially with a hand. For this, buy a nursing bra without underwires. 

For easy use or access to your nursing bra, you can go for a nursing bra with clips, which effortlessly snap-on or off at the base of the shoulder strap of your nursing bra. It also keeps the bra at a place. 

8. Does Your Nursing Bra Have Elasticity?

It means your nursing bra can grow with the help of breast fluctuations and these are elastic bras. Because a tight bra can increase the risk of blocked milk ducts or mastitis due to pressure on your breast.

9. Which Material is Used to Make a Nursing Bra?

Nursing bras are either made of cotton and polyester. For comfort and effortless washing, you need to go for a bra that is made of 90% of cotton. 

In contrast, if you are thinking of buying a nursing bra with more quantity of polyester, then it would cause sweating. 

11. Choose a Nursing Bra With Wide Straps?

Buying a nursing bra with wide straps has a number of benefits, some of these are, 

  • Allow you to hook or unhook the bra easily
  • Enhance comfort

On the contrary, nursing bras with thin straps would be uncomfortable. 

12. Does Your Nursing Bra Provide Extra Support?

By extra supportive nursing bra, I simply meant the bra which has extra wide straps, fuller cups as well as extra-wide padded shoulders. Yet, before buying one, try them once. 

13. Which Type of Closures Suits You the Most?

As mentioned earlier, some nursing bras come with a zipper, other hand flaps between cups, some have front flaps, and more. 

Analyze by trying, which closure would be easy to open or close for you. Yet, squeeze or push-type latches are easy to open or access, and operate than snaps. 

14. How Much Money Do You Need to Buy Nursing Bras?   

The amount you need to spend would depend on the type of nursing bras you are going for. 

7 Best Nursing/Feeding Bras Detailed Reviews!

1. CEE 18 Women’s Full Cup Cotton Hosiery Feeding Bra Combo

– Best Selling

CEE 18 Women's Full Cup Cotton Hosiery Feeding - Best Nursing Bra in India Combo

Being sweaty is a problem, especially when you have to wear a bra, don’t you feel so? Wearing bras all day results in itching and irritation, do not worry we come to you with one of the best nursing bras.

As it is effortless to unsnap it and feed your infant. Some mothers just love organic products, so why not use organic bras?

Yes, it is made up of organic cotton and is sweat-resistant, and prevents itching too. To add, it is one of the best affordable nursing bras in India due to its affordable price.

Do your old bra strap slips? No troubles, as the strap of this bra does not slip and its U- shape makes it gratified to wear.

Further, for the adequate clasp, it has 3 hooks, and to prevent itching it has no labels inside it. What is best about this? I

t is non-slippery, non-wired, and does not have pads that make it breathable and its front buckles make it manageable to feed the baby. With all the amazing features it is one of the best nursing bras in India. 

You are getting 3 bras and are of the best quality, which makes them the best affordable nursing bras in India.


  • Made up of cotton, i.e., soft and comfortable
  • Non- slippery, non- wired and does not have pads that make it breathable,
  • 3 hook make it easy to grip
  • Front buckles make it easy to feed the baby
  • U- shape makes it gratified to wear
  • Its strap does not slip
  • Made up of organic cloth
  • Sweat-resistant and prevents itching
  • Easy to drop clip helps to feed the baby, even in nights
  • Soft fabric


  • Material is too thick
  • An upper flag hangs and is uncomfortable, commented by some customers
  • Quality of clips could be better

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2. Mee Mee Women’s Full Cup Nursing Bra

– Best Budget

Mee Mee Women's Full Cup Nursing Bra

Is it comfortable? Definitely, it is comfortable as it is made up of 100% cotton, further, it is annoying to clean your clothes after the leakage of milk.

Do not worry, you do not have to put much effort just put it in a machine and it is clean. Isn’t it, manageable?

Breastfeeding involves a lot of time and pain as sitting at a place results in pain in the neck and arms. To prevent this, you can use our best baby breastfeeding pillows, it supports the head of the baby and reduces your pain.

Let’s get back to our products, you can even use them at night to feed your infant without much effort. As you can unsnap it with the help of its drop clip.


  • Easy to unsnap it with its drop clip, that enables the mother to fed baby at nights too
  • Machine washable
  • Soft and comfortable as it is not wired
  • Easy to detach
  • Made up of cotton
  • Easy to buckle the clip
  • Stretchable cloth


  • Customers claim that tiny fibres glued to the skin
  • Does not have a layer of double opening
  • Thin material

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3. Desirelove Nursing – Best Maternity Bra & Maternity Panties Set in India

Desirelove Nursing - Best Maternity Bra & Maternity Panties Set in India

Are you searching for a bra that is perfect for sleeping and lounging?  If yes, then this is the best nursing bras.

First, it is made up of nylon and spandex that is breathable and is completely comfortable and soft against your skin.

Second, you can use it during pregnancy and nursing as it is non-wired and has full coverage cups that are designed for you so that you can fit in it easily with the change in the body.

Isn’t all these, reason makes it the best nursing bras in India?

Furthermore, it has removable pads that you can use or wear whenever you want to or when you want to protect your nipples.

Along with this, it handily clips or unclips the pads that facilitate easy breastfeeding.


  • Perfect for sleeping and lounging as it is comfortable and convenient
  • Made up of nylon and spandex, i.e., breathable and comfortable
  • Can be used during pregnancy and nursing
  • Easily fits in when the body changes as it is none- wire and has full coverage cups
  • removable pads that you can use or wear whenever you want to
  • Pads hide nipples
  • handily clips or unclips the pads that facilitate easy breastfeeding
  • Stretchable and comfortable
  • Has extenders
  • Removable bra criss-cross
  • Unmentionables are soft and comfortable


  • The removable strap has sharp edges that hurt
  • The clip is not durable, commented by customers
  • Lockers are too long

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4. Triumph International Women’s Nursing Bra

– Best Quality

Triumph International Women's Nursing Bra

Is breastfeeding difficult for you with your old bra? Inevitably, it is tough to breastfeed a baby in those old bras but you can use this nursing bra that is the best maternity bras in India. The question that comes to your mind is how it will help you?

Without wasting a second, it is the best maternity bras in India because it is soft, comfortable, and is not wired.

Furthermore, for your convenience and make it wearable, you can wear it all day long as it covers the breast completely with its soft and lightly padded cups. Along with this, it is comfortable too.

Similarly, you can use the best sleeping beds to make your baby sleep in a comfortable and secure environment. Does it serve the purpose of feeding a baby?

Yes, it is, as it allows you to feed the baby with the help of the front buckles.

Additionally, it is a machine washable but always washes it at a temperature of 60°. Along with this, do not iron it, dry in direct sunlight, do not bleach it and do not dry clean it. To add, wash it in a mild detergent.


  • Soft, comfortable and is not- wired
  • Covers the breast with its soft and lightly padded cups
  • Allows you to feed the baby with the help of the front buckles
  • Machine washable
  • Has separable back hooks
  • Pads absorb the quantity of milk leakage


  • Some customer commented that feeding is not immediate
  • Material is stiff
  • Many felt that it is not breathable

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5. Motherly Padded Women – Best Breastfeeding Bra in India

Motherly Padded Women - Best Breastfeeding Bra in India

Obviously, wearing a bra all day long is annoying, especially when you sweat a lot, right? If I say that you would not face this problem while wearing this bra, would you believe it?

Hard to believe, but yes it is true as this bra has small holes, that are breathable and sweat resistant. As it is specially made for prolonged use.

Not only this, but it is also completely safe and soft because it is made up of natural cotton.

To enhance your convenience it has strips of 2 m that make it durable and its 10 cm wide band conceal your armpits.

Furthermore, it allows you to feed the baby with the help of its easy opening and its shoulder straps do not slip. Does it support the breasts?

Certainly, it supports the breast as it covers the breast completely and its deep V- shape prevents compression. Along with this, it provides strong side support with its triangle cup design.


  • Easy to unsnap with a hand without squeezing breast
  • V- shape does not allow compression
  • Supports the breast as it covers the breast completely
  • 2 m it that make it durable and its 10 cm wide band conceal your armpits
  • Easy to modify the width with the help of hooks
  • Soft and made up of cotton
  • Sweat resistance and has breathable holes
  • Ideal for lactating mothers
  • Comfortable when breast leakage
  • Clip system make it


  • Customers claim that it might be uncomfortable when the breast is filled
  • Padding is thick
  • Height of the strap is less

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6. Inner Sense Organic Cotton Antimicrobial – Best Nursing Bra for Large/Small

Inner Sense Organic Cotton Antimicrobial - Best Nursing Bra for Large/Small

Are you facing difficulty in sleeping or feeding your baby? It is the best nursing bras for large or small breasts as it is comfortable and safe.

To add, it is made up of organic cotton, bamboo fiber, and elastane, which is perfect for your skin and for your little one too.

 With its organic components, it is antibacterial, anti-microbial, and antifungal, making it perfectly fit for your skin.

Therefore, there is no chance that you caught the infection and that makes it the best nursing bras for a large or small breast. Additionally, for your convenience, you can wash it.


  • Washable
  • It is antibacterial, anti-microbial, and antifungal
  • Made up of organic cotton, bamboo fibre and elastane
  • Wireless and has full cups
  • Soft that prevent the soreness of breast, ideal for delicate skin and for nipples too
  • Has a double layer and  is wireless and has no pads
  • Cover the breast completely to prevent spillover
  • Perfect for day and nightwear
  • Fabric is soft and breathable


  • Most of the time it does not offer support night
  • Take a long time to dry
  • No coverage claimed by the customers
  • Material is thin, could be better

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7. Bold N Elegant Breathable Adjustable Maternity Nursing Bra & Underwear Set

Bold N Elegant Breathable Polka Dot Print Adjustable Maternity Nursing Bra and Highwaist Underwear Set for Pregnant Women

Are you tired of putting your garments off every time you feed your little one? That is annoying, here we present one of the best maternity bras in India with high waist panties that fit in and covers your stomach.

On the other hand, the bras provide you with the convenience to feed the baby and also support the breast.

It is all fashionable and you can wear it during pregnancy and after pregnancy without being an old fashioned mother but by flaunting and being comfortable.

It is one of the best maternity bras in India along with this it is also the best nursing bras for large/ small breast. As it provides support and is ideal.


  • High waist panties that fit in and covers your stomach
  • Fashionable and comfortable
  • Can be used before and after pregnancy
  • Support the breast
  • Stretchable
  • Comfortable


  • Many women said that fabric is not of good quality
  • Not available in different colours

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What are the Various Characteristics of Nursing Bras?

You are sitting in a room and your baby starts crying. To feed your baby, you have to put clothes off, hence, you did the same. 

But, you are trying to feed your baby instantly because you have this fear that anyone can walk into the room anytime, which can invade your privacy.

Can you do anything about it? 

People who aren’t aware of the nursing bras would say, no. But some people who are aware of the concept would say yes. 

I would like to enlighten you with some features of nursing bras to give you a better understanding of the same. Also, you would get the answer to the question, do you need nursing bras?

  • Provide support to your breast because these have a broad base
  • For comfort, the inner surface of the same is soft like cotton
  • To allow you to fit ideally, it comes with adjustable wide shoulder straps
  • Make sure your nursing bra should have elasticity for additional comfort
  • You should be able to open or close the zipper, clasps, cups, etc with a hand
  • The fabric of the nursing bras should be breathable 
  • The bras should have fewer seams to prevent rubbing and to enhance wearing
  • Straps and fasteners should be easy to adjust and should provide support to your breast
  • The seams which are present on your nursing bra should not be on the nipple line

How Does a Nursing Bra Work?

What is the major difference between a nursing bra and a normal bra? 

Well, the major difference is that it enables you to pump or feed the baby easily with the help of snaps-down closure, V-shaped front which you can instantly pull down effortlessly and easy to tuck in.

However, like ordinary bras, nursing bras are available in various colors and styles.

Also, how many bras do you need? How many bras should you have? 

Typically, you should have 3 bras, 2 for regular use and 1 for nighttime. 

Do You Need to Wear a Nursing Bra While Working Out?

Yes, you should wear the nursing bra when working out as these provide adequate support to your breast. It is important to wear a bra, especially if you have a large breast.

How to Measure the Breast Size?

If you are wondering, what is your bra size? What is your cup size?

Well, for proper fit, you need to choose the nursing bra of perfect size. You might be aware of your earlier size, but as after delivery, your breast changes, how will you figure the size of your bust? 

To do this, simply, opt for professional help that can help you figure out the perfect fit of a bra. Some things you should remember when ensuring the perfect fit is, 

  • The cups of the bra should fit you comfortably
  • The center seam should be placed against your breastbone, comfortably
  • Your bra should prevent overflow at the top
  • Cover your breast ideally

When Should I Start Wearing a Nursing Bra?

When you buy your nursing bra while pregnant?

You can wear them as soon as you notice any change in the size of your breast, which will usually take place after the first trimester of pregnancy. Because in the second trimester, the level of estrogen increases. Thus, your breast will become heavy and full due to the development of milk ducts.

Should You Wear a Nursing Bra at Night?

Yes, you can wear nursing bras at night, especially if you have a large breast. Because a nursing bra provides adequate support to your breast which you need overnight. 

When Do You Buy Nursing Bras?

You can buy nursing bras around the 8 months of pregnancy because, during this time, your body would gain weight and go through major body changes. 

What are the Benefits of Using the Nursing Bra?

You must have understood, nursing bras won’t only prevent someone from invading your privacy when you are feeding the baby, it has other benefits too. 

  • Support your breast as well as ensure comfort, either you buy one without underwires or with wires
  • Prevent breast issues like blocking of the milk duct, mastitis, etc, as these don’t put pressure on your breast, thus, doesn’t affect blood circulation
  • Comes with hooks, flaps, clasps, and more that allow you to feed the baby without completely taking off your clothes. Hence, easy access to help
  • Accommodate the breast change during pregnancy, because ordinary bras won’t be able to provide proper support to your breast during pregnancy. Hence, could be used during pregnancy too
  • Like an ordinary bra, it would hide your nipple, you can choose out of various colors and designs available, and more. Hence, boost confidence
  • Prevent leakage
  • As it prevents breast issues like blocked milk duct, it ensures an uninterrupted supply of milk
  • Prevent your baby and you from the health issues such as mastitis (breast problem)
  • Helps in maintaining the breast shape, it means, you will look good and perfect even if you are wearing tight clothes

What are the Tips to Follow When Using Nursing Bras?

  • When using the nursing bra for the first time, you should buy a bra that neither should be too tight nor too loose. This will keep you relaxed and allow you to introduce yourself with the idea of breastfeeding
  • If you use standards color such as white or black, then you should wear full clothes, because these would look weird if the wide straps of the bra visible
  • You should buy a bra with professional help or should be of a good brand
  • Go for a nursing bra with additional hooks as these ensure adjustability and allow to you hook it easily
  • Should have broadside as well as back, this will ensure additional support
  • At least, should have four hooks 
  • For additional support, the nursing bra should have a deep center at the front
  • Choose a nursing bra that should be manually washed, because few bras can be washed in the machine
  • If you are facing problems in opening the flap, try losing the strap or buy a nursing bra of more size. 
  • Also, wearing the wrong size can result in leakage
  • If you have issues like sore nipples, leakage, etc buy a nursing bra that is made of 100% cotton, these are not only comfortable but will keep your nipple stable

FAQs On Women Nursing Bras

  1. Which nursing bra is best in India?

    Desirelove Nursing Bra Maternity 3 Pack Seamless Removable Pads & Maternity Panties Set is the best nursing bras in India as it is made up of nylon and spandex that is breathable and is completely comfortable and soft against your skin. Further, it handily clips or unclips the pads that facilitate easy breastfeeding. To add, it has removable pads that you can use or wear whenever you want to or when you want to protect your nipples.

  2. When should I buy nursing bras?

    If you wish to buy nursing bras, before the birth of the baby then you can buy nursing in the 8 the month of pregnancy. As until the 8 months you put on the baby weight and your body also changes.

  3. How many nursing bras should I buy?

    To be honest, you can buy a total of 3 bras, i.e., one to wear, second to wash and dry and last one is to keep it as a stock or spare. So that you can never face any problem if you during an unexpected leakage of milk, the baby spits up and more.

  4. When is the best time to buy nursing bras?

    As your body undergoes various changes such as you put on weight, change in the size of the rib cage and breast. So you can buy the nursing bras at the 7th or 8th month of pregnancy as until now your body will be completely developed or changed.


To sum up, during pregnancy your breast skin and nipples get sensitive or sore, the size of the breast changes, the size of the rib cage changes and you put on weight.

No doubt, nursing bras are of great help and you are excited to buy one. But you should wait until the 8th-month of the pregnancy as till now your body is entirely developed.

In contrast, are you worried that you got stretch marks? Well, that’s the matter of concern, no worries as our best stretch mark creams help you in removing your stretch marks. You should also check how to use a nursing bra step-by-step.

So to feed your baby you need to take off all your clothes, isn’t it? To add, if you are a shy person and do not want to be too exposed, then nursing bras are here to rescue you.

How? As with the help of nursing bras, you do not have to take off your clothes but just have to unsnap the bras and feed your little one.

Although you can wear a shirt as they help you a lot and make the feeding of the baby more convenient than wearing a top.

Lastly, you can also check our best baby feeding bottles that help you in feeding the baby.

Let’s get back to our nursing bras, the benefits of nursing bras are not limited to just supporting the breast, preventing sweating, etc. But it also helps in maintaining blood circulation and prevents the nipples and breast from pain and scratches.

Furthermore, nursing bras are the best to encourage the secretion of the milk too and prevent sagging of the breast. In short, it is best that you buy for yourself, as it is helpful for you in every way.

Hopefully, we answer all your questions, if you have any doubt about choosing the best nursing bras in India then we are here to help you, you just have to comment. Happy Shopping!

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