Can I Use Distilled Water For Baby Formula?

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

Just a while ago, while preparing formula milk for my son, a question popped up in my mind – Can I use distilled water for baby formula?

Often when mommies prepare baby formula, several questions pile up in their head, if I’m not wrong. 

If not, which is the best water for babies to drink? 

So, I have thought of creating a proper guide that will answer all your questions in regard to can I use distilled water for baby formula? Whether is tap water safe for babies? When to stop boiling water for formula?

It’s a lot!!! 

Here, let’s find answers to the most commonly asked questions on the internet, yet, rarely answered questions related to baby formula milk.

Can I Use Distilled Water For Baby Formula?

Distilled water refers to the water which has been boiled into vapor, then condensed back in its earlier form (liquid), solely with the purpose to remove the impurities. Moreover, it can also be termed as a kind of purified water.

Well, if you are looking for – can I use distilled water for baby formula, then yes, doctors recommend using purified bottled water. 

Which is Best Distilled or Purified Water For Baby Formula?

Distilled water is one form of pure water, thus, it is safe to use distilled or purified water for baby formula.

When Can Babies Have Tap Water With Formula?

Well, if I have to say, there is no right time to use tap water with formula. Though, water is available in water bottles nowadays, yet, in most places tap water supply is normal. However, using tap water in the baby formula must be prevented. 

Moreover, if only tap water is present, you must boil the tap water and allow it to cool before using it in the formula.

When to Stop Boiling Water For Formula?

When can you stop boiling water for baby formula? When to stop boiling water for formula?

You should boil the water for formula until your baby is 6-months old at least because boiling the water ensures that water has been safe and contamination-free.

Can I Use Dasani Water For Baby Formula?

Dasani water is nothing but tap water with minerals filtered out and added back, though it is considered safe to drink, it is not natural spring water. Thus, I would advise you to stick to boiled or purified water for baby formula. Moreover, it is better to consult a doctor.

Do I Need to Boil Distilled Water For Baby Formula?

Distilled water is already boiled into vapor, then condensed back in its earlier form (liquid). Thus, there is no need to boil it. However, consult the doctor to be on the safer side.

Is Reverse Osmosis Water Safe For Baby Formula?

According to the Academy of General Dentistry, reverse osmosis water is safe for baby formula as this technique makes tap water chemical-free, especially fluoride and chlorine which could be harmful to a baby’s health.

What is the Best Water For Babies to Drink?

Babies must drink purified water to ensure that water is not contaminated and is chemical-free. Moreover, if you are using tap water, bottled water, and other water, ensure to boil it.

Is Tap Water Safe For Babies?

No, tap water is not safe for babies, however, boiled tap water is safe to use – be it in baby formula or to drink.


No doubt, babies must not drink anything except mother’s milk for at least 6 months of their life. Moreover, if you have to feed formula to the baby, ensure to use pure or boiled water for baby formula.

Because it ensures that water is free from contamination and other harmful chemicals, therefore ensuring that your baby is safe. The point to be noted is that to be on the safer side, I would want to consult the same with your doctor. 

And there you go with your happy and sound baby.

Kiran Verma
Kiran Verma

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