16 Challenges First-Time Parents Face While Taking Care of the Baby (+Solution)!

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

The 16 Challenges You Face While Taking Care of the Baby as a New Parent and the Solutions!

It is fun and a party is going on until you have to wake up and be a parent at 6, 4, 3 am in the morning.

You can relate to all the situations, isn’t it? Living a life according to your tot, who does not even speak right now. But your baby is controlling each and everything around you.

And, being a parent means, you should know how to unwrap your favorite snack without making any noise. Because it will end up waking up your newborn and you have to go on your duty, again.

Meanwhile, when you are half-sleep and in lose pajamas, running here and there in your home at night like a zombie. That’s gross, am I right?


Here, I come up with baby problems and solutions, that will make your life a bit easier. 

16 Challenges You Face While Taking Care of the Baby (& Solutions)!

1. Insomniac Nights

Insomniac Nights While taking care of the baby

While you are waking up all night, and when you try to make peace with the baby or want to play with him, but your tot is like.

Don’t talk to me right now. I was waking up all night keeping my parents awake and exhausted!

That’s the common issue most parents deal with, I’m sure you are one of them. As your baby needs your complete attention, which means no sleeping. But this is not over yet, as not able to sleep makes you overwhelmed. And you end up crying at midnight because you need to sleep. 

Trust me between all of these, you can even sleep while standing.

However, as I said, I will discuss baby problems and solutions, so do not worry.


You are a mommy when you sleep till 8 am and it feels like your bedroom is riding on a unicorn. 

As it is tough to return to your regular sleep timing. Hence, do not try and feel more annoyed. 

Though you can still sleep, when someone is watching the baby for you, it could be your mom, husband, nanny, anyone you trust. It is time to let everyone listen to your horrified snoring.

Just kidding!

You can also try out the baby’s sleep miracle that will help you to let your baby sleep peacefully.

2. Scuffle While Breastfeeding the Baby

Challenges While Breastfeeding the Baby

That’s the real fight, in the first place, you do not know how to do it? Then, it hurts like someone is marking cuts on your nipples with a sharp blade.

And I’m sure, you think, please be quick!

Well, you would adjust to this, as it is entirely natural. However, it needs practice and time to learn, to do it right. 

Above all, you can not rely on formula milk as breastmilk is best for the baby especially for the baby’s development. If you are frustrated and annoyed by feeding or nursing the baby, it is not doing any good to you and your newborn. 

Don’t worry, I have a solution to this baby problem too.


If breastfeeding the baby is not going ok, then you can ask for the advice of a lactation consultant and any mother who has done it before. Get some advice and suggestions from them and follow the same. 

You can also ask them to monitor, whether you are doing it right or not. If nothing is working, in that case, you can switch to the doctor’s advice. However, I would advise you to talk to the doctor before trying anything. 

To add, if you are not comfortable with putting off your clothes every time you feed the baby. Then you can wear comfortable clothes like nursing bras, feeding dresses, etc. You can even try these nipple cream which would soothe the nipples. 

To be honest, you are a mom when you decide what you want to wear on the basis of how easily you can access the breast. 

3. Honey! Help Me Out Here

While working out the things with the baby, you can ask your other half to help you out here. Though it would be tough as he is going to make a lot of excuses, who would like to change the diaper of the baby? 

Well, you are doing this, ask him to help you with things. If your hubby is not around all the time, you can take care of the baby, turn by turn in the night, or when he is around. Of course, he can not breastfeed the baby but he can certainly change the diaper of the newborn

Also, help in other things too!

The best solution to this issue is to make your husband understand your problems and finding the best solutions for this together, as you need time for the recovery too. You can also ask your hubby to deal with household chores, while you rest. 

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4. Worn Out

Trust me! As you take a step into your home, you have to deal with consistent issues without sleeping as I mentioned earlier.

Not only this, but you are also already exhausted after the long labor and delivery process. Now you have to nurse and feed the baby anytime your tot ask. 

As your bundle of joy is not on the same page as you are, he is reading a completely different book. And you end up feeling white-eyed, so far. 

Do not worry, I have a better solution for this baby challenge which you would facing. 


You can simply take care of the baby by turn. Also, you can ask your family member to play with him or soothe him while you are taking rest. In the night or when he is around, your hubby can help you out in getting things done.

Also you might need these maternity pad and postpartum belt made for after delivery.

5. You Would be Hungry as Wolf

You Would be Hungry as Wolf

Being hungry is one of the outcomes of breastfeeding the baby. With that, you have to soothe your fussy and crying baby by taking several tours of your room or home. And you end up being famished.

Certainly, you can not rely on the packed food and of course, it is not good for you to be half-stomach. 

As a solution, all you can do is,


Well, the solution is that your family member can cook warm food for you when needed. Not only this, but you can also ask your friends and husband to do the same for you.

Because it is being said that everything you eat is going to impact your baby. 

6. Safety of the Baby is Above Everything

I do not have to tell you, how much you love your baby. However, as the baby arrives home, out of blue, you would feel like the world is a bad place for the baby. And you are ready to fight with the world to keep your tot safe. 

Do not worry, your baby is strong than you think, and can fight the world, especially under your guidance. I won’t lie, your baby is going to bump into things while crawling, learning how to sit, and more.

On the other hand, you can not stop your baby from doing all these things. As these are essential milestones for the baby’s development. 


To help you out here, I would suggest you to babyproof the home. Keep your doors to the stairs and balcony close and you can also use staircase safety gates so that your baby can not reach there.

Also, be more cautious and do not leave the baby out of your site. And I’m sure, your baby would be safe, smiling while sleeping, crawling, etc and you would be happy. 

7. Aggrieved Pet

Aggrieved Pet with baby

It is not only you who is adjusting to things, but if you have a pet he would be the loneliest person in the room, trust me!


Because now your dog or any pet you have is not allowed to sit on the couch, bed, and anywhere. It could be your room, which might be his favorite place. 

To be honest, all the changes in the pet’s routine can make him the biggest game-changer, especially when he has to follow the new rules. Additionally, if your dog is entirely abandoned from his favorite place, this would break his heart for sure!

Although, as you have to protect your baby, and your dog is part of it. Hence, the solution to this problem is, 


First, you should not introduce your pet to the new rules all at once. Start by making changes slowly, you can make some changes before the arrival of the baby. Do not move the bed of the pet over time, start with few things. 

Also, you can ask your neighbor’s kid to take your dog to the walk, as it is not safe for the baby so far.

8. Say No to Intimacy

Say No to Intimacy for new parent

In the first place, you are healing after delivery and for a few months, your life is going to revolve around the baby. However, daddy is going to work and deal with other things. And you end up missing all the nights and days that you use to spend together. 

Avoid sex at this time! However, you can do the mutual masturbation, oral sex, etc.

This also includes sleep deprivation and exhaustion, which will make you more frustrated and of course, enhance the disagreement. 


Here I got the solution for you, you can try to take breaks regularly and spend some time with your partner. Above all, keep in mind that this is not permanent and your newborn would not always live on your lap forever. 

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9. Tones of Conflicting Advice

Yes! You heard me right, everyone is going to become a counselor or doctor. Well, that’s because they love the new member of the family and want the best for him. That’s great, isn’t it? 


Here comes the issue when two people offer different advice over the same topic. And, now there is the catfight going on in your room, while your baby is maybe sleeping or feeding


As a solution, I would advise you to follow your pediatrician about anything you are going to do with you or your baby. 

10. Why aren’t you Accepting my Breast?

Sometimes you have to handle the deadly attitude of the baby especially when your tot refuses to feed. Though mostly your baby would be sleeping, all this would make you feel anxious and annoyed.

Although, I would advise you not to be anguish as your baby would feed eventually. 


You do not have to worry about it, as your baby will feed with a great appetite. 

And your all issues will be solved. 

11. Nappy Time

Taking Care of the baby when changing diaper

This is the most disgusting thing you ever have to do, but yeah, only you can do this. No doubt, it is not a forever process, you can later teach your baby how to poop with the help of a potty training seat

The green and yellow poop with a stinking smell that is going to make you crazy. But here is what you can do,


You and your husband can do it together or by fixing the turns. Later, to not bother much you can buy a changing table that will keep your baby safe and allow you to store the essential things at a place. Eventually, you will understand how to do it right? 

12. Where is Diaper, Lotion, Bottles, etc?

I’m sure your room or home would look like as if you never live there.

And that is how you are going to miss everything, especially things that you need on time such as a diaper. I know, you are already exhausted and losing anything especially when you need it is the worst thing ever. 

Because now you have to check your whole home to search that like a policeman, as your baby’s sleeping buddy or diaper or nappy is missing. 


For this, all you can do is keep everything in the right place. You can also buy almirah for kids, where you can store the things and your baby can use it later. With that, store all the diaper stuff under your diaper changing table

13. Why Do you Move While Sleeping?

Taking Care of the Baby Baby is sleeping

I’m sure you must know that baby is recommended to sleep on their back either he is sleeping in a crib, and another safe place. As your baby is not used to live in a spacious place, you got to keep an eye on him.

Additionally, do not put any pillow, blanket near the baby as these might cover the baby’s face and can result in suffocation. Not all, but few newborns have their own sleep preferences. 

However, as you know you can not ignore the safety of the baby. 

You should also know that your baby is going to protest. 

No need to panic, I have the solution to this baby problem, 


At this time, you can swaddle your newborn, use sleep sacks, and also use another soother like the pacifier, rocker chair with vibrations, etc. This will help the baby to feel more like he is in the womb. 

14. Will my Baby Get Bad Habits?

Hell, No!

I know you must be worried that because of you, your newborn will develop some bad habits, like always being in arms. For instance, many mommies prefer to hold their baby during naps, to allow the baby to sleep more. 

But, let me assure you, it is not at all a bad habit. 

It is normal, more like a way of survival for the days after delivery. 

Above all, skin to skin contact of the baby and mother is a good thing, you can say your baby is programmed this way. 

Hence, you can cuddle with your newborn and keep him close to you. 

As this is the early stage of the baby’s life, your baby probably won’t be spoil. 

All you can do is to provide the quality of care to your tot. And if your baby is doing good with the pacifier, you can use one. 

No doubt, you have to do, what is essential for the baby. However, not doing something that would work, it not an option. Only because you thought it would become a bad habit.

15. Eh! Baby Fart Again!

Taking Care of the Baby when Baby is farting

Gas is very common with the newborn as the digestive system of the baby is working in a very new and incredible way. And your newborn will fart as loud as his butt allows him to plus most often. You would be shocked to hear that something small is creating bizarre in the room. 

On the other hand, trapped gas can be painful and create discomfort for the baby. Some of the issues of this one of the newborn baby health problems are that your baby might be sensitive to dairy, have allergies, and other common gas. 


You can simply talk to your doctor about the same. And no doubt, you would find an abundance of remedies for the same. You can also try Mamaearth Easy Tummy Roll On for colic & gas relief with hing & fennel oil.

You should read this complete guide if your baby is having gas pain.

16. Does my Baby have a Blocked Nose? 

If yes! Then you have to clean it.

Further, your baby could have a cold which also could be the reason for block nose, which can even turn into pneumonia or croup. So, please do not take it lightly. Especially if with all these things your baby catches a fever. This is one of the worst newborn baby health problems which you need to take into consideration instantly. 


As a solution, to avoid every time to run to the doctor, without confirmation about the baby’s body temperature. You can buy a baby thermometer, to check the baby’s temperature.

Further, you can also buy a nasal aspirator to clear the blocked nose of the baby.


You got to know, what are the issues you would face further, but hey! you do not have to worry. Because deep down you know, in the end, you can do this. You will end up being an amazing parent. With your healthy and fit baby.

It seems tough, however, all you need is a bit of time to learn things, and I must say, “practice makes the man and woman perfect.”

You will be for sure end up being a great parent!

Please let me know your experience in the comments below like how you deal with your baby during tough time?

Happy Parenthood!

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