Coronavirus News Update: Newborn baby test positive just after 30 hours of birth

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Coronavirus News Update: Newborn baby test positive just after 30 hours of birth

A global health emergency caused by Coronavirus has infected more than 27,000 people worldwide and 490 people were killed in China. And, in the recent news, the youngest person who was infected is a newborn baby just after 30 hours of birth.

Shocking, right?

According to the state media site Xinhuanet, they said the baby was born on February 2 from the mother who was deadly infected by the virus at the Wuhan Children Hospital, China. Same city from where this global outbreak has originated.

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The newborn has no signs of cold, fever and cough. But has been experiencing the shortness of breath, medical experts said.

A shocking news where just a 7 pound (3.17kg) baby was infected with the deadly coronavirus. Now the baby is in stable condition and is under medical observation, reported from the same media.

Coronavirus News Case 2 on Jan 13:

Another case was reported on Jan 13, where a baby was born healthy. But, the baby’s nanny was later diagnosed with the virus. And later, to the mother of a newborn which was transferred to baby later on 29 Jan.

Wuhan Coronavirus: A Concise & Rational Guide to the 2020 Outbreak

So nothing can be explained right now, but this is mostly the case of transmission.

So we advise you to keep the distance where you feel if the person is having infection or signs of coronavirus. Here is the link from the World Health Organization (WHO). Everything is explained in detail about the symptoms, precautions etc.

Some of the Coronavirus precautions are below:

  • Clean hand with soap and water
  • Cook meat and egg thoroughly
  • Keep the distance with unprotected animals
  • Avoid contact with people having a cold, and cough. Especially in public places, buses, etc
  • Cover your nose while sneezing

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Take care of yourself and your family. And hope for the best!

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