Dad’s ‘COMPLETE GUIDE TO BABY’ Video is Absolutely Hilarious. Must Watch!

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

Viral Dad’s ‘COMPLETE GUIDE TO BABY’ Video is Absolutely Hilarious!

Dadda! Can you sing a lullaby to me? Daddy, can you tell me a story? Dad! Clean my high chair? Pappy, teach me how to crawl? Pa! Change my diaper; I need milk; I just spit-up.

And today everything is about our one and only DAD. 

You have always seen a mother doing all the mentioned work, from playing with the baby to changing the diaper, bathing, feeding, pushing baby pram or stroller, whatnot.

However, believe it or not, a dad is literally viral doing all the crazy stuff that a mamma does. Yeah, it might sound non-compos mentis but hey, anything is possible. So, all the daddies out there hold your seat because you might have to face some sneering. 

On Instagram, a dad’s funny video is burgeoning showing a “complete guide to baby” from how to let your baby sleep, how to bathe the baby, and how to make your baby ready in a super stylish way.

Check it out here.

What does this Video Contain? 

This video shows the ordinary struggle of every parent but with a rib-tickling twist with the caption that says, “THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO BABIES”. I have collated my finest, thoroughly researched, instructional videos on all things baby related. Grab a cuppa and settle in.” This is not his first video but his “how-to” videos are a lay hold of a number of people’s likes and comments and some videos even gone viral, like this one.

Moreover, this time, he made a miscellany of uproarious clips that he had shared over years. To be honest, terming it “brilliant” would be an understatement. 

As I mentioned, this dad is doing everything, like everything like a super dad in your baby’s movie. The way he showed all the struggle in just 9 minutes in the best hilarious way, you are certainly going to watch it in a loop and still won’t get over it.

How the Video is Being Praised? 

Since the video is being shared a few days ago, so far it has received around 35,000 views. The praising of the video is not limited to views or likes but it has received tons of comments from its jollity to the favorite part of the video, the video is eulogizing in different kinds. 

Here are some comments, 

One person said,

“Putting a baby to sleep is still my favorite I think.”

Another said,

“Omgosh you’re the funniest but nuttiest dad ever!! Love it!!”

Third-person said,

“You need to write a manual book.”

Above all, there were some people who tagged others to spread jubilation.

One person tagged another and wrote, “In case you need a laugh in the wee hours of the night.”

I guess, now all the daddies really have to buck up a little and help the mommies in taking care of your tot. Because I’m sure, your wife is going to torture you.

Jokes apart, your baby is going to love you for everything you will do.

Happy Parenting! And let me know what do you think of the video?

Image taken from the video (Instagram/howtodadnz)

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