11 Games to Play With Babies [Growth With Fun]

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

Games! Games and games!!

From the era of our moms yelling at us to enter the home forcing us to leave our smartphones to actually play – games to play with babies have lost their TRUE meaning or maybe gained a new value.

Games – be it your baby’s subway surfer or your Rat-a-Tat, our traditional games are available to our babies just with a click of a finger on “Playstore” or “Apple Store,” however, the importance of either of these can not be underestimated. 

I know, most of you must be wondering, it is seamless to understand how traditional games could be useful, but how are digital games useful for a baby?

Games to Play With Babies

Well, you can keep on wondering that, because before getting into that challenging topic, I would like to mention what games to play with babies – online or offline.


Before that, I would like to assure you one thing, whether it will be online or offline games to play with babies – it will definitely gonna help in your baby’s development, physically and mentally!

So, here let’s give a kick-start to a little trip to your baby’s playland.

Traditional Games to Play With Babies

1. Peek-a-Book


Seeking in the corners of your home could be one of the games to play with babies. 

I know, I know, it could also turn into the scariest game because for a baby to run and hide – well we all can think of the consequences. 

So, I have a trick to make it one of the best games to play with a 6-month-old – all you have to do is to hide your face with both your hands and just when your baby will think that hey! Mommy isn’t here – you will be like “Peek-a-boo.”

I play with my baby and he loves it – trust me, when you see your baby smiling, you will forget the world.

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2. SpongeBob – oh! I mean Sponge Ball

Sponge balls could be a safe way to play with your baby and it is one of the best games to play with a 6-month-old. 

Well, your baby is 6 months old, he has the ability to sit himself, so, why not push a ball to him and let him hold it or maybe squeeze it.

Though, I must ask you not to pressurize your baby to play with it or push it – because hey! It can really hurt your baby.

3. All Smile, All Do, and All Make Faces

smiling baby

Well, by the time you are 2 months, your baby definitely can not run, however, can certainly understand your expressions. So, all you have to do is to look at your baby and smile. I do it with my baby and my baby laughs like that first ray of sun.

Apart from that, I also make those funny faces like winking, air up my mouth then puff it and of course, make little noises like a cat, a bird, and others – trust me it is worth seeing your baby being happy like this.

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4.  Be a Monkey (Not asking you to hop on that table)

4.  Be a Monkey (Not asking you to hop on that table)

Being a monkey means, remember when a person imitates the other, we used to say, “Hey! Stop being a monkey.”

Well, monkeys are often used as an example of imitating someone or something. I’m not sure where it comes from but let’s just go with it. So, here being a monkey means, you have to imitate whatever your little baby will do.

And after a while, as your baby grasps the concept, you will notice that your baby is copying whatever you are doing. Trust me, it could be a great way to not only have to teach your baby something, rather than just playing around.

5. With Me, Clap, Clap, and One More Clap

Clapping is fun for babies, so I thought, why not turn it into one of the best games to play with babies. 

Moreover, this game could be fun and teach your baby to coordinate the hand moment.

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6. Shake or Squeeze That Rattle

6. Shake or Squeeze That Rattle

Toys could also be a great means to play with your baby, especially if you are searching for games to play with a 6-month-old. All you need is to find some of the safe and reliable toys which your baby can shake and squeeze without hurting him.

Though in starting you might have to teach your baby to use the rattle, but your little baby will catch onto that.

7. Let’s Organize a Finger Puppet Show

If you are looking for – games to play with a 6-month-old? 

Then I have got this perfect game idea for the games to play with babies that’s a finger puppet show. And you know what, to make it fun, you can tell a story while using puppets. 

8. Babble With Your Tot

Sometimes singing with your baby or should I say, just taking part in the babbling could be fun for the baby. And trust me, it could be one of the finest games to play with 4 month-old.

So, there you got a chance to be with a baby all over again.

9.  Splash!


If your little kiddo loves water, then why not let him enjoy some time in the water if course not alone. Though, I’m not sure whether it could be counted as the games to play with 1 month old but, if you need one of the best games to play with 6-month-old, I guess, it is perfect.

So, if your baby enjoys bath time, then get a baby bathtub and let him do some splish and splash. However, I would strictly advise you not to leave your baby unattended, not even for a second – that friend who calls you at unusual timing, that can wait till your baby gets out of that tub.

10. Let’s Do Some Rock n’ Rock Baby

Get that big exercise ball you use to work out, sit on that while holding your baby properly and bounce slowly. Though it is to be noted, your baby should have proper control over this neck and head, moreover, of course, ensure the safety of the while bouncing.

11. Reach Out to That Hanged Rattle

It’s pretty simple, either you can hang some rattles or toys over your baby’s crib, then encourage him to reach that, show him how to do that and of course, praise your kiddo for doing it right.


Games are really important for a baby’s development because they teach your baby to use their body parts. For instance, when you give your baby a toy, he will learn to squeeze and shake it, while if you imitate your baby, he will imitate you back.

It is a simple rule of science, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So, why not use these reactions for the development of your baby, of course, these little baby steps will allow your baby to grow and flourish.

So, here is to healthy playing.


How do I entertain my baby indoors?

To entertain your baby indoors, you can play the games mentioned above, such as peek-a-boo, imitating the baby, etc.

What should be taught to a 2-year-old?

Though there are many things you can teach your baby at the age of 2, if I have to, it would be better to emphasize walking, talking, and physical activities.

What are some fun games to play with a 1-year-old?

Kick-a-ball, hide and seek, etc. are some of the best games to play with a 1-year-old.

How do I keep my 18 month old entertained?

To keep your 18 months old entertained, you can play peek-a-boo, imitate the baby, etc.

How do you entertain a 23-month-old?

By this age, your baby will be ready to do pretty much everything and for proper growth and development, focus on physical activities such as kicking the ball.

Is it safe to play mobile games with babies?

Mobile games could weaken the baby’s eyesight, so I would have to say, yes, it is not safe to play mobiles games with babies.

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