What Should I Pack for the Hospital for Baby?

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

What Should I Pack for the Hospital for Baby? List of Items Required During/After Delivery? Hospital Bag Delivery List

Hi there! Is your due date next door? I think I don’t have to tell you, that now you can see your little angel any time!

Happy? Excited? Scared? Don’t know how to react, am I right? That’s normal but yes, I can guarantee you all this will be paid when you see your little baby.

Right now, it is more like a mixed feeling, isn’t it? Most of you don’t even know how to react but that’s fine.

It is huge, you are going to have a baby like in any minute.

Well, I’m here to help you out, you know during this scary, fearful, and skepticism you might forget things to carry with you. Why not buy a hospital bag for delivery in India to make things easy.

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On the other hand, some of you do not even know what should I pack for the hospital for a baby? Of course, for new mommy it is a lot just, stop panicking.

I’m here to help you out!

Here, in the list of items required during delivery, you would be able to prepare the perfect hospital bag for you, your baby, and your partner.

It is not just that you have to prepare the hospital bag for your baby. But you also have to make a maternity bag which includes everything that you need, during and after delivery. That will I discuss in the article later.

First, start with the hospital bag for delivery list for baby. So, new mommies pay attention now.

What Should I Pack for the Hospital for My Baby?

That’s the most asked question, especially when you are going to be a mother for the first time. I bet, till now you will receive like the number of advice, yes, who it could be your family and friends.

Here, we start with the list of items required during delivery, to help yourself, you can buy a perfect hospital bag for delivery in India as mentioned above.

First, you do not have to put your house in a bag, trust me you don’t need it. Your baby is going to need you, warmth, and of course, nutrition.

You will get plenty of blankets from the hospital, so here your one thing is already done, right? Next, what hospital bag for delivery list includes, what to carry, and other important things are here.

1. Moving in Car? Get Car Seat

So, there you and your tot have to pass a test, don’t worry, they won’t ask you to answer the questions. It is a test where they are going to check whether the newborn is big enough to fit in the car seat. That’s because of the safety of the baby. 

To add, you are not going home until your car has a perfectly installed car seat at the back. Choose a car seat with a quantity of padding with mounting facing the rear of the car. 

Before buying a car seat, measure the size of the back seat of the car. Second, go for a convertible car seat, as it grows with the baby. Further, buy a car seat that you can use for a long time, for this, buy a travel system. Above all, buy a car seat that has 5 harness points for baby’s safety and ensure that it meets with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards 213.

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Before buying car seat check its rating on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Go for car seat with 5 star for clear and convienent use and so on.

Here is the list of the best baby car seat in India of 2020.

2. Blankets and swaddling

No doubt, you are going to get blankets but how come you forget that those blankets might get dirty. Certainly, one more possibility is that, what if those blankets are not soft enough? 

No worries, because you are all ready to face every situation with your list of items required during delivery. You can simply pack some of your blankets to swaddle the baby and to protect the baby against cold.

You can also use blankets of the hospital to cover the baby in the hospital while going home. To add, those can be used in a car too. 

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As you are going to being taught about how to swaddle the baby, then you have your own blanket to learn. See, there is nothing wrong in being ready in advance. 

While swaddling the baby do not keep anything like a bedsheet, stuff toys, and more in the crib or around the baby as it might result in suffocation.

The thing to keep in mind while swaddling the baby is that swaddle the baby snugly. But ensure that at the top, your 2-3 fingers should fit between baby’s chest and blanket. Then, you are swaddling or not, you should put your baby to sleep on the back.

Then, make sure that you have folded the blanket underside of your newborn. Swaddling might result in overheat the baby, therefore keep the baby cool. It’s also important to prevent the baby from Sudden Infant Health Syndrome.

Don’t leave your baby alone, change always be around as baby wakes up when they feel scared or fearful… Changing a diaper, hunger, and more are reasons why your baby is waking up at the night.

3. Keep Clothes in Hospital Bag for Delivery

While coming home, what do you want your baby to wear? The big thing, like your whole family and friends, even you will be excited to bring your baby home. 

Before picking anything, here I would advise you to make a choice, like choosing clothes on the basis of the temperature. You know, if it is cold, do not forget to bring socks, hats, and mittens. However, these are also beneficial, as it drafts off the baby’s skin in the summers. 

The first thing always has a special place in our heart and here it is going to be the first cloth of your baby.

Definitely, it is special!

You will admire it forever, for a memento you can even save it. Choose clothes that are soft and do not harm the baby’s skin. To add, make sure that baby is comfortable in the clothes.

4. Hat and socks

It would be your baby’s first socks and hat, these are special for sure. But above all, hats and socks keep the baby warm and conserve the baby’s skin too. Therefore, choose a warm and good quality of hat and socks.

5. Burping clothes 

I know, most of you are like, really, this is something that I need to pack in the hospital bag for a baby? 

Yes! You need it. 

Burping cloth is nothing but a small rectangular cloth, that keeps the baby’s clothes, blankets, and definitely your clothes clean. 

As the baby is going to spit, so you need them. Therefore, pack 3-4 burping cloths. 

6. Breastfeeding pillow

As we all know, breast milk is ideal for the baby until the age of 6 months. During breastfeeding, you have to sit at a place doing nothing but feeding the baby. That results in pain in the back, shoulder, neck, and more.

To save you, breastfeeding pillows are best.

Trust me, these ensure the perfect latch of the baby during breastfeeding and lessen the pain too. Because it not only supports the head of the baby but will support you too. 

To be noted, choose a breastfeeding pillow that fits on your torso. The reason behind this is that it helps in keeping the baby’s torso and head near the nipples. Further, choose a pillow that is easy to clean up.

7. Maintain some additional space in the bag

Yes, you should keep your bag a bit free, as you might have to pack everything that the hospital is going to provide you.

Most likely, it would be diapers, wipes and other things.

8. Diaper and wipes

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If you don’t want to use diapers and wipes that you got from the hospital you can buy some packets of both for your baby.

Your newborn is going to need about 10-12 diapers a day.

List of Items Required During Delivery for Mother

Above, I have mentioned, what is the list of items you require for the baby. But how come we forget the mother, who is carrying the baby in the womb for like 9 months, right? 

A mother who has been gone through pain, morning sickness, sleepless nights, discomfort, and more. 

All this, to give birth to her baby.

Trust me it is worthy!

So, here I’m going to mention what you need to pack for baby delivery. It is essential for you to know what things you are going to need for the delivery so that your husband doesn’t have to run to get things at the last minute.

During Delivery (Hospital Bag List) 

1. Hospital Documents and Insurance papers

I know you have already made all the arrangements in the hospital. But some hospitals before admitting you need document verification like your hospital ID, hospital file, insurance papers, and sometimes other documents also.

Always keep printed copies of all the essential documents that could require during delivery.

Hospital paper, of course, your doctor knows everything about you and your medical history. Just in case, he needs to review it again, let’s be prepared. 

If you have maternity insurance that’s great!

Generally, it is provided as an additional policy for the person who already has health insurance. It is even provided to the female who works in the corporates with Group Health Insurance.

You would not have to spend money as your insurance company is doing it on your behalf. You can simply get maternity insurance covers, likewise, you can take a health insurance policy of newborn baby.

Maternity insurance covers involve the expense of normal or C-section both. To add, it also includes the expenses on the vaccines, which could be costly. Additionally, for the baby, it includes coverage of newborns, up to the expiry of the policy.

2. Baby Birth plan

A birth plan is a silhouette of your preferences at the time of labor and delivery. For instance, you can include who you want with you during delivery, you want pain medicines or not, how do you want the light to be?

In short, it makes your delivery and labor comfortable for you as much as you want. 

The right time to make the birth plan is right before a few weeks of your due date. Above all, do not forget to check it with your doctor or midwife. Of course, you should also reexamine your birth plan with the person who is going to assist you. Make copies and don’t forget to bring these copies with you. 

If you are a new mother, I know what you are looking for, what should I write in a birth plan? 

Don’t worry, I’m here to help you out. 

You should write the patient’s name, due date, name of a doula, name of the hospital, name of midwife or doctor, and more. 

Get ready to make a birth plan now! 

3. Clothes or Dressing Gown During Delivery

pregnancy dress in hospital after delivery

Definitely, the hospital is going to give you a dressing gown to wear but it might not be that comfortable and soft.

Let’s bring your own dressing gown!

Can I? Certainly, you can wear your own dressing gown at the hospital. Don’t just go for any gown, you never know how long labor would be? 

Before buying a gown, ensure that it is loose, breathable and is made of light fabric, you can say a blend of cotton or poly would be ideal. 

After delivery, you have to feed the baby, therefore if you don’t want to put or pull your whole gown-up, let’s choose a gown that has front buttons. 

4. Avoid Hospital Socks

You will get a pair of socks from the hospital but I guess packing your own socks to wear is ideal.

I won’t have to mention this, choose the anti-skid socks. The major reason behind this is that it prevents slipping. You might slip in the hospital while going to the washroom. 

Fingers crossed! I just wanted you to be extra careful.

5. Rubber Base Slippers or flip flops

Choose slippers or flip flops that have a rubber base that make it easy for you to wear it or put it off.

Go for the most comfortable, not stylish. Although, if you got comfort and style, that’s great. Then, choose slippers or flip flops that do not slip so that you will not meet any accident.

6. Comfy pillow

Like other things, you are going to get a pillow from the hospital. But if you want to carry your own personal pillow for your comfort.

Pack it for your convenience!

You might not be aware, how much rush the hospital has, or if enough pillows are available or not. Above all, what if those pillows are not comfortable enough for you. Let’s not take any chance to make your delivery uncomfortable. 

7. Skincare products in Hospital Delivert Bag

Chapped lips are very common during labor as the body retains more fluid, mouth breathing during labor and environment. Therefore, you need to have a lip balm to moisten the lips.

Sometimes, massage could be relaxing for some mothers during labor, what if you will feel the same? 

You don’t know right? 

Just in case, pack body lotion and massage oil.

8. Drink Enough Water & Carry Water Spray

During labor, you will feel all heated up. Therefore, to cool yourself down you can pack some water sprays and sponges. 

9. Add Snacks and Drink in the Hospital Delivery List

No one can predict how long it is going to be, your labor of course. Therefore, for some sort of energy, you can pack some drinks and snacks for yourself. 

Before that check with the doctor whether you are allowed to eat or not during labor. For early labor, you can pack bananas, popcorn, toast, tortillas, dry crackers, boiled eggs and more. 

To drink you can pack isotonic drinks. These are those drinks which contain the equivalent level of salt and sugar that find in humans. These drinks provide the ideal amount of physical energy to your body instantly. As these drinks absorb promptly. 

At last, you can also pack books, tablets with movies, earplugs, ear masks, and more which you can use during downtime.

Pack any stuff only in guidance of your doctor!

After Delivery (Hospital Bag List)

happiness after delivery

The list is not over yet, there are other things that you require after delivery. 

Let’s move to what do you need to pack for baby delivery that would help you later. 

1. Night Dresses

Pack a soft, comfortable, and breathable dress to make your night comfortable at the hospital. If you are buying a dress then ensure that it is loose and has buttons or front openings which allow you to feed the baby.

For your convenience, you can use feeding dresses and feeding night suits.  Breastfeeding dress should be loose and breathable that does not heat you up. 

For the baby’s safety, do not wear any top and dress with a hook, zip and buttons as it might hurt the baby’s skin. To add, protected zip might be safe for the baby but could hurt your skin.

Therefore, choose your nightdress wisely.

2. Maternity pads

If you are thinking of buying regular menstrual pads, don’t! 

Why am I saying this?

As after delivery, you bleed like 30-50% more than often, so you need something softer, longer, and definitely a good absorbent. In that case, menstrual pads won’t be able to fulfill this need but maternity pads can.

As you are already weak and tired after delivery that becomes worse when you have to visit the washroom to change your pads.

No more!

Because maternity pads are highly absorbent, soft and comfortable. 

If you want to use menstrual cups, you should not. 

Because your vagina is swollen, sore and it will take time to heal. Hence, you should only use maternity pads instead of inserting things into your swollen vagina. 

So, no sex and use of menstrual cups.

no sex after delivery

However, you can use menstrual cups again but once you are healed completely.

3. Underwear

Mostly women wear high waisted panties or granny panties after delivery. That’s because they have to hold the pads in a correct position to prevent leakage.

To add, you can also wear mesh boxers or brief style pants, as these are not only affordable but they are reusable too after wash.

Additionally, disposable underwear is also a good choice for women who find it tough to reach the washroom at night after delivery. 

4. Keep Nursing bras in Hospital Bag

Your regular plus fashionable bra is of no use after delivery. As you need to feed the baby for which you require something that enables you to feed the baby easily. 

For this, nursing bras are ideal as the nursing bras have a clasp or panel that would allow you to feed the baby. 

5. Toiletries 

When it comes to toiletries just pack every single thing that you use regularly. 

That includes toothpaste, toothbrush, towels, body wash, hair clips, hair bands, hairbrush, face wash, conditioner, shampoo, lotion, tissues, and more.

If you need you can also pack your hairdryer and deodorant too.

6. Homegoing clothes

You are going home with your baby, you definitely need something special but comfortable. 

Choose something loose, comfortable with an elastic waistband. Further, buy a dress which is breathable, so that you won’t feel heated. 

You can also pack woollen clothes, hats, socks, in case you need them. Choose your home going dress according to the temperature.

7. Belly Wrap

Belly wrap supports the weak muscles of the stomach. Not only this, but the light pressure of the belly wrap allows your uterus to get back to its normal size.

However, it is a natural process.

Moreover, it is also believed that belly wrap helps in reducing the tummy. Although, it is not proven. While to reduce the belly and get comfort in postpartum delivery, try these best maternity belt.

8. Vagina and tummy soothing products 

You are going to need things to soothe your vagina, first of all, follow the doctor’s advice. To provide relief, you can pack ice packs and hemorrhoid cream.

Taking a peri bottle is also a good option, it allows you to use warm water on your perineum, anus, and opening of the vagina. Wiping the vagina every time you go to the washroom is uncomfortable.

To soothe tummy use belly wraps, either it is vaginal birth or C-section.

Other things that you can use to lessen the vaginal bruises and swelling are Epsom salts and ointments if your hospital has a bathing facility. 

If you have C-section then until you are in hospital, your wound would be taken care of by the medical staff. Later, you would be advised by the doctor how to take care of the wound and precautions that you have to take, simply follow that.

9. Snacks and Drinks

To feel comfortable, you can pack some snacks and drinks that you can eat after delivery, like sugar-free candies, lollipops, crackers, cheese, and more. 

I would advise you to drink 6-10 glasses of water because your body needs fluids, especially if you are breastfeeding. To fulfill the need for fluid drink water, milk, and juice.

Therefore, eat food which is rich in carbohydrates like bread and cereal and avoid high fatty food.

However, consult with your doctor, what could be the best snack and drink after delivery. 

At last, you can also pack your glasses or contact lens, cosmetic items, phone, charger, and batteries.

List of Items Required During Delivery for Partner

Don’t worry! Your job is not just to hold bags or to run here and there.

We have a list of items for your partner too, to make your partner’s stay at the hospital comfortable.

1. Snacks and Drink

snacks in hospital during delivery

For your partner, pack some of his favorite snacks and drinks. But please avoid everything which irritates you. During pregnancy, it is very normal to get particular about some of the food. To add, avoid packing cigarettes, it is harmful to your wife and baby along with other patients.

2. Phone, Camera, Video Camera, Chargers and Battery

These are not only for your entertainment during the downtime but if you want to capture your little one after birth you will need all these.

To pass time, you can also pack books, tablets, music players, and more. This will not let you bored when your wife is in there and also distract your mind.

Above all, after delivery, you and your partner need to talk to your family and friends. To give them the good news.

3. Clothes in Hospital Bag for Delivery

As we don’t know how much the labor lasts for, packing extra clothes to change seems a good idea, isn’t it?

4. Toiletries and towel

If the facility to fresh up is available in your hospital your partner is going to need all his stuff like toothpaste, toothbrush, hairbrush, and more. That includes a towel too.

Mostly, hospitals have this facility available, check out with the hospital staff.

5. Small pillow

To take rest during delivery your partner might need a cushion. It is the same scary and fearful for him just like you. Let’s make his stay somewhat easy.

6. Spare glasses or contact lens

If you use glasses you are going to need a spare frame of glasses. Because you are in a hurry and there is a possibility that you might forget it somewhere, what if it breaks or get scratch. Hence, be ready for everything.

A contact lens can only be used for a particular time per day. After that you need to change it, right? Let’s pack one because you never know how long it takes.


Here is your hospital bag for the delivery list is ready.

To add, prepare your hospital bag by 36 or 37 weeks before the due date, in case you got labor pain early.

Just be prepared.

One more thing, if you happen to feed the baby with a bottle pack one in your hospital bag. Above all, always ensure that you also have cash with you to meet the last-minute needs in this digital world. I hope you find all the information for the question of what should I pack for the hospital for baby?

If you think I missed something, feel free to let us know in the comment below or join our Facebook group and help the parenting community.

So, now enjoy this moment.

Congratulations for the new angel in your life!

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