Hot Mom Baby Stroller 360 Rotation Function, Travel System Pram

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

To all the beautiful mommies, who want to feel special even after being a mom, we have come up with a “Hot Mom Baby Stroller” for you.

I personally love it, though some of you find it extravagant, I can bet it is worth buying.

I’m not saying this to make you click that “Buy Now” button, but according to my in-depth research I find it perfect. 

To find out why it is perfect for your baby, keep on reading mommies!!

Oky! So, the first thing that catches my eyes is its amazing look, I mean look at it. Won’t it be perfect for parties, dinner with friends, and a night out with your husband, I mean it will totally go with your dress. 

Hey! That’s not all.

Why Should You Buy This?

Hot Mom Baby Stroller 360 Rotation Function, Travel System Pram

I didn’t bring up its finest feature yet, so, you gotta hold on to reach that out.

First, it ensures immediate adjustment of the pushchair in both directions with the help of its robust frame which has the ability to rotate 360-degree. Therefore, ensuring flexibility, mobility, and a completely different world as you don’t have to struggle to move the stroller.

Flaunt your hair and be ready for an amazing walk with your baby.

Is that all?

Oh! You bet I have more that will spin your head and you are gonna love this stroller.

Oky! Imagine, walking in the park with the baby and suddenly the tires of the stroller get punctured. That would be scary as hell.

However, what if it won’t happen again?

I mean definitely, accidents can happen, but don’t you think precaution is better than cure. Well, I believe in it and that’s why the Hot Mom Baby stroller is here with its PU rubber wheels.

How are PU rubber wheels gonna help you?

I would say, this is all you need because it is explosion-proof, puncture-proof, non-slippery, no inflation, adequate shock resistance, and wear-resistant.

OMG! It is a lot to take because such amazing features in tires won’t even be offered by highly-reputed car brands. 

Come on, you gotta check it out.

Now, comes the most important question, for what age is it perfect?

Certainly, whether it is appropriate for your baby or not matters the most. 

Surprisingly, it is perfect for a baby of 0-6 months as it has a canopy and armrest and for a baby of 6-48 months, it comprises a ceiling and armrest. Moreover, it has an adjustable seat with three reclinations.

Such a relief to know that it is perfect for the newborn as you can buy it right away.

Here, one more important question, is it safe?

Besides providing a canopy, ceiling, and armrest and having perfect tires, it is made of waterproof PU leather. That ensures that it is designed by ensuring  Somatology Safety standards. 

So, it ensures Safety, along with giving you a luxurious and stylish look.

At last, can it store essential items?

You bet it can.

Hot Mom Baby Stroller has the ability to hold maximum weight i.e., 15.8757 kg with an accessible bottom basket.

Therefore, store your carry bag, baby’s toys, baby care products, baby diaper, whatnot.

I don’t think there is any feature this stroller misses, does it?


  • Has 3 reclinations (95 ° for sitting, 135 ° and 175 ° for taking a rest) which makes it the finest choice for a baby of 0-48 months.
  • 360-degree rotation which ensures flexibility and mobility.
  • Effortless to convert it into a seat unit to a travel system.
  • Easy to fold, just by clicking a few buttons and it’s done.
  • For parents comfort, it has an adjustable handlebar with a lock to keep it at a place, an effortless folding mechanism, the finest parking brakes, and a removable bumper bar.
  • For the comfort and safety of the baby, it comprises a canopy (which allow you to keep a check on the baby) and armrest.
  • Ensure comfortable ride with integrated wheel suspension, ball bearing, swilled and double lock system.
  • To store things, it has an easy to access basket which has a weight holding capacity of 15.8757 kg.
  • Has safety belts that allow you effortlessly place the baby in and out of the stroller.
  • Comes with a net, which protects the baby from mosquitoes, bugs, etc.
  • Includes the rain cover to protect the baby from rain.
  • To keep the baby safe, it includes an attached buckle to the stroller, which allow you to put your hand in it, thus, ensure more safety for the baby. This, allow you to keep in mind that you are with your baby (as there might be a possibility that new mommies forget that they are carrying their baby with them)
  • To ensure the baby’s safety, it is designed with Somatology Safety standard and waterproof PU leather.
  • Effortless to clean with the wipes.
  • Its tires are explosion-proof, puncture-proof, non-slippery, no inflation, adequate shock resistance, and wear-resistant.
  • Can be used facing inward or outward.
  • Made of aviation aluminium alloy which makes it durable. 


  • Could be less heavy to ensure portability.
  • As per customer review, its wheels do not rotate on curbs.

My Personal Experience With Hot Mom Baby Stroller!

Well, my personal experience with this stroller was exceptional, just like a hero met his heroin in movies. 

So, I was roaming around and while talking over a phone call at a family function, I bumped into my aunt with this stroller. Hopefully, she was holding her beautiful baby in her arms. So, I didn’t hurt anyone.

However, as soon as I noticed this exemplary stroller. 

And the first thought that came into my mind was wow!!

Thus, I asked her about its name and features. And let me tell you when she was telling me about it, I can clearly see the satisfaction on her face.

However, just hearing about this stroller wasn’t enough, so I asked her to give a ride to my little cousin and I noticed how perfectly this stroller is built and designed by ensuring  Somatology Safety standards. 

Ahh! It was a hell of a ride.

Apart from this, its PU wheels are explosion-proof, puncture-proof, non-slippery, no inflation, adequate shock resistance, and wear-resistant. Hence, ensuring utmost safety (my aunt told me). Not only that, even I noticed it myself, how perfectly it was moving in a place where some water was spilled.

Thus, my personal experience says, it is the most appropriate baby stroller. Further, I’m gonna compare it to the Luvlap Sunshine Stroller to allow you to understand how perfect it is.

So, here it is right in front of you where you can buy it and take a sigh of relief.

Note- To know more about Hot Mom Stroller, watch this amazing video

Is it Better Than Luvlap Baby Stroller?

Do you really have to ask?

Definitely, Hot Mom Baby Stroller is exceptional. However, certainly, we are not indicating that the Luvlap Sunshine Stroller is not ideal. 

So, let’s have a look at which stroller is better,

  • Weight 

Well, if I have to mention, the weight of Luvlap is less than the weight of Hot Mom Baby Stroller, i.e., 7.15 kg and 18 kg 500 g, respectively. Therefore, handling the Hot Mom Baby Stroller could be tough due to its high weight.

Moreover, the weight holding capacity of the Hot Mom Stroller is 15.8757 kg, while Luvlap can hold 15 kg. That gives an advantage to the Hot Mom Baby Stroller by a slight number.

  • Three Seat Position

Three seat reclination feature is the same in both the strollers which allow the baby to sit and sleep as and when required. 

Thus, let your baby enjoy as per her convenience. 

  • PU Wheels

Hot Mom Baby Stroller comprises the PU rubber wheels which are puncture-proof, explosion-proof, won’t inflate, non-slippery, wear-resistant, and absorbs shock.

On the other hand, Luvlap has quality wheels too, but it does not promise the quality as Hot Mom Baby Stroller.

  • Safety features

For the safety of the baby, Hot Mom Baby Stroller has a canopy, quality wheels, double lock and swivelled wheels. On the contrary, Luvlap has rear wheel brakes and a canopy. 

Thus, I believe, the wheels of the Luvlap could be of high quality.

However, Hot Mom Baby Stroller also includes the safety belt which allows you to hold the baby properly, also, allow you to put the baby in the stroller effortlessly as you can tuck the belts in the stroller to do so.


Depending on my personal experience and features of Hot Mom Stroller, I find it perfect for any baby. Though, its quality of tires, lock system, canopy, swivelled wheels, etc, makes it an exceptional choice.

If I would be at your place, I would certainly buy it because it is not just about being a stylish or a modern mom. But it is more than that!

It is about your baby’s safety, and comfort. 

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