How do I Know my Baby is Full When Breastfeeding?

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

How do I Know my Baby is Full When Breastfeeding?

Are you a new mom?

So, I know the first question that comes in your mind is how do I know my baby is full when breastfeeding?

Well, of course, your breast is not a feeding bottle or sipper that can measure the amount of milk or other beverages your baby is having. 

But if you do not realize or noticed yet, that your baby is giving you clues that he’s full. Certainly, it is not like hey mammy! I’m full. But it is more like the movement and other indications that I will discuss with you.

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Yeah, so my topic would be how do I know my baby is full when breastfeeding? 

How do I Know my Baby is Full When Breastfeeding?

Here I’m going to mention some of the signals that your baby would give you. 

1. Mommy Understand my Signals of the Appetite 

How do I Know my Baby is Full When Breastfeeding signs

That’s easy, after being full your baby would have stopped giving you signs of hunger. However, expect a lessening of uneasiness, movements, the motion of hand to mouth, soft sucking, and easy to distracts.

2. Waiver of Breast

Yes, after being full, the baby releases the breast. While some babies just fall asleep, in that case, do not hurry to release your breast from the baby’s mouth. I know you have things to do but to release the breast you have to follow some steps.

To break the suction simply slide two fingers of yours at the end of the baby’s mouth. Further, release your nipple from the mouth of the baby.

If you do not follow the pattern you might end up waking up the baby. That again, it might tough for you to put him on sleep. That’s why do not hurry.

To put the baby to sleep, soothe the baby, talk softly and your baby would sleep. For the proper latch, you can use a breastfeeding pillow, as due to improper latch you might face issues like swollen and cracked nipples.

3. Am I Sucking Milk like Before?

If you find your little one sucking milk softly and is taking ample time to suck then hey, your baby is full now.

When the baby is hungry, he tends to drink milk quickly with fast sucking. Also, she might do not take the time to swallow the milk. As the baby fills, all this process slows down.

I’m full!

Baby sucking milk

4. Mamma, Stop these Hiccups

It is being believed by the experts that when your baby is too full it results in hiccups. Because hiccups are the reflux, of the unturned food and acid due to the full stomach. 

To stop hiccups, you can stop feeding for a while and help your baby to burp. However, feeding is not always the cause of hiccups. So, if you are not feeding, and your infant got hiccups you can use a pacifier to stop them.

Additionally, you can also try gripe water to stop hiccups or do not anything, it will stop itself.

5. Mom! Is my Posture Relaxed?

Definitely, your baby would feel relaxed and comfortable after being full, such as he uncurls his fist. Also, you find your little one tired and ready to sleep. So, now you have enough time to deal with all the things from cleaning your home to relax. 

While letting your baby sleep in a peaceful environment without any disturbance or noise, you can check out the best ear muffs for kids

Most importantly, put your newborn to sleep on the back, not on the stomach or side. Make sure that the crib of the baby does not have any stuffed toy or blankets, as it might lead to suffocation. Also, choose a crib that is strong and durable.

Additionally, do not let your baby sleep with you in a bed but near you. Use a convertible crib.

6. Ah! I Hate these Wet Belches Mom 

If you notice a bit of milk coming from the mouth of the baby or a wet burp, then there your baby is full. 

As we all know, the baby tends to cry when she’s hungry but it is the last signal of hunger, on the other hand, crying and grizzling sometimes indicate tiredness. And let me tell you, it is tough how to tell if the baby is hungry or tired. 

To end this, some other signals are crying of the baby, turning the mouth away from the nipple, and lack of interest in feeding instead of the baby starts playing or easily gets distracted. 

Let me help you with how to tell if the baby is hungry or tired?

That’s easy if you feed your little one within the previous two hours but is still fussy that means she needs to sleep. However, if you still have doubts, to check out you can offer the breast to the baby. 

After taking a bit of milk, if the baby is grizzling or fussy, she is tired and wants to sleep.

Let’s discuss some of the signals of tiredness. 

Hey, I’m Tired Now…

Newborn Baby's Signs of Tiredness

Newborn Baby’s Signs of Tiredness are:

  • Grabbing ears
  • Close fist
  • Tough to focus, i.e., cross-eyes or baby might be like looking into space
  • Arching backward 
  • Worried look
  • Yawning 
  • Sucking of the fingers

Sucking of the fingers means it is a positive signal that indicates that your little one is attempting to sleep by finding ways. To add, newborn babies may get tired within 1.5 hours of being awake. 

Babies and Toddlers Signals of Sleeping:

First, the baby of the age of 3 months to 6 months might get tired after being awake for 1.5-3 hours. Second, the baby of 6 months to 12 months might feel tired after being awake for 2-3 hours. 

There you go with the signals

  • Clumsiness 
  • Crying or mewling
  • Need attention
  • Bored with toys
  • Particular with the food 
  • Grasping
  • Yawning

One thing to be noted is that, if the baby of 12-18 months does not get his morning and afternoon sleep, he might feel overtired. 

I know, now the question comes, how to prevent the baby from being tired, no worries I’ll let you know. 

Simply let your baby sleep by lessening the stimulation. You can try out these, 

  • Allow baby to sleep at his usual place where he sleeps
  • Take away all the toys
  • Do not leave the blanket or toys of the baby near or around the baby as it might suffocate the baby
  • Interact with the baby softly and quietly
  • Keep the room dark by closing the curtains or switching off lights
  • To lessen the effect of the noises, you can play soft and smooth music
  • Soothe and move the baby
  • Allow the baby to sleep in a clean surrounding
  • Check whether he needs anything like feeding, diaper changing, etc


At last, I would say breastfeeding the baby is the best choice as it helps in providing all the essential nutrients to the baby.

However, if you remain out due to work or anything, you can use the top manual breast pump and the automatic breast pump to express milk for the baby. 

On the other hand, if you have to go out, in an emergency, then formula milk would be the next best option. But I would advise you not to depend on it completely.

Happy Parenthood!

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