How Do You Know a Pregnant Lady Will Give Birth to a Baby Girl or Boy?

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

No, you can not know the gender of the baby in India, under the Indian laws, i.e., Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act. Yet according to the myth, you can determine the sex of the baby. Some of these are, 

1. How You Are Carrying Determine Baby’s Sex?

If you have a low tummy, that means, it is a boy, else, it is a girl.

But actually, the way of carrying depends on the shape of your uterus, abdominal muscles, and body type.

2. Can Severity of Morning Sickness Tell You Baby’s Sex?

It is believed that the severity of the morning sickness could also indicate the sex of the baby, but no. 

Here it goes like, if you have a girl your hormonal level will be high, so as your morning sickness. And the exact opposite applies to the boy.

But, as I said, it is just a myth and has no scientific fact to encourage the same theory.

Though, according to the study which is published by The Lancet, it is somewhere true. Yet, it lacks scientific evidence.

3. Does the Baby’s Heart Beat Determine Its Sex?

No, no, no, it is not TRUE!!!

According to this myth, if your baby has a heartbeat below 140, it would be a boy and more than 140 than a girl.

Though, there is no logical truth behind the difference in the heartbeat of the boy and a girl. Especially, detecting the heartbeat of the baby in early pregnancy, a report published by Fetal Diagnosis Therapy.

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4. Does Your Skin Condition Indicate Baby’s Sex?

Again, NO!!

Well, it is believed that a girl steals the beauty of her mother and that’s why if you are having the girl, you would get acne, pimples, and more. That is the complete opposite in the case of a boy.

Similarly, your hair revolves around these myths, that is if you have long and lustrous hair, then it’s a boy, and the exact opposite in the case of a girl.

However, the truth is that it entirely depends on the hormones. 

5. Are Your Craving Tell You the Sex of the Baby?

It is like craving salty and savory food, which would indicate a boy. On the other hand, caring for something sweet like chocolate indicates a girl.

Though, your craving depends on your changing nutritional needs. 

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At last, all these are myths and are not supported by any scientific studies. 

Some of the ways to determine the sex of the baby are ultrasound, free cell DNA test, and other genetic testings.

Moreover, some more myths are extra forgetting (forgetting things indicate you are having a girl, or else it will be a boy), taking extra stress during pregnancy (having a girl would stress you out more, than a boy), developing gestational diabetes (if you are having baby boy, you would probably develop gestational diabetes), etc.

Likewise, there are other myths that you would probably hear, you can check out all these on 47 Myths About Pregnancy & Facts in India.

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