How Long Should I Tie My Stomach After Delivery?

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

How Long Should I Tie My Stomach After Delivery?

Typically, you can bind your belly as long as you want. Though, it is suggested that it should be more than 2-12 weeks because it could have negative impacts too such as the slow flow of blood.

To mothers, who believe belly wrapping is a new concept, let me tell you it is not! People are practicing it for decades. It is one of the effective ways to return to your true self, as in your earlier body.

Along with this, it has benefits such as, 

  • Support your abdomen 
  • Keep your abdomen at a place
  • Allow your body to heal
  • Could be useful, especially if you have C-section
  • Support your pelvic floor
  • Provide gentle compression

Along with how long you should tie your stomach you should also know, when to start?

You can use it right after giving birth to the baby if you have a normal delivery, i.e., vaginal delivery. Though, if you have C-section, you need to wait until your incision heals and dries.

Though, the best thing you can do is to talk to your doctor about the same and should perform the belly wrapping as suggested by the doctor.

Further, some things that you should keep in mind are,

  • Either you are using the cloth, top maternity belt, etc you should ensure to keep it clean, else it could result in infections, etc
  • Don’t tight the belly wrap too much because it can affect your stitches if you have a C-section or can restrict the blood flow
  • Using it in warm places would be tough
  • Could slip, if you haven’t chosen the right fit
  • Choose the right color otherwise it will be visible through clothes

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