How Many Wet Diapers for a Newborn, 2, 3, 4, 5 Months & 2-Year-Old?

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

Are you planning a trip with your baby? Confused how many wet diapers for a newborn you should carry?

Well, that’s an issue worth discussing as while going out apart from baby stroller, carrier, etc, a diaper also holds equal importance. 

So, if you are planning a whole day trip in that case you need to keep cloth diapers, wipes, cotton, clean clothes, etc with you. But the major question is, how many diapers you need for a baby?

Don’t worry, I’m here to help you!!

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How Many Wet Diapers for a Newborn?

To be precise, the average quantity of urine that a newborn passes 3 tablespoons, i.e., 45 ml. Accordingly, your newborn needs 12-16 diapers a day.

With the growth and development of the baby, the need for diapers would decrease. Though, you need to be careful as diapers are in direct contact with the baby’s skin, especially girls, which can result in skin-related issues, bladder infection, etc.

You should also check the diaper change frequency chart.

How Many Wet Diapers for a 2-month-old?

How Many Wet Diapers for a 2-month-old?

If you have a baby of 2-month olds, then you need 7-12 diapers a day. Because your baby won’t urinate as often as he used to do at the time of birth. 

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How Many Wet Diapers for a 3-month-old?

Here, a baby of a 3-month-old needs 6-10 diapers a day. As the baby is still in the growing phase, hence, the need for a diaper doesn’t really have much of the difference or no difference.

How Many Wet Diapers for a 4-month-old?

How Many Wet Diapers for a 4-month-old?

Likewise, the baby of a 4-month-old needs a diaper 7-9 diapers a day. While changing the diaper of the baby, you need to clean the baby to maintain personal hygiene.  

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How Many Wet Diapers for a 5-month-old?

At last, the baby of 5 months requires around 8 diapers a day.

How Many Wet Diapers should a 2-year-old have?

A kid of 2-year-old needs 4-6 diapers. Though, I would advise you to start the potty training of the kid. For this, you can follow some of these tips, 

  • Teach your kid the use of toilet
  • Allow your kid to say some words to indicator urge of bowel movement such as “poo,” poop,” etc
  • Take cues into consideration
  • Don’t force the kid to use the bathroom
  • Use potty training seat

To be noted, the need for a diaper could be changed depending on the frequency of the urination and pooping of the baby.

You should also check when to stop changing diapers at night?

Further, I’m mentioning a product that would be ideal for your baby. This is a taped style type of diaper. Let’s see some of its features. 

Pampers Active Baby Diapers

Pampers Active Baby Diapers - Taped Style Diaper for Newborn

Pampers active baby diapers are ideal for the baby’s skin that conserve the skin of the newborn and ensure the perfect fit, especially for the newborn. Not only this, but it also ensures the comfort of the baby’s delicates skin as it is made of cotton. 

Here, comes the best part, it has a wetness indicator that informs you by changing its color to blue. Hence, take the cue, change the baby’s diaper


  • Taped diaper ensure perfect fits
  • Made of ultra-soft material, hence, soft and comfortable 
  • Has an indicator that turns blue, to inform you to change the diaper
  • Keep the baby dry for 12 hours with magic gel technology
  • Has infused mild baby lotion to prevent irritation
  • Disperse the wetness evenly


  • Could be thick, to be effective 
  • Absorbency could be improved 


So, while going out keep as many diapers with you as specified. This will keep you dry especially while going out.

To store the diaper you can use a diaper bag, diaper caddy, and more. This will help you to keep everything in place. So, now you can enjoy yourself out with your baby.

Happy Parenthood!

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