How Often Should I Change Baby Diaper at Night?

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

How many times do I have to change the diaper of the baby at night?

This question really creates an outlandish confusion, isn’t it?

But trust me, this question holds significance as it is going to affect your baby’s skin, especially your baby girl as it can result in a serious issue like a bladder infection.

So, to prevent all the complications, I’m going to answer your question, “how often should you change a baby’s diaper at night?”

Let’s see, what you gotta do!

How often should I change baby diaper at night?

So, the answer to your question is that the duration and number of diapers you need at night depend on the type of diaper you are using. For instance, cloth diaper is safe but not a good absorbent as a disposable diaper. However, a disposable diaper is not that safe.

To be precise, you should change the baby’s diaper in every 2-3 hours at the night. 

Hence, change the diaper of the baby when you find the diaper completely wet or if the baby has pooped. That simply means, a diaper that is a little bit wet, does not need to change.

To be noted, at the night, you can use a super-absorbent diaper rather than an ordinary one. This will enable you and your baby to sleep peacefully.

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Diaper Change Frequency Chart

Are you wondering how many diapers per day by age chart are required? Here is the answer of your question.

Baby’s AgeDiaper Need
(Per Day)
Diaper Use
(in a month)
2-6 months9-12245
6 months-1 year7-10245
Above 1 year5-8240
Diaper Change Frequency Chart

To be noted, this chart only shows average usage of the baby diaper. Though, it could vary.


By going through this table, you would get a rough idea about the diaper you would need, especially if you are going for a long holiday.

Also, while using a diaper keep the check on the diaper of the baby to prevent rashes, skin irritation, and more. Wearing diapers for a long time could result in these issues and could get worse like a bladder infection.

Hence, maintain the personal hygiene of the baby. Also, join our Facebook group BabyCart to ask parenting and baby care-related questions.

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