How Should a Husband Treat His Pregnant Wife?

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

How Should a Husband Treat His Pregnant Wife? Husband Responsibilities During Pregnancy?

It is not just your wife but you are pregnant too, of course, I’m not talking physically. There are some things that your wife would be expecting, don’t you think? I guess so. 

Men are often termed as a selfish husbands during pregnancy but I believe they are more practical and say mysterious about their emotions. Therefore, terming your husband selfish is not right, isn’t it? Similarly, fighting with husband during pregnancy is also a normal thing.

At the same time, there is nothing wrong with showing the emotions and helping your wife out there. That’s essential because she is going through with many things physically and mentally.

To all the husbands, let’s remove this tag of a selfish husband during pregnancy and make it a supportive husband. Although, the biggest question comes how? What can I do? How to be a supportive husband during pregnancy? How should a husband treat his pregnant wife? 

That’s gross, isn’t it? But all worthy. Here is a jackpot for all lovely hubbies.

How Should a Husband Treat His Pregnant Wife?

1. Enhance your knowledge 

My very first advice to you for the question of how should a husband treat his pregnant wife is to make yourself educated about pregnancy. At this time, you should have to understand that your wife is going through many many things, trust me there is a lot more waiting.

Yes, you can not actually do anything about it but you can read things to support your wife. Read things like food habits, clothes, supplements to take, and more.

You can try this most popular pregnancy book in India i.e Passport to a Healthy Pregnancy by Dr. Gita Arjun. Trust me, this book is actually nice.

Passport to a Healthy Pregnancy

2. Support your wife in the morning sickness

Morning sickness is very common during pregnancy, being a supportive husband during pregnancy you should stand by her. To add, try to make her feel relaxed and comfortable. Allow your wife to take proper rest after she’s done with the morning sickness. You can also check out how to take care during pregnancy of the first month?

3. Be sensitive 

With the coming months, everything is going to change, yes you heard me right. Your wife is going to face mood swings, pain, emotional struggle, and more. At this phase, you really need to calm down as these are very natural and are the cause of changes that your wife is going through. 

During the phase, fighting with a husband during pregnancy is very normal but you need to be kind. Simply ask her what she needs or do what she is asking you for. I bet she will feel gratitude towards you. 

4. Be a supporter 

This is all she needs right now!

Regularly she has to deal with a number of things that bring happiness, excitement, on the other hand, it is all scary and fearful. Sometimes even depression when the postpartum stage will come. What she all needs is you to be supportive and encourage her and make her feel that she has your back.

5. Stick to her

How to take care of Pregnant Wife

Here I don’t mean literally, but I mean to be around her. Being pregnant, your wife has to take substantial rest not strain. This might also result in landing at her mother’s home during pregnancy.

But why can’t you help her? I would advise you to, if possible, be around her till the 8th month of the pregnancy or try to remain in touch with her. 

Taking responsibility together would be good for your bond too. 

6. Make plans

Of course, you are excited to see your little baby. You might be even wondering how your baby would look like, how he/she would look when he/she sleeps or plays.

Trust me discussing all these things with your wife would be the best plan. It would also give your wife the sense that yes, you are fulfilling the husband’s responsibilities during pregnancy. You can try the baby record book to keep this pregnancy and baby journey in these beautiful books.

Above all, it makes her feel that you are with her all the while and still is supporting her. Talk about the name of the baby, future plans, and so on.

7. Good listener 

Pregnancy is not only a magical process but more of a frustrating one. As a result, your wife would definitely have complaints.

Let’s listen to all of these!

She has many things to talk about like body changes, appetites, discomfort and much more. Giving her your ear would not be a problem but it will make her pleased. Plus, calm her down when she is irritated and frustrated.

8. Make her feel special 

During pregnancy, the physical appearance of your wife is changing. A big round belly then fears of stretch marks, this is all scary trust me she is thinking about all these. 

Let’s try to make her feel special.

Try to make her feel that she is special and beautiful, for this you can go for maternity photography that she can keep safe in her record book. 

9. Visit doctor

You can visit a doctor with your wife. This will support her and make her feel that you are there for her. Especially, if there is any complication in the pregnancy your wife really needs you at that time. Therefore, attend every appointment with the doctor.

What a Pregnant Woman Wants from her Husband?

After the question how should a husband treat his pregnant wife? Now comes the second part. Here I would discuss what a pregnant woman wants from her husband? Being pregnant is not about just treating her right but it is a lot more than that. Here we go!

1. Go out

Being at home or resting all day makes her bored or irritating too. To refresh her during the weekend, you can take her out for movies, dinner, and more. This will allow you and your wife to spend valuable time. You can also go to the gym and do the normal exercise in consultation with the doctor. Try with exercise birth gym ball like TOUA Anti-Burst Fitness Exercise Stability Balance Yoga Ball.

pregnancy birth ball

2. Time for shopping

Eventually, your wife has to go shopping, not specifically clothes but other things like diapers, feeding bottles, sling or wraps, and more. 

Why not accompany her? 

3. Quality time 

Let’s not make her feel alone in this, you can spend some good time with your wife. Give her surprises by arranging a romantic dinner, make her feel beautiful and special. 

That will make her feel confident and loved.

4. Romantic walks

Walks are certainly perfect to keep pregnant women physically active. You can go to walk with your wife, talk about things, the future and more. To add, holding hands while walking makes it all passionate.

5. Change habits 

If your wife is addicted to anything like caffeine, smoking, alcohol, and more avoid all these in front of her. And you should too stop all this addiction immediately.

Alcohol and caffeine are hazardous for the baby and can result in complications and other issues. Therefore, your wife really needs to stop the consumption of these. 

6. Maintain a healthy diet

Ensure that your wife is taking a healthy diet as whatever she is eating is affecting the baby. Make her feel attended and try to fulfill all her craving but healthy ones. 

Fulfillment of craving does not mean she can eat a whole lot of ice cream or burgers or sandwiches.

7. Strengths your bond

I know that your baby is not born yet but you can still talk to your baby or put a hand on her bump. All these gestures strengthen your bond with your wife but also with your baby.

8. Visit doctor

Visiting a doctor with your wife is really good and of course, your wife would definitely admire this. Take interest in the baby’s growth and health and make your wife happy. 

Above, you got how to be a supportive husband during pregnancy. I guess this is not much, that your wife is expecting from you, isn’t it?

What are the Husband Responsibilities during Pregnancy?

The husband’s responsibilities during pregnancy are not limited to how to treat his wife and what your wife is expecting from you. Here, you will know that as a husband what your responsibilities are. 

1. Help her in cooking

Your wife is doing all her work, right? To help her out, you can help her in cooking food, it allows your wife to take rest and reduce her load too. You can also do everything alone if you want your wife to take more rest or if you have time.

2. Take-up responsibilities

Yes, you can take all the responsibilities without even asking her to do anything. It will not only lessen the burden of your wife but also make her feel relaxed and happy. 

3. Help her in completing household tasks 

As the months pass, it would be tough for your wife to handle all the household duties, especially during the first and third trimester. There you have to do things as it is your home too and there is nothing wrong in making it look good and organized. 

4. Prepare for delivery

Time to ready for delivery?

Delivery is a huge day for you and especially for your wife. She must be scared and fearful, therefore, make sure that you have everything when it is time. 

Get things packed in a maternity bag and educate yourself about essential parenting things that you need to do. Make your wife feel that you can deal with everything and she can rest and relax. You will also need some good quality maternity pads.

5. Monitor food and water intake 

It is your responsibility to ensure that your wife is eating healthy food and taking enough fluids. Along with this, you should also check if she is taking her supplements on time, what she is craving for? Which food is good for babies or which is not? 

It is a lot but you have to take care of it as it is all going to affect the baby’s health. 

6. Teach yourself 

Yes, it is the time to go through a number of pregnancy-related books (as I mentioned one above) or websites to know all about it. Why is it important? 

The simple answer to this question is, it is essential because it makes you all ready for labour and delivery. 

7. Join Lamaze class 

It would be helpful as it educates you both about the pregnancy and baby. So, there you are well prepared for everything. Above all, it allows you to meet or socialize with other pregnant parents.

8. Massage time 

With time passing, your wife is going to gain weight. As a result, she finds it hard to sleep because of the pressure on the lower back and weight. To add, cramps are also one of many reasons for sleepless nights.

To make her feel relaxed, you can use the best pregnancy pillow and give back and leg massage to your wife. This would make her feel comfortable and relaxed. 

9. Medication

pregnancy excercises

Ensure that she is taking all her medicines and do some exercise on time. It is essential to take all the medicines. Remind her by fixing alarms, pin up a to-do list on the refrigerator, and more. 

10. Meet doctor 

As I said before, meet with the doctor to understand everything, what is going on. You can clear your doubt to make things more clear and this will also make you prepared for the future. 

11. Handle frequent pee

I bet you, it is annoying but you can not just control it. Your wife goes to the washroom for like every 30 minutes, I know it is kind of funny but trust me it is not. 

Imagine, going to the washroom in the middle of the movie 3 times, waking up at night several times. Ahh! It is actually infuriating.

To help her out, you can simply clean up the way to the washroom and put night lights to allow her to reach the washroom easily. If you are out in a car, stop rolling eyes and irritate if your wife asks you to stop to pee. Hello! She is going through this already, simply just support her.


At last, I would say to make things right for your wife let’s just start from now. I know you have to go to the office but you can take some time to help your wife out. It is tough to change your working hours at the office but certainly, you can delay or cancel your informal meeting with your friends and family. 

Of course, because your wife needs you. Do things that make her feel special, being loved and cared. Educate yourself, be ready for the delivery and labor. Buy nursing bras, feeding night suits, and more. 

Make her feel that you are responsible and will stick to her with everything she is going with. I hope you find all the information on how should a husband treat his pregnant wife? Be a real man and take care of her!

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