How to Baby Proof House?

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

How to Baby Proof House? | Baby Proofing House List | Baby Proofing Kit

After the baby is born, everything is going to change. Each decision you make, you always have to put your baby’s safety first, I guess that’s why you are searching for, how to baby proof your house?

Your baby might not crawl right now, but eventually will, and here comes why you need to baby proof your house. So, here with you, I’m going to discuss baby proofing house list that keeps your baby safe.

Let me tell you, you need to start baby-proofing the house even before the arrival of the baby. Yes, it is kind of insane but trust me it is a long process and is going to take a lot of time. Ideally, you can start working on this before 3 months of your delivery.

As with time, when a baby learns how to crawl, that is around 6-10 months till then and after, you need to keep baby safe.

Some of you, do not take it seriously, but it is. As when the baby is in your arms, it might be possible that you slip due to the slippery floor.

Fingers crossed, hope it never happens. But I guess, you should be extra careful at each step.

How to Baby Proof Your House?

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I’m not only taking things that you should consider when baby crawls but here baby proofing house list. I would also include how to make your house safe for newborns.

Additionally, I would also include all the things that could harm the baby directly or indirectly in this baby proofing house list.

Let’s have a look:-

  1. Keep all the essential medicines in your first aid kit or medicine closet
  2. Put in all the emergency numbers and medical information that you can assess even when your mobile phone is locked
  3. As cordless phone does not work without electricity or the batteries of mobile phones can die. Therefore, connect your mobile and cordless phone along with this, keep all the emergency number near the landline
  4. In case of an emergency like a fire, ensure that your house number or apartment number is noticeable
  5. Install smoke sensors in your home, whether it be hallways, outside the bedroom and simply at each level of your home
  6. A fire extinguisher is essential not just for baby proofing but in general also
  7. Install a water guard on your geyser, so that it prevents exceeding the temperature more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit, in Celsius, it is 48 degrees
  8. Avoid the lead paint in your home, that can be harmful if ingested
  9. Remove all the peeling or flaking of paint from every corner of the house
  10. Under all the carpets, do not forget to put non-slip pads
  11. For baby proofing corners, cover each corner and edges of your house with bumpers or safety padding
  12. Install a UL-listed carbon monoxide sensors on the gas or oil appliances, even if you have a garage, install it. However, if you already have detectors check out if they are running out of batteries or not.
  13. Block every open outlet with the help of safety plugs or furniture
  14. For baby proofing drawers, you should clasp all the drawers, doors, and closets where baby can reach effortlessly
  15. Baby can even harm themselves from the curtains. Therefore either remove them or install security tassels and to crease the cord, use cord stop
  16. If any of the electric equipment is not in use, I would advise you to store it or at least unplug it after use. You can also use an electrical protector socket.
  17. To make the garden safe for the baby, you should wipe out all the poisonous plants, if not then move them to a place where baby can not reach
  18. Keep your and guest’s purse out of reach of the baby
  19. Using the high chair to keep your baby with yourself in the kitchen is a good idea. But always ensure that it is durable and reliable
  20. To protect the baby’s finger, use doorsteps
  21. Use safety gates to keep the baby away from the staircase
  22. Never leave the baby alone on sofas, beds and more
  23. Ensure to project an emergency exit
  24. If you have a fireplace in your house, install a fireplace guard especially when the fire is burning
  25. To prevent the baby from entering into a room, use safety door locks and knob covers
  26. Put away knives, pans, and other harmful things
  27. Use the lid to close the dust bins
  28. Do not buy a second-hand crib or other baby products, buy everything by ensuring that it is safe for the baby
  29. Keep the refrigerator close, use appliance lock some even offers child lock 
  30. Do not use a table cloth or placemats, also remove all the things which are on the table
  31. Secure the furniture like bookcases, chest of drawers, etc, by overturning it to the walls
  32. Place the television at a lower level plus back as possible 
  33. Do not put shaky and big lamps in front but behind the furniture
  34. Keep all the home chemical away from the reach of the baby, it includes old food or unattended packets
  35. Do not leave any medicines, cleaning agents, vitamins, and other harmful substances unattended
  36. During bathing, do not leave the baby alone. You can use bath seats and keep everything nearby
  37. Plastic bags could be dangerous for the baby as it results in choking problems. Hence, always keep them out of baby’s reach
  38. I’m sure your kitchen stuff includes fragile plates or crockery too, keep them away from the baby
  39. Do not forget to cover all the electric outlets, to prevent your little one putting their finger in it
  40. Tuck all the cords of television or computer behind them when not in use
  41. Ensure to keep down the lid of the toilet, as it can lead to drowning
  42. You never know, when your baby enters into the washroom so, for a while do not use toilet bowl cleaner
  43. Do not put razors and other sharp material near the bathtub or anywhere baby can reach
  44. Never leave your baby alone near or in the water
  45. Eating toothpaste might result in puking and diarrhea if swallow in large quantity. Put it away from baby’s reach
  46. Ensure that all the screw on the toilet surface are covered
  47. To prevent slipping in the bathroom, use non-slip mats 
  48. Throw all the bath toys, once mold develop on it
  49. To keep an eye on the baby, use baby monitor but keep it away from the baby’s reach
  50. To keep your baby safe use window guards, only if windows are easy to open otherwise lock them
  51. Teach baby how to walk on the stairs, for that ensure that it has a handrail
  52. Keep your stairs dry or use carpet, if a baby spill something on the staircase clear it instantly
  53. Hot bathtubs and swimming pools are harmful to the baby keep your little one away from them
  54. Keep your staircase bright, especially the staircase of the basement
  55. Keep the keys, rings, and coins away from the baby
  56. Do not leave needles and safety pin within the baby’s reach
  57. Do not leave the baby alone with the pets
  58. Throw broken crockery, toys and broken beads of jewelry or keep it away from the baby
  59. Do not leave your fragile or sharp jewelry anywhere within baby reach
  60. Keep all your cosmetics material out of baby’s reach, as there are chances that the baby might swallow them
  61. Do not completely fill the bathtub to let baby bath
  62. Do not use or put any electronic appliance near a bathtub or around baby
  63. Keep the door of the balcony, bathroom and staircase closed
  64. Do not keep baby anywhere near a home heater
  65. Keep your almirah close
  66. Most importantly, do not leave the baby alone

So far, you got to know, how to baby proof your house? Then, comes the nursery of the baby, yes you should also make it safe for your little one. For your convenience, you can also use these baby proofing products/kits.

How to Baby Proof the Nursery (Crib or Bed)?

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  1. Keep the diapers, wipes, and other things at a place, where you can reach effortlessly from the changing table but keep it away from the baby’s reach
  2. Below changing table keep the thick carpet or rugs
  3. Put the crib away from the windows, lamps, heaters, cords, and decoration on the walls
  4. If you wish to paint or wallpapering your house, make it before the minimum 8 weeks of the baby’s birth. This will prevent the baby from the dangerous fumes
  5. While using cribs, ensure that all the cribs are durable, has tight screws and bolts
  6. Choose a crib which does not slat more than 2 and 3/8inches, it does not let your baby’s head entangled in the space
  7. Ensure that there is no gap between the mattress  and the crib
  8. To keep the baby safe, do not put any pillows, blankets, and toys in the crib
  9. Place the crib at a place where direct sunlight or streetlight can not reach, as it can affect the baby’s sleep
  10. If you dangle your mobile phone or overhead toys on the crib, then attach it out of the reach of the baby. Although, when the baby can get up on his knees and hands, remove your mobile phone or overhead toys
  11. Once baby learn pulls up, keep the mattress to its lowest level
  12. When you are not around, keep in drop-side up and lock the crib


Now, you get to know about baby proofing corners, baby proofing drawers, everything needs to be done. You can take a sigh of relief and sleep peacefully knowing that your baby is safe!

However, I advise you to still keep an eye on the baby you never know what your naughty kid is doing. You can also go for baby proofing kits, it will make things easy for you. To add, keep your nails short, do not wear sharp jewelry while holding baby, and more.

I guess I have covered all the things in for the question of how to baby proof house. If you think, there are more points to add, please share those safety tips in the comment below or join our Facebook group to help the parenting community.

Hence, be extra careful. But don’t forget to enjoy with your little life!

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