How to Make a Diaper Out of a Towel at Home?

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

How to Make a Diaper Out of a Towel at Home? Make Waterproof/Disposable Diaper at Home

Are you thinking of going for a sustainable way to make a diaper for your baby?

If yes, then you are at the right place, because I have come up with a few easy steps concerning how to make a diaper out of a towel?

But before that, have you ever think apart from the towel, what else do you need? 

Nah! No worries, let’s start with the material you will need to make a diaper out of a towel. 

Let’s make it fun and take the first step for sustainability!

What Material Do you Need to Make a Diaper Out of a Towel?

To your surprise, you don’t have to shop to make this diaper out of a towel. Because you can effortlessly get these things waiting for you to use them at your home.

If you lack some things, these are easy to grab from a store nearby.

1. Soft and Fluffy Towels 

Soft and Fluffy Towels

Towels are need of every household! 

From using at the bathroom to kitchen to dry your hands to the body. These soft and fluffy things are ideal for you to keep as they are highly absorbent. 

This quality of the towels makes them perfect to use as a diaper. 

Hey! Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to wrap your baby in a new towel but an old towel would be fine too. However, ensure to keep it clean.

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2. Diaper Pins to Hold Diaper Together

Diaper pins, as the name suggests, would help you to pin up the baby’s diaper. This is an essential material for the towel diaper.

But, what is a diaper pin?

Diaper pins are more like ordinary pins with plastic heads. If you had no luck in finding these, then ordinary pins would be fine too.

To be noted, you gotta be careful while using these.

3. Plastic Sheet

The plastic sheet could be garbage or plastic bags or simple plastic sheets. Though, ensure to use clean and sanitized garbage bags or plastic bags. 

But why do you need any of these?

These are useful if you want to make a waterproof towel diaper. This will work as an outer waterproof layer. Simply a bit of cutting and sealing would enable you to make waterproof diapers at home.

4. Paper Towel/Toilet Paper for High Absorbency

Paper Towel or Toilet Paper for High Absorbency

You can get these from anywhere. Though towels are themselves good absorbent, they can not hold the pee for a long time. Hence, you need something to increase the absorbency further.

For that, paper towel or toilet paper are the best things. Apart from absorbency, these are also disposable.

5. Refill Pads

It is one of the material that is used in the diapers to keep the diaper dry.

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How to Make a Diaper Out of a Towel?

Here, I’m going to mention the steps of how to make the diaper out of a towel. Let’s start with a cloth core that is made of the towel, which would be followed by a disposable core and at last, a plastic layer for waterproofing.

How to Make a Cloth Core Out of a Towel to Make a Diaper?

Here, I’m going to mention some steps that will help you to make cloth core. 

  • Take the 2 baby towels and take the first end and cover the one-third over the two-thirds ratio of it, which is partly in the mentioned ratio. Though, it specifically depends on the baby’s size. This is the first towel base of the diaper
  • Further, likewise, fold the other towel, however, this time you have to lessen the width, not length. This will make it a soaker.
  • Again, fold the towel twice, both each and the final width should be one-third (approx.) of the width of the original.
  • If you want to add an extra soaker, you can follow the same steps
  • After preparing all the soaker, place all the soaker on the center of the base towel
  • As the soaker is placed in the center, fold the side of the base towel over the soaker/soakers. However, this time it should be folded as a flattened V-shape, not a rectangle
  • After pinning in the towel, your towel diaper is ready to use
  • Add the flare out the bottom V-part, if you want more material on the baby’s waist

Now, let’s move to the next step of how to make diaper at home?

And the next step is making a disposable core. 

How to Make a Disposable Core of Baby Towel Diaper?

As I mentioned above, this will thicken your baby’s diaper, hence, ensure more absorbency.

Here, you need toilet paper and paper towels. So, what you gotta do,

  • To ensure to make it thick, you need approx 4-5 pieces of paper towel, you can adjust accordingly 
  • Don’t tear the paper towel, instead fold these at every second piece to make layers
  • After layering, fold the layered paper towels in half in the opposite direction of the earlier fold
  • At last, either you can simply put this under your baby’s underwear or towel diaper
  • If you want to use toilet paper, then simply make a layer of approx 20-30 cms by folding. As it is already narrow, don’t second fold it again like a paper towel
  • If not these, you can effortlessly use refill pads

Now comes the final step of how to make cloth diapers waterproof?

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How to Make Cloth Diapers Waterproof?

If you are thinking of making a waterproof diaper then here are simple steps that you can follow to turn your ordinary towel diaper into a leakproof diaper.

And for this purpose, you need a plastic sheet or garbage or plastic bag. If you don’t have a new plastic sheet, a plastic that you used to cover the window would be fine too. However, ensure hygiene. 

Here, are the easy steps,

  • Plastic material with a measurement of 18 x 18 inches approx would be fine. Though the width, length, and both can be changed depending on the size of the baby
  • Cut this square sheet into two semi-circles from both the opposite side in the center of the sides. This will be for your baby’s legs. In order to so, either cut is free-handed or use plate or something more like a template
  • Now, all you are left with tapping, for this use a duct or other strong tape, else it could tear easily while walking or moving
  • The size of the tape should be 15 cm long, now cover the diaper with a plastic sheet like a diaper. Use 2 tapes on each side for the perfect fit for legs and waist
  • At last, to seal the legs and waist use additional tape
  • Ensure that it should fit around the baby’s legs and waist snugly
  • If you are thinking of using the garbage bag, all you have to do is to is split the bottom
  • Use of the plastic bag should be the last choice

You can’t learn it in a day but practice makes the man perfect. Hence, keep trying. I know it is a difficult process or some people don’t want to break their head. Then you should better try the cloth diapers online.

What are the Benefits of Using Diaper Made of Towels?

  • Saves money, now you don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of rupees a month on your baby’s diaper
  • It is a sustainable approach, that is good and safe for the environment. As it prevents wastage
  • Ensure reuse of used towels
  • Keep the baby safe, if clean properly
  • Although it is a time-consuming process, but it prevents the exposure of the baby to toxic chemicals


As I mentioned earlier, your first towel diaper won’t be perfect but a little bit of practice can enable you to make the ideal towel diaper at home. Also, it is handy and easy to find the material needed but it is time-consuming.

Also, you need to aware of the comfort of this homemade diaper. Neither make it too tight nor too lose. Always keep an eye on the baby and keep on checking his behaviour.

But hey! You will make a perfect diaper in the end.

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