How to Make Kajal At Home for Babies in 3-Minutes (Free)?

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

How to Make Kajal for babies at Home? | Homemade Organic Kajal | How to make ayurvedic kajal at home?

Babies are like a doll for parents and believe it or not, every parent is busy dolling up their baby, especially we Indians.

I myself am a great fan of applying a smooth layer under my eyes, although, I have recently met the first person in India who asked me not to use Kajal on my baby (that we will discuss in a later part of this blog).

Applying Kajal to a baby’s eyes is like a culture in India, like a big bright wedding or a puja after a baby’s birth, or all the myths about what to do or what not during pregnancy – there are a lot of things.

So, a jet-black Kajal or Surma, or probably tiro, tozali, or kwalli or any other name you might know to call it, is something embedded in different cultures. 

So, if you want to buy the baby Kajal, the answer is, “NOOO!!.”

Precisely, because a manufactured Kajal could contain chemicals like lead or other toxic amounts chemicals – it is highly unsafe. However, if you want to keep your tradition alive, I have got an alternative for you.

How to Make Kajal at Home For Babies? (An alternative to keeping your tradition alive)

How to Make Kajal at Home For Babies? (An alternative to keeping your tradition alive)

Home-made Kajal could be one of the great ways to eliminate the use of commercial Kajal, that is organic homemade Kajal – a safe way to make Kajal at home for babies.

Here, you can do two things –

1. How to Make Kajal With Mustard Oil?

Ingredients you would need –

  • An oil lamp with a wick and mustard oil
  • A utensil made of Brass

Here is – how to make Kajal at home for babies –

  • Sanitize your hands and clean all the utensils.
  • Light up the lamp.
  • Hold the brass, say plate or spoon over the lamp/Diya.
  • Then, you will notice a black layer (soot) forming over the utensil.
  • Once you are done, collect the formed Kajal in a clean small jar.

And this works same way if you are looking for – how to make kajal at home with ghee?

2. How to Make Kajal at Home With Almonds?

Ingredients you would need –

  • An oil lamp, having a wick with castor oil fuel
  • A pair of glasses
  • One metal plate
  • A spoon
  • Almonds 2-4

Steps to follow to know – how to make kajal at home with almonds –

  • Sanitize your hands and all the utensils.
  • Put the plate on the top of two glasses, while an oil lamp must be placed underneath it.
  • Then, light up the lamp and hold the almond above the flame.
  • Similar to the earlier process, as the almonds burn, soot will be collected on the plate.
  • Don’t hold almonds together, but burn them one by one.
  • Once done, collect the soot in a small jar using a spoon or knife.
  • Once it is collected in a jar, put a few drops of almond oil, ghee, or clarified butter in the collected Kajal to create a mixture.

The first method was used by my grandmother, the Kajal she used to apply to my little peepers.

However, my baby’s grandmother uses the other one, and I believe both are safe and organic. It is to be noted that, applying Kajal to a baby’s eyes could make your baby cry or could be the cause of irritation, while on the positive side, you can wash those little bright eyes seamlessly like you can wash your baby’s eyes when shampoo gets in.

Is Homemade Kajal Good For Baby Eyes?

Though homemade Kajal is definitely a better option than a commercial one, as much as it is embedded in our culture use Kajal, I have recently learned that Kajal could make a baby’s eyes dry from my doctor.

I was surprised, considering that I have seen my mother and my mother-in-law applying Kajal to several babies. So, I would say, don’t use it otherwise the doctor will allow you to.

Why is Kajal Embedded in Our Culture?

How to make kajal at home for babies or how to make kajal at home with almonds – are a few questions we might be asking, however, I believe it would be better if you know why Kajal is used on babies.

1. Serves Traditional or Cultural Values

As I mentioned, our mothers or grandmothers have been applying these Kajal on our eyes or the eyes of our babies for centuries to ward off evil eyes. Though, there is no scientific theory behind it.

Moreover, my mother also told me that Kajal has been applied to a baby’s eyes to make them big or beautiful.

2. Protection and Safety 

In ancient times, it was considered that Kajal seemed like a good idea to protect the eyes of the baby/kid from sun rays and eye diseases.

Apparently, there is a slight scientific theory behind it, as the lead present in the Kajal can really help in preventing eye diseases, yet, how much riskier it can be is not comprehended so far.

3. Improve the Beauty of Eyes 

As I mentioned earlier in the first point, it is a highly popular belief that Kajal makes your baby’s eyes bigger and more beautiful.


So, the question, “how to make kajal at home for babies,” hopefully got the answer you would be looking for. Although, I would like to say that consult with your doctor before applying kajal to your baby’s eyes, considering that my doctor advised me to not apply kajal. Also, avoid using kajal for newborn baby.

So, precaution is better than care, it is much more similar to, baby-proofing the home, even if you don’t know whether your baby will ever reach that one corner of a home. 

Let’s make those beautiful eyes more beautiful. 

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