How to Take Care of a Newborn Baby (Step-by-Step)?😍

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How to Take Care of a Newborn Baby (Step-by-Step)? | Newborn Baby Care After Birth Tips!

A baby’s skin can pretty instantly change that could be perturbing for the parent. I have come up with some pediatric tips to take care of your baby’s skin by Matt Thompson (pediatrician at Spokane’s Kids Clinic).

Along with the baby’s skin, I will also focus on, how you can take care of the baby after delivery. Here, you will get a proper guide for your newborn’s skin to care.

So, let’s start with how to take care of baby’s skin with newborn care basics.

“Smooth as baby’s bum” termed as the baby’s skin which is pleasantly soft and blemish-free. As baby remains wrapped in an amniotic world of water for 9 months. While about 20 weeks along, this waterproofing termed as vernix caseosa develops. 

To be precise, this whitish goop is the collection of shed skin cells and sebaceous oil. Which are secreted by the baby’s developing sebaceous duct. With the approaching of the date, this layer coating thins out, as a result, the earlier baby is cheesier.

Generally, not washing the protective coating right after birth is very common. To be noted, some caretakers wait for 24 hours before washing this layer.

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How to Take Care of Newborn Baby Skin (Step-by-Step)?

Take Care of a Newborn Baby Skin
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As the baby comes into contact with the external environment, the baby’s skin tends to dry and go through varied changes. Frequently, the hands and feet of the baby become dry at first. Here, you can try many things to prevent this.

Hence, to protect your baby’s skin newborns’ skin, I guess you need to understand, how to take care of a newborn baby skin (step-to-step).

1. Moisturize your Baby’s Skin

First, either let the baby adjust to the drier environment. And if it is unbearable, or making the baby uncomfortable in one or another way. You can simply put some moisturizer on the baby’s skin.

Remember, the moisturizer should be neutral but greasy.

You can consider applying, Vaseline, Cerave, Aquaphor, vegetable shortening, or coconut oil.

Moreover, if you are looking for an instant result, then you can apply lotion and creams, as these contain more water, and easy to absorb.

To be noted, prevent using products that contain added fragrance. Personally, I would advise you to use organic baby care products like Mother Sparsh Baby Care Products.

2. Get Rid of Cradle Caps

Get Rid of Cradle Caps

As days pass, if your baby won’t be able to adjust to the environment, he can get cradle caps. That is typical, the thick and crusty plaques on the baby’s scalp. To solve this, either you can wait to eradicate it, itself.

And if you are willing to do anything, you can grease up the plaque with some olive oil, then brush it up with a delicate brush.

To eradicate the plaque completely, wash the baby’s hair every second day with shampoo. Then, let the shampoo rest on the baby’s hair for 3 minutes and later wash it. To prevent stinging, either use a shampoo that won’t hurt the baby’s eyes or be extra careful.

3. Bathetime!

Bathtime is essential for a baby’s personal hygiene like ours. To bathe the baby use varied baby-friendly body washes and shampoos. You can choose from many companies out there, like the Honest Company, Aveeno, Johnson and Johnson, Mother Sparsh, Sebamed, and more. 

However, do not bathe the baby regularly as it can again result in dryness. But still, you can clean the pits, bits, and folds to prevent the accumulation of slobber, spit-ups, and sweat.

To be noted, you also have to focus on drying of the skin in the folds as you really have to struggle to keep it moisturized as these are in peril. 

4. Mammy! Could you Change my Diaper?

That reminds me of diapers which are nettle on the baby’s skin, as disposable and other modern fabric diapers are perfect to prevent the baby’s skin from urine and poop.

However, if your baby has a diaper rash, diaper ointments might be helpful as this contains zinc that conserves the baby’s skin.

Though, for the safety of the baby, I would advise you to get through the following link concerning the baby’s safety, toxic chemicals in the baby’s diaper.

According to Matt Thompson, Calmoseptine is an ideal product, though, you are free to choose other products. Diaper rashes are normal until they develop soreness as yeast could be one of the reasons, why diaper rashes are not curing.

In that case, contact your doctor. 

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5. Mommy! Do I get Skin Rashes?

Newborn Skin Rashes

Speaking of diaper rashes, skin rashes are also a pretty common issue that baby face. Like diaper rashes, skin rashes have distinct reasons too. Hence, again, I would advise you to visit a baby skincare provider to cure this. 

6. Mom! I Hurt myself Again with my Nails

Finally, fingernails are the extension of the skin and need a little bit of your attention. While playing, your baby can scratch their or your face, the sharp nails of the baby are not less than knives or blades.

Like our nails, you can trim the nails of your tot too. While according to Matt Thompson instead of using a clipper that can scare your kid, you can use little safety scissors with a snubbed tip. 

If you want, you can reach out the doctor.

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Following the doctor’s advice would be helpful and keep you relaxed as your baby would be in safe hands.

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Newborn Baby Care After Birth Tips!

Here, I’m mentioning some of the tips to take care of your newborn after birth. These tips also include information concerning things you need to take care of after delivery.

Here we go!

  • Breastfeed the baby for at least 6 months of baby’s life
  • Keep a check on the baby’s poop, if you notice anything unusual, contact the doctor
  • Before holding the baby, wash your hands to prevent the spread the infection, bacteria, etc
  • That leads to, support the head and neck of the baby while holding him
  • Newborn’s baby is not perfect for rough plays, hence, avoid it
  • While putting the baby in a stroller, car seat, etc keep it slow and with care
  • Allow your baby to sleep on the back
  • Never shake your baby, use rocker instead
  • Wipe the tip of your baby’s penis with warm water after changing the baby’s diaper as it would be covered with gauze coated petroleum jelly. This will prevent the sticking of the baby’s penis with the diaper
  • If the swelling or redness of the penis does not vanish within a few weeks, contact the doctor
  • Talk to your baby concerning, how to clean the umbilical cord of your baby
  • Feed your baby whenever he/she asks for some of the cues of hunger are crying, putting finger or hands in mouth, etc
  • After feeding the baby, try to burp him
  • Maintain skin to skin contact with baby, this will encourage emotional bonding and soothing

The life of your newborn for several months will be all about, cuddling, sleeping, and feeding. The same goes for newborn baby care in 1st month.

Next comes, baby care tips for new moms.

Some More Baby Care Tips for New Moms!

Newborn Baby Care After Birth Tips!
  • Make a checklist concerning things you need while taking care of the baby while nursing or changing a diaper, etc, or other nursing care of the newborn baby.
  • While breastfeeding wear comfortable clothes like a feeding dress, this will keep you comfortable
  • Feed the baby at regular intervals, talk about the duration of the interval with your doctor, usually, you have to feed the baby 8-12 times a day
  • As you are going to hold the baby for like 1K times in a day, hence, to prevent hurting your baby trim your nails, the same applies to your other family members
  • Buy natural baby care products, as any baby care products, as it can harm the baby’s skin
  • Don’t wait even for a second before changing the diaper of the baby
  • When buying clothes for the baby choose soft and easily wearable clothes
  • Try to understand the cues for hunger, diaper changing, sleepy baby, etc
  • Make a schedule for the baby, though, it’s tough to make him follow the same, but worth a try. This will help you to sleep at night as your baby won’t sleep at an unusual time
  • Before using any baby care product on a baby’s skin, do a patch test first
  • Change the diaper of the baby at a clean and hygienic place
  • Unless the doctor advises you to, breastfeed the baby
  • Prevent putting your newborn under direct sun
  • Don’t put your baby to sleep on the same bed, but the same room, as it imposes the suffocation issues
  • If you are confused, how to take care of a newborn or nursing care of a newborn baby, you can seek the advice of an experienced person like your grandmother


To conclude, skin rashes, diaper rashes, cradle caps are some of the common issues your baby could deal with. As your baby is adjusting in a completely different environment. Give your baby some time and always remain in touch with your doctor.

So these are some of the newborn care basics that you should follow. If you think I have missed anything about newborn baby care after delivery, please let me know in the comments below.

Happy Parenthood!

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