How to Take Care of a Pregnant Woman Every Day? (19 Tips!)

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

How to Take Care of a Pregnant Woman Every Day? | Pregnancy Care Tips for First Time Moms | Healthy Pregnancy Symptoms

Being pregnant and planning to be pregnant, is the most important plus scary part of your life.


Because now, it is not about you, but your baby. That’s fine because that’s how we all feel and nothing is wrong with that.

Here, I would discuss the pregnancy tips for first-time moms, because I know, after being told that you’re pregnant no one is happy plus overwhelmed than you.

And if out of curiosity, you are running through a number of sites, to know how to take care of yourself because from now it will affect your baby too. 

I would like to start with the pregnancy tips for first-time moms with a thing that you should focus on yourself now.

Like yes, I mean the whole healthy lifestyle will affect your baby.

Ready to know what you have to do? Here is the overview, before that, let’s understand “How to Take Care During Pregnancy of First Month?”

Here we go! 

What are the things to be Considered in First Month Pregnancy?

What are the things to be Considered in First Month Pregnancy?

During the first month of pregnancy, you would not even realize that you are pregnant. However, eventually, you will see some changes in yourself, one of the common things you notice is the missed menstrual cycle. First-month pregnancy symptoms you should know, 

  • Pregnancy begins, after the last menstrual cycle, that is about 3 weeks
  • You may confront physical signs, during 5-6 weeks of pregnancy
  • You have to concern about things like miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, and teratogens

So, I would like to start with what changes you are going to face during a month of pregnancy?

Simply, due to things going on, you would face physical changes. Let’s get to talk about them in detail.

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Physical Changes you would face During the First Month of Pregnancy

How to Take Care of a Pregnant Woman Every Day? (19 Tips!) 1

Have you heard of implantation bleeding?


Don’t worry, I would explain it to you right from the start, sperm fertile the egg cell in the fallopian tube, in the third week. Later, to implant the egg in the uterus, the fertilized egg travels to the uterus with the help of the fallopian tube.

Finally, the tiny bit of bleeding that you might face is termed implantation bleeding.

Within this week, your body releases a hormone, termed as Early Pregnancy Factor (EPF).

It’s not just any hormone, but it plays a role in your pregnancy, it impedes your body to reject the baby. 

With the starting of the 4th week, you would encounter various physical changes, till the first trimester. The reason for these physical changes in the hormone, named Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), that release in your body for the next 12 weeks. 

All these releases of hormones come with vomiting, nausea, and mood swings. If you want to know about more symptoms, then others are swollen or delicate breasts, frequent urination, exhaustion, and metallic taste.

Oh yes! You would also have to deal with your craving to eat a particular type of food.

Eat healthy food during pregnancy

To maintain a healthy diet, you can check out, healthy pregnancy food.

With time 5-6 weeks, all the symptoms are heightened, like nausea, tenderness, swelling, and heaviness of breast, your nipples become darker than before, you can notice your veins of the breast, and more.

Along with this, you missed your periods, that is the first sign of being pregnant. 

Above all, during pregnancy, you will confront nausea, like never before, especially when you have an empty belly. Therefore, I would advise you to have something such as biscuits, take minor carbohydrate meals, and eat repeatedly.

However, in pregnancy nausea is generally referred to as morning sickness, while it can hit you anytime.

One more thing, headaches are also very common during pregnancy because of the release of hormones.

Do not freak out, if you do not face all the symptoms, as it is not essential to deal with all.

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Concerns During the First Month of Pregnancy

1. Do you Suspect any Cue of Ectopic Pregnancy?

During the 3 weeks of the implementation of the egg takes place outside of the uterus then the developing cells ultimately break the fallopian tube.

That results in inner bleeding and drastic pain in the woman’s stomach.

If you have found out about the ectopic pregnancy, there might be chances you can end the pregnancy with the medicines. However, if not then you have to undergo urgent surgery.

While there is also an unusual chance that a fallopian tube can be removed. 

2. Avoid Intake of Teratogens

The first trimester is very crucial for the development of the baby.

Because in this phase, the baby’s major organ system and structure develop. Teratogens, I’m sure you are not aware of the term, to make it easier for you to understand it, let’s start with the meaning.

Teratogens are infections or substances which can affect the development of the embryo or fetus like drugs, alcohol, and chemicals. Hence, do not engage in teratogens during pregnancy.

3. Miscarriage of the Baby

Miscarriage of the Baby

Miscarriage of the baby can be the cause of various things. If I have to mention the most common reason, then this is the issue with the chromosome in the embryo. 

You can term it as a biological way to stop the pregnancy when the baby would not be able to survive. More to add, another reason for miscarriage is hormonal issues and abnormalities of the uterus.

Also, stay at home, avoid lifting heavy things, slow down your car on breakers while sitting in the car and so many other factors. Chances of miscarriage are high in the first trimester.

Test and Diagnosis you have to go through During First Month of Pregnancy

Test and Diagnosis you have to go through During First Month of Pregnancy

You know you can not just work things out, just like that, especially when you are pregnant.

That’s huge news, and of course, you are happy. But I would advise you to rush to the doctor that is termed as a gynecologist.

A gynecologist assists you throughout your pregnancy, from tests to give you all the advice. Here is the list of some tests that you have to go through. 

1. Medical Record and Physical Inspection 

For this, you have to answer some questions about your contraceptive methods and the last menstrual date. Along with this, it also includes the duration, flow, and frequency of the menstruation cycle.

Further, you will be examined whether you are suffering from issues like ectopic pregnancy, tubal manipulation, inflammatory disease, and more.  

If you have undergone any fertility treatment, then you might have to provide all the information in detail.

2. You have to go Through Ultrasound Scan

To find the pregnancy ultrasound scan is best, especially transvaginal ultrasonography is perfect for finding intrauterine pregnancies.

For the safe and better finding of the image and high frequency, vaginal scans are ideal than the normal abdominal scan.

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3. Must go Through Lab Test

As I have explained earlier, your body releases the HCG hormone, which can reflect the ectopic pregnancy. Therefore, to check the growth of the HCG hormone your urine samples are taken. If a doctor would not find your results satisfying, in that case, the blood test would be suggested.

To find any type of irregularity or danger in your pregnancy, the level of serum progesterone will be measured.

Wondering, how serum progesterone will be measured?

Dipstick and ELISA would be used to check out the level. 

How to Take Care of Yourself During a Month of Pregnancy?

Take care in first month pregnancy

1. Antenatal Care

Postnatal care comprises taking vitamin supplements, out of which most essential is folic acid. You should start the intake of folic acid as soon as you have a plan to be pregnant.

The benefits of having folic acid are that it lessens the risk of neural tube defects and ensures maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

2. Perinatal Meeting are Essential

Of course, meeting with the doctor is essential for check-up and advice. You are going to enter into a different world. So, choose the best doctor accordingly, if you have no idea about this or want a reference, consult your friends and family.

3. Do not Become a Doctor

Yes, you really have to abstain from self-medication. However, if you are facing any issues consult your doctor before.

Taking medication without a doctor’s advice could be dangerous for the baby and you. Therefore, always go with the doctor’s advice.

4. Caregiver 

Choosing a caregiver is essential, therefore you have to be careful. You can seek out the advice of your friends and family.

5. Health Insurance

In covering your perinatal and delivery expenses health insurance plays a major role. You can easily get health insurance as nearly all the workplaces offer it. But read the policy terms and conditions carefully.

Therefore, I would advise you to be in contact with the human resource department, to get all the necessary information like maternity extras.

Also, maintain a journal is perfect to check out pregnancy. While you can also ask your caregiver to do the same, as it helps in keeping track of your improvement and overall health. 

Till now, you have known everything about your one-month pregnancy, from physical changes, symptoms, and how to take care of yourself. Now come to some things that you should or should not do. 

What to do in First Month Pregnancy?

1. Fibrous Food is Essential

Being pregnant means changing the hormones, that’s common. But let me tell you, it comes with constipation, hence, it is instructed to stick to the fibrous food. So this is the first answer to your question that what to eat during the first month of pregnancy.

Fibrous food helps in running your digestive system smoothly.

Some sources of fiber are,

  • Oats
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Corn on the cob
  • Bran cereals and bran flakes
  • Brown rice
  • Beans and peas

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2. Stay Hydrated

During pregnancy, you need to keep yourself hydrated. For this, you can simply drink more water regularly. Being busy with things, you sometimes forget to drink water, so let’s use your mobile phone, to remind you to drink water.

For this, you can easily set the alarm. 

If not this, you can ask your family members or friends to remind you to drink the water.

On the contrary, to be hydrated you can also drink fruit juice, vegetable juice, and soups. Ask your partner to do this all for you, that would be great, right?

3. Ample of Sleep

Take good amount of sleep during pregnancy

During pregnancy, your body undergoes an abundance of changes from releasing several hormones to physical changes. As a result, feeling fatigued is natural. In between, you should take proper sleep to get back your lost energy.

You can also try these pregnancy pillows for more comfort.

4. Engage in Physical Exercise/Yoga

Physical exercise is essential not only on normal days but during pregnancy too. Being pregnant you can engage in mild physical exercise to keep your body functioning appropriately. 

Exercise or yoga will lessen the stress, keeps you healthy, enable you to regain a healthy weight, etc.

Engage in Physical Exercise or Yoga during pregnancy

During pregnancy, you should not engage in exercise that includes heavy weight lifting, and physical exertion.

Walking is the best option, as it does not result in excessive exertion. Still, I would recommend seeking out the advice of the doctors before starting any exercise. 

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5. Be Optimistic 

Staying positive is essential for you and your unborn baby. For this, you can try out listening to music, reading books, and engage in activities that make you feel better and happy.

You can also join childbirth classes, this will enable you to understand the birth process along with this, you would get the opportunity to make new friends.

6. Are you Maintaining Vaginal Hygiene? 

During pregnancy, you are at a high risk of suffering from vaginal infections. If I have to name one then, vaginal candidiasis, so, always maintain your vaginal hygiene.

Vaginal infection is a result of increasing the level of hormones.

To prevent this, you should avoid wearing jeans as much as possible, change your undergarment as you wish, wash your vagina with plain water, prevent using any unessential product, etc.

Rest, follow the advice of your doctor.

What NOT to do in First Month Pregnancy?

1. Avoid Caffeine 

Liquids such as tea, coffee, and more, contain caffeine that is harmful to you. Because it not only put your baby’s health at risk but also results in heartburn, anxiety, and more. You might face preterm labor and the baby’s weight could be lower.

It could result in something worse like miscarriage too. So this is the first answer to your question that what not to eat during the first month of pregnancy.

2. Say “NO” to Alcohol and Smoking

Say “NO” to Alcohol and Smoking during pregnancy

If you drink and smoke you have to stop that right away.

Right now!

These two affect the baby’s health. While drinking alcohol during the first month, can increase the possibility of birth defects. On the other hand, smoking results in giving birth to a baby with breathing issues and low birth weight.

The effect of alcohol and smoking can also result in miscarriage, premature birth, etc. As your baby can not process alcohol and smoking.

Keep in mind, I’m talking about both, active and inactive smoking. Both these can affect the babies seriously.

3. Avert Unhealthy Food

I don’t find it useful to even explain what unhealthy food is, still it is simply junk food or other unhealthy food that enhances the chances of gestational diabetes, and high blood pressure. Also, boost the possibility of gaining unhealthy weight. 

Oily food like fries could affect the immune system and unhealthy fat are not good for the baby and mother. Therefore, in the first month of pregnancy, you should avoid all these. 

4. Steer Clear of the Exertion

Avoid lifting heavy things or bending completely. Because you might end up putting extreme pressure on your stomach, which is harmful to the baby. 

Moreover, if the doctor has advised you not to engage in any physical activity or exercise, you should listen to it. Else it could be harmful to the baby and you. Because whether you can exercise or not depend on your health and the possibility of risk.

Additionally, if you are allowed to work out, still don’t exert pressure. Keep it slow and under expert guidance.

5. Avoid Wearing Tight Clothes

Wearing tight clothes, especially around the stomach or abdomen area, should be avoided. Your body is going through several physical changes, therefore to keep yourself relax, wear something loose. 

You can try these top pregnancy dresses for new moms.

6. Ignore Hot Baths

Yes, a hot bath might be relaxing for you but during the first month of pregnancy, you should not expose yourself to a temperature more than your body’s temperature.

Because it might be harmful to the baby as it affects the development and growth of the fetus.

7. Refrain Long Journey 

Refrain Long Journey during first month pregnancy

Do not take a lot of stress, especially during the first month of the pregnancy because it’s a really important phase.

Thus, in the first trimester, long journeys should be strictly prohibited.

Some More Precautions to be Taken During the First Month of Pregnancy

Only taking care is not enough, you have to follow some precautions too, to keep yourself healthy. 

  • Avoid sexual intercourse during the initial two months of the pregnancy. However, you can discuss the same with your doctor
  • Stick to a healthy diet, as it is essential to keep your blood pressure and sugar level under control
  • Maintain a distance from the chemicals
  • Be safe and maintain safeguards while working in the garden, kitchen, or lawn. I would suggest you wear gloves
  • Keep yourself away from the video terminal display
  • Follow a healthy diet, free smoke smoking, and drinking
  • Focus on healthy weight gain
  • If you are working out, follow the expert advice to exercise
  • Don’t miss your appointment with the doctor
  • If you notice anything wrong, contact the doctor right away
Happy Family

Now, it is time to look at an overview of your pregnancy lifestyle.

Time to Meet Doctor – Yes, Do it Regularly!

Pregnant woman - Time to Meet Doctor during pregnancy

As soon as you find out about your pregnancy, just run to the hospital for expert advice.

There, you have to answer some questions about symptoms, and your medical history would be reviewed too. If you have that fear of blood or something then let me tell you, on your very first meeting with the doctor you have to give samples of blood and urine, this process of sampling will go on further too. 

In case you are wondering, why do doctors need your blood and urine sample? So, urine tests allow the doctor to know, whether you are suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure.

Later, a blood test has been done to check the number of blood cells, type of blood, infectious diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, syphilis, and low iron efficiency, which indicate anemia.

These two tests are followed by another test, that is based on your medical history and problems. These tests comprise:

  • Examination of pelvic that is done to check the size and shape of your womb
  • To check out, cervical cancer, a Pap smear to the screen is done
  • To check out the growth and position of the baby, an ultrasound is done

Later, you have to visit the doctor for a check-up every 4 weeks. As the months of your pregnancy increase, your visit to the doctor also increases.

Of course, I’m here to give you the pregnancy tips for first-time moms, I’m not going to leave you in any doubt. Therefore, in the 7-8 months, you have to visit the doctor every 2 weeks. 

While in your last month of pregnancy, you have to visit the doctor every week, until your baby is born. On your every meeting with the doctor, your urine, blood pressure, and weight are tested. Along with this, the doctor also listens to your baby’s heartbeat and after the 20th week, the doctor will measure the height of the uterus. 

Measuring the height of the uterus is essential as it tells, whether the baby is growing ordinary at every stage of pregnancy or not.

During pregnancy, the size of the uterus increases 5-6 times, i.e., 35 x 25 x 22 cm from normal 7 x 5 x 3 cm.

I would advise you to consult everything or every issue you are facing with your doctor. So, you can get expert and better advice. 

Let’s Measure the Weight Now

Generally, women with average weight should gain a weight of about 10-13 Kg.

However, it depends on, if you are overweight, then you should have to lose some weight and if you are underweight then be ready to gain some weight. To be certain, I would advise you to follow the doctor’s advice again.

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How to Choose a Health Care Consultant During Pregnancy?

How to Choose a Health Care Consultant During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy tips for first-time moms include selecting a health advisor, choices that you have are, 

  • Obstetrician (OB) or gynecologist (GYNs): These are doctors that are specialized in pregnancy, childbirth, and woman health care
  • Family practitioners: These are those doctors who provide a number of services to the patient of every age, while it includes obstetric care too, but in some cases
  • Certified nurses: You can also go for the certified nurses, who specialize in taking care of women’s needs during pregnancy like prenatal care, delivery, labor, and after delivery care. Certified nurses are termed as other types of midwives

However, I would advise you to go for a certified plus trained midwife. Also, if you have any unexpected complications, in that case, certified nurses and midwives need a doctor, like C-section.

However, any of these is a perfect choice as long as you are healthy. 

What are the Symptoms You Might Face During the Pregnancy?

What are the Symptoms a Pregnant woman Might Face During the Pregnancy?

The next 9 months would not be easy but certainly, you will be able to see your little one. And I guess that everything you go through will be paid for.

My next pregnancy tip for first-time moms is, that you should be optimistic. I’m going to discuss the things that you might face during pregnancy.

  • Nausea
  • Pain in joints, legs, back, and other throb’s
  • Sleeping issues
  • Physical changes
  • Early vaginal bleeding
  • Gentle and swollen breast
  • Frequent urination
  • Other symptoms are, in early pregnancy uterine cramps, constipation, food aversions, and nasal congestion

However, it is not essential to go through all the symptoms, as some women encounter mild symptoms while others face severe. 

So, don’t freak out if any symptoms are missing!

Other Things You Might Confront

Pregnancy is a complicated process, some women do not face any issues, that is normal delivery however others face complications but that do not necessarily affect the health of the baby.

That simply implies that your doctor will examine and provide assistance with special care.

Therefore, common obstacles in pregnancy include:

  • Gestational diabetes
  • Preeclampsia, that is high blood pressure during pregnancy
  • Premature changes in the cervix
  • Issues with placenta
  • No development of the baby
  • The baby has medical issues
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Early labor
  • Stillbirth, loss of pregnancy after 20th week

Here, I do not want to freak you out, but I guess you should know what you are dealing with, which makes it easy for you to explain a thing to your doctor. 

Additionally, follow the doctor’s advice, do not hold heavyweights, do not use staircases during your final trimester, and more.

Next, I’m going to discuss how to take care of yourself during pregnancy and also share this with your husband to read this.

Does Having Sex During Pregnancy is Safe?

Does Having Sex During Pregnancy is Safe?

New parents always wonder that is having sex during pregnancy is safe? Is having sex during pregnancy lead to miscarriage? Will sex during pregnancy can harm your baby?

So, the answer to your question is, in the case of normal pregnancy, you can have sex. As your baby is preserved by the walls of the abdomen and uterus as well as wrapped in a cushion of amniotic sac fluid. Hence, penetration and intercourse movement won’t harm your baby.

That leads me to the contraction that you would face, the contraction of orgasm and labor is different. Though, you need to be more cautious, especially during the final weeks as some doctors advised not to have sex as it is being believed that semen called prostaglandins could stimulate contractions.

However, if your labor is overdue then above mentioned advice could be an exception as you have to induce the labor. Although, some doctors do not support the theory that semen can induce labor. Hence, there is a contradiction between the two theories.

What not to do?

Here are some of the situations in which you should avoid having sex,

  • If you are having vaginal bleeding, discharge, or cramps without a known reason.
  • Avoid sex if you have a history of miscarriage or risk of miscarriage
  • Prevent having sex if your amniotic sac fluid is leaking or ruptured
  • Avoid sex, if your cervix has opened too prematurely
  • Avoid sex, if you have a risk of preterm labor, i.e., contractions before 37 weeks of pregnancy
  • Prevent sex in case your placenta is too low in your uterus
  • During oral sex, prevent blowing air into the vagina as it can result in air embolism that is a blockage of a blood vessel by an air bubble, that could be fatal for baby and mother
  • Avoid it if you are expecting twins, triplets, or multiples
  • Avoid anal sex as the anus contains a lot of bacteria. Hence, having vaginal sex after anal sex can transfer bacteria to your vagina
  • Don’t have sex, if you are not aware of the medical history of your partner as it can lead to issues like sexually transmitted diseases

To be noted, “NO SEX” means no intercourse, no orgasm, or no sexual arousal. It is better to avoid.

Moreover, some other ways to be close to your partner are cuddling, kissing, mutual masturbation, or oral sex.

Because it is not just about sex but loving your partner during this time!

What are the Activities to Do During the Pregnancy?

Let’s have a look at what you should keep in mind,  

1. Look After Your Health

What are the Activities to Do During the Pregnancy?

If you really want to hear the best way to keep yourself and your baby healthy, then the only way for this is to stop smoking and drinking. Even, if you have anyone in your family and friends or someone around smoking, just maintain distance from such people. 

Engage in something productive plus safe. To stop smoking you can try Nicotine Replacement Therapy. On the other hand, to stop drinking try to replace it with healthy drinking and exercise. However, before doing any of these I would advise you to seek your doctor’s advice.

Staying healthy also means less stress. Less stress also improves birth outcomes. Hence, a pregnant woman should avoid stress as much as possible.

2. Time to take Vitamin supplements

No no, I don’t mean to take any vitamins but all I want to give a pregnancy tip for the first time moms is to start taking vitamin supplements. Buying vitamin supplements is easy because the prenatal vitamin is available at nearly all the pharmacies but I would advise you to go with the advice of the doctor.

For the development of the brain, spinal cord, and more of the baby, which happens in the first month of the pregnancy, you really need to take the vitamins. 

What are the important nutrients that you need?

Folic acid, iron, and calcium are some of the nutrients that you should take right from the start.

Of course, at this phase, you would face an abundance of changes, and taking vitamins might result in a queasy feeling, then try to have your vitamin with a light snack and at night. To make it a bit more tasty for you, you can try out gums and hard candy. 

3. Keep fit session

Keep fit session during pregnancy

Exercises keep you healthy, lessen stress, control weights, boost blood circulation, and more. In pregnancy, you still can engage yourself in an exercise that does not result in exertion. Walking for 15-20 minutes, in the evening and morning to prevent yourself from overheating, would be better.  

While you can also join pregnancy exercise classes and do yoga, swimming, and so on. But before getting into any of these, consult your doctor. Ignore engaging in exercise for a long time and set a target to perform the exercise of 30 minutes of ample days or weeks. 

This is one of the best pregnancy tips for normal delivery!

Also, avoid heavy lifting!!

4. Take Plenty of Sleep

Pregnant women who are already sleeping for 8 hours during pregnancy should sleep for 10 hours. However, if you have a busy schedule and only getting average sleep of 6-7 hours. You should sleep for 8 hours with a small nap.

Especially, during your first trimester, you need an additional 1-2 hours of sleep. As a matter of fact, in early pregnancy, it is not possible to sleep for long hours.

Moreover, if you are sleeping for like 12 hours, probably nothing is wrong. But if you are concerned, you can visit the doctor.

You can also check these best pregnancy pillows to sleep in comfortable ways.

5. Time to make a Birth Plan

It also plays a big role in your pregnancy, you can simply write all your wishes in it and just give it to each person who will be engaged in the delivery of the baby. Choose a caregiver that can assist you during the delivery.

Your birth plan should include,

  • Presence of the person during delivering, it also includes sibling or children
  • The process that you want to resist 
  • Position for labor and delivery
  • Clothes that you would like to wear
  • In the case of complications, what to do and more.

You can also include things like what type of lights you want, who is your doctor, the name of the hospital, and more. Don’t forget to consult with the doctor.

6. Time to get Prepare 

Time to Get Prepare In Pregnancy

Of course, being pregnant is tough, therefore you should be prepared, even if you are not going to be a mother for the first time. There is nothing wrong with being prepared. 

For this, you can go for the childbirth classes, that allow you to learn about pregnancy and infant care. If you have any doubt, you can even ask them. Further, you will also get time to remember things about your medical history of the family and you can even have to explain the family experiences.

Childbirth classes also help you to make friends, you can talk and feel a bit relieved that other people are also in the same boat. You might also get advice from them, but as I said, ask your doctor before doing anything.

7. Exercise Kegels

To strengthen the pelvic floor muscle, the Kegels are the best exercise. Because it supports the uterus, bladder, and bowels. It is easy to perform and enhances the ease of delivery and deter off the issues that you have to face with incontinence. This is one of the best pregnancy tips for normal delivery. Don’t just sit idle!

You know what, you can perform this exercise anywhere, trust me by anywhere I literally mean anywhere like in the car, standing in the queue, sitting at the desk, and more. 

Do you mind, if I explain it by sparing some seconds, I guess no?

Here, what you have to do is to learn to squeeze as though you are ending the urine flow, while using the bathroom. Later, after holding it for 3 seconds and on the count of 3, relax.

You can repeat it 10 times a day.

Things you should keep in mind are that before actually performing the Kegels ask for expert advice on how to actually do it. Because doing it incorrectly or with much force can cause the vaginal muscle to tighten up much.

You can also watch this video from Arogya PhysioTips.

8. Steer clear of chemicals

If you intake anything like tobacco, alcohol, and more, you should stop it because these are correlated to miscarriage, birth defects, and more issues. 

With all these, you also should avoid nail paint remover and thinners too. It includes smoking too because it results in lessening the flow of oxygen to the baby and can lead to preterm birth, along with other problems. 

Replace your smoking or drinking habits with something healthy. Instead of drinking alcohol drink something healthy like fruit juices. Then, to stop smoking you can try Nicotine Replacement Therapy. You can also go to some experts that will help you to leave all of this.

However, if you are facing issues in avoiding all these, seek out the advice of the doctor. Your doctor can offer you programs and advice to stop smoking and drinking alcohol. 

9. Disregard self-medication

I highly recommend you to consult your doctor before becoming one. So, you have to stop the intake of any medicines, supplements, and natural remedies before the doctor’s advice. 

One thing to be noted, you even have to stop the intake of ibuprofen that is a Non- steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, because according to studies it enhances the chances of miscarriage and harms the fetal blood vessels. 

10. Keep the record of the weight

I understand you are eating food for two, but gaining weight makes it tough for you to reduce it later. On the contrary, being underweight is also an issue because it might lead to low birth weight and other development issues. 

According to the latest guidelines on weight gain during pregnancy, that on the basis of the body mass index of the mother the weight of women giving birth to a baby should gain.

Again, go for a regular check-up with the doctor to make sure that you are gaining a healthy weight. 

11. Spa Time

You should reconsider before going to the spa, here it does not mean that you have to avoid the spa, but what I mean is that you should not go to hot tubs and saunas, because it increases your body temperature that could harm the baby. 

According to the American Pregnancy Association, your body can reach a temperature of 102 Fahrenheit just by sitting in the hot tub or saunas for 10-15 minutes. 

Moreover, avoid particular essential oils, as it results in a urine contradiction, which is primarily during the first and second trimester. Hence, check out with your massage therapist, so that only safe oils are used during the massage.

However, if I want to present a list of some oil, then these oils are rosemary, juniper, and clary sage. Likewise, do not go for the herbal remedies, before using any consult with your midwife and obstetrician.  

12. Increase the Water Intake

With the help of the placenta, your body supplies oxygen and nutrition to the baby, and carbon dioxide and waste are being carried. That means the volume of blood enhances up to 50%, to deal with everything that is going on within your body. 

Therefore, to support your body, you have to drink more water. Along with this, another advantage of drinking water is that it protects you from constipation, fatigue, swelling, and other symptoms of pregnancy. To add, set a target to drink 8-10 glasses of the bottle. 

So, I can see how beneficial it is, however, because your taste has changed, you might not like the taste of the water. To make it somewhat good, you can add lemon and go for fruit juice like orange, grapes, berries, guava, and more.  

13. Folate Riched Food

Healthy fruits for a Pregnant woman

Only drinking plenty of water is not enough. You should also take 5-6 balanced meals, that comprise folate-rich food, like fortified cereals, wheat germs, oranges, lentils, and more.  

Folic acid is essential for the development and growth of the baby’s neural tube that surrounds the spinal cord. Also, it helps in the development of new red blood cells. 

14. Ignore the Sun

During pregnancy, your skin becomes sensitive that results in sunburn, chloasma and blotchy spots appear on the face, sometimes. To prevent this, you can simply apply sunscreen with an SPF of and more than 30. Additionally, you can try out the chemical-free sunscreen now. 

With sunscreen, you can wear a hat and sunglasses. However, there is no study that proves that tanning beds can harm the baby but the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests avoiding it during pregnancy. 

15. Keep Yourself Clean 

To protect yourself from an infection like group B streptococcus, you should wash your hands repeatedly. Later, maintain the cleanliness and remain protected from chickenpox and cytomegalovirus. 

If you can not reach the water to wash your hands, then ethyl alcohol-based sanitizer would be the ideal choice. As it conserves you from the many communicable diseases. 

For healthy skin, you can apply lotions or cream after a bath, it will make your skin soft and smooth. Keep your surroundings clean to prevent vaginal infections. To add, for safety and to prevent slipping put rubber mats in the shower or tub.

You should also require the stretch mark pregnancy cream.

16. Is it the Right Time of Exploring

For traveling 14-28 weeks, i.e., mid-pregnancy is the best time, as, by this time, you would not face issues like morning sickness, chances of miscarriage, or risk of early delivery are also low.

But you have to take all the essential precautions. Before actually planning to travel, consult with your doctor and ensure that the airlines have any constraints for a pregnant woman.

Things you should take care of while on a flight:

  • Drink enough water
  • To lessen the chance of blood clot, walk every half an hour
  • Go for an aisle seat, as it provides you space
  • Go to the bathroom easily
  • Perform leg exercise frequently
  • Pack all your medicines, in case you need them
  • Ask for prenatal care at the destination

While traveling to the airport, wear a seatbelt.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, you have to keep the shoulder part restraint over the collar bone.

Further, the lap portion should not be placed above the abdomen but should be positioned under the abdomen and ensure to keep it low on the hips and across the upper thigh as much as possible. 

17. Hey! Food

Healthy food for a Pregnant woman

During pregnancy, you would crave to eat different types of food. There is no scientific way to prove why it is happening but some believe that it is the natural way to provide all the essential nutrients to the mother that she needs. 

On the other hand, some believe that it is just an emotional thing if you are taking healthy pregnancy food, you can certainly eat what you are craving.

Oh yes! You have to be careful, yes I said, to eat what you want but that does not mean you will eat a whole lot of ice cream buckets at once. 

I would like to mention some of the food that you should not eat and these are raw and uncooked meat or eggs, feta, herbal teas, and more. To get more information, contact your doctor.

In short, the bottom line is that, eat healthy pregnancy food!

18. Postpartum Depression 

10-20% of women go through major depression while pregnant, according to the March of dimes.

Postpartum depression can lead to preterm labor. You have to inform your doctor if you feel sad, angry, and guilty, without any specific reason. That also includes sudden loss of involvement in the activities that you usually enjoy. 

To seek help, you can also take the help of the therapy, support group, antidepressant treatment and simply go for the combination of these three. One thing to be noted is that every antidepressant is not perfect for pregnant women, accordingly check before getting into one.

19. The Right Time to Call the Doctor

Here, to all the new mothers, I know it is difficult to understand which spasm is ordinary or which is not? Next, I’m mentioning the symptoms that tell you to call the doctor, do not worry I’m not recommending it, these are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,

  • Sharp cramps
  • Any kind of pain
  • The contradiction at an interval of 20 minutes
  • Leaking of liquid or vaginal bleeding
  • Blacking out or dizziness
  • Consistent vomiting and nausea
  • Issues in walking, swelling of joints, i.e., edema
  • Heart Pulsation 
  • Lessing of the baby’s activities 

You can also check the 17 Healthy Pregnancy Food (Diet Chart, Trimester Plan).

At last, what do men need to understand about pregnancy? Especially, it is like I’m dealing with this, you do not know anything, do you?

My question is, did you ever try to explain things to your husband?

I guess no because you know this feminine thing always comes. But I guess you should try it once.

What Do Men Need to Understand About Pregnancy?

If women are reading this then I request you to please show this to your husband.

So, Mr. Husband, the first thing that you have to do is to support your wife. Yes, I know you can not do anything about it. But what you can do is support her. You can get her what she needs, massage her feet, and make her feel comfortable because this phase is full of discomfort. 

1. Yes, She Crave!

What Do Men Need to Understand About Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, you should try to bring everything for your wife, when she asked. But do not forget to take the advice of the doctor. Because eventually, you have to follow a healthy pregnancy diet. 

If she is addicted to smoking and drinking try not to do this in front of her. Throw all the bottles of alcohol and packets of cigarettes out of the house or at least hide them.

Cook for her or learn something that you can help.

2. Hey! I’m Tired, Need Sleep

Yes, your wife is exhausted, what she really needs is to take rest and sleep. Along with this, due to changes in her body, your wife might also have to deal with sleepless nights, which means more tiredness. In that case, do some additional work to help her out, like laundry and more. 

If you can, you can completely take all the work and let her rest. Make food for her, keep her surroundings clean, and more.

She will admire all this, trust me.

3. Don’t be Mad, I Have to Go to the Washroom

That’s one of the symptoms of the pregnancy, your wife has to go to the washroom to urinate frequently. What you have to do, is to stop complaining. Because she’s already frustrated and annoyed. 

To help her, you can light up the way to the washroom, remove all the obstacles that might hit her, etc. All this will be really helpful.

4. I love Pillows!

You have to understand that now your wife needs more and more pillows so that she can make herself comfortable, especially at night. Pillow helps your wife to lay down in a comfortable position because she needs to adjust herself due to her weight.

You can also buy a pregnancy pillow it definitely adds to your comfort. If you are looking for something to support your back then you should buy a U-shaped pregnancy pillow. Before buying a pregnancy pillow check the size and shape of the pillow.

It can also result in back pain and strains. It might also be possible that now you have to find another room for yourself. Make yourself comfortable, this is all I can say. 

5. This Pain and Discomforts! 

Physical changes, like stretching, moving, and shifting of the body, results in pain and aches. As it is not just her but the baby too, that again causes back pain, to give her a bit of relief why not give back massage to your wife. 

If I talk generally, massages are a must for your wife, it can be thigh massage, foot massage, and hip massage.

It sounds crazy but you have to deal with this, right now, your wife’s senses are heightened. I would advise resisting eating things your wife is sensitive to, not even when you are not with her because she will get to know, due to smell.

That’s tough, isn’t it?

But you have to do it anyway, trust me she will appreciate it. 

6. Everything is Heightened

Lover your wife during pregnancy

Finally, of course, you are worried, you should be because your life will change forever. To calm yourself, you both can talk about the future and things to do. You can also take advice from your parents, other family members, and trustee friends. 

You should also read this complete guide on how a husband should treat his pregnant wife?


At last, to lessen your stress you can make friends at your yoga classes, neighborhood, childbirth classes, even you can make use of technology too, by meeting new people over online parenting forums. These can give you distinct advice and support during and after pregnancy. Along with this, you can also pamper yourself by taking naps, manicures at lunchtime, a night out with girls, and more. 

I understand sleepless nights are exhausted, pampering yourself a bit is not bad. Finding your feet a bit big is natural, trust me your feet are not growing. It is just the center of gravity of your weight that is being thrown off due to your natural weight. This can result in foot flattening or overpronation. 

Taking the help of husband in the things, making the home safe for the wife and baby, some good talk, and more. Would be great!

Moreover, due to the retaining of the liquid, knees, and ankles also swell up. Therefore, wear relaxed shoes during pregnancy. However, some women need to find a large size of shoes even after pregnancy but that’s fine. Most importantly, walk a number of times to deter off feet, legs, and ankles swelling and fatigue. 

Choose shoes that are comfortable for you, forget about the size because that’s not the problem right now, right?

To conclude, just be safe and secure, of course, follow a healthy pregnancy diet and routine.

What do you think of this guide on how to take care of a pregnant woman? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy and Safe Pregnancy!

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