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How to Take Care of the Baby During Winter? | How to Dress a Baby for Sleep in Winter? | How to Keep a Baby Warm in Winter?

Winter is here!

So as the fear of your tot caught a cold, cough, virus, stuffy nose, fever, and more. 

All of this, make it very essential for you to take care of the baby during winter. 

So, the major question arises, that is how to take of the baby during winter? What you can do to protect your baby from the deadly winter? 

I’m gonna answer each of your questions, as this article is all about taking care of the baby during winter. 

Parents, are you ready to keep your baby warm and healthy during this winter? 

Keep reading! 

How to Take Care of the Baby During Winter?

1. Dress me up, Mammy!

Dress me up, Mammy!

How to dress your baby in winter to keep her warm? 

One of the best thing you can do, to keep your baby warm during winter is by making her wear woolen clothes, that includes a thick sweater, socks, gloves, and cap. 

Though, these thick clothes can sometimes irritate the baby, as these clothes restrict movement. Hence, let your baby wear clothes depending on the room temperature. In short, allow your baby to wear full-sleeved but unrestricted clothes. 

That leads me to, how to dress a baby for sleep in winter? 

Definitely, that’s a crucial thing and you should know that. To allow your baby to sleep in a cozy and warm environment during winter, make your baby wear socks, gloves, etc at night.

For the safety of the baby, don’t cover baby’s face or head as it can overheat the baby.

2. What is the Temperature of the Room?

Harsh winter wind could be unbearable for the baby hence keeping your home and baby’s room warm is the best option. For this, you can use the best baby room heater.

If you can not afford a room heater, then you should keep the door or windows of the baby’s room or home shut. This will prevent the entrance of the winds into the room.

However, if you are thinking of using a fireplace then, I would advise you not to as the smoke could be harmful to the baby. 

To be noted, keep the room temperature between 68 degrees Fahrenheit to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, if your baby is sleeping, the temperature should be somewhere between 65 degrees Fahreint to 68 degrees Fahreint.

3. How about Using a Blanket?


To keep your baby warm, using a thick blanket seems to be a perfect idea, isn’t it? 

But it is not as it is not the safest way because, like heavy clothes, a heavy blanket restricts the baby’s movements, especially arms. And in an attempt to do so, there might be a possibility that your baby can pull the blanket on his face. That can result in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Therefore, use a light blanket and maintain an ideal room temperature.

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4. Humidifier

So far, taking the hint, you would have understood that a heater is essential for taking care of the baby during winter, right? 

However, the heater could have a negative effect too. As it can mug the room with water vapor that can dry the baby’s skin.

Trust me, your baby’s dry skin is nothing but a nightmare. So, in order to avoid dry skin, a humidifier can rescue you and can retain the moisture of the baby’s room.

5. Let Your Tot Enjoy the Sun!

Let Your Tot Enjoy the Sun!

Yes, your baby can enjoy a little bit of the sun early in the morning. This will helps in the absorption of calcium by providing vitamin D to the baby.  

Moreover, it promotes the development of the bones too. And doing the massage at this time would also be beneficial. You can also try these massage oil for babies.

Don’t keep the baby under the sun for a long time! Baby sunscreen is also a best option.

6. Mamma, This Soup Is Yummy!

Don’t feed your baby anything for 6 months except breastmilk. 

You can give some soup to your baby when your baby reaches the age of at least 4 months. Later, you can feed your baby with semi-solid food, especially soup. As warm soup will keep your baby warm.

To make your tot’s soup more healthy, you can add mashed or pureed chicken pieces or some veggies like garlic in the soup.

You can also use baby food makers and food blenders to make the food making process simpler.

7. Don’t Delay Vaccine

During winter the possibility of your baby caught infection, virus, etc increases. That can also affect the immune system of the baby.

I know, you are afraid that your baby might get ill. But the vaccine is essential as it prevents your baby from infections in the future.

Ignoring vaccines could be harmful to the baby because it can result in serious risk and fatal diseases. As your baby is vulnerable, vaccines are important for her.

8. Wear your Baby

Wear your Baby

I know, it leaves a big question mark here. 

Wearing your baby means, you can maintain skin-to-skin contact with the baby to keep her warm. Like while breastfeeding, or if you are going out, you can use a sling.

To be noted, if you are using a sling ensure that the baby’s face should not be pressed against your chest and clothes. As it can result in suffocation. 

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9. Outing with the Baby

Yes! You can go out with the baby, though ensure that there should not be much chilled. If you can avoid, that is better than great. 

So, here, while going out, what you have to do, first, keep your baby covered from head to toe. Second, while putting the baby in the car seat make sure to remove the coat of the baby as it can result in overheating.

Moreover, after settling the seat belt, you can cover the baby with a blanket. 

Don’t forget to put the coat or jacket on the baby before stepping out of the car.

However, while using a stroller, ensure to use the cover to protect the baby from cold winds. However, choose a stroller that allows proper air circulation to allow the baby to breathe.

You can even also try the stroller with car seat combo.

10. Pre-heat the Crib

Here come, another tip, how to keep your baby warm during winter that is pre-heating the crib before putting the baby in it. This will allow your baby to sleep in a warm and cozy environment.

For this, you can either place heating pads in the baby’s crib sheet or hot water bottle for 30 minutes before putting the baby in it. 

Don’t forget to remove it, before putting the baby in the crib as it can overheat the baby.

Moreover, to keep your baby warm, you should also choose a mattress that is covered with a perfectly fitted waterproof mattress protector sheet. 

However, don’t use a too-soft mattress as it can result in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Hence, buy a firm mattress.

11. Swaddle your Tot

Swaddle your Tot

When winter is at its peak, swaddling is the best way to keep your newborn baby warm for that you can even use a baby swaddling blanket.

However, swaddle snugly but not too much, ensure to keep the gap of 2-3 fingers between the baby and blanket. Later, put your baby to sleep on her back, and don’t forget to check the signs of overheating.

This leads to our next topic, that is how to take care of the baby’s skin during winter? 

So, let’s have a look at what you can do concerning the dry skin of the baby during winter.

How to Take Care of Baby’s Skin During Winter?

1. Mom! My Skin needs Moisture

Like your skin, your baby’s skin tends to dry too during winter. 

So, in order to keep your baby’s skin soft and smooth, you have to moisturize the baby’s skin. For this, you can use baby lotion

However, before buying any baby care product, always check the ingredients of the products, and prevent buying products that contain anything your baby is allergic to or has chemicals.

2. Time to Massage!

Time to Massage the baby

“Though you are learning how to massage, yet I’ll adjust,” – Your Baby.

Massage is essential for the baby’s development as it stimulates the blood flow, enhances the sense of well-being, etc. For this, you can use coconut massage oil or olive massage oil. However, don’t use olive oil if your baby has cracked skin. 

To be noted, massage the baby in a warm room plus the room should be clean. 

You should read when to start oil massage for newborn baby? If you are not aware of this.

3. Too Many Products can Harm My Skin

I know, you are taking care of your tot as much as you can. But using too much soap, shampoo, etc could be harmful. Like winter, these can dry the baby’s skin too. 

Though, creams and lotion would be fine as these act as moisturizers. 

4. Bath Time

Like bathing is essential for you, the same goes for your baby. But during winter, you need to take some precautions such as bathe the baby once the sun is bright and up. Then, keep the bath time short, as much as possible. 

To prevent the baby’s skin from drying, you should neither use too hot or too cold water. And go for organic baby care products. This will prevent your baby’s skin from harmful chemicals.

How to Give Steam to Toddlers at Home?

You can follow these simple steps,

  • First, you can simply put a vessel containing boiled water and eucalyptus near your toddler or babies bed or crib
  • Simply put a steamer in the room
  • While bathing, you can turn on the hot water taps. Then, sit in the bathroom with your baby for a while
  • You can also make your baby sit on your lap. Then, put your or baby’s face under a big towel or blanket. However, make sure that your baby or you won’t hurt yourself
  • To make it fun, you can make a tent with a bedsheet. Further, switch off all the fans and hold your baby and let him inhale. You can also take the help of your family member or the husband

If not these, you can use Steam Machine for Cold and Cough for Baby.

Signs of Overheating in Babies

Signs of Overheating in Babies
  • If your baby’s skin seems to be warm
  • If your baby is not responsive or is lethargic
  • Having red skin
  • If your baby has a fever but is not sweaty
  • The baby seems to be confused or dizzy
  • Baby vomits when overheating
  • Do baby’s ears are red and hot? If yes, she is overheating
  • Your baby’s heart would be rapidly beating
  • If the neck is sweaty, she is overheating


At last, you must have understood, how to take care of the baby during winter. All you can do is to keep your baby cover on the basis of the temperature of your home or room. Also, avoid going out, if possible.

With that, check for the signs for overheating when baby is sleeping.

I know, sometimes, it would be tough, but you are going to be the best parents.

Happy Parenthood!

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