How to Take Care of Eyes During Online Classes?

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How to take care of eyes during online classes? | How to protect eyes from online classes? | Eye exercises for online classes | How to take care of eyes naturally?

With the COVID-19 lockdown, a new digital era has started. However, it is tough to conclude whether it is a boon or a jinx. 

Google meet, Zoom meeting or Microsoft meets are famous applications with which even your kids are familiar. Because nowadays it is all about staring at our mobile/laptop screens to learn, attend meetings, and even see your long-distance family or friends. 

Thereto result in eye strain, dry eyes, double vision, blurred vision, whatnot. 

To be honest, I’m one of the victims of staring at the screen for 10-12 hours, and now, I have to swear specs which is so annoying (though it gives a professional look). 

Okay! You’ve got to work, and your kid has to study, which leaves no choice but to stare and glare. 

So! Does it mean you have to get eyeglasses for online classes or suffer from eye problems due to online classes?

I say no!!

Because again, after staring at the screen and doing in-depth research, I’m going to answer the significant questions you probably have, “how to take care of eyes during online classes.” 

Moreover, I’m also going to mention some bonus tips that will help your kid or you.

Trust me, even right now, I’m adjusting my glasses to make sure you get the right content. 

Moreover, to know how to take care of eye home remedies, keep on reading because I’m going to give you the most appropriate home remedy you can try, and it works. 

So, mommies and daddies out there trying to read this to protect your kid’s eyes can also try these tips because your eyes are precious as theirs. 

What Eye Problems Are Caused by Online Classes?

How to Take Care of Eyes During Online Classes? 1

Below mentioned are some of the eye problems due to online classes,

  • Tired eyes
  • Blurry vision
  • Tough to see even with glasses
  • Dry eyes, along with gritty feeling, scratch feeling, and often eye rubbing
  • Tough to focus from near to distance

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How to Take Care of Eyes During Online Classes?

1. 20-20-20 Rule

I would call this a perfect idea coined by a Californian Optometrist, Dr Jeff Anshel. And I practice this now along with my colleague because it’s easy and you do not have to hang your work in between for long. 

What’s, 20-20-20 rule?

As the name implies, you simply have to follow these three things,

  • Take a break every 20 minutes while using the screen.
  • Then, look at something 20 feet (~6m) away.
  • Lastly, look at it for 20 seconds

It’s simple, isn’t it!

Bonus Tip – You can use some application/Google Chrome Extension to keep track of time. For this use, Pomy, LUMES, etc. My personal favorite is eyCare and I use this.

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2. Check Your Eyesight Prescription

Check Your Eyesight Prescription

Staring at the screen either to learn or for an office meeting, you are straining your eyes even to read this article, isn’t it?

For your reference, let me mention some of the side effects of staring at the screen for a long time, 

  • Blurry vision
  • Dry eyes
  • Headaches
  • Eye strain along with fatigue
  • Worsened nearsightedness 

Ah! All these are annoying. I mean, what about the content creators or digital marketers? They consistently have to look at the screen. 

So, the most appropriate thing you can do is visit the doctor as soon as you face any of the sides as mentioned earlier. 

Trust me, visiting the doctor is far more satisfying. I have seen the doctor right on time and detect a slight change in my eyesight, which is just 0.50. On the positive side, wearing glasses puts a stop to change in your eyesight number. 

So, there is that!!

Bonus Tip- Instead of just buying glasses as per change in your eye power, buy the blue cut glasses, which will prevent your eyes from effect of staring at the screen. However, it could be costly but worth it. 

Moreover, you can put some eye drops in your eye to moisten the eye, however, consult this with the doctor instead of becoming one yourself. 

3. Dilate Whatever You See

Dilate Whatever You See


(Ah! Even this word gives me the creepy vibes and reminds me of the classes I had taken on the same).

Well, here, zoom refers to MAGNIFY the pages you view on the screen. Unfortunately, it is tough to dilate the screen in online classes, so instead of taking classes on a mobile phone, encourage your kid to use a laptop or computer. 

Bonus Tip- When using a phone, you can change the font size to a larger one to lessen the eye strain.

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4. Lessen the Display Glare 

Where do you work?

Of course, there is always a room in your home with perfect light. However, if not, you’ve got to need a change.

What change?

Well, if you have fluorescent light right above you, it could cause discomfort. Consequently, you can use a lamp to reduce the glare. 

If not this, you can also tilt your laptop accordingly to reduce the glare. 

Bonus Tip- You can also use an anti-glare screen or matte screen protector to minimize the glare.

5. Mind the Distance

Mind the Distance

Are you one of those people who sit on the edge of the seat just to see the screen close enough? 

You have to maintain the proper distance, not from a person but your laptop or computer screen. 

So, only wearing eyeglasses for online classes or meetings isn’t enough, but you also have to maintain the 2 feet distance along with a 4-8 inch distance below the eye level.

Most of us are working from home or your kid is probably attending classes, but only maintaining distance is not enough, as mentioned earlier. Your laptop should be placed at a proper height. 

So, for that, I have a mind-blowing suggestion,

Bonus Tip- You can place a chair and table in a room with proper light and work accordingly by maintaining the right distance. These things are readily available in any home, thus, cost-free.

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6. For Healthy Eyes, You Need a Healthy Diet

For Healthy Eyes, You Need a Healthy Diet

Here is the answer to how to take care of eyes naturally?

As health is wealth. Similarly undoubtedly, healthy food is the fundamental reason for whatever happens in your body because it provides us vitamins.

However, it could be tough to make your baby eat something like bitter gourd or spinach.

Well, we all know, kid’s can create a mess. But, never mind, with some effort you can be successful. 

Thus, focus on eating veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, and water.

Not a potluck dinner, but certainly healthy.

Bonus Tip- To improve the eyesight of the kid, including broccoli, brussels sprouts, kiwi, red and green bell pepper, etc., in your diet.

7. A Little Eye Work Out

A Little Eye Work Out

Eye exercise? 


Aha! Eye exercise is a great way to keep your eye perfect, especially if you look for eye exercises for online classes. There I have some ideal set of exercises. 

  • Blink! While looking at something on a phone or laptop, we often forget to blink to concentrate on what we are reading or watching, which results in dryness. Thus, remind yourself to blink.
  • Here, like Mahatma Gandhi’s “See-No-Evil Monkey,” close and cup your eye with your hands.
  • At least, roll your eyes (I’m not talking about that attitude roll we give to someone).

So, I guess you have got your answer to eye exercises for online classes, right!?

Bonus Tip- Most appropriate thing you can do is to rise and walk. This will enable your eye to look at distant objects and move.

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8. Time to Sleep

Time to Sleep

I believe this is one of the best solutions to “how to protect eyes from online classes?”

Well, I would love to sleep on time, though for that, I need an organized schedule, which I don’t have.

So, you and your kid, after staring at the screen for so long, should sleep on time, at least for 7-8 hours.

9. Clean Your Laptop

Well, no, no, I’m not asking you to use proper water or soap to clean the water like our famous “Gopi Bahu” did in the serial named “Saath Nibhana Saathiya.”

But I mean, use a clean cloth and wipe the screen. This will remove the dust, which again makes things clear. 

10. No Digital Device Before Bed Time

No Digital Device Before Bed Time

Using a laptop/mobile phone before bed, especially in a dark room, increases the strain ten times. So, a BIG NO to using mobile phones before bed. 

Bonus Tip- Install the application to assist you in following the same.

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11. Fix a Tight Schedule to Use Mobile Phones or Laptops

How to Take Care of Eyes During Online Classes? 2

It is not just the effect of online classes on the eyes but also the games they play.

We think that after so many classes they need a break but hey! The truth is they need a break from the screen, not shifting to another screen. 

Therefore, after online classes, allow your kid to roam, if not outside on a terrace or in-home to move her eyes. 

Trust me. It is the perfect solution to eye problems due to online classes. Follow a strict schedule to use the phone or other screens to prevent eye issues.

12. Rest Your Head on Elbow

As per Dr Ashalata, to reduce the effect of online classes on eyes or eye strain, while using the laptop or computer, you can place your elbow on the table and rest your head on the same.

Oh! I have been doing this (mostly because I was tried, but I wasn’t aware it is helping me out).

Though, it is not that simple. 

For this, you have to follow this easy peasy step, lift your elbow, and touch the computer/laptop screen. Now, the distance between the elbow and screen is determined. 


Maintain the distance, and there you go with perfect eyes.

So, there you go with the answer of how do you get rid of eye strain from online classes?

13. More Brighten it is More Stressful it Could be

More Brighten it is More Stressful it Could be

Yeah! The brighter screen can be the primary cause of eye strain or headaches. 

So, what? Should you keep the brightness of the laptop or mobile at low as possible?

Hell NO!!

Keeping the brightness low could also be the reason for eye strain because your kid or you have to focus more. 

Well, keep it perfect, not too bright, however, not too low.

Bonus Tip- When using a phone, you can turn on the reading mode or dark mode to reduce the eye strain. Even applications such as WhatsApp or Instagram have black mode now. 

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Is Online School Bad For Your Eyes?

Is Online School Bad For Your Eyes?

Indeed, online classes are bad for the eye, not because they are not informative, but because they affect the kids’ eyes. That results in blurred vision, double vision, headaches, etc., which adults usually face. 

However, your kid can’t abandon studying, yet a few changes in the lifestyle and schedule can create a BIG difference in preventing the effect of online classes on the eyes. 

So, the answer to your question, “Is online school bad for your eyes?” Yes, online classes are not bad for your eyes.

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What Are Eye Exercises For Online Classes?

Working out or regular exercise is something I love, but who knows that some eye exercises could work wonders.

Indeed, taking classes consistently is nothing less than hell. 

However, it is well said, if you are in hell, keep walking. 

So, why not walk in the right direction to find the answer to how to take care of eyes naturally? How do you get rid of eye strain from online classes?

So, let’s see what I have for you.

1. Palm Your Eyes

Palm Your Eyes

A little confusing, isn’t it? 

Well, when I first heard it, I was like, what is this?

But it works, I have tried this for a week, and I saw the difference. Not that my eye power number reduced, but I felt more relaxed. 

So, here are some easy steps you have to follow,

  • Sit comfortably and rub your palms to generate heat.
  • Further, form a cup with your hands and take your hands to your eyes.
  • Keep your eyes close and press your hands on your eye (be gentle).
  • Do the same for a few seconds. This will relax your eye.

Note- Your left hand should be placed on your left eye and your right hand on the right eye.

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2. Roll Your Eyes

How to protect eyes from online classes?

After working, when you roll your head left to right then right to left, it feels like elysian, doesn’t it?

Imagine doing it to your eye.

Follow these steps, and I can bet you will feel more good,

  • Take an instant break during work and close your eyelids.
  • Now, roll your eyes in circular motions.
  • It gives you a massage-like feel.

So, time to enjoy strain-free eyes during work.

3. Blink Blink and Blink

Blink Blink and Blink

Is there something in your eye?

No, my eyes are just working out.

As mentioned earlier, to focus on the screen, we often forget to blink, which results in dry eyes and other effects of online classes on eyes or eye problems due to online classes.

Well, no more!

It could be a little tricky because we are so used to blink less. However, let’s give it a try, shall we?

All you have to do is to train your eye to blink normally when using any screen. 

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4. Peek! Peep! And Keek

Peek! Peep! And Keek

I’m not asking to give that spy glimpse to someone, but just a glance at something would be enough. Not a person because it could be rude.

Here, what you’ve got to do, 

  • While sitting, close your eyes.
  • Now, as you glance, keep your eyes close and glance as far as you can.
  • Hold on for some time, then look down.
  • Repeat it a few times and open your eyes to look around (as a break in between).
  • Again, close your eyes and look right and left.
  • Do it a few times.

5. Pivot! Pivot!


It seems to be a tough one for some people who find it hard to concentrate.

It’s not what it sounds, though. 

For healthy eyes, you have to take breaks while working. Not a half an hour break, but a break for a few minutes, say, 10 minutes, seems perfectly fine. 

Simply take a break and look somewhere else, except your computer/laptop screen.

Taking breaks does not mean using a phone because most of us use our phones when it comes to taking breaks. 

However, it is not suitable for your eyes.

So, every 10 minutes, look at something 10 feet away for 10 seconds

More like a 10-10-10 rule.

NOTE- Earlier, I have mentioned the 20-20-20 rule. You can follow either as per your convenience. However, as per the doctor’s prescription, the 20-20-20 rule is most followed.

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6. A Visual Scanning

 A Visual Scanning

As you have been staring at the object for a while, it makes it tough to see other things, right?

And I can bet it is one of the best solutions of how to take care of eyes during online classes?

Here is what you have to do,

  • Sit back and observe everything around you. For instance, you are sitting in a room, analyzing the room.
  • Now, focus on the outlines of the object at the end of the room.

For instance, start with a television, move to a set-top box, then to another thing. It is more like stocking every feature of the objects present in the room.

7. Side-ways Viewing 

Here is what you have to do,

  • Sit and keep your legs straight in front of your body.
  • Further, lift your arms, creating a fist and your thumbs pointing upwards and place your right hand on your right knee and your left hand on your left.
  • On the level of your eyes, look at the point straight in front of you.
  • Your head should be in a rigid position, then place your one hand in between the space of eyebrows, say left thumb and concentrate. 
  • Then the right thumb in the space between your eyebrows.
  • Shift the hands.
  • Repeat the exact ten times.
  • As you are done, close your eyes and take a rest.

Things to keep in mind when working out,

  • Your breathing should be neutral.
  • While looking on the side, exhale.
  • Inhale when your hand is coming to the center.

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8. Up and Down Viewing 

  • Sit in the same posture as before, making a fist of the hand as explained.
  • Keeping your arms straight, slowly raise your right thumb up.
  • Keeping your arms straight, move your thumb up and follow the thumb’s motion towards the eyes.
  • Keep your head still.
  • Follow the exact directions when using the left hand.
  • Follow the same, using both hands five times each.
  • As you are done, close your eyes and relax.

Things to follow, when performing the exercise, 

  • Keep your spine and head straight.
  • Inhale when raising your eyes.
  • Exhale when lowering it.

9. Nose Gazing 

Nose Gazing

That’s easy to perform, though. It is kind of funny,

  • Sit in a cross-legged position.
  • Lift your right arm straight up to your nose.
  • Your hand should create a fist, and your thumb should face upwards.
  • With both of your eyes, focus on the tip of your thumb.
  • Now, bend your arms and slowly bring the thumb close to your nose, while your eyes should focus on the movement.
  • Remain in this position for a while, keeping your thumb close to the nose tip.
  • Now, gradually straighten your arm. 
  • Do it five times.

The thing to keep in mind, 

  • Breathe when doing the exercise.
  • Breathe out when the arm is straight.
  • Breath in when holding the arm at the nose tip.

10. Near and Distant Viewing

  • Stand and sit by the window with a clear horizon.
  • Your arms should be on your sides.
  • Now, focus on the nose tip for 10-20 seconds.
  • Follow the exact 10-20 times, then close your eyes and relax.

Tips for following when doing it,

  • When close viewing, inhale.
  • When distant viewing exhales.

How to Take Care of Eyes Home Remedies?

How to take care of eye home remedies?

Well, of course, home remedies are the speciality of India. So, I thought, why not include it in explaining how do you get rid of eye strain from online classes? 

Below mentioned are some of eye home remedies you can try,

1. Use Cucumber 

Use Cucumber

Oh! That’s the best beauty hack I could ever suggest to anyone.

So, cut the two slices of cold cucumber and simply place them on your eyes for 15-20 minutes. 

It won’t only relax your eyes but will reduce dark circles too.

2. Ah! Aloe Vera Juice 

Hey! Don’t worry, you don’t have to drink it, just mix chilled aloe vera juice in water and dip cotton balls in it. 

Further, put these cotton balls on your eyes for 15-20 minutes. This will reduce eye strain.

3. Use Rosewater 

Use Rosewater

It is simple, like snapping your fingers. 

Put some cotton balls in rosewater and place them on your eyes. This will provide you relief from the burning sensation if you have sore eyes.

What is the Right Posture to Sit When Using a Laptop/Computer?

  • When using the laptop, make sure your back is appropriately supported, especially your lower back. For this, you can use a lumbar chair. If you don’t have one, use a pillow and place it behind your back.
  • Further, sit upright and in a relaxed position. Moreover, don’t sit for a long time. Take small breaks. 
  • Your hands should be aligned with your arms, and your elbow should be below your hand, vice-versa. Also, prevent laying your wrist flat against the area where a pulse is taken to reduce hand circulation.
  • Make sure the laptop is placed 20-24 inches away from your eyes. And to prevent bending of the neck, make sure the computer should be at the top level of the eyes. Your eyes should be straight to the screen. No up and down!
  • Later, your foot should be flat on the ground when using the computer, and your knees should be a 90-degree bend.


Eye strain, blurry vision, double vision, etc., are common side effects of persistently using the laptop to attend online classes or work. However, this could be much worse for your kid. Thus, it would be best if you took all the required precautions.

Moreover, you can follow some of the mentioned tips and exercise to prevent this. Finally, though, I would advise you to visit the ophthalmologists to avoid the issue further.

So, Parents! It’s time for your kid to say bye to specs/glasses because of online classes.

Ah! A lot of information, isn’t it?

However, I wonder, what you do to relax your eyes?

So, come on, mommies and daddies let me know your secret of taking care of your eyes because your one suggestion can change the life of somebody.

Hit the comment and let us know!! Also share this post with your family members or on WhatsApp/FB Story.

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